Minimum Pipe Length for Split Air Conditioning Unit?

mildew probable. Or would be a mechanical subject. If it smells in any respect like some thing burning, close it off. Or it might desire to be pulling undesirable smells from an exterior source. examine exterior the unit to work out in case you will scent the subject.

1. Is it illegal to not have an air conditioning unit in a gymnasium?

I grew up in western Pennsylvania, and my house was never air conditioned, and my high school gym was not air conditioned. and PA summers and falls were hot when I was practicing for volleyball!! My whole school did not have A/C, in fact. It's a luxury, not a right. That's what fans and water are for.

2. Air conditioning condenser fan won't turn on...?

Ac Condenser Fan Motor

3. If i use the air conditioning in my car will it use some of the gas or will it use the battery power?

The ac unit is driven by belts and compressors. There is some toll taking on fuel economy because your engine works a little harder to turn the compressor. Its really boils down to what comfort level you can live with. Since your altenator recharges the electrical system there is really no draw on the battery.... d

4. Air conditioning Outside Unit wires cut?

You will have to find a small fuse inside of the air handler ....if it does not have one than your looking at replacing the transformer, but just about every unit has a small fuse in it...and thats what you will have to change

5. Trouble With my cars air conditioning?

Brownie66, on some vehicles it goes from the top of the expansion valve into, rather onto, the high side hose. Other models simply do not have it

6. Air conditioning: Like it or hate it?

love it. I live in Hong Kong, which is EXTREMELY HOT and HUMID. I can not stand the heat cuz i got eczema. Whenever i got sweat, it makes my eczema worse, so i am not a fan of hot weather

7. How do you fix poor home air conditioning circulation?

Close the vent in the basement to have more air pushed to the other parts of the home

8. How much should air conditioning repair cost?

You got off very cheap. As far as a 400% mark up on a capacitor, you did not pay for the capacitor, you paid for the techs knowledge and the fact that he was able to diagnose the problem. You paid for the fuel and wear on his van, the workmans comp, his medical insurance, his tools, his on going education, his 401-K, liability insurance, his uniforms and about 22 other items I will not bore you with. Think about it this way, if I am sick, you are the man. When your home comfort system fails, the HVAC tech is the man. Like yourself, he deserves to make a solid living for the knowledge he has.

9. Air Conditioning Question..If you open doors and windows & keep 3 airconditioners on, what happens?

Of course it will increase the cost. That chilled air is going outside after you paid for it. The A/C already mixes fresh air into the air it chills so it does not need new hot and muggy air from those windows. You will save money if you have an electrician come in and add an on-off switch at easy-to-reach height that the staff could use to shut off the A/Cs if they want to open the windows.

10. What to look for when buying a new furnace/air conditioning unit?

First off, shop around because you will find a big price difference. The things you need to know is how much will it cost to run. What is the proper size for your home? This is critical. Do not let somebody sell you an undersized one because the price sounds good. Make sure the installer shows you how to do basic maintenance such as the proper way to clean the evaporator and condenser coils. If you have central heating you will have the ducts already. If not it will be quite abit costlier. Get many estimates and compare them on price, Btu estimates (Do not volunteer this to an estimater), you will be able to weed out some contractors by this. You can search air conditioners online to see the different fomulas used to determine Btu's. If the price they give sounds overwhelming, they have portable a/c units you can move from room to room, but you need to exhaust the heat to the outside. Sound is the other thing you need to consider

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