My Cat Was Shriveled Up at the Bottom of My Steps... Please Help!?

It sounds as though your cat probably has renal failure brought on by age. This is literally the kidneys shutting down. You can call your local hospital and they can probably tell you a number for an emergency vet that is on call for the weekend. Do NOT put the cat on the heat pad, as this will only raise its temp if it has one and can lead to further dehydration. Keep feeding it the soupy food mixture to try and get some fluids in him. Definitely call the hospital about the emergency vet though, this cat needs attention fast. Good luck to you. I just lost my little nine-month-old kitten last week to a heart attack brought on by renal failure, and it hurts so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

1. I'm sick of my brother.?

ok had the same problem if he tells on you you will not hear good so you need to be smart make him piss off and make him your slave. he is 9 at age i think he would start going out with out telling your mom so you can make him scared by telling your mom he did this or if he has girl friend tell him you do not even know how to kiss he will tell on you but for a weel he wont even come close to you

2. cat getting skinny - dont think he is well?

What is his surgery for? At this age, it could be anything. He could be fine but slowing down due to age. He could be starting into kidney failure. He could just have a cold. Talk to the vet about this BEFORE they put him under for any surgery!

3. Is 37 too old for a navel piercing?

NO 37 is NOT TOO OLD!!! I am 19 and I got mine a year ago and i know that makes hardly any comparison to most But think of it this way. i am sure you are considering gettin one for the SAME reason younger people are. BECAUSE YOU WANT TO AND YOU FEEL THAT IT WILL LOOK GOOD. I would feel the same about my moma gettin a piercing or tattoo as well but hey, "mama gotta have a life too" I've known people my age to look back and regret a peircing or tat as well so age has no tie to what you decide to do. jus live 4 the moment. i say go 4 it. yea, u gone have some haters, . some people wish they could have what you have, 3 kids and a flat tummy, i say different people, different tastes. It's all about what YOU want. By the way, i am a girl, not a guy. I just noticed my pic represents a man..... and me, here, talking bout me havin a navel ring sounds rather,..... well, u know.....

4. Michael Jackson Thriller zombie makeup?

Go to a local costume shop and you can get everything you need. You will need spirit gum, any white makeup would do, makeup wedges, black eyeliner, you should also get a blueish gray to get the deadish look, and black. I used the a Mehron CreamBlend Stick for the blueish gray. I used a Graftobian Disguise Stick for the black and you could get that in any other color too. All you do is dip that in water and it is ready to use. You just let it dry and you can reuse it over and over. To do mine I just applied spirit gum to my face, only a small area at a time so it does not dry, then take a tissue and rip it up so the edges are jagged and stick it on. It gives wrinkles and cracks and give the skin the appearance of age and dryness. Do that to all areas you want to have this appearance. Then use the other colors to contour your cheekbones to manipulate the light to give the appearance of sunken in eyes and cheekbones. you could even use layers of tissue (with spirit gum in between) to build ontop of your cheeckbones to actually make them larger and them farther away from your eyes. Be sure everything you get is nontoxic. The disguise sticks are not and are safe to use on your lips and even on your teeth. It tastes bad but it makes between your teeth look black and aged. Good Luck! Oh, and you can buy or not buy spirit gum remover. I never did. the stuff can just roll off. But it DOES stick to hair and is painful to remove without a remover. Do not apply it to eyebrows and it will stick in your hair. Removal can hurt without a remover. But that is up to you.

