LED Lights May Be a Good Option.

The increase in the acceptability and demand for LED lights surely cannot go unnoticed. It is taking the center stage as far as modern lighting is concerned and I don't know if anybody has noticed this new trend. Contractors and Project Managers are trying so hard in order not to be left behind.

That distinct appearance that results from the use of LED lighting is just unequaled and unparalleled. You think about the aesthetic beauty that often furnishes the streets, homes, and every other place that the light is on display. An LED light does have its own unique way of improving its surroundings while meeting the lighting needs of its consumers.

LED lights often times are associated with dynamism enough reason why they are modeled for different purposes, in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Models of LED lightning is to include Street lights LED retrofits, outdoor LED wallpacks, LED high bay retrofits, retrofit kits, LED canopies among others.LED light products are manufactured with the best quality.

They denote class and style.

They are coupled with only just one person in mind: YOU.Still in a bid to deliver better services, Experts and end-users were sampled in order to collect their experiences around LED lights and also to ascertain their trust and satisfaction in the different products.The feed backs as expected were positive. Most were impressed with the light's efficiency, its safety and its ability to serve a purpose.

Even so that some will not quit making reference to how the light creates a calm and electric atmosphere with an elated and cozy mood that is especially important in getting the groove on.And with the internet, the groove can start now. You can place an order online, say on an outdoor LED wall pack, a streetlight LED retrofit, a LED high bay retrofit, LED street lights, LED parking lot, LED flood light or any other LED light for that matter and get it delivered to your door step.

Trust me it doesn't cost a fortune; it is inexpensive.To make an online purchase or for other information that you may want to know about LED lights or for the individual description and/or specification about the different LED lights that you may want to consider, please visit here


What are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?

Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...

A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.

2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.

3. A water bottle with some secret space.

4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.

5. A comb-cum-bottle

6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.


8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!

9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.

10. A shower with LED lights

that changes colour according to

the room temperature.


12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.

13. Carpet alarm clock.

14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.

15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!

16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...


18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...

19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.

20. Shark tea bags

Thank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))

I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.

21. Pizza box oven

22. selfie toaster

23. Cookie cutter tray


25. 3-D pen

26. Clear kayak

27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.

28. Planet plates

29. Galaxy night light

30. Weight measuring chopping board.

That's it for now... will add more later :))

