Lately My Laundry Isn't Clean After Washing (lint, Hairs, Food, Etc). Is This My Washer Or Detergent

OOOh you made me laugh out loud !! THANKS ! : ) If your laundry detergent is putting lint and food in your clothes..there is a more serious problem here than any of can imagine....* shiver * .... but since we can safely assume THE DETERGENT is not to blame, just check the inside of the washer, your pockets and see if the neighbor cat is missing before starting up your next cycle. Happy washing !

1. What can I do with my pocket lint? Is it worth anything on the black market?

Neither are worth anything! Just throw em away

2. Where can i buy the green thing in the lint lizard in Los Angeles?

So far I've seen it only on TV ads. Check it out on the internet

3. How do I get the fuzzy fluffy lint off of my shirts?

Are "fuzzies" something which you rather could desire to p.c.. on? they are fairly annoying! i think of the sole way is to TAKE it slow and p.c.. them out. Fuzzies in simple terms come while your outfits are used alot. the different in basic terms way is to bare with it. Sorry in case you think of it is too plenty artwork! it is in simple terms my suggestion for you!

4. My diet consists of, toliet paper, green tea, sun chips, doughnuts, and dryer lint on special ocassions.?

oh honey-if you are really eating this way you need to get to a dr-quick!!! this could be an eating disorder-or a psychological disorder-I know people with pica eat weird things--please get to your family physician and talk about it---do not keep doing this to yourself- you can get help! good luck...seriously---a dr. ...back to school-perfect time for an appt

5. How To Clean Out Lint From Your Washing Machine

Do you find that your clothes come back from your washing machine with lint on them? This is an indication that your washer's lint trap is clogged. Like every other home appliance, washing machines need care and maintenance to operate efficiently. One of the simple maintenance tasks most people overlook is lint removal. If left unattended, lint can cause your washing machine to clog which eventually leads to costly repairs. Apart from the repair cost factor, lint in a washing machine can cause mildew and mold buildup. Mold and mildew spores can cause bad odors on freshly laundered fabrics. Cleaning lint from your washer regularly prevents your machine from collecting too much lint. Too much lint in your washer can ruin perfectly dashing outfits, especially the dark-colored ones, making them look old, haggard, and ugly. Luckily, washing machines are not that complicated. Learn here how to clean out the lint from your washing machine and save a lot of money on service and call-out fees. RELATED: Safety Rules Parents Need To Teach Their Kids About Washing Machines Your washer's filter gathers all kinds of dirt including lint. When the filter gets too full, it releases the gathered lint on freshly washed clothes. It is vital to keep your washing machine's filter clean at all times to prolong your appliance's lifespan. Ensure you run a cleaning cycle at least twice a month depending on how often you do your laundry. This will help to flush out any lint that may have accumulated on your filter. Running a cleaning cycle helps to disinfect your machine as well as control the odor. Cleaning out your washer's filter regularly prevents the water pump from getting clogged. When the filter is too full, the wash and rinse water drains slowly leaving suspended soil and lint which then attach onto your clothes. To clean the filter, go through your washing machine's repair manual to find where the lint filter is located. Most washing machine models have lint filters that can be removed. Remove the filter and soak it in liquid dish washing detergent and hot water for 10 minutes. The hot water helps to breakdown any fabric softener or detergent residue that slows drainage. Next, clean the area where the filter is located using a small brush or paper towel. Be thorough to remove any mold or mildew spores that may be present. Ensure you properly fit the filter back before loading up your washer again. If your machine does not have a removable filter, use a paper towel or small brush to clean off the lint. Remember to keep the dryer vent system and outside vents clean to allow strong airflow to pull away lint. If you find that running a cleaning cycle is not getting rid of lint from your washing machine, you can try using vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar and baking soda are strong cleaning solutions. Vinegar is known to disinfect surfaces while killing mold and mildew spores. Vinegar contains acid which helps to dissolve soap residues and lint deposits. The baking soda can help to get rid of soap scum and deodorize the washing machine. To clean using these solutions, start by boiling some water. Add three to four cups of vinegar to the water and pour it into the machine. Leave the machine to agitate for a minute. Next, add half a cup of baking soda into the machine and run it again. Leave the water in the washer to sit for at least 30 minutes before draining the solution. The best way to prevent lint from building up in your washer is by washing clothes according to their fabric texture. Loading fabrics of different texture causes friction which generates lint. In addition, ensure that your washer has enough water during each laundry exercise. Avoid using hot water when washing if you can. Instead, use cold water which prevents lint from forming -this is also much better on your hot water bill. Use one cup of white vinegar or fabric softener in your final rinse cycle to prevent lint. Reduce the amount of agitation in the washer by using the gentle or permanent press. Another way to prevent lint is by using low heat when using your machine's dryer. If possible, it is best to hang your clothes to dry under the sun and avoid using the dryer altogether. Heat and agitation in the dryer are major causes of lint. If you own the latest high-efficiency washers, note that they do not have lint traps. Instead, they have self-cleaning pump filters. To get rid of any excess lint, run an empty wash cycle for these types of washing machines at least once a month. NEXT: An 18-Year-Old Got Stuck In A Washing Machine After Trying To Hide From Cousins

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