Multiple Buttons Activating Different Methods for an LED Strip

Inside each inner loop, just test the switches and return if they are that does not help please explain the nature of this "trouble".You may need to debounce the switch presses. And you may need to wait for them to release the switch, eg

1. Push button to make a LED strip pulse?

NO ! Unless to design one

2. what does a transformer actually do for a LED strip light?

Provides the correct voltage

3. RGB LED strip, powered by an ATX PSU and controlled by PWM, makes my speakers buzz with Arduino connected by USB

Please use an opto-isolated device to trigger or replace the FETs and share your results.This will isolate the (ATX1 FET LED) circuit from the (ATX2 Arduino speakers) circuit.Edit: The power supplies are SMPS operating at different frequencies. You have tied their grounds together and are grounding signals from one through the other. The speakers' V- (ATX1 ATX2) is fluctuating at a different frequency than its V (ATX2 only) so, you hear noise. You may have overlooked that the monitor is grounded through it's own power cable and ATX2 (via the video cable).

4. 24V supply run 12V 3014 LED strip in series; help with resistors for series

Sorry, but it is too hard to read your very long text. Using resistors to regulate current for a strip is a waste of time and power and will generate a lot of heat.If you have 12 V LEDs then use a 12 V power supply. If you have a 24 V DC supply then you need a voltage regulator to drop the voltage to 12 V. A buck converter would be the most efficient way

5. Why constant current led strip can be 20meters?

it have constant currecnt ic,so,can keep the current do not change,so,same brightness from start to the end? i know Starwire can make 10 20 30 50 meters/roll,Michael Chan who send the constant current information with facebook.Why constant current led strip can be 20meters?

6. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?

As far as I understand the DAT (Green wire) is a digital data wire. Try the following: 1. VCC to 5V pin 2. GND to GND pin 3. DAT to 2 Digital pin.Then try to change the state of the 2 digital pin from high to low and see if anything happens... That's what I would start out with.

7. Am I using the right resistors with these MOSFETs for an ESP8266 controlled LED strip?

If you are using mosfets you can get rid of those 220ohm resistors. And if you are sure that your ESP outputs always are going to have a determinated logic state (0 or 1) even you can delete the 10k pulldown resistors. Remember that fet transistors does not require current but voltage.

8. How to secure flimsy wires from RGB LED strip in Arduino Uno breadboard?

If you really want to avoid soldering, you can use terminal blocks like these to connect stranded wires to a breadboard...They are cheap and widely available. Alternately, you also just get some 22 gauge solid (non-stranded) wire or breadboard jumper wire, strip one end and twist the stranded lead onto it. Cover the joint with some electrical tape, and you now have something with a nice end to stick into the breadboard.

9. Help choosing a transistor to drive an LED strip from a Raspberry Pi

You can go for any Logic Level Mosfets (I usually go for N-channel) to control such high-powered loads such as the LED strip that you were stating.Google any Logic Level N-Channel Mosfets that are available in your place. They usually have "L" in them e.g. IRL540, IRL2203N, etc. Check their datasheet to know how much current they can handle and parallel them accordingly. Note: the L in the circuit I posted is connected to your RPi or any microcontroller

10. question about led strip to home power?

LED strips use 12 V, which means you need a step-down transformer and a DC supply. I suggest showing to an electrician, before use. He/she will easily check and let you know. *it is also possibly designed for the mains, but that is not recommended for a fish tank at that high voltage, directly.

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