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Solenergy Completes 1.64MW Rooftop Wholesale Solar Kits in the Philippines
Solenergy Completes 1.64MW Rooftop Wholesale Solar Kits in the Philippines
Solenergy Systems claims that the installation at Mactan Cebu International Airport is the first wholesale solar kits installed at an airport in Southeast Asia. About 6,300 solar panels and 65pcs24 kW three-phase inverters are installed on the roof of Terminal 1 of Mactan Cebu International Airport in Manila. The wholesale solar kits is expected to generate approximately 2.17 GWh of electricity per year.“Wholesale solar kits will offset a considerable amount of daytime load peaks at the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines,” it said in an e-mailed statement. “In recent years, airports around the world have been embracing wholesale solar kits. These facilities have plenty of space available, and they are ideal for large plug and play solar kits installations in many ways, whether it’s for roofs, parking lots and the surrounding runways.”It uses Clenergy’s EZ plug and play solar kits rack solution for the tin surface of the terminal roof and Clenergy’s Solar Matrix racking system in the concrete section. This plug and play solar kits generation system allows the airport to operate the plug and play solar kits in parallel with the generator set in the event of a power outage.Last week, MRC Allied took a stake in Castilla’s 50 MW solar panel roof mounting kit on Leyte Island in the Visayas region. The real estate developer paid P225 million (about 4.4 million US dollars) and purchased 15% of the project from local power producer Sepalco·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best wallet to hold 10 cards and money?The best wallet to hold 10 cards and money:See Also: present pattern in innovation is progressively utilizing cards as an essential approach to manage installments for administration or items, which is substantially speedier and more secure than money. Wallet makers are not abandoned this pattern; they the meantime give in an extensive variety of men's card holder wallets. These items delivered to hold a substantial number of cards and card measure things securely and serenely. In the event that this appears, two be sufficiently fascinating, and you additionally wish to get such a wallet for yourself then simply invest some energy taking a gander at the items underneath to discover something truly receptive to your prerequisites. As the name proposes, men card holder wallet is composed with an emphasis on the capacity to store cards and much lower consideration is paid on whatever else. While some of them can bolster a little measure of money or different things, holding cards is really their fundamental capacity. Thus, we should go on and inspect their highlights. #Slim Wallet RFID Blocking With ID Window by Lethnic On the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable men's wallet however making an extravagance feeling, this is the one to go. Made of real calfskin notwithstanding three shading alternatives, this thin wallet by Lethnic will step up your sumptuous look. Also, its measurements are 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.15 inch, which you can worry about to anyplace with no concern. Be that as it may, the RFID blocking innovation is really my top choice. I more often than not convey some Charge and MasterCard along with the goal that this component helps a ton in securing my own data against hello there tech programmers. Despite the fact that it may look thin, this wallet can hold up to 4-5 cards. Likewise, it additionally has 2-3 cash pockets and 1 ID window. Aggregate up, I think Thin Wallet RFID Obstructing With ID Window by Lethnic is ideal for agents or a present for your companions in light of its toughness and accommodation. # MEKU Slim Leather Wallet Credit Card Case Sleeve Card Holder with ID Window In the event that you are searching for a front pocket wallet or a sleeve wallet to hold your cards, this is a decent wallet from MEKU extraordinarily made for you. In spite of the fact that this wallet could hold up to 6 or eight cards with its cards spaces, and furthermore some trade out a center compartment, regardless it looks extremely thin. It really measures 4.1 x 3 x 0.1 inches a ultra-thin item. The material is certified premium cowhide to get its delicate and snazzy appearance. Particularly, it has up to 14 hues and two forms for clients to browse. The primary rendition has an ID card window and three card openings on the opposite side; the second one has three cards spaces on the two sides. This card holder for men is practically imperceptible in your pocket due to its lightweight plan. With this super thin card holder, you would not be tired of lumps any more. The superb item is precisely like its photo. It's very simple to convey and gives you speedy access to your Visas, driver permit, collapsed money, and so forth. # Radix One Slim Wallet Bunches of men wish to have a wallet a card holder as well as an exceptional item. On the off chance that you are among them, the wallet from Radix is particularly made for you. This very much planned item is so intense and very solid with its polycarbonate plastic cover. With carbonate materials, Radix has possessed the capacity to present one of the most slender wallets accessible now available. The measurements of 3.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches enable the wallet to effortlessly hold 10 cards greatest. There is a band lifer wrapped around the wallet to hold your collapsed money. This wallet really works extremely well; the greater part of your vital cards can be kept together totally and securely. In the event that you don't regularly utilize money, it is truly reasonable to your circumstance. Your cards and conceivable bills are put away firmly and safely in the wallet and it doesn't require you any push to get to your stuffs. The wallet is so straightforward and simple to open with only one hand. # Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection by Vaultskin Class, comfort and extravagance are what you would get when utilizing this England wallet. The Chelsea wallet is produced using extravagant best grain honest to goodness Italian calfskin to give you a truly delicate and smooth feeling. Italian materials additionally include the solidness and in vogue of the item. Its sewing is additionally well-made. Particularly, RFID innovation implanted in this card sleeve wallet is fit for ensuring your cards against examining cheats. The wallet has three pockets to hold your cards, and the internal RFID pocket could secure 6 cards most extreme. You could likewise have fast access to your cards with a tie. Measurements of this wallet are 4.8 x, 3.4 x, 0.8 inch. This is really a thin wallet ready to react well to your necessities. It is an ideal wallet for hanging out with no mass and notice. This item can give the majority of your need and still smooth to effortlessly fit in your pocket. # YDC05 Best Business Card Holder Leather Card Case Excellent Designer by Y&G This is a low-value card holder for men made by Y&G. The measurements are 3.7 x, 2.5 x, 0.6 inch. Materials incorporate fake cowhide and stainless steel. These materials give the wallet a cool and energetic look. The Y&G producer has presented bunches of various hues for clients to look over, absolutely 35 hues. The wallet can securely keep up to 14 cards. What's more, it has a magnet in the fold. YDC05 is conceivably an extraordinary decision for you. It acquires the sturdiness and expert appearance. The stainless steel is sufficiently thick to monitor your wallet against any harm. The magnet keeps your wallet shut all the time, despite the fact that you drop it. This card holder could adjust to all the required perspectives in general.
Role of LED Lights and Fixtures in Parking and Public Areas
Role of LED Lights and Fixtures in Parking and Public Areas
There is a need for a proper lighting in the parking areas to avoid accidents, thefts, burglaries and any unexpected situations. Parking lot lights are needed so people can park their vehicles safely and avoid having other vehicles hit them creating damage to their car.A parking lot area is much safer when the proper lighting is applied. For proper vision at night, there is need to place the correct lights in parking lots to safeguard the vehicles and prevent crimes. Having sold tens of thousands of parking lot lights we are the experts at parking lot lighting applications.Role of LED Parking LightsWith new LED Technology, the need for LED parking lights has increased and is in more demand by businesses around the world. To keep a clear eye on crimes and strangers, Led lighting in the parking area is a must and the right LED Light and lumen count has be specified correctly and installed properly. If you are about to hit a car or any person, the parking areas fitted with the correct lights can help you see clearly and stop your car immediately. People always feel less secure in dark areas; hence parking lot lights are a more convenient way to offer a sense of protection for people.Need of Pole Light FixturesPole light fixtures are needed for outdoor lighting applications. These fixtures are available in a wide range by many lighting companies. It is a recommended product for street lights, pole lights and parking lots. One can compare the traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures with the LED fixtures and find it more suitable for lightening up the area and making it more visible