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The United States Congress awarded its first Gold Medal to George Washington. Silver and Bronze medals have sometimes been awarded in conjunction with the higher award. A Bronze medal should not be confused with a bronze duplicate of a gold medal. Bronze duplicates of gold medals are sometimes offered for sale by the U.S. Mint.

Bronze medals are rarely awarded:

In 1900, Congress directed that a gold medal be made for First Lieutenant Frank H. Newcomb, and to each of his officers a silver medal, and to each member of his crew a bronze medal. (31 Stat. 716)

In 1914, Congress directed that gold medals be made for steamship captain Paul H. Kreibohm and four additional officers, with silver and bronze medals awarded to other members of his crew. (38 Stat. 769)

In 1930, Congress directed that gold, silver, and bronze medals be made for the officers and men of the Byrd Antarctic expedition.

In 1945, Congress directed that gold, silver, and bronze medals be made for the members of the United States Antarctic Expedition of 1939-1941 (Public Law 79-185, 59 Stat. 536).Congress may also authorize the U.S. Mint to strike commemorative bronze medals, such as the Pearl Harbor Commemorative Medal.

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Early life of bronze medal

Carmelo Camet was born on October 29, 1904, the son of Francisco Carmelo Camet, a fencer at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, and Clara Isa. The elder Camet, though officially an athlete from France, is considered by some to be Argentina's first Olympic participant. This is disputed, however, by those who claim that Horatio Torrom should hold this title as the first official Argentine representative. Carmelo had one brother, Carlos Ernesto Camet, who pursued a political career. Carlos, who served as a deputy to the national congress, was, like the rest of his family, supportive of the Radical Civil Union, an Argentine political reform party formed in the 1890s.

Although trained as a lawyer, Carmelo began fencing at an early age, beginning in the 1910s, at the behest of his father and, much like his father, specialized in pe, while also being proficient at fleuret. In 1918 he came in first place in the former category and second in the latter at a competition, organized by the city of Buenos Aires. In the next two years, he finished at the top in both events and became nationally known. In 1921 the Argentine Fencing Federation was founded and, in 1922, the organization sent him to represent Argentina in the Olimpiados Latinamericanos, a celebration overseen by the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the centenary of Brazil's declaration of independence. His native country won first place in the pe, fleuret and sabre events in the host city of Rio de Janeiro. At the age of 17, he was one of the youngest competitors to represent his country at these games.


Recipients of bronze medal

Muhammad Ali, heavyweight boxing champion

David Asch (1968)

Wesley Autrey, on January 5, 2007, for heroism for saving the life of a fellow commuter by throwing himself over his body in the face of an oncoming train

Tony Bennett, singer (1969)

Samuel Brooks, NYC Zoning board, Distinguished Service Given to him from Mayor Lindsey

Roy Campanella, baseball player (1969)

The Dessoff Choirs, in 1975, for contributing to the musical life and culture of New York City for fifty years

Althea Gibson, after her first Wimbledon win (1957)

Richard Groller, Joseph G. Greer, John P. Walsh and Daniel Gross, for heroism in 1974, for pulling an unconscious man out of the path of an oncoming BMT train.

Lionel Hampton, in 1978, jazz vibraphonist and bandleader

Gil Hodges, baseball player (1969)

Philip Johnson, architect

William Kavanagh, supporting and enhancing the New York education system

Martin H. Kennelly, in 1950, mayor of Chicago, Illinois

Alan King, comedian (1969)

Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights activist

Hoyt W Lark, in 1950, Mayor of Cranston Rhode Island

General Douglas MacArthur, United States Army General

Carlo MacDonald, lifetime achievement

Willie Mays, baseball player

Joe Namath, football quarterback (1969)

Lewis Rudin, for lifetime contributions as a property developer

Robert Tisch, co-owner of the New York Giants, for renovating 43 New York City school fields (posthumous)

Felix Vasquez, for heroism for saving the life of a one-month-old baby during a fire in the Bronx - 16 December 2006

Gordon B. Washburn, renowned museum director, received medal in 1974 from Mayor A.D. Beame

Fred Wilpon, for a lifetime of service to the City


International career of bronze medal

Gagnon has made 18 appearances on Team Canada, making his first appearance at the 2001 Pan American Championships, when he earned a bronze medal in doubles with Francis Guillemette.