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Power Management Solution for 5g Base Station Component Power Supply
Since the introduction of analog cellular network in the early 1980s, cellular communication has gone a long way. Today, with the market moving from 4G to 5g network solutions, the cellular communication industry is laying the foundation for a great leap in data transmission speed, lower latency, capacity, user density and reliability. For example, with the 100 times improvement of data rate and network capacity (10 times), 5g also significantly reduces the delay of less than 1 millisecond, and provides ubiquitous connectivity for billions of connected devices. It is part of the continuous development of the Internet of things (IOT). Figure 1 shows a typical 5g beamforming transmitter, including digital MIMO, data converter, signal processing component, amplifier and antenna.Power FPGAIn order to give full play to the advantages of 5g, designers need higher frequency radios, new spectrum faster data converters required to meet future data capacity requirements by using more integrated microwave / millimeter wave transceivers, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), and high-power, low-noise power amplifiers (PA) for small batteries. In addition, these 5g units will include more integrated antennas for reliable connection using large-scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology. Therefore, various state-of-the-art power supplies are required to power 5g base station components.Modern FPGAs and processors are manufactured using advanced nano processes because they usually perform calculations quickly and use low voltages ( 90%), power density, low noise performance and control required by these 5g power amplifiers.Facing the great pressure of the next generation (5g) products, its performance is better than that of the previous generation (4G), so there is almost no room for compromise. Therefore, ADI focuses on all aspects of the base station RF chain and has a comprehensive knowledge of the power management tools required to power these applications, which can provide appropriate power for today's 5g based power amplifiers and transceivers. Provide the industry's broadest range of high-performance power by linear ™ The product portfolio includes high efficiency, high density DC-DC converter module, power management IC (PMIC) and ultra-low noise linear regulator, including power sequencing, monitoring and protection. ADI can provide a more comprehensive method for 5g signal chain.ADI μ Module regulator and mute switcher services are complete power system level packaged solutions that can provide accurate voltage. The micro package has the highest efficiency (> 95%) and power density, high reliability and minimum EMI and noise. These solutions are designed for high-performance RF systems with the highest power conversion efficiency and density without adding noise or interference to radio signals of interest, thereby ensuring the best performance of these RF PAS and other such RF circuits.Similarly, in order to solve the challenge of power sequencing in circuits requiring multiple power rails, ADI has established a series of sequencers from two power supplies (adm6819 / adm6820) to 17 channels (adm1266). In order to ensure the correct, efficient and safe operation of the system, it is very important to monitor the equipment voltage, current or temperature. For this purpose, ADI provides components similar to ltc2990.closeIn short, ADI's power by linear product series includes low-noise LDO regulator, low EMI and highly integrated multi coil DC-DC converter μ Module devices, mute switcher technology and other power management ICs, including power sequence generator, monitor and protection circuit - all of which make ADI the most extensive power product series in the industry. It includes everything needed to power 5g base station components, including software design and simulation tools such as ltpowercad and LTSpice. These tools simplify the task of selecting the appropriate power management solution for these devices, thus providing the best power solution for 5g base station components.
Agent Provocateur Founder Unveils a New Lingerie Label
LONDON — Serena Rees, a founder of Agent Provocateur, who earned herself a fortune in the 1990s by making kinky lingerie a wardrobe staple, sat on a velvet sofa last month in her Marylebone townhouse. She was musing about the power of reinvention.“After selling Agent Provocateur a decade ago, I was approached by both rivals and potential partners asking me to go back into the intimates business with them,” she said. “But nothing felt quite right.”“I felt like I’d done it all,” she said, tucking her legs, clad in silky black athletic pants and open-toe stilettos, beneath her.But several years spent watching the way her children and stepchildren dress and share clothes changed her point of view.“The kids that live in this house, or their friends that come through it, have such a different view to previous generations on how to dress, how to behave, how to hang out with friends and lovers and in their attitudes toward sex and sexuality,” she said. “I looked at what the market was currently offering them, and it felt like there was a big disconnect. Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur are just not relevant to them anymore.”The result is a new label called Les Girls Les Boys, which is set to be introduced Sept. 1. The 100-piece collection will be a gender-fluid array of intimates, underwear and street wear, designed to be worn by men and women. It promises to take its millennial wearers from “bed to street,” in keeping with their boundary-blurred lifestyles and a more informal approach to clothes than the generations before them.In recent years a decisive pivot away from the sex-doll look in favor of a unisex aesthetic has been on full display across the ready-to-wear runways. It’s a positive movement, Ms. Rees said, one that is also a clear sign of and reaction to the times.“The last decade has seen the rise of totally unobtainable and hypersexualized body images, particularly for women, fueled by the era of internet, social media and plastic surgery,” said Ms. Rees, the former daughter-in-law of Vivienne Westwood. (Ms. Rees founded Agent Provocateur in 1994 with her ex-husband, Joe Corré.) “It is wrong and it is worrying because it makes people so unhappy and insecure. In a weird way, I feel a little responsible for it.”When she introduced Agent Provocateur 23 years ago, Ms. Rees hoped to empower women to take control of their sexuality and the way they displayed it in public and private. A tongue-in-cheek blend of stylishness and smut, it featured satin cutaway corsets, embroidered bra straps and barely there slips brazenly on display. All of these, Ms. Rees reasoned, could actually be tools of liberation.“Except that people got carried away over the years,” she said with a disapproving shake of her cloud of raven curls. “Now it has all gone too far. Les Girls Les Boys has been engineered to be the antithesis of all that.”The project began 18 months ago when Ms. Rees saw that the millennials around her were already engaged in a wardrobe revolt.“Many of them already seem to understand that they don’t have to live up to those images,” she said. “Our garments are tools to help them feel totally comfortable in embracing whoever are, their life choices, approach to relationships and the fact that the most gorgeous thing in the world can be youth.”“Particularly when people are relaxed both mentally and physically,” she said with a grin. “These kids are creatures of comfort, but they still want to look good. And that excited me again. I really wanted to be a part of it.”The label’s first season of briefs, bodysuits, sweatpants and pajamas, which cost $25 to $143, will go on sale via the label’s e-commerce platform and at stores like Nordstrom and Selfridges. (A $1.3 million robbery of Les Girls Les Boys stock from the truck of a sleeping driver in Britain this week may affect availability of some items, but the label has no plans to scale back its unveiling.)Ms. Rees appeared sanguine about the future.“Listen, I’ve got nothing to win or lose doing this,” she said. “I have a great life. But it has been a real labor of love and genuine reaction to the social and political climate we are currently living in. So many brands get stuck in their ways: They don’t look anymore at what is going on in the outside world. We really are doing that. And hopefully, people will listen.”
The Democracy Sausage
by Erin MacleanAustralia is currently experiencing an election drought, with several state elections not due until early next year. While this means a brief respite from the craziness of the campaign trail, it also means voters are going months without a ‘democracy sausage’ — the iconic sausage sizzle that happens at many polling booths each election, which is all-but-synonymous with the Australian democratic process.The tradition’s exact origin is unknown, although it dates back to at least Gough Whitlam’s days, but it has grown in popularity in recent decades to become a distinct part of our voting day practices. This ritual has only solidified as a result of social media, with Twitter adding the sausage on bread symbol to #ausvotes during 2016’s federal election.Indeed, “democracy sausage” (a term for the ritual which reportedly came into circulation in 2012) was crowned Australia’s Word of the Year for 2016 by the Australian National Dictionary Centre.It seems silly for a sausage sizzle to become iconic in this way, but — along with lesser known rituals like the ‘one-eyed breakfast’ (toad in the hole) or election night party — fundamentally represent and celebrate the communality and transparency of our democratic system.Elections as social ceremoniesAs University of Queensland Professor Graeme Orr explains, elections have historically been a “physically concentrated and communal event” that is, by its very nature, a grand social ceremony.This social ceremony is comprised of smaller rituals at the polling booth, but also includes the gathering of citizens during the evening’s vote count — as in oddly familiar Don’s Party (1976). According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the television news coverage is the focus of any successful election night get-together, while the Museum of Australian Democracy adds the rituals of free-flowing alcohol and betting.Despite the frivolity of on-the-day cake stalls and boozy viewing parties, our voting rituals are taken quite seriously by some — none more so than , the location of which on election day is tracked by multiple websites. group, for example, considers the foodstuff to be “practically part of the Australian Constitution.”Snag Votes, however, provides a more detailed explanation of this ritual’s importance:“The underlying objective is to celebrate our democracy, encourage participation in the democratic process and offer support