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Þóra Kristín Jónsdóttir (born 30 March 1997) is an Icelandic basketball player who plays the point guard position for Haukar in the Úrvalsdeild kvenna and the Icelandic national basketball team. She won the Icelandic championship with Haukar in 2018 while also being named to the Úrvalsdeild Domestic All-First Team and finishing third in the selection of the Icelandic Women's Basketball Player of the Year

Who do y'all think were the top ten point guards in 2007?

1. Steve Nash, he is the 2-time league MVP. That speaks for the man.

2. Jason Kidd, the best American point guard but age is slowly catching up on him.

3. Baron Davis, the most explosive point guard in offense right now and one of the strongest too.

4. Chris Paul, the future of America's point guard in international basketball.

5. Chauncey Billups, he is a champion and final MVP. He is not afraid to take the big shot.

6. Deron Williams, another future point guard of USA in FIBA basketball. He got the swagger to be one of the best.

7. Tony Parker, he is 3-time champion and he got high percentage shooting and he is too quick to stop inside.

8. Gilbert Arenas, the one negative in him is he takes so many shots and sometimes a ballhog.

9. Kirk Hinrich, he is a streak shooter and a very good defender.

10. Mike Bibby, he is a streak shooter and not afraid to take the shot in crucial moments.

Iverson is an off-guard in a point guard body and in Denver he is playing the shooting guard so I didn't include him.

Basketball position questions easy 10 points for best answer?!? of point guard

I just copied this off the website in the references. Positions can play anywhere on the court but usually they go to certain spots to take advantage of their individual talents. For example, centers usually play under the basket to rebound and block shots as they are usually tall. But they don't have to, Memeht Okur is a center but hits the 3 often on a high screen and roll ( don't worry about what this is).

Position #1) Point Guard

The point guard (lead guard) often acts like a football quarterback, calling plays and directing the offense. It's the point guard's job to bring the ball up the court and set up the plays. Therefore, this player is usually a team's best dribbler and passer. This position is very, very important to a team's success. Without a good point guard who plays mistake-free ball, very few teams will win a championship.

Turn your vertical leap into an explosion!

Position #2) Shooting Guard

This guard has similar duties to the point guard but usually doesn't bring the ball up the court. Can also be called an "off" guard. Even though they don't set up the offense or handle the ball as much as the point guard, they can actually play both positions well. The big difference between the point guard and shooting guard is that the shooting guard is usually one of the team's best scorers. They're counted on to hit from the outside and usually take more shots than the point guard. A player that can combine the skills of both guard positions is the most dangerous.

Position #3) Small Forward

Just because they're called "small" forwards doesn't necessarily mean they are actually physically small. They're known primarily for their scoring and ball handling abilities. This position is usually handled by the most talented player on the court.

Making sense so far? Good! See? Understanding basketball isn't so hard, is it? For more fun learning, check out basketball drills also.

Position #4) Power Forward

Also can be called a "big" forward, these players are usually a bit bigger and stronger than other players and known for their size, defense and rebounding. Sometimes, power forwards like Karl Malone or Charles Barkley are also known for scoring a lot. Most, though, are best known for being their team's best rebounder or defender.

Position #5) Center

This basketball position is very important to both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Centers are usually the tallest players on the court and are often the focal point of their team's offense. A center's duties are just as important on defense. They have to defend the opponent's center (who can also be a monster player) as well as block shots and rebound.

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