Gagnon's greatest success internationally has been winning the 2007 Pan American Championships in Santiago, Chile, where he and Franois Viens defeated Americans Andy Hawthorne and Jason Samora in the final.

Most recently, Gagnon was the silver medalist in Men's Doubles with Mike Green at the 2014 World Championships, reaching the final with a win over Americans Ben Croft and Tom Fuhrmann in the semi-finals before losing to Colombians Sebastian Franco and Alejandro Herrera in the final, 15-11, 15-5. Also in 2014, Gagnon was the bronze medalist at the 2014 Pan Am Championships in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where he lost to Mexican Andree Parrilla, 15-10, 15-9.

In 2012, Gagnon was part of the Canadian men's team that got silver at the World Championships, when he also played doubles with Green.

In the 2003 Pan American Championships, Gagnon was a bronze medalist in singles, losing to American Jack Huczek in the semi-finals, resulting in a bronze medal.

Gagnon was a bronze medalist at the 2010 World Championships, again losing to Huczek in the semi-finals.

Gagnon won bronze at the 2009 World Games, as he defeated Mexican Alvaro Beltran, in the bronze medal match, 15-11, 12-15, 11-7. In that tournament, Gagnon lost to Huczek in the semi-finals, 3-15, 15-8, 11-7, which put him in the bronze medal match.

Gagnon also earned bronze at the 2011 Pan Am Games by reaching the semi-finals, where he lost to Mexican Gilberto Meija, and bronze at the 2012 Pan American Championships, as lost to Fernando Rios of Ecuador in the semi-finals.


Paralympics of bronze medal

Her first appearance came at the 1964 Summer Paralympics, the second ever Paralympics, held in Tokyo, Japan. Zipora competed in five events and won a medal in each; three athletics field events; the women's doubles table tennis, alongside playing partner Mishani; and 50metre freestyle swimming. She took gold in the women's shot put D, setting a new world record of 5.16metres. She also won bronze medals in the javelin, discus and table tennis and a silver in her swimming event behind compatriot Mishani.

At the 1968 Summer Paralympics in Tel Aviv Rubin-Rosenbaum won a further four gold medals and a silver medal, all in athletics. In the 1972 Games, hosted in Heidelberg, West Germany, she won a gold medal in javelin with a new world record of 18.5metres, and also won a silver medal in the shot put. In the Toronto Games Rubin-Rosenbaum defended her title in javelin, and also won gold medals in pentathlon and discus, as well as a silver in shot put. She won her fourth Paralympic javelin gold medal in 1980, also taking the bronze medal in shot put.

In the 1984 Summer Paralympics she again won 2 gold and 2 silver medals in athletic fields. In 1988 in Seoul and won three more medals, a gold in javelin and bronzes in both pentathlon and shot put. Her final Paralympics came in 1992 in Barcelona where she finished eighth in the javelin THS2 event and thirteenth in the THS2 shot put.

She was a member of the national women wheelchair basketball team and competed in wheelchair basketball at the Paralympic Games from 1968 to 1988, winning 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.


Boxing career of bronze medal

Bidhuri's first International competition was at Junior World Boxing Championship in the year 2008 at Yerevan, Armenia. He clinched Bronze at the Presidents Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia in the year 2012, silver medal at International Boxing championship in Doha, Qatar in the year 2015 and gold medal at the 44th Grand Prix boxing championship held in Prague, Czech Republic in the year 2017.

Gaurav Bidhuri is the first Indian to get two successive contracts in World Series Boxing. In the year 2015 he was selected by Italian Thunder and in the year 2016, he was selected by USA Knockouts team. In the history of Indian boxing, Gaurav is the 4th Indian to get Medal at World Boxing Championship and 2nd Indian boxer to get a medal at Debut World Boxing Champion. In the year 2017, he Won Bronze medal at World Boxing championship held in Hamburg, Germany. In 2018, he won bronze medal at umakhanov memorial tournament in kaspiysk, Russia. He won gold medal at all india railway boxing championship,2018 held at raebareilly and also awarded as best boxer. He also won silver medal at 3rd elite mens national boxing championship held in pune this year and also awarded as best looser of the tournament.


