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The South Australian Maritime Museum is a state government museum, part of the History Trust of South Australia. The Museum opened in 1986 in a collection of historic buildings in the heart of Port Adelaide, South Australia's first heritage precinct

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Early life and career of Swimwear

Rey was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and moved with her parents at age three to Orange County, California. Rey was raised Catholic. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in accounting. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she earned an MBA in marketing at Loyola Marymount University. She worked in a TV production company where people encouraged her to act. She has appeared in commercials for Time Warner and Gillette Tag Body Spray and in print-ads for T-Mobile and Verizon.

Rey played Alyssa Enril/White Wild Force Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers Wild Force. She was cast in a role on the sit-com Rules of Engagement.

She started a retail company selling swimwear using the actress Audrey Hepburn as inspiration for her designs. She is also a speaker and travels to talk about chastity and modesty.

She is married and has two sons and a daughter.


People with the surname Roth of Swimwear

People with the surname Roth include:

AFAgustina Roth (born 2001), BMX rider

Aharon Roth (18941947), Hasidic rabbi

Albrecht Wilhelm Roth (17571834), German physician and botanist

Alice Roth (1905 1977), Swiss mathematician

Alvin E. Roth (aka Al Roth) (born 1951), American economist

Alvin Roth (1930s?), American basketball player

Alvin Roth (bridge) (19142007), American bridge player

Andrew Roth (19192010), British political biographer

Ann Roth (born 1931), American costume designer

Arnie Roth, American musician

Arnold Roth (born 1929), American cartoonist

Asher Roth (born 1985), American rapper

Bruce Roth (born 1954), American chemist

Carl Roth (basketball) (19091966), American basketball player and coach

Carl Roth of Nedre Fsked (17121788), Swedish blacksmith, farrier and ironmaster

Carl Roth II (17531832), Swedish ironmaster

Carl Reinhold Roth (17971858), Swedish businessman and ironmaster

Cecil Roth (18991970), British-Israeli historian

Celso Roth (born 1957), Brazilian football (soccer) coach

Charles Roth, American politician

Claudia Roth (born 1955), German politician

Dagmar Roth-Behrendt (born 1953), German lawyer and politician

Dana Roth (born 1935), American librarian at the California Institute of Technology

Daniel Roth (organist) (born 1942), French organist

Daniel Roth (writer), financial journalist and senior writer at Wired magazine

David Roth (born 1952), American magician

David Lee Roth (born 1954), American, original and present lead singer of Van Halen

Dieter Roth (19301998), German-born Swiss printmaker and mixed-media artist

Ed Roth (19322001), American artist and cartoonist

Eli Roth (born 1972), American film director, producer, writer and actor

Emery Roth (18711948), Hungarian-American architect

Eric Roth (born 1945), American screenwriter

Erich Roth (SS officer) (born 1910 in Auschwitz executed 1947 in Yugoslavia for war crimes), Nazi SS and Gestapo officer

Ernie Roth (19291983), American wrestling manager of heels

Ernst Roth (18961971), Austrian-British music publisher

Ernst Heinrich Roth (18771948), German violin maker

Esther Roth-Shahamorov (born 1952), Israeli track and field athlete

Eugen Roth (18951976), German lyricist and poet

Frances Levenstein Roth (18961971) was an American lawyer and founding director of the Culinary Institute of America.

Francois-Xavier Roth (born 1971), French conductor

Frederick Roth (18721944), American sculptor and animalier

Friederike Roth (born 1948), German writerGLGabrielle Roth, American musician, "urban shaman"

Gerhard Roth, (several people)

Heinrich Roth (16201668), German missionary

Henry Roth (19061995), American novelist and short story writer

Henry Ling Roth (18551925), English-born anthropologist, active in Australia

J. D. Roth (born 1968), American TV personality, actor, children's game show host, TV voice-over performer, TV reality show producer

Jane Richards Roth (born 1935), American federal judge

Joanna Roth (born 1965), Danish-born actress

Joe Roth (born 1948), American entertainment executive, producer and film director

Joe Roth (American football) (c. 19551977), American college football player

Joel Roth (born?), American rabbi

Johannes Roth (18151858), German zoologist

John Andrew Roth (born 1942), Canadian CEO of Nortel

Joseph Roth (18941939), Austrian novelist

Jrgen Roth (19452017), German publicist and investigative journalist

Justus Ludwig Adolf Roth (18181892), German geologist and mineralogist

Kip Roth, American para-alpine skier

Klaus Roth (1925-2015), British mathematician

Laura M. Roth, American physicist

Leah Lenke Roth (19182012), Israeli swimwear fashion designer

Leonard Roth (19041968), British mathematician

Lurline Matson Roth (18901985), American heiress, equestrian, philanthropist

Ludwig Roth (19091967), German rocket scientistMWMark Roth (born 1951), American pro bowler

Martin Roth (disambiguation), multiple people

Marty Roth (born 1958), Canadian race car driver

Matt Roth (American football) (born 1982), American football player

Matt Roth (actor) (born 1964), American actor

Michael Roth (disambiguation), multiple people

Mike Roth, American writer and producer

Miriam Roth (19102005), Israeli writer and scholar of children's books, kindergarten teacher, and educator

Nina Roth (born 1988), American Olympic curler

Otto Roth (18841956), Commissioner-in-Chief of the Banat Republic

Petra Roth (born 1944), German politician, mayor of Frankfurt

Phil Roth (19302002), American television and film actor

Philip Roth (19332018), American novelist

Philipp Roth (18531898), German cellist

Phillip J. Roth (born 1959), American producer, director and screenwriter

Randy Roth (born 1954), American murderer

Richard Roth (disambiguation), multiple people

Roger Roth (born 1978), American politician

Sanford H. Roth (19061962), American photographer

Simon Roth, Swiss curler

Spencer Roth, United States Collegiate Dodgeball All-Star

Stephen John Roth (1908-1974), United States federal judge

Stephan Ludwig Roth (17961849), Transylvanian Saxon intellectual, pedagogue and Lutheran pastor

Steven Roth, real estate investor and founder of Vornado Realty Trust

Thomas Roth (born 1951), German news television presenter

Tim Roth (born 1961), English film actor and director

Trudi Roth (19302016), Swiss actress.