than earlier. To illuminate a large area with new LED Lighting technology these lights have been widely used for new lighting projects or retrofit. LED fixtures have a higher efficiency and provide more light than those used earlier.LED Pole Light FixturesMany businesses are now in the process of replacing their old inefficient lights with LED light fixtures. It is an efficient and durable technology and fulfills the lighting need of many organizations and customers. It is also helpful in cutting your electricity bills by up to 80% and they last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Current LED fixtures are more efficient than the old fixtures due to their features of saving maximum energy and providing light at less cost. Installing these items is also very cost-effective and people can approach the lighting specialists through online sources.LED Shoebox FixturesNew LED light Fixtures are now a lot less expensive and are worth looking at when thinking about updating your area lighting. New LED shoebox fixtures are perfect way to replace your existing metal halide or high pressure sodium lights in parking and public areas. Replacing an old shoebox retrofit with the latest LED fixtures can be a profitable decision for a safe present and future. It can reduce the power consumption up to 80% if specified correctly. LED lighting is a highly reliable source of lighting. The benefits are uncountable as far as LED lights and their quality is concerned·RELATED QUESTIONIn what U.S. states are HID lights illegal and why?This is a bit of a tricky question. The National High Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found HID kits to be unsafe and illegal.You’ll want to look up the law for your particular state. Here’s a good resource for that:LED Car headlights and HID Car headlights by MotorFiendAs a general rule, anything over 6k will be asking for trouble with the police. I highly recommend the brand Kensun. See myKensun Hid Kit review.According toPowerbulbs.comThe seller says the kit is road legal. Is this true?Xenon HIDs are only road legal if the headlight unit is correctly E marked. If you’re unsure, you’re looking for an ECE R99 certification. There are only two ways for a HID kit to qualify as road legal:If the whole headlight unit is replaced with one specifically designed for HID.The existing headlight unit would have to be reassessed for compliance and then assigned a new ‘E’ mark.As you can imagine, this is very costly and causes a lot of hassle. However, unless you take these steps when converting halogen to HID, your vehicle will not be road legal.What if the seller says that the conversion kit will pass my MOT?The kit may pass, but that does not necessarily mean that it is road legal.Does it matter if the kit is legal or not?That completely depends on each individual driver and whether they want to risk their luck using the kit. If you find that you’re asking yourself this very question, you may want to take the following points into account:Adding the kit may void your insurance and any warranty you may have on your vehicle. It’s best to check this out before you buy!HID kits can pose a safety risk to the emergency services. If you’re part of an accident, the kit may not switch off which could cause lots of problems. Factory-fitted bulbs are designed to switch off in the event of a collision, and many conversion kits don’t have this feature.
What Does It Mean When Dpreview Says White Balance Often Excessively Orange Under Artificial Light?
By "artificial light", they mean tungsten (incandescent) and fluorescent. Flash is artificial too, but it's usually relatively high color temperatures (like the midday sun) and therefore not hard for the auto-wb systems to get right. In any case, it is a moderate concern. It's not necessarily a deal-breaker because there are plenty of workarounds, but even if you shoot raw and post-process every image, it's nice for the white balance to be at least close to correct initially.My current camera, a Pentax K-7, has incredibly good automatic white balance, usually providing results better than the presets like "sunny" or "cloudy". I find this to be a huge benefit and time saver. I'd be disappointed with any camera that had worse performance in this area. (The K-7 has a sensor that it uses to adjust the autofocus system depending on the wavelength of light, and it's speculated that this is also used for the auto-wb, but I don't know of any proof of that and Pentax won't say.)Unfortunately, online reviews don't seem to cover this very well, either accepting poor performance as the status quo and maybe putting a line like the one you noticed in the conclusion, or else using some sort of technical measuring system where the results don't match with my experience. Not to argue with science, but there's a lot of ways to get those technical measurements wrong, and since they don't line up with my actual observations, I'm skeptical. So this is something I'd test out in person first if possible, and ask someone who has the camera about if notFrom: White balance often excessively orange under artificial light.Artificial light here may also mean Flash.Is this something which I should be concerned of if I have to purchase this camera or is this "normal" and can be "easily" adjusted by reading this: How do I properly white-balance my photographs when I'm shooting in mixed-lighting environments? ?Is this a factor on which one should/may decide not to purchase this model?·OTHER ANSWER:From: White balance often excessively orange under artificial light.Artificial light here may also mean Flash.Is this something which I should be concerned of if I have to purchase this camera or is this "normal" and can be "easily" adjusted by reading this: How do I properly white-balance my photographs when I'm shooting in mixed-lighting environments? ?Is this a factor on which one should/may decide not to purchase this model?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for LED Lights
1. Are interior LED lights illegal in Illinois?incorrect. LED lights are unlawful to have interior your automobile, in any state. My wager as to why could be because of the fact human beings would desire to confuse you for an undercover police officer, the lights are distracting and would desire to reason an accident, and so on. in case you extremely somewhat needed to have some i could say shop it discreet and of direction dont play around and get pulled over, considering that would desire to be something they might upload on your cost ticket.------2. Reformatted pc - Wireless adapter doesn't turn on?I also recently reformatted my PC. I typically have to use an ethernet cable to download the drivers for my wireless adapter. The I can roam free like the wind and download the rest of the drivers. Device Manager tells you everything you need to know about what drivers are installed. Right-click on the device you need drivers for and select update drivers, then select update over the internet (after you connect your computer to the internet with the ethernet cable of course). Good luck, formatting a PC can be tiring.------3. LAPTOP QUESTION: blank screen/stuck on sleep mode?Cobrar dinero con encuestas es verdad. Este es el lugar que te remunera sinceramente para expresar tu valoracin. Yo no tenia un trabajo de ms de dos aos y he estado continuamente intentado hacer algo para embolsar un poco de dinero sin embargo nada, ni labor ni dinero. Un da localic esta pgina y eleg probarle, pese a que estaba escptica tenia una probabilidad y ahora me alegro haber optado probar este sitio puesto que gano mucho dinero con pocas horas de labor y todo desde m propia casa.------4. How long will this color changing LED last on battery power?Are you talking approximately synthetic electric candles. if so then there are some that use LEDs to flicker realistically and a few of those are available multicolor variations. See the 1st link for examples. There are additionally 2 sorts of genuine candles that selection shade. the 1st sounds like a classic white candle in spite of the undeniable fact that it drips wax of diverse colors by way of dyes in the wick. the 2nd has chemical components in the wick that burn with diverse colors------5. LED light touched positive lead without resistor, but still works. Is it okay to keep this light?LED's are rated for a maximum operating current. After you exceed the voltage required for threshold, the current increases drastically when applied voltage is increased. The series resistor is required to reduce this drastic effect. The damage to the LED depends on the heat generated at high current as well as for how long. So to avoid damage, do retain the LED series resistor. You may change the LED to a high bright LED if you wish. These high bright LEDs provide more brightness with lesser current.------6. Which is the phototransistor in Lesson 11 Evil Genius?Nope, your circuit is working perfectly fine. The IR LED is the colored one and the phototransistor is the clear one.Nor is the phototransistor "consuming" seven volts, it's forward voltage might be seven volts though. Try lowering the resistance in series with the PT and you will probably get more light from the red LED.EDIT: Both component types come in both clear and colored packaging. In the case of the PT it makes perfect sense to give the user the option of choosing her color filter herself.