Criteria of bronze medal

The medal may be awarded to an author or illustrator including co-authors or co-illustrators, and persons who both write and illustrate. The person may be nominated posthumously.

Some portion of the nominee's active career in books for children must have occurred in the twenty-five years prior to nomination.

Citizenship or residence of the potential nominee is not to be considered.

The nominee's work must be published in the United States but this does not mean that the first publication had to be in the United States. It means that books by the nominee have been published in the United States, and it is those books which are to be considered in the nomination process.

At least some of the books by the potential nominee must have been available to children for at least ten years.

The books, by their nature or number, occupy an important place in literature for American children, and children have read the books, and the books continue to be requested and read by children.

The committee is to direct its attention only to the part of the nominee's total work that is books for children (up to and including age fourteen).


Skiing of bronze medal

Bickerton is a skier, ski tour guide and para-alpine skiing guide skier. He began skiing in 1990, while serving in the Australian Navy. Representing the Australian military, he finished seventh at the International Military Downhill Championships. Bickerton, Jessica Gallagher's senior by 23 years, became her guide skier in 2008. While skiing, Bickerton communicates through the use of a headset with Gallagher, who is legally blind. In 2009, he guided Gallagher at the 2009 New Zealand Winter Games where she won a gold medal.

Bickerton was named as Gallagher's guide for the Australian 2010 Winter Paralympic team in November 2009. At the January 2010 IPC World Cup, Gallagher won a gold medal with Bickerton acting as her guide, the first medal Gallagher had ever won at an IPC World Cup. At a Rinn-hosted 2010 World Cup, Gallagher won bronze in the slalom, and at the January 2010 IPC World Cup in an Abtenau, Austria, she finished third, also in the slalom.

Bickerton was Gallagher's guide when winning a bronze medal in the slalom event at the 2010 Winter Paralympics, with a combined run time of 2:04.35. Success in the giant slalom eluded them in part because their headsets stopped working.


Speedway Grand Prix resultsCareer of bronze medal

World Under-21 Championship2006 - World Champion

2007 - 5th place (10 points)Under-21 World Cup2005 - World Champion (3 points)

2006 - World Champion (13 points)

2007 - World Champion (10 points)European Under-19 Championship2004 - Silver medal (123 points)

2005 - European ChampionPolish Individual Championship2004 - 8th place in Quarter-Final A

2006 - 18 place (as 2nd track reserve; 11th in Semi-Final B)Polish Under-21 Championship2003 - 14th place (2 points; as track reserve)

2004 - 12th in Semi-Final A

2005 - Bronze medal (103 points)

2006 - Polish Champion (14 points)

2007 - Silver medalPolish Pairs Speedway Championship2005 - 5th place with KS Toru (5 points)

2006 - 3rd in Semi-Final C with KS ToruPolish Under-21 Pairs Championship2003 - 3rd in Semi-Final C

2004 - Bronze medal (7 points)

2005 - 4th place (8 points)

2006 - 6th place (but he rode in Semi-Final A only)Ekstraliga Championship2003 - Silver medal with KS Toru

2004 - 4 place with KS Toru

2005 - 4 place with KS Toru

2006 - 7 place with KS ToruPolish Under-21 Team Championship2003 - 2nd in Qualification Group A

2004 - Polish Champion (13 points)

2005 - Polish Champion (8 points)

2006 - 4th in Qualification Group D

2007 - Qualification Group A (last round September 15)Golden Helmet2007 - 13th place (4 points)Silver Helmet (U-21)2004 - 6th place (9 points)

2005 - injury (3rd in Semi-Final B, promotion to Final)

2006 - Gold medal (15 points)

2007 - Semi-Finals will be on September 4Bronze Helmet (U-19)2003 - injury (2nd in Semi-Final A, promotion to Final)

2004 - 16th place (0 points in 2 heats; two fells)

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