for community groups and volunteers that run sausage sizzles and stalls on election day,” the website reads.Though this highlights some of the sausage icon’s value and echoes the academic research into this unusual tradition, there are many more reasons the election day sausage sizzle is considered, even by the ABC, to be an “Aussie institution.”At a practical level, sizzle are fundraising opportunities for local schools, churches and community groups. They allow Australians to lend a hand to their community, while engaging in the civic act of voting.The sausage sizzles at these relatively welcoming public places also make the act of voting less intimidating than more official or bureaucratic spaces, so they have a functional role in putting voters at ease. This is especially significant for making voting accessible to citizens of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.At a symbolic level, the sausage sizzle celebrates democracy and the completion of one’s civic duty. Such celebration ensures elections are lively and voters are given space to be passionate about their role in choosing democratic representatives.Similarly, is a communal icon that represents the coming together of people from different political persuasions. It is a way for voters to unite without the tension of talking politics and, more than other election rituals, evokes a sense of camaraderie and friendship.In other words, the sausage sizzle fosters social capital and forges community bonds. It also incentivises voter turnout and relieves some of the burden of voting. A sausage on bread may not seem like the best compensation for long queues, traffic and time out of your day, but it makes the voting experience a little less frustrating.In this way, and other rituals ward against an over-reliance on convenience voting methods, which are valuable for accessibility but can be perilous if, as Professor Orr explains, they become so ubiquitous as to threaten “the very notion of election day.”For example, polling booth rituals are part of the theatre of voting, where democracy is seen by voters in practice. This enhances trust in the voting process, which can be undermined by less visible forms of voting.Likewise, celebrates the simultaneity and fairness of voting on polling day, where citizens vote on relatively equal terms with access to the same information. Those who vote early, through postal voting or pre-polling booths, are at risk of wanting to change their vote as the campaign unfolds.Ultimately, this iconic ritual ensures elections are the grand social ceremonies they are intended to be.A unique ritual?By contrast, the United States, for example, lacks (or a comparable hot dog) tradition and tends to favour personal rituals, like Obama’s basketball game, over nationwide displays of communality.This is, at least partly, because US elections are held in conditions not conducive to outdoor sausage sizzles or elaborate community activities. The weather in November can be outright prohibitive, while the Tuesday polling day (and lack of compulsory voting) is not ideal for large social gatherings.The introduction of “I voted” stickers is an obvious attempt to foster communal ties and incentivise voting, but “life does not stop on election day” in the US. The same can be said for the UK’s election Thursday.In Australia, life kind of does stop on election Saturday for many, but not all, of the 16 million citizens that are required to vote. This lends itself to the establishment of widespread social rituals. While the ancient Athenians may not have expected the great Australian sausage sizzle, this and other voting rituals are meaningful (and regular) reminders of the transparency and communality of our democratic system.ABOUT THE AUTHORERIN MACLEANErin is a freelance journalist and PhD student at Griffith University.Erin specialises in news media depictions of popular culture, but is particularly interested in the way media framing affects public perception and politics.Follow The Machinery of Government·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the review of CIPET, Chennai?Cipetoffers high quality technical consultancy and advisory service through its technology support services (TSS) .Tss is an intregal port folio ofcipetis highlights it's core competency by offering high quality service to customers in the area of tooling,precision Machine on CNC machines,design and Manufacturing of Moulds,tool and &dies for manufacturing plastic products,CAD/CAM/CAEservices,p plastic product manufacturing through state -of -the-art injection molding machines,blow molding,PET,stretch blow molding,pipe and film extrusion , standardization ,testing and quality control for plastic materials and products ,pre and post delivery inspection(PDI)of plastic product like PVC and PE pipes ,woven sacks,water storage tank,Micro -irrigation equipments,Engineered bamboo boards ,polymer based composite doors etc .Faculties are experienced and they also teach very wellOnly core companies are invited for recruitments toCIPETPlacement for the plastic engineering were good .all the students were able to secure jobs but many opted for higher studyAll the campus ofCIPETbig enough.labs are equipped well with best of instrument,collage library is very good and student can also make use of it.other facilities like classroom,seminar hall and washroom are also goodThere are hostels available on-campus as well as off -campus ,Mess food is damn cheap,food is not vary taste .Placement quite good.
