Learner' Stacey Dooley Is Strictly Come Dancing Winner ...

What a final! What a winner! I wrote: "My 20 quid is on Stacey Dooley," after the series opener back in September, like an actual seer.And so it came to pass. Dooley, 31, came out of nowhere to become the bookies' favourite, and the people's too. The documentary maker (who wore hoop earrings for every single dance of the series, a commitment I can get right behind) didn't have any dance experience, but it soon became clear that she had huge promise.More, she was funny, genuine, unaffected and unstarry, and that, as much as anything else, is why she won. We didn't want an expert; we wanted a real person who learnt to do something she couldn't do before.Dooley also seemed a...

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