Marine Core Infantry Deployment Locations?

Gunny laid it out nicely except he left off Okinawa...3rd Marine Div is still HQ would there....The Corps has 7 MEU's, 3 east coast, 3 west coast and one (31st) permanently forward deployed in Okinawa...if you are in the Infantry you can pretty much plan on at least one MEU cruise in your first 4 year enlistment and/or a 12 month deployment to Okinawa and of course if the shooting starts then all bets are off. ...oh also Marine infantry is "deployed" to Australia, the Philippines and the horn of Africa (Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti)...and if you go Security (primary MOS 0311) there are other places overseas you can get stationed including Rota Spain for one

1. Question about the requirements for a Marine MP?

Your eye doctor does not make sense. What correctable to 20/20 means is that your TWO eyes, working together, can see a specific size object (eye chart) at 20 feet distance from that object. The eye chart has a line of letters that are set for 20/20 measurement. Lower lines equate to 15/15 measurement (better than average eyesight). For military enlistment purposes, correctable to 20/20 means with glasses. When you take an eye test, your left eye will be covered while wearing glasses and not wearing glasses to determine if you can see a specific object (e.g. letters on an eye chart) at 20 feet. Your right eye will then be covered and the process repeated. At this time, you can go to DMV, back to your eye doctor, or even your family doctor, and they can tell you if you have 20/20 vision while wearing glasses. Not a tough process. If you have 20/20 vision with glasses (correctable), you are a candidate for the Marine Corps and all MOSs including MP (your ASVAB score and General Classification Test (GCT) score in bootcamp will be the determining factor for what MOS you are qualified for). Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired

2. being a marine corps MP mos?

You always accrue leave. 2.5 days of leave per month. Garrison MPs (on base police) are being phased out and replaced with civilians. The other side (field MPs) are glorified infantry. We are tasked with a much wider array of missions. Most popular right now being convoy security. MP is joked as standing for Multi-Purpose. MOS school focuses on POW handling, law of war, convoy operations, and still a lot of "garrison" work. As the other poster said, it does look great on a resume for other law enforcement agencies. There are quite a few agencies that will waive the college requirements if you have a certain number of years as an active duty MP. There is still the negative stigma attached to being an MP from the rest of the corps as being blue falcons (buddy F***ers). It's mostly joking as all things are. I would rather be an MP than infantry any day.

3. Marine Corps, Air Force or college?

You should do Air Force, because from reading this, you are not USMC material

4. Marine biology jobs in canada?

Bowale, more over on the B.C side. Check with the University of British Columbia

5. Are members of the Merchant Marine considered veterans?

Merchant Marines are not considered veterans just due to them being Merchant Marines. They are, by definition, civilians. Those who have graduated from a Merchant Marine academy and have taken a commission as a reserve officer in one of the armed forces may be considered a veteran after their service in that armed force if they've met certain conditions. Merchant Marines in WWII who served on vessels commissioned by the Department of War/DOD have been granted veterans' status by the Department of Veterans Affair. A Merchant Marine is a licensed or documented person operating commerical, NOAA, or Military Sealift Command vessels, inclusively, greater than 100 tons displacement, whether or not the vessel is being used for military purposes or not. Tug boat crews, Puget Sound car ferries, the ships' operating crews of "Deadliest Catch", the crew of the "Edmund Fitzgerald", USNS oilers steaming along with a carrier battle group, or the pre-positioned ships in Diego Garcia are all manned by Merchant Marines. The US Coast Guard is the agency that regulates Merchant Marine documentation and licensing.

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