Wayray Takes the Car Head Up Display to the Stage, Ces2018 Designs Holographic Ar Windshield Product
It is reported that wayray appeared at CES with a car head up display, which brings us a wider field of vision, can see the scene within the 11 degree range of the built-in solution, and designed a holographic ar windshield product at the same time.Swiss AR technology provider wayray appeared in ces2018 with automotive head up display (HUD) solution. The company demonstrated its navion after-sales solution to the public for the first time, and also designed holographic ar windshield products for its OEM.Wayray's core product is the car navigation device navion using augmented reality technology, which projects navigation information, safety tips, etc. on the windshield in the form of holographic images without any additional glasses or headgear and other equipment. "This is the application of the technology once used in aircraft navigation to land navigation." because the navigation arrow seems to be projected on the road, the driving experience is like a video game interface. The driver no longer needs to look down at the navigation information when driving, which can reduce the safety risk during driving.Vitaly ponomarev, the company's chief executive, said that both automotive original equipment manufacturers and after-sales market equipment can be directly installed on the windshield. The after-sales version uses a simple two-color coverage of red and green. Even if there are only two colors, it is easy to identify all the key information displayed by the system. Next, blue will be introduced.Wayray's technology has great advantages over ordinary vehicle HUD because of its wider field of vision. The driver can see it within 11 degrees of the built-in solution, which is better than the 8 degrees you usually see from car HUDs.Wayray has raised US $30 million, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and opened a new company in Silicon Valley. Bonomaliov said that the company is carrying out a new round of financing of US $50 million, but the information of the investor cannot be disclosed because the financing has not been completed.
Organize Yo'sef! Part Two
Continued from Organize Yo'sef Part One!Clean Up! Once you have some boxes, bins and assorted storage 'units', mercilessly clear out the clutter. Be swift and meticulous (like a tidy ninja). Make four piles on the floor: Keep, Store, Toss, Donate. Keep the piles well separated or you will end up losing or keeping the wrong stuff. If you're a genuine hoarder (like mental/emotional issues involving loss etc..) be brave, be bold and realize that you can keep sentimental stuff, just not all of it! Pick a single item that best represents the thing you want to hold onto, e.g. to represent the memory of a loved one or a life event, hold each representative object for a few (JUST A FEW) minutes -- you'll know which one you feel the strongest attachment to. Trust me, you will. Get rid of the other items and be proud of your accomplishment. Don't dwell, don't second-guess, just do.BONUS TIP -Yay! Gather up all your writing implements (pens/pencils/markers et al.), grab a piece of paper and aggressively write one really good word (like POWER) with each implement-- ditch the ones that are empty, dried up or too stubby to use comfortably. You lose useless clutter and gain a little motivation.Look up! The average person doesn't make use of wall space above 6'. This is prime storage land! Use it. You can buy some shelves (to house your new collection of storage boxes) or you can make some 'custom' shelves on the cheap. A single sheet of plywood can be easily cut down to four 1'x8' shelves -- that's 32 square feet of storage that you don't have to vacuum around! The only other stuff you'll need to buy are APPROPRIATE hardware (brackets and wall anchors), -- I cannot stress enough how vitally important it is that you use the right hardware! Yes, you may have to spend a few more hard-earned dollars for heavy-duty hardware, but all the storage in the world will do you no good whatsoever if it falls on you and kills you -- some cheapo mis-tint paint (if you are so inclined as to decorate your fantastic new shelves,) and finally, a good sturdy ladder (or sturdy chair, or sturdy footstool) to hang your shelves from and to access all that new-found space.There you are, some quick, affordable clutter busters for your immediate use -- and you didn't even have to hire a space planner or a contractor.WARNING! Make absolutely sure that you use shelf hardware that is designed and installed properly to support the weight of whatever you will be placing on your shelves. And do not store anything substantially heavy for its size or dangerous overhead! This is not a good place to display your marble paperweights or spear-wielding Zulu warrior statues.Comments are appreciated - speak your mind below!