Ulrich Roth (born 1954), German electric guitarist

Veronica Roth (born 1988), American novelist and short story writer

Vladimr Roth (born 1990), Czech ice hockey player

Walter Roth (18611933), English Ethnologist in Australia

Werner Roth (comics) (19211973), American comic book artist

Werner Roth (soccer) (born 1948), American soccer player

William M. Roth (19162014), American politician

William V. Roth, Jr. (19212003), American lawyer and politician

Yechezkel Roth, rabbi


Beauty pageants and modeling of Swimwear

She claimed first runner-up at Miss Lebanon 2004 Competition held at the LBC studios in Adma, Lebanon. Despite receiving the highest scores from nine independent jury members, she was only rewarded the position of first runner-up. She received the highest score in Swimwear, with a score of 9.882. Frangieh was voted as the most likely contestant to win the Miss Lebanon 2004 pageant, with local media on her side. However, due to political and religious interferences, she finished first runner-up then proceeded to Miss World 2005 pageant, where she placed in the Top 12.

She started her modeling career at the age of 13. She was the youngest model in this field in Lebanon. Her modeling career reached its summit in July 2005 when she modeled for Robert Abi Nader in Paris with famous super modelswho?, She has also been featured in major catwalks, magazines and photo-shoots around the world.she worked with 2 big magazines for 3 years as a fashion art director (Hia and al Rajol Magazine), she represented many episodes about tourism in Lebanon, called Shou fi bi Libnan.


Bill against Pornography and Pornoaction of Swimwear

The Bill against Pornography and Porno-Action (Indonesian: Rancangan Undang-Undang Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi), sometimes translated as Bill against Pornography and Pornographic Acts, was a bill proposed by the Indonesian legislative assembly, Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat, on 14 February 2006.

A similar bill was discussed and unsuccessfully presented in the 1990s but was withdrawn in the face of opposition.

The 2005-06 bill attracted extensive opposition and was dropped, only to be reintroduced in 2008 as the Bill on Pornography. The bill states that anyone engaging in pornography and pornoaction is punishable by law, pornoaction being an invented word that means "actions deemed indecent." This includes, but is not limited to, public acts such as spouses kissing, women showing their navels or shoulders, and people sunbathing in bikinis or swimwear.

This bill provoked a severe negative reaction from many people who believed that the government is trying to limit their freedom. Several public demonstrations ensued both by people who supported (the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and Muslim religious leaders) and those who rejected the bill as too broad-ranging and a restriction on personal freedom.

The bill was passed into an Act on 30 October 2008 as Law No. 44 of 2008 on Pornography.

In 2010 the anti-pornography law was challenged but Indonesia's Constitutional Court upheld the ban and stated that the law's definition of pornography was clear and did not violate the constitution.


Exemption from military service in Israel of Swimwear

Exemption from military service in Israel is covered by the Israeli Security Service Law ( ) which states the grounds for exemption from serving in the Israel Defense Forces Exemptions are given based on the following criteria:


Medical or psychological reasons

Marriage, pregnancy or parenthood (for women only), in accordance with section 39 of the Security Service Law.

Exemption for religious reasons (for women only), in accordance with sections 39 and 40 of the Security Service Law.

Exemption on grounds of conscience. It is a relatively rare exemption, which is granted to both women and men who are usually ordered to spend a sentence in the military jail before being granted this exemption.

Studying in a Yeshiva might allow the postponement of the recruitment in six months, and after that one might more easily be granted a postponement for an additional six months and so on, without any limitations, as long as the student continues his studies in the Yeshiva (for men only). This exemption is called Torato Omanuto and is enshrined in the Tal Law.

Some young people are exempted for holding a criminal record.Arab citizens of Israel (who make up a little under one-fifth of the country's population) are also exempted from military service; this exemption does not originate via Israeli statutory law, but rather is based on IDF Human Resource Department guidelines, issued under the IDF's discretionary powers pursuant to the law. As a result, Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, and Bedouins are not conscripted, although small numbers of each community voluntarily join the IDF. By contrast, members of Israel's small Druze and Circassian communities are conscripted.


Mr. Gay World Philippines Organization of Swimwear

Mr. Gay World Philippines Organization is a non-profit organization that holds a national contest for Filipino delegates for Mr. Gay World. Wilbert Ting Tolentino was given the license to be the newest national director in January 2016. Christian Lacsamana was the first Filipino delegate appointed by Wilbert Ting Tolentino to represent the Philippines in Malta, on April 2016. He was second runner up, the first Filipino to make it that far.

Its mission is to 'modernize' the popular image of gay men and eradicate stereotypes from public perception. This will bridge the gap between 'people like us' from the 'others'; and to combat sexual prejudice for human equality and to continue the efforts for HIV/AIDS Early Detection Program and erase the stigma of testing and the disease. In the future, through this pageant, it will use its influence for the immediate advancement of HIV/AIDS treatment and research, and use its victors to be the voice of any medical breakthrough.

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