Lenovo Attacks Smart TV Cloud Technology As the Core and Tries to Integrate Multiple Screens

Now is the era of screen, because we spend most of our time communicating on four screens: mobile phone, PC (desktop or laptop), tablet and TV. For Lenovo, a domestic PC giant, the first three screens are its specialty in the consumer market. Now it is determined to enter the fourth screen. Recently, "Lenovo 2012ces product tasting" was held in Shenzhen. One of the smart TV products, K91, has attracted great attention in the industry. Some analysts pointed out that this TV takes cloud technology as the core and can break the fence between the four screens. Lenovo's ambition to expand into the TV field with PC and mobile phone is clear.

This time, Lenovo released three key products in Shenzhen, including smart TV K 91, integrated PC ideacentre a720 and hybrid laptop ideapadyoga. These three products do not seem to have much relevance to the outside world, but in Lenovo's "leyun" strategy, they will soon be unified to serve individuals.

Chen Xudong, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, told Nandu that the release of Lenovo smart TV marked the completion of Lenovo's "personal cloud" strategic layout. The "personal cloud" solution with leyun as the core can perfectly integrate the four screen terminals of smartphone, tablet, PC and smart TV with leyun services, bringing users convenient personal information management, interconnection between four screen terminals and comprehensive social network support.

It is reported that after the integration of four screens, users can realize cross screen control and share files between different devices. For example, the address book in the mobile phone can not only appear on the mobile phone, but also browse on TV, tablet and computer; The high-definition images in the computer can be played in the mobile phone, TV and tablet at any time, and even the mobile phone can be used as the remote control or game handle of the TV and computer.

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