What Do Some Child Beauty Pageant Mothers Do to Their Children for Them to Win?
what do some child beauty pageant mothers do to their children for them to win?We put our daughter in a local pageant just for fun this past summer. She was 19 months old at the time and she enjoyed herself, but it was not for us. We were told that the pageant was not a Glitz pageant by the director (this director has been on "Toddlers in Tiaras" a few times) and that Sunday Best dresses were along the lines of the attire, which is what we did. I was floored when I walked in and saw toddlers younger than my daughter with fake tans, fake hair, dresses that cost thousands of dollars, etc. and all of which was stated in the pageant information sheet that would not be allowed. It stated that only small clip in hairpieces were accepted and light make up on older children was allowed. However, in judging, none of these children were disqualified and most of the children that were completely "Glitzed Out" won in their age categories, which was unfair. Some of the mothers were really intense about the whole thing and I could not believe that in the small town that i am from that there were so many children that did Full Glitz pageants and did them to the extent that they do. On the other hand, I have a friend that has a three year old daughter and they are involved in an all natural pageant system. The system still awards trophies, crowns, money, toys, etc. as prizes for winning, but the pageants are a lot more low key and all the kids really seem to like them. They have many themed pageants where pageant dresses are not even allowed for the attire, for instance, one pageant was a 70's theme, so the theme was 70's flower children...the kids had some really creative outfits on stage and just had a good time. Each pageant for this system is all natural so no fake hair, tanning, make-up, etc is allowed or children are automatically disqualified if its even suspected. Clear lip gloss is only allowed in the kids over 8 year of age...all the kids seem to love getting on stage and its all about fun. I am against Glitz Pageants with my child and were done with pageants all together until she's old enough to tell me whether she enjoys them or not, but i would be fine doing an all natural pageant system if she wanted to. Some children do enjoy all the glitz and glamour, but I do agree that many are pushed into it through their parents, most moms, but some dads are quite involved with pageants as well. In many ways I think that it is not the children that is the problem, its the "pageant moms" that make the whole thing so bad. Some moms in some ways seem to care more about how many crowns their kid has rather than about their child and some are just along for the ride because their kid really does enjoy it. I am not judging anyone by any means, however Glitz Pageants just are not for us.— — — — — —Do you let your older children watch you breastfeed?Yes, all the time...Oh, sorry really read that the wrong way.NO, I do not allow my children or anyone else "watch" me interact with my wife's breast.Moving on...— — — — — —What are some places that young children have parties?Okay, he's turning 2, or is he turning 1? I would suggest Chuck. E. Cheese, MacDonald's, Burger King, or a smaller diner or restaurant in you area. Most children enjoy Chuck. E.Cheese, but you also must be old enough to actually understand the concept of 'fun' there. McDonald's, or Burger King is a great place for a birthday party, not only because it is bright and party like, but because the food is there and you do not have to worry about older children being bored. At a local diner, or restaurant it will us ally be a little more pricey. You also have to make arrangements longer in advance. Good luck! Happy Birthday!.— — — — — —How do you balance breastfeeding a newborn and caring for older children?My oldest daughter was 2 and half when my second was born. Honestly, the worst of the whole thing had nothing to do with me breast feeding. My oldest was just so jealous, I doubt it would have mattered if I was breast feeding, or bottle feeding. She was going to be upset with having a sister and me spending time with the baby no matter how I feed her. And I would think that with sterilizing bottles, warming up formula etc that bottle feeding would take you attention just as much as breast feeding would in the early weeks
The VSP 5000 Series Will Revolutionize the Rules of the Game in the Storage Industry