------7. Why does my LED light flicker when turning it on using a dimmer switch?I tried all of the suggestions above and the issue persisted. I am convinced that the LED light with the dimmer is the problem (which most folks seemed to agree on). It is odd to me that the flicker only occurs when I initially turn it on. Typically I seem flickering issues with LEDs to be constant while they are on. Regardless, I purchased a standard single pole switch and all is well. Looks like dimming just isn't going to be an option in that room. Thank you all!.------8. Standard time for LED light testing closedThere are various standards depending on whether you are talking about a complete luminaire, a LED module or a retrofit lamp replacement. For example, you might need to look at IEC 62722-2-1:2014 Luminaire performance - Part 2-1: Particular requirements for LED luminaires and IEC 62717 LED modules for general lighting - Performance requirementsI found this information in this helpful document by SIRIM QAS International and by IEC searches. Another route is to find the standards that are listed in technical information documents of reputable brand manufacturers.------9. How to quickly cool off a room without a fan?Open the windows - use a hair dryer or heat gun if you need to get them unfrozen, and make sure to open more than one - then open the doors in between them in order to allow circulation also, it should be obvious, but wasn't mentioned anywhere yet - make sure there isn't any heating in the room - if it has a radiator, shut the water off - if it has air vents, cover them or turn them off so that your not heating the room unintentionally------10. LED light's for indoor growing?LED lights are flexible slim neon bulbs that can be fixed anywhere. They can be easily attached and detached from any spot if you feel that the placement of the lighting is not proper for your garden. It mainly uses two types of LEDS, red and blue, to give natural light feeling to the plants. They can efficiently work for a longer time with consistent temperature, unlike other normal lighting systems. It successfully tunes up the least attractive system and also provides an additional ornamental value into your garden------11. LED Light fitting has started making clicking sounds after power outageI think it's the motion sensor, which this light is equipped with. The motion sensor is probably not bespoke for this light, and is a commodity module. The module supplier doesn't know if it will be controlling 0.05 amps or 5, so it uses a nice burly mechanical relay that is probably overkill for this light. That's what you are hearing. I also suspect the motion sensor may be designed for low voltage, which makes current proportionately larger (quite much larger for 12V). Current decides the relay size------12. How can there be order without intelligence to understand it?Things are the way they are due to the nature of their causes.The question, why is there order? is in other words, why isn't there disorder?. But why does there have to be order? The human mind finds patterns, the order in things. These patterns, order and disorder are constructs. It is not things that care about appearing orderly to humans. They just exist the way they exist.It is possible that order might mean something else entirely to another sapient species whose perception we can not perceive.------13. My computer wont turn on. Obviously a hardware issue.?the considerable factor to undergo in innovations is the visual exhibit unit has it relatively is own means grant it has a seperate means twine, the cable hook to the pc from the visual exhibit unit sends a video sign from the photograph card interior the pc to tutor a exhibit on the visual exhibit unit, sounds like your means grant or the motherboard has shorted out have it verify by utilising a restoration save,must be as uncomplicated because of the fact the means button change is undesirable------14. Why can the LED (light emitting diodes) generate only three colors RGB?Light emitted by LED depends on the energy released when electrons in the outer shell are excited which in turn depends amount of impurities added to the p-type semiconductor(Paulis exclusion principle plays important role here).As a consequence of point 1, an LED can possibly give out any color(even those outside visible wavelength).Multi colored leds are usually RGB because any color can be achieved by varying the amount of R,G,B. So its not really necessary to produce all the different color led.Why can the LED (light emitting diodes) generate only three colors RGB?------15. which phone is better?The Blackberry is a very basic smartphone!Texting is good as it has a full qwerty keyboard and the camera is ok not great, anything to do with the internet or apps forget the blackberry its awful!On the other hand the HTC is a fantastic phone when it comes to apps and the internet this is especially true because it uses android technology! Android are renowned for their free, high quality apps and you will enjoy the phone far more than the Blackberry trust me! r------16. What is a "SMD" LED Light?Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for making electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). In the industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board. Both technologies can be used on the same board for components not suited to surface mounting such as transformers and heat-sinked power semiconductors------17. Where to buy or how to make a LED light wall?The most obvious and exciting advantage of LED lighting is the colour variations available. The clarity of those colours is also an amazing benefit of LED lights In other words the colours ranging from warm white through to super daylight. Poorly designed LEDs may not be long lasting or efficient. Try to use INNORI 5W Aluminum Modern Led Wall Sconce Lights Aisle light Bedroom Hote Triangle Shape Decorative Lights 3 Years Warranty, Multi colored light. LEDs that are Energy Star qualified should provide stable light output over their projected lifetime------18. If all fighter jets become stealthy, how will they fight each other in the future? In dogfights?An important addition consideration is realizing is many aircraft historically are destroyed on the ground.In Operation Desert Storm, of the 140 Iraqi aircraft destroyed in the way, 105 of them were destroyed on the ground. The largest portion of Iraqi craft destroyed were not brought down in air-to-air combat.Even in WWII, large numbers of planes were destroyed on the ground.It is not overly unrealistic to expect that in the future as planes continue to get stealthier that more will be destroyed on ground as compared with in air------19. How do I connect a Juno LED light to a switch when the light receives power first?Harper's comment is, as usual, a correct summary of the solution. Here (copied from part of another question) is the full diagram:Light fixture junction box:Switch junction box:If switch does NOT use neutral:Note that with a simple (not smart, not dimmable, not timer, etc.) switch there is no functional difference between the hot & switched-hot connections, but if there is a clear indication on the switch (or in the switch instructions), follow the directions.If switch USES neutral (e.g., smart switch).------20. LED Light Strips on bunk bedsTo go around the top of the frames on each bunk so they have their own lighting. I'm guessing 5m is about the most you can power from a single 12v adapter in series, but what about in parallel?Limited only by the amperage of the 12V power adapter.Next question... is it possible to use a switch such as this:It is rated for 12V @ 3A. If the LEDs on a given switch draws more than that, you will need to find a switch with a higher amperage rating------21. WiFi LED light Always ON never offDownload from the following website to your desktop: up Terminal and type:cd Desktoptar -xf compat-wireless-2.6.30.tar.bz2cd compat-wireless-2.6.30makesudo make installsudo make unload(It tells you all this on the website that you download it from.)Then restart.Click on the wireless icon in the top right corner of the screen and logon to your wireless network.Some drivers written for Windows can also actually work for Linux since we're talking hardware and not software. Depends on the hardware though ;)------22. I Wired Up LED Lights Into My Car And I'm Having Some Power Problem?The battery problem likely has nothing to do with your LED lights. Remove the negative (ground side) connection to the battery, and with everything shut off, connect an ammeter between the battery negative terminal and the battery grounding strap. No current should flow, with the possible exception of a milliampere or less to run the clock. If this is what you see, the problem is the battery, which needs replacement. If there is a noticeable current flow, you can pull fuses to identify which circuit is drawing power
How Can I Wire Flashing LED Lights into a Car?
