LED Guardrail Pipe Foundation

LED guardrail tube is composed of high-quality ultra bright LED, which is mainly used for urban landscape lighting.

Principle of LED guardrail tube

The change of seven colors is realized by mixing the three primary colors of red, green and blue, and the pulse width modulation of the output waveform is adopted,

That is, adjust the duty cycle of LED light conduction, and use the visual inertia of human eyes to achieve the effect of gradual change when the scanning speed is very fast. Through the internal control chip, a lamp tube can change seven different colors in sections, and produce various effects such as gradient, flicker, scanning, chasing and running water. The length of the lamp tube should be determined according to the actual effect. The conventional length is one meter! Anti ultraviolet radiation, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Installation steps

Step 1: first install the LED guardrail on the wall

Punch holes in the wall, install expansion screws, then install LED guardrail lights, and lock them with self tapping screws; The distance between guardrail lights shall be determined according to the requirements of customers; It is generally between 1cm and 3cm

Step 2: check whether there is waterproof rubber ring on the joint

It is generally white or red silicon rubber ring. Then connect the signal line and power line of LED guardrail lamp, be sure to connect tightly, and then tighten the nut. (it is better to put glass glue or black adhesive tape around the outside, which is more beneficial to waterproof.) do not fail to tighten it because it is careless or difficult to tighten, resulting in water ingress, It brought a lot of trouble to the later maintenance. The general two core small male and female plug adopted by the signal line company; The power cord is a two core male and female plug;

Step 3: install power supply (transformer or switching power supply)

Calculate how many guardrail lamps each transformer can carry according to the power of transformer and guardrail lamp; For example, the LED colorful guardrail lamp of 108 lamp is 10W / M; 144 LED guardrail lamp is 12W / M; If 400W waterproof transformer is used, it can be equipped with 108 lamps and 36m tubes; 144 lamps have 32 m tubes. If the transformer can be equipped with 36m tube; The transformer is placed between the 18th and 19th lines, connected with two lines, and then connected with several sub interfaces, with 18 on each side.

Resolution of quality of LED guardrail tube

There are various quality problems in LED guardrail tubes. The low price winning strategy of the government and other owners is one of the main reasons, which leads to the low price of LED guardrail tubes.

1. Lamp beads

LED lamp bead is the most important device in guardrail tube, and its value is also the highest. Led beads must use good chips, such as Cree, OSRAM, Lumileds, Philips, wide gallium, wafer, etc. And the lamp beads encapsulated by regular large factories. Some small LED packaging plants have no anti-static and dust-proof workshops, no testing equipment, and some do not even have light and color separators. The products are also very cheap, which is very in line with the appetite of some LED guardrail tube manufacturers. It's OK to light them up. Whether the quality is guaranteed or not, we can't care so much. What we want is cheap. I can't think so much about brightness and light decay.

2. PCB circuit board

In order to compete at a low price, some LED guardrail tube manufacturers use cheap flame-retardant paper board or single-sided fiberboard as the PCB circuit board of LED lamps. Because all glass fiber PCB board is too expensive. At the beginning, I really can't see the effect. If I'm lucky, I can last for half a year or eight months. Generally, within a year, it will break due to moisture, UV damage, oxidation and other reasons, resulting in the scrapping of the whole LED guardrail tube. High quality LED guardrail tube must use double-sided all glass fiber PCB board. Although the cost is high, the quality is guaranteed.

3. LED guardrail tube cover

The outer cover is another means for some LED guardrail tube manufacturers to reduce costs. The high-quality LED guardrail tube outer cover adopts imported Ge and Bayer native PC materials. Some manufacturers use the outer cover mixed with nozzle materials and recycled materials, which reduces the cost a lot, but the quality is greatly reduced. Under the impact of temperature difference, the internal stress is difficult to eliminate and easy to crack. After the water enters, the whole LED guardrail pipe will be scrapped.

4. Waterproof sealant

The waterproof of LED guardrail tube must be sealed with silica gel, which has reached a consensus. Only a few manufacturers are still sealing with hot melt adhesive. To achieve good waterproof effect, we must also use high-quality imported silica gel. Many factories use home-made 704 silica gel. Unexpectedly, many 704 silica gel are made of waste rubber in small workshops. It is OK to use it for reinforcement and positioning. It is quite unreliable to use it for waterproof sealing. The technology of domestic LED guardrail tube still lags far behind the international level. The core raw materials of high-end silica gel completely depend on imports. Why else should expensive imported silica gel be selected for even the most common construction silica gel in national key projects. Some people seal the pipe orifice of LED guardrail with glass silica gel, which can't get good waterproof effect.

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