The global digital wave has brought about the generation of massive data, which puts forward higher requirements for data infrastructure, especially storage.The Hitachi virtual storage platform (VSP) 5000 Series came into being. This new enterprise class all flash array, which was first unveiled on next 2019 in Las Vegas, has a powerful performance in all aspects, such as a record 21 million IOPs, a data operation scale up to 69 Pb, a delay as low as 70 microseconds and eight 9s (99.9999%) system reliability."VSP 5000 series will change the rules of the game in the storage industry," said Toshio Nakano, President of Hitachi's IT product R & D headquarters, at a press conference in Shanghai.VSP 5000 Series born in response to the digital waveWith the rapid development of digital economy and the digital transformation of all walks of life, data, like oil, has become one of the most important resources in this era. With the development and popularization of emerging digital technologies such as 5g, AI, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things, the growth rate of data is increasing exponentially -- IDC's white paper "data age 2025" predicts that the global data volume will reach 163zb in 2025. On the other hand, only the data used can really bring value into play, but the reality is that less than 2% of the data generated in the enterprise's business and production activities are saved, of which less than 10% are analyzed and utilized.We should not only be able to deal with massive data, but also turn the data into available assets. In this context, the demand for high availability, high performance, high elasticity and ease of use of storage products is also rising. VSP 5000 Series is a powerful tool used by Hitachi vantara to carry these needs and help enterprises build a modern infrastructure. According to Juno Nakano, VSP 5000 series, combined with upgraded management software (Hitachi OPS Center) and storage virtualization operating system (svos), the company can provide an end-to-end solution that drives innovation. It has not only the underlying architecture, but also the middle and top-level applications, which can be applied to many different sub industries."Fastest" is the most prominent label on the VSP 5000 series. Relying on the new Hitachi accelerated fabric, VSP 5000 Series creatively realizes 21 million IOPs and data operation scale up to 69pb. It is the fastest enterprise flash memory array in the industry. At the same time, the new solution realizes 7:1 data reduction, which can minimize the impact on performance on the basis of reducing the response time to 70 microseconds.In terms of high elasticity, VSP 5000 Series is fully compatible with all storage media with the support of Hitachi svos, including nvme SSD, nvme SCM, SAS SSD, SAS HDD and third-party storage media based on storage virtualization technology UVM. It has a scalable design architecture, so that it can continue to adapt to future development.In the face of massive data, we should not only "save fast" but also "use well". Through the new Hitachi OPS center management software, Hitachi vantara introduces AI into infrastructure management and operation, which can automatically process up to 70% of tasks, thus accelerating data center automation; And provide faster and more accurate system operation status diagnosis to keep the data operation in the best state at all times. In addition, the Hitachi OPS center management program template simplifies management and it workflow, and the automation module improves it operation efficiency several times, greatly improves management and operation efficiency and speeds up business innovation.More than 40 years of accumulation has helped Chinese enterprises transformAs a company merged by HDS, Hitachi insight group and pentaho Corporation, Hitachi vantara's research and development of high-end storage products can be traced back to the 1970s, which makes it a "hard core" in this field."More than 40 years of accumulation, persistence and innovation have laid a solid foundation for the leadership of Hitachi vantara's product portfolio. We will select the most appropriate technology and put it on the most appropriate platform at the most appropriate time. At the same time, after long-term polishing, our software and hardware systems are more mature and reliable, with the highest availability in the industry." in the media interview after the press conference, Nakano Junfu said.With the rapid development of China's economy, the leading position of Chinese enterprises in many industries and their enthusiasm in implementing digital transformation, the Chinese market has become the best stage for VSP 5000 series to show their skills. The long-term leading advantages of Hitachi vantara in the field of medium and high-end storage will also provide greater development power for Chinese enterprises."At the Hitachi vantara 2019 China Forum, we promised to bring more disruptive innovations and services into China to help Chinese enterprises seize the opportunity of digital transformation and promote business innovation, so as to realize the value of data. The launch of VSP 5000 Series fully reflects our practice of this commitment." Dai Jianping, global vice president and general manager of Hitachi vantara in China, said.