you can hook a low voltage l.e.d. into the speaker wire to get a pulse effect with the bass.. they dont draw much power at all1. CAN REGULAR LED LIGHTS GROW WEED.?yes but not that well2. TEST YOUR CHEMISTRY KNOWLEDGE! What is...?Ha Ha. "Lighten up". I get it. AlGaAs is used in LED lights, which are far more efficient and consume less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs.3. How To Choose The Best LED Vanity Mirror In 2021Makeup application is serious business. In the age of makeup YouTubers and tutorials, there are more techniques and products available than ever to suit your style and complexion. However, one often overlooked part of applying makeup is the lighting. You can have all the expensive cosmetics in the world, but without the best LED vanity mirror to show your face in detail during application you could be making mistakes and not even noticing. Let's see how to choose the best one as well as four different LED vanity mirrors we found for you. If you are in a rush, take a quick glance at the products we will talk about here and which one we consider the best. If it is your first time purchasing a vanity mirror with LED lighting, you may not know exactly what to look for, and which features make a suitable mirror. There are a few important criteria to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Which size you opt for will depend on a few factors including whether you plan to transport your mirror around (there are some small portable LED vanity mirrors if so). The space in which you are installing your mirror is likely to dictate the size of mirror. If you have a large vanity table you may wish to install a large desktop mirror, or if you have a space reserved in your bedroom or bathroom a big, wall-mounted vanity mirror can look impressive as well as being functional. You might think that LED lights are LED lights, but actually there are some subtle and nuanced differences to help you to make your decision. Something I definitely recommend as a feature of LED vanity mirrors is dimmers. Some of these lights will just let you switch them on or off, with no extra controls. The advantage of a dimmer is that the light can be set to your preference and the environment, plus altered according to the natural light available. If you are applying makeup in broad daylight, recommends using natural light as much as possible, with a warm, bright light such as LED lighting to compliment this as required. LED lighting tends to be quite an economical way to light up a space, but ensuring you purchase an energy efficient LED vanity mirror can save you a lot of money in the long haul. report a 50% increase in the efficiency of this technology since 2012. This saving is especially evident if your mirror is not just for personal use but for business use. These products are popular among makeup artists and fashion professionals and in these scenarios they can be on all day, the difference made can be huge.. LED vanity mirrors are extremely useful, but that does not mean they can not look great. LED mirrors can provide some brilliant ambient lighting and an impressive statement piece in either bedroom, dressing room or bathroom. They add a real touch of class and can fit either modern or classic designs. even reports that subtle, ambient lighting can help give a glamorous look to a bathroom. One controversial topic, and decision to be made, is whether to purchase the LED mirror with lights built in, or whether to purchase a separate LED lighting kit. Though this article is focusing mainly on mirrors with lights included, it is definitely worth mentioning the lighting kits. If you already have a vanity mirror which is fixed to a wall or hard to remove, it might be worth considering a lighting kit to add the LED lights on to an existing mirror. If you are purchasing a new mirror, there is really no benefit to one of these bolt-on light kits. It is extra hassle that can be avoided just by buying a great LED vanity mirror. With plenty of lights available, and other forms of lamp made specifically for makeup and illuminating faces, what are the benefits of LED? The color temperature and tint does not give a biased view of your face or provide a tint that might give you a warped view of the makeup you have applied and your coloring. Tungsten or 'yellow' lights may give you a less accurate view. Energy efficiency. As already alluded to, LED lighting is one of the most energy efficient sources of light and will save energy due to their intelligent design. They are long lasting. LED lights rarely need replacing meaning less maintenance and annoying upkeep. Heat. LED lights do not tend to overheat, as many bulbs can. This avoids any risk of burns, especially useful if you are using your vanity mirror in a public space or somewhere children are. Let's take a look at, probably, the best products on the market. Here's the comparison table of the best LED vanity mirrors from our point of view. Below the table, you can find the detailed description of each product. The Chende vanity mirror is an elegant tabletop design of vanity mirror. It is available in multiple designs, one of which is bound to suit your space. Though advertised as a tabletop mirror, it also has the option of being wall mounted should you wish. Available with or without inbuilt makeup drawer. None Dimmable lights to adjust to your preference. None Available in black, white and frameless designs. None Available in round or rectangular designs. None This mirror has been put through would rop tests' to check the quality and durability. None Metal hooks included at the back for wall mounting if this is preferred. None Has a power outlet included for straighteners, hair dryers or other appliances. Power outlet can draw power from the bulbs. None The control knob for the dimmer is not the sturdiest and you need to be delicate with it. This is another type of LED vanity mirror built with bathroom design in mind. The LEDs come in the form of a 40mm stripe around the outer edge of the mirror. The bulbs within are designed to have an incredible 50,000 hour lifespan. The intelligent and modern design is backed up by the 'touch' function, allowing you to turn it on in the center at the bottom with a touch sensitive command, much like an iPhone. None Touch controls for a modern look and feel. None Available in two different sizes, King and Queen, to suit the space you have available. None Comes with everything you need to affix to the wall. A relatively simple process. The lights could be brighter and need to be twinned with an ambient room light. None The 'nightlight' illuminating the touch controls has no option to be turned off. If you are looking for an impressive look for your bathroom as well as a functional and flexible mirror, this could be the answer for you. The LED lights are in the form of a strip all around the outside of the rectangle. Though this does not have to be used in a bathroom, it is certainly designed with this use in mind. Available in four different sizes, 2028, 3628, 5528 and 5536. None Moisture proof stripe around the outside so no issues with bathroom moisture will arise Has to be wall mounted with no option for free standing. None No dimmer setting for choosing your light level. None Can be confusing to mount and install if you are not overly DIY savvy. The second Chende LED vanity mirror we've mentioned in our list. This Chende mirror is similar in many ways to its smaller sibling. The 'Hollywood' design clearly looks like it would fit perfectly in a film set dressing room. The gorgeous looks of the exposed bulbs make this a popular choice for those who are going for a less modern look. Dimmable lights which are easy to adjust. None Available in black, white or frameless designs. None Metal hooks included to allow for wall mounting. Power outlet can take power away from the bulbs and cause dimming. None The control knob for the dimmer is not the sturdiest. None Occasional reports of flaws and chips from the shipping process, always a risk with large, delicate items. What Is The Best LED Vanity Mirror? In terms of which LED mirror I recommend, Chende definitely stand out as the best brand, with the smaller, 'portrait' shaped design implemented in being my recommendation out of these. It gives a great blend of quality, looks and value for money, and is big enough for most uses. It can be placed on top of a vanity dresser or similar, or it can be wall mounted. One of the few models to offer this choice. Both Chende models are great, but we recommend the portrait model for not just great looks and features, but value for money. Different users are looking for different things from their mirror. If you are looking for something a little different such as a bathroom vanity mirror or a portable mirror, rest assured that there are options worth looking at.
How Do I Hook Up Custom Led Lights in My Xbox 360?
pink RING OF death! Sorry to hearken to. Has no longer something to do with your bridging. Microsoft has a large failure fee. a million-800-My-XBOX... you may deliver on your xbox to microsoft. once you are under guarantee it relatively is unfastened, besides the incontrovertible fact that it's going to take approximately 3-4 weeks formerly you even see your XBOX returned. If no longer under guarantee, then it's going to truly fee you over $one hundred and nevertheless take 3-4 weeks. Been there accomplished that. in basic terms get your self a fix instruction manual, it relatively is heavily the least confusing component to do and you would be up and dealing comparable day. bypass to google and seek: XBOX 360 restoration you will discover what you are in seek of. I fixed my very own and have not had a undertaking for 5 months now =P1. Where do i hook up wires for cobra eyes by pilot LED lights?do not use a fuse that looks soooooo ghetto!!!! get a wire tester kit for 3-4 bucks....test wires under your dash NEAR the fuse box and hook power up there and ground to a nearby ground...(grounds will be black wires bolted directly to the body of the car. ..good luck and do not leave the wires hanging, use cable ties of some sort.....remember do not go ghetto when fixin up your ride!!!2. Where can I find LED lights for an xbox 360 controller?Try Radio Shack or Fry's3. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?basically it is illegal to have any xtra light that r not D.O.T. certified and not put on by manufacturer but if u do put lights on run down the road with them on. i have Honda 750 chromed out and i have several lights on mine but i dont turn them on unless i am parked or i am at a rally.4. How can I set up LED lights on a poster for a project?Using spray adhesive attach the poster to fome core. Use an awl to poke holes for the lights wherever you want them5. Gateway desktop LED lights up, but computer doesn't turn on?the same thing happened to my gateway too! i took it back to best buy and they said it had something to do with the motherboard...but since i bought it still in warranty they replaced it with another crappy gateway since it seems to have a motherboard issue as well6. Can i hook up my led lights to the remote wire on my amp for a constant glow?Probably not. The amp remote wire is extremely low current, typically less than 1A. If the amp turn-on circuit and the LED's combined draw more current than the remote wire can deliver, it will likely damage head unit. Why do you want to connect the LED's to the amp remote? Why not connect them to a switched 12V source at the vehicle fusebox or perhaps even to a constant (nonswitched) source and add a toggle switch to turn them on/off?7. How do you make LED lights pulse to music?Hi you need to build a frequency switch which turns on a transistor using a capacitor and an inductor the best ones will be pot cores8. What color LED lights should i get for my car?Remember Roy G. Biv Red Too bright... Orange Yellow Blue (This color looks the coolest and is at the middle of the color spectrum.... Indigo Violet Too light... Good Luck9. Is it true that the blue light from LED lights are dangerous to your health?Blue light triggers a part of your brain to think that it's daytime. Too much blue light when it's dark makes your brain confused (we are talking about a part of your brain so old you share it with all chordates). It disturbs your sleep cycle. So, to the extent it disturbs your sleep, it damages your health.10. how to install fading led lights dim and brighten according to engine rpm?loose ground somewhere11. What size fuse should you use if u run led lights in ur car from a power source?It depends on how much current (amps) they draw in normal operation. Add 50% and round to the nearest standard fuse rating. But this may not be enough - if the fuse is slow, it wo not be effective in protecting the downstream part of the circuit, including LEDs.
Whats the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights?
What’s the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights?What is the Difference Between LED Lights and Regular Lights? If you are considering upgrading your lighting system to LED light fixtures, you are making a great choice. You will be making huge strides forward in your commercial business's energy usage, as well as doing the environment a favor. We here at LED Wholesale Supply, as vendors of commercial lighting, promise that you are making a decision you wo not regret. However, you still might be curious about what makes all LED brands different from other types of lighting-and, therefore, so great for your company. Maybe you even wonder, on a structural level, how LED lights work, as opposed to their counterparts. Learn all the details below from a supplier of wholesale LED lights. What Exactly Are LED Lights? To know how LED lights are different from other lighting types, it's necessary to know what LED lights even are. Even though this technology has been around for years (it's the same thing that lights up some digital clocks and newer traffic lights), not a lot of people know exactly how they work. LED is an acronym; the name stands for "light-emitting diode," which is a nod to how LEDs work on a structural level (diodes are specific types of electricity-transferring structures that are not exclusive to LEDs). An LED creates light by moving electrons-small, negatively-charged particles-through a tiny piece of matter called a semiconductor, which is a process that excites these particles and creates light. In contrast, other types of lighting do not rely on solid matter to create light, but rather gas in a chamber or a vacuum. It is due to the functionality of the diode that LEDs do not need mercury to work, as opposed to fluorescent lights, which rely on the elements' changing form from a liquid to a gas to produce light. Therefore, LEDs render themselves relatively environmentally sound, as their lack of mercury means that the toxic substance cannot leak into the environment. As a side note, this is also the reason why fluorescent lights should be recycled during retrofitting and similar procedures. Yes, the amount of mercury contained in a fluorescent light is small, but on a larger scale, careless disposal can have a severe environmental impact. In conclusion, LEDs create light by exciting electrons inside solid semiconductors. They differ from fluorescents in both their structure and the elemental substances they use to create light. What Does This Difference Mean For Your Business? The unique design of LEDs makes them an ideal choice for commercial businesses everywhere. They truly are the lighting choice of the future, and there's a reason you will find them being used in forward-thinking businesses across the globe. What things do LEDs bring to the table that other types of lighting (fluorescent included) can not ? What unique benefits can you expect from your LED installation that you would never expect from different types of lighting? ● Great savings. Yes, when compared to other types of lighting, the initial costs of LED fixtures can be slightly higher (though recent innovations have made the technology much more affordable than in previous years). However, you truly get what you pay for; LEDs can last for years-decades, even. This means that in the long run, you are less likely to invest in fixture replacement or new LED light bulbs, which puts more money in your pocket. Furthermore, LED lighting is strikingly more energy-efficient than many other types of lighting, meaning that your energy bills could also be significantly lower than they would otherwise when you use LEDs. As a bonus, because LEDs emit little heat, they could also mean a cut to your AC bills in the warmer months. ● Respect for the environment. As stated above, LEDs last for a very long time; you could reduce the number of light fixtures you will need to replace, which can reduce your firm's overall waste. Moreover, LEDs use energy more efficiently than incandescent lights, which means less stress on the environment, as your firm's energy demands could be smaller. Relatively small heat emissions from LEDs also contribute to a possible reduction in your business's carbon footprint. ● Respect for your facilities. Anything that consumes electricity also generates some degree of heat. However, due to LEDs' energy efficiency, they emit far less heat than many other traditional bulb types. This could mean less damage to your facility's walls and infrastructure. After all, many wallpaper and trim types are not designed to withstand being roasted under fluorescents or incandescents day in and day out. We are more than just a light bulb supplier and more than just a wholesaler. We pride ourselves in selling the very best in LED fixtures and lamps, and we would be happy to answer any of your lighting questions. Give our office a call today at 952-392-9117.
Led Lights& Live Plants?
in all probability... yet examine the particularly ability output, no longer only the kind of LEDs, that enormously plenty meaningless. distinctive LEDs have distinctive ability rankings and lightweight output. you will desire to be waiting to look up the Lumens score on the producer's information superhighway web site, and study that to what your vegetation want. If the numbers are close, then decide for it. Ian1. Pink Floyd ,The Doors, Or Led Zeppelin?pink floyd and the doors2. Converting headlight from sealed to LED?Swap the sealed beam light for one that has the same shape, but uses a housing3. Signal volume LED ArrayAside from Andy's option, you could always go with the LM3915. Or the internal setup of the LM3915. It's just a bunch of comparators. You could even use op amps as comparators, if you wire them correctly.Or you could use opamps. Both of these are VU meters, and are Logarithmic, not linear.4. Stuff about under-car led lights?As long as the lights under the car are not on while your driving it is perfectly legal, if they are on while your driving expect a heavy fine and possibility of your car being towed5. How do you custom led tail lights?In all states, brake lights must be red. Any other color will get you ticketed the first time and your car impounded the second. They can in fact impound it the first stop6. Has reservation in studies and jobs led to a rise in corruption in India?Mostly NO.Dalits and other depressed classes still today are not policy makers. The policy and operations were solely run by brahmins, Kshatriyas, vaishyas and other dominant communities.Corruption/bribery: If you are saying corruption as bribery, it has increased in the recent years. But just look at who is paying to who is general. Common corruption in India happens between 2 middle class people. One may be applying for a job in government. The applicant who will be a forward caste or dominant caste will be paying the bribe to a officer who is also from forward or dominant caste. Where do dalits & depressed classes come into this corruption picture?Reservation in education: How can reservation in education affect corruption? wrong question. If you feed poor dalits food, then will that also lead to increase in corruption ? NOO. .reservation in educational institutions means you are educating somebody in equal terms with others. This has nothing to do with corruption. Teaching/Educating is not a sin and has no ill effects or side-effectsDalits at work place: In fact i have seen many dalits when they get into a job, they are usually scared for their job and how others would perceive their work and they are more sincere. This is not the case with all dominant community members. Dominant community members knows tricks of the trade and will find short cuts.Reservation in Jobs:I think you are referring to government jobs here. There is reservation in central and state government jobs. The cut-off for OBCs and SCs are lower than general category. Just because they get in with lower marks, that does not mean they are ineffective in work and involve themselves in corruption.You can get a government job through reservation at entry level in most cases. But once you get the job, all caste people have to prove their worth in work in order to get promoted or be given additional responsibilities. Only work effectiveness and work experience leads to promotion in government office mostly. Dalits for example get into a entry level position but do not receive much promotions because of the work place discrimination or their personal work ineffectiveness. Still today most officer level and manager level people are from dominant castes. We all know in government offices that clerks and junior officers cannot take bribes from us without the blessings of senior level managers and directors. Most senior managers receive part of the bribery cut. The senior managers and directors are mostly form dominant communities. In this case who is actually responsible for corruption then?Conclusion:-There is no direct relationship between reservation at work place and increase in corruption. Even if there is one, it cannot be validated ,since dalits & depressed classes do not occupy most higher government office positions. -There is no direct relationship between reservation at education and increase in corruption. No relationship at all in fact.- There are is no proof to say workers who came through reservation are more corrupt than workers who came through general category.-Corruption is epidemic issue. It starts at a personal level from giving a bribe to a cop for our negligence purposes. We should fight it as a whole society and not take pot-shots at the already poorer classes
How to Fix Hyper-flashing with LED Lights
2) You have an overly "sensitive" Jeep. While this condition is rare, it can still happen to some Jeeps. We first recommend going back to stock to see if there is hyper-flashing. If your stock lights work, but you continue to have an issue with your LED lights exhibiting hyper-flashing, we recommend working with your authorized dealer to troubleshoot the problem. As such, it may be necessary to reinstall your stock tail light if this condition cannot be resolved.10 Best Light Therapy Lamp Reviews (Updated 2021)With the very best SAD lamps for light therapy, you will be able to easily combat the terrible depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. These great little light boxes emit several thousand LUX, allowing you to feel better in as little as 30 minutes per day! SAD lamps have been around for decades and have only gotten better. They are one of the most effective ways of combating S.A.D. Because they are so popular, a lot of manufacturers have begun making them. How are you supposed to know which is best? That's where we come in. We've sat (literally...) and reviewed all of the very best light therapy boxes available for sale today. It's been quite the pleasurable experience. Now we are here to share what we learned with you - in hopes that you will start feeling much better! If you need the best light therapy lamp to combat seasonal affective disorder, the Northern Light Technology Boxelite 10,000 LUX Bright Light Therapy Box will certainly serve you better. This large bright light box with 15 x 12 panel provides me with a wide range of diffuse bright light that keeps me comfortable. Due to its powerful nature, it is recommended for use by doctors to keep the eyes in a good shape. This amazing therapy light allows me to take my best sitting position and still get all the light needed to keep me comfortable. I use this amazing light source on several occasions such as during work hours as it perfectly fits on my working desk and I also use it on the breakfast table to supply the whole family with sunny glow. This clinician-recommended light source offers at least 20 minutes of effective light therapy in a day. What We Liked About it - what thrill me most in this light source is its durability and impressive functions. I have used it for several years and it still looks sharp and functioning perfectly. Also, I like its amazing design that makes it fit for different occasions. It is reliable to use with no flicker and it is electronically powered. This is an amazing sad light therapy lamp that I gladly recommend to you for comfort. Carex Day-Light Classic Plus offers me the recommended 100,000 LUX of customizable and glare-free white light for enhanced vision during work or other activities such as breakfast, reading, etc. I like this light source because it is flicker-free and I can easily adjust the stand for optimal results. Light therapy is recommended by most health centers because it protects you from UV and gives you comfort. My Day-Light therapy lamp has two light settings to help me customize my therapeutic treatment, with limited warranty included. I feel energized during the day while using this light source, which makes my night's rest a splendid one. With this light therapy lamp, any symptoms of jet lag, Winter Blue, circadian sleep disorder and shift adjustment will be relieved. What We Liked About It - Day-Light Classic Plus Therapy lamp offers complete treatment for Winter Blues. It also does a great job for me in combating jet lag, low energy, circadian sleep disorder, and shift work adjustment. The light source from this therapeutic lamp is natural, safe, flicker-free and effective. The design of this energy lamp gets me excited when placed on my working desk or use it for other purposes. It has a compact size and can easily fit on any platform. VeriLux Happy Light 10,000 LUX does not flicker, and the light emanating from it is natural and safe. I can conveniently customize the light through the high or low setting to my preference. I enjoy 10,000 Lux UV free light, which helps to improve my mood and boost my circadian rhythm for improved sleep. I was looking for the best light box to improve my vision and my GP recommended this for me. I use this device for about 30 in the morning and it has 2 easy to setup no glare lenses for comfort and high energy. This efficient energy light uses just 36 Watts to produce about 300 Watts of natural spectrum daylight. What We Liked About It - what I liked about this energy box is its portable and sleek design that makes it fits in any platform. It helps to boost my mood and energy level and does not flicker at all. It also prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching me and enhance my sleep. It is almost impossible not to mention Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp in natural sunlight lamp reviews. The clinical strength of this light box is what makes me amazed - 10,000 Lux of natural bright light that relieves me from circadian sleep disorder, winter blues, shift work adjustment, low energy and jet lag. The patented technology of Aura Daylight gives me full control of light therapy treatment and has light settings that supplies a minimum output of 3,500 and maximum of 10,000 Lux. The fact that I can adjust the settings up to about 80 degrees for comfortable positioning makes me joyed. Aura Daylight Lamp is ETL and FCC certified which makes it a safe device to use. The built-in timer allows for additional flexibility and automatically shut off itself when the therapeutic treatment is complete. I can easily mount this therapy light on the wall and the stand is foldable for easy storage. What We Liked About It - The built-in timer gives me the chance to set it at 10 minute intervals from 60 to 10 minutes and automatically shuts off after the completion of treatment. This device is ETL and FCC certified which makes it safe for my health. Its design is something to write home about because it fits perfectly on my working desk. This is one of the best light therapy lights I have seen in a while. It is made of plastic material with an amazing design that makes it perfect on different platforms. It supplies high intensity light therapy of 10,000 Lux and negative ion therapy. NatureBright SunTouch Therapy Lamp does a great job in alleviating my Seasonal Affective Disorder and the ion therapy offers me an automatic antidepressant function within a few days of use. What makes this light box exciting is that it balances my body clock, leaving me feeling refreshed, rested and nourished generally. My family loves the sunny effect it gives during breakfast and it emits a fragrance that soothe my mood. The fact that it emits 17,000 Kelvin UV free light makes it safe for my health. What We Liked About It - With the ion therapy features that comes with this device, I feel very energized and happy within a few days of use. The body clock and the nice fragrance also makes me feel refreshed, nourished, rested and boost my mood. It is safe to use thanks to its 17,000 Kelvin ultraviolet free light. This sad therapy light reviews all the exciting features present in a light box. Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria does excellently in improving my vision quality. It worked with an array of 72 LED light that offers 10,000 Lux of wide spectrum white light - it stimulates natural sunlight with no any harmful ultraviolet rays. I place it about 15 inches away from me while I work in the office, eat breakfast, read, watch TV, or get set for work in the morning. All I need is 20-30 minutes of this light every morning to enhance my energy level and regulate sleep pattern. This device has a compact design with a tilt-rear stand, intensity level settings, and programmable timer that automatically shuts off when therapeutic treatment is complete. I can conveniently carry Lightphoria on trips in a nylon travel pouch thanks to its lightweight and portable design. The light produced by this light box is flicker free and does not emit heat, thus making it safe for my family. What We Liked About It - This energy lamp is on another level when it comes to therapeutic light source. I can easily regulate the intensity of the light to suit my need and its compact design and lightweight makes it convenient to carry from one location to another. It is UV free thus making it safe for my family. VeriLux HappyLight Liberty 7,500 LUX Therapy Energy Lamp is produced by VeriLux, a reputable company that's known for its high quality products. It would be weird to me if this device is not mentioned in the best sad light box reviews by any reviewer. HappyLight comes in a compact size, and it supplies natural therapeutic light. I enjoy high intensity light of up to 75,000 Lux ultraviolet free, bright white light therapy with a customized light setting to adjust the intensity to your preferred choice. It comes with two lenses that I can easily interchange for optimal results. Using this light box at the right time does a great job for me by enhancing my mood and resetting my circadian rhythm for better sleep. This therapy light can be used for reading, breakfast or office work. Its lightweight design makes it convenient to transport from one place to another. What We Liked About It - The fact that this outstanding therapy light lamp improves my mood and sleep makes it a nice choice for me. Light intensity can easily be controlled to suit my needs and its compact design and lightweight makes it convenient to carry on trips. I have used different sad therapy lamps in the past, but I must say the Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp has something spectacular. This light can fit in anywhere because its design is exquisitely slim and lightweight. It also comes with LED lights that have a 50,000-hour lifespan, which means I will never have to change expensive sad light bulbs ever again. This device produces wide spectrum light of 5500 Kelvin, making it one of the highest light output to get. Each time I use this amazing device, it feels to me like I am enjoying natural sunlight. Once this therapy is done each day, I feel so energized and happy throughout the day. The 10,000 Lux of bright light produced is ultraviolet free and helps to improve my mood and sleep. What We Liked About It - The design of this device is the first thing that thrills me in it. Also, knowing fully well that I will not have to replace expensive bulbs makes it a win-win case for me. I feel a significant improvement after just 2-3 days of using this light therapy lamp which makes it highly recommendable for other users. If you are in search of the best light lamp that will sever you maximally, I will boldly recommend Beurer Daylight Lamp to you. What makes this device outstanding is its large illumination surface of about 4.7 to 7.9, thanks to LED technology. I enjoy how this device brightens up my cloudy days with light simulated to natural sunlight with an intensity of 10,000 Lux. After a few days of using it, it helped to reduce the effects associated with jet lag, seasonal time changes, shift work and winter blues. The light that emanates from the panel is flicker free and ultraviolet free, making it safe for my health. It is ideal for use on desk or while traveling by putting it in a portable pouch. Its adjustable stand gives me the options of positioning it vertically or horizontally. What We Liked About It - it helps to brighten my cloudy day with natural light of 10,000 Lux and helps to combat effects associated with jet lag, shift work, winter blues and seasonal time changes. Its portable and lightweight features makes it convenient to carry around. This another great product from VeriLux that comes in a compact and sleek design. I enjoy the spectrum light therapy of this device because it is safe, comfortable and natural. With a moderate 5000 Lux produced, it helps to boost my mood and reduce the sleep-challenge by resetting my circadian rhythm. The light output from this device does not flicker and it's free from dangerous ultraviolet rays making it safe health wise. With a weight of just 1.5 lbs, I can conveniently carry it to a different location, and its portable size makes it great for small spaces. What We Liked About It - The compact design and lightweight of this device is something to reckon with. I can easily take it with me to wherever I go without any stress. The therapy light from VeriLux HappyLight Liberty Lamp is safe, natural and comfortable - does not flicker and UV free. The 5000 Lux intensity light helps to boost my mood and reduce sleep disorder by resetting circadian rhythm. How We Choose The Best Light Therapy Boxes In Our List With different manufacturers of light therapy boxes available today, getting the best product requires more effort. You might have come across different stories online about the best sad lamp reviews, but I tell you, getting a real life experience with it is far better. Below are some real life factors I considered before coming out with this list: This is the number factor I deem necessary in a light therapy box. Its intensity is measured in LUX and it talks about how the eyes perceive the brightness of light. The typical range of LUX is between 2,500 and 10,000. The higher the intensity, the lower the time you will need to spend with the light therapy lamp for treatment. Although this is an optional factor, light therapy boxes with full light spectrum are always better and more effective. Full spectrum talks about the wavelength of the light ranging from infrared to close-to ultraviolet. There are different models of light therapy boxes and most of them come in different sizes. Going for extremely small surface may not give you the required amount of light for your eyes, and buying big or bulky one will not be too convenient. Therefore going for moderate sizes that offer all necessary functions in the right proportion is the best. Since UV light is not a nice treatment solution for depression, jet lag or pains, all the therapy lamps on the list are UV light free. Ultraviolet light can be harmful to health. Why You Need Light Therapy Boxes Light therapy box is a device used for treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other related conditions by exposing the eyes to artificial light. This condition (SAD) is a kind of depression that affects people at a certain time of the year, usually during winter or in the fall. When treating SAD, you sit or work close to the light therapy box which supplies bright light that is as natural as outdoor sunlight. Some people who are very sensitive to light and living or working in areas with dim light may feel better through increased exposure to conventional room light. However, research from various studies show that majority of the people suffering from SAD and winter doldrums need to be exposed to light levels that's much higher than the normal indoor lamps or other forms of light at home. Such therapeutic light levels (as measured in foot-candles or Lux by light meters) are 5 to 20 times higher than the typical indoor light you receive at home or office. Light therapy does a very crucial job on health and boost your overall efficiency in work place. This therapy has a way of affecting brain chemicals associated with sleep and mood, thereby easing SAD symptoms. Apart from improving your mood and sleep, light therapy may also be important for other forms of sleep disorders, depression and other mental conditions. Other names for light therapy are phototherapy and bright light therapy. Also, some people report improvement when they spend more time exposed to the sun. For majority, however, they get the best therapeutic effect when they are exposed to artificial bright light in early hours of the day (for example, 6:30 a.m.) especially during long winter nights when outdoors is still quite dark. Researchers at different clinics and medical centers in the U.S. as well as abroad have recorded a high rate of success with light therapy. They discovered that people suffering from SAD for several years saw a significant improvement via the use of light therapy. You begin to see improvement within a week of using this light box, and symptoms usually comes back in almost the same amount of time when the therapy is stopped. It is therefore necessary that a consistent usage of light therapy is carried during winter until the end of April when outdoor light is enough to maintain high energy and good mood. If light therapy boxes are not working for you, try out some of our Red Light Therapy Devices or Light Therapy Glasses!
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