My 96 Ford Taurus Has No Heat,replaced the Thermosat and Flushed the Radiator. No Leaks Its still Ge

There is a control valve between the heater hose and heater core, usually vacuum operated, check the vacuum of the hose or maybe disconnected

1. Heat problems with 2004 Impala. Already changed thermostat. Not the problem.?

remove heater hoses and try flushing heater core... DEXCooL systems get fuNked up

2. i need to repair a heater core on my truck.What solder and procedure should i use??

If you have removed the heater core, my advice is to replace it. You would hate to remove, repair, and then reinstall only to find out it needed additional work

3. heat not good in 1997 dodge truck?

Heater core sounds like the culprit

4. 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva. Does this car have bad heater core?

milky oil is a good sign of a blown head gasket which usually is from severe overheating and would explain not being able to find a coolant loose as for the the steam on inside windows and the smell of antifreeze i would definitely say hose to heater core blown or by small chance heater core came apart

5. 97 VW VR6 JETTA, possible heater core leakage windshield fogs up engine area dry thermostat & H2O are ok?

Usually any coolant in the interior is heater core related. I just did one on my Jeep

6. what product would you recommend for heater core leak?

It's not good to use stop-leaks in your coolant system... they usually end up stopping your radiator and heater core up... My suggestion is to replace it. You can do it yourself , just go to your local auto parts store and purchase a repair manual for your vehicle and follow the steps.

7. what would cause car to lose water? belts water pump heater core radiator all fine thermostat changed twice?

thermostat could be put in the wrong way or you did not bleed the system look for a bleed bolt or nut

8. Other then a blockage or leak, what can cause a heater core to "go bad"?

The Taurus line is known for failing heater cores and they are not a simple fix. The typical shop rate is 8 hours /- and most of the dashboard has to be disassembled. A failed heater core will normally leak coolant. If the owner is adding coolant on a regular basis, this may be the problem. Heater cores may also get clogged by debris in the cooling system. One might be able to swap the inlet and outlet the hoses on the core to blow out the contaminants. No guarantee it will work in your specific application, but it has for me in the past. For a free online manual, just click on "choose a vehicle" input the year/make/model, then click on "repair info". Hope that helps and your mileage may vary....

9. How much does it cost to repair a 2000 ford focus heater core?

Its cheaper to buy a new core than have the old one repaired. With that said just call your local shop and get a price for new core and installation

10. will prestone super radiator stop leak stop my heater core from leaking?

Roll-up your sleeves and get busy. You are right, the freaking dash has to come out to get to the heater core. * Bars Leak Stop leak might work if you stick a 4 or 8 lb. closed system radiator pressure cap on the radiator to reduce cooling system pressure. Carquest has Stant pressure caps with less pressure rating.

11. how long does it take to change a heater core in a 1998 ford F150 xlt pick up?

22 screws l8r I dont know?

12. does running water sound under my dash mean my heater core is shot?

what kind of vehicle? there are actually bulletins for this noise for some vehicles. take it to a reputable auto tech and let them diag. your problem

13. how do i replace the heater core in a 1998 ford f150?


14. 2002 Explorer Heater blows cold air. Whats Up with that?

A thermostat is possible and I would try that first, but I am leaning toward heater core. The grit probably would not be stop leak if it does not leak after the flush

15. How do I know if my heater core is clogged?

You could try disconnecting the tubes feeding the matrix and trying to run water from a normal mains supply through it - try it in both directions - a "reverse flush" might clear out any blockage. You could even try descaling it with something like vinegar.But heaters are tricky - they're usually difficult to get to, and there are 2 main types, those that control the airflow round the matrix and those that control the water flow through the matrix. The second type are more efficient, but the valves which control the water flow are also inclined to get clogged up.How do I know if my heater core is clogged?

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Heater Core Swap for 280zx 83?
Some cars are EZ & some are a nightmare. I would recommend a 'haynes' manual ( less than $20) from yer local auto parts store1. pipes on heater core are too close together for me to get hoses and clamps back on with out prying pipes apart?They probably got bumped during handling, or installation. Stick a round object such as a wooden dowel, socket handle or such in them and gently bend them away from each other. Wo not hurt a thing. Try and get something that is about the same size as the piping to avoid distorting them.2. I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS and my Heaters not blowing hot. its not my heater core or thermostat, so any Sugg?there are 2 hoses running towards the inside of your car. those are connected to the cooling fluid reservoir. check if those are getting hot when the engine is idling. your heaters are blowing the heat of those hoses.. it may be that those are constipated3. i think my heater core might be bad?Well, that's about it. I've done a few of those, hardly any fun. 4 to 6 hours worth of work, and the core on top of that. Sorry for the bad news4. I have a 95 geo prizm. My heater core went bad.?IF YOUR HEATER CORE IS BAD REROUTE THE HOSES .IF YOU HAVE USED DEXCOOL IN THE COOLING SYSTEM YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO CHECK THE RADIATOR AND THE OTHER COOLING SYSTEM COMPONENTS.NO ANTI FREEZE IS TO BE LEFT IN A COOLING SYSTEM FOR MORE THAT 30 K . IF SO IT USUALLY TAKES OUT MORE THAN JUST THE HEATER CORE..SORRY5. how do I replace the heater core on an 1987 oldsmobile cutlass supreme?1987 Oldsmobile6. how can i make it easy to replace the heater core on my 97 explorer?You can not . It's an all day project. There's a lot of work involved in removing the entire dash board and replacing the heater core. Ca not make it easy, sorry7. How much does it cost to replace a heater core for a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT?$250-275 all around should do it. Part is about 100 (they will charge you at least 150) labor about an hour, coolant, disposal, maybe some new hose and clamps8. How do I change the heater core in 89 thunderbird?The previous poster gave you good advice. The entire dash has to be REMOVED in order to get to the heater core, and the freon has to be evacuated from the air conditioning. I did this job several years ago on a Mustang (mechanically the same car). I sold the car a month later, because I never wanted to do it again.9. 1984 Ford LTD heater core replacement?if im thinking right only one way and thats under the dash and pretty much have to remove what ever you need to get to heatercore tough job only by having to lay in odd lay hard on back just a lot of screws best advice is when you go to replace hoses be sure to grease the hoses reall good and dont twist on them much the heatercore is easy to break at hoses.. and its not loosen it remove and i always start at bottom and just start removing parts as you come to it should take a good day for most if not a weekend here a link you will find a way but might not be just like your but most are about same in steps just parts change os knowing how one is will pretty much help some10. Where can I find info to help remove heater core from '85 Olds?Go to Auto Zone and buy a Haynes manual!11. I have a 1994 Ford Explorer and just found out I have a heater core hole. Expensive to fix?I have a 95 Explorer and have the same problems some times. Be sure to check the oil often because mine eats it up weekly12. How do you back flush a heater core? My 2005 Jeep Liberty's heater blows hot and cold air intermittently.?Vacuum problem -- the hose that open and closes the little door to the heater
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