5g Mobile Phone Can't Afford It. Can You Afford 5g Package?
The price of 5g mobile phones has been announced one after another. It's not too expensive and certainly not cheap. In addition, you may be most concerned about the price of 5g package. Previously, the attitude of operators has been ambiguous. They just said that 5g traffic will not be more expensive and cheaper than 4G, but they have not announced the specific price.Recently, at the performance conference, China Unicom finally revealed the relevant information of 5g package: the minimum 5g function package is 190 yuan. A few days ago, telecom also announced the tariff of 5g package, ranging from 199 yuan to 599 yuan. Mobile did not announce a special 5g package, but also officially announced the sale of 5g mobile phones. 4G packages can be directly continued under 5g network.Once these 5g packages were announced, they broke many people's illusions about 5g traffic price. It is estimated that many people will shout that 5g can't afford it.Compared with 4G, it is a little expensiveAfter entering the 3 and 4G era, traffic has become the core business of operators. For most people, a mobile phone card is inserted into their mobile phone to surf the Internet. Under the policy requirements of increasing speed and reducing fees, the traffic charges of the three major domestic operators have decreased significantly in recent years. With the help of Internet packages, 4G traffic has entered the cabbage price stage.At present, the monthly rent of mainstream Internet packages is usually less than 50 yuan. Taking Dawang card and Alibaba Xiaobao card with a large number of users as examples, the monthly rent is 19 yuan.According to the official data of China Mobile, the average monthly revenue per household (ARPU) of China Mobile in 2018 was 53.1 yuan; China Unicom is lower, with ARPU of 45.7 yuan; Telecom's ARPU in 2018 was 50.8 yuan. And the data of the three operators are basically decreasing every year.In other words, most people's phone bill will not exceed 50 yuan a month. In contrast, Unicom's 190 yuan 5g function package and Telecom's 199 yuan 5g package are inevitably a little expensive.There may be several reasons for the high pricing of 5g packagesAt present, the lowest price of 5g package is close to 200 yuan per month. In detail, the reason behind it is not complicated.First of all, the current operators' investment in 5g is very large and is in a stage of rapid money burning. The relatively high pricing of 5g package is to cover the initial cost of 5g construction to a certain extent. At the financial report meeting in August, China Mobile said that in the first half of this year, the investment in 5g is expected to be 24 billion yuan. In contrast, the profit of mobile in the first half of the year was 56.1 billion yuan, and 5g's money burning ability is extraordinary.Secondly, in the early stage of 5g package implementation, operators are more willing to give priority to the development of high-end users. The monthly rent of 200 yuan is not high among high-end users. 5g can provide a better network experience and help operators enhance the stickiness of these high-end users. On the eve of the full opening of number carrying network transfer, the retention of old users, especially high-end users, is an important work for operators.In addition, the high monthly rent plays a threshold role. When the 5g network conditions are not perfect and the signal carrying capacity is relatively limited, it can avoid the influx of a large number of users in a short time, resulting in the deterioration of the network experience.In fact, when the 4G network was just opened, domestic operators adopted the same approach. Now looking back, the 4G package charge at that time was also not cheap. The 4G package with 1g mobile traffic cost 70 yuan a month. We have reason to believe that the 5g tariff will slowly drop like the original 4G.5g tariff decline is the general trend, and the billing method may changeFrom the previous popularization process of 3G and 4G networks, it should only be a matter of time for 5g to achieve wide coverage and popularization. The three major domestic operators have also carried out base station construction and signal expansion in an all-round way. If most users want to use 5g network voluntarily, the tariff must be reduced to a reasonable range.In addition, in recent years, the telecommunications regulatory authorities have been implementing the policy of increasing speed and reducing charges. In the long run, the communication charges are gradually decreasing. In recent years, the regulatory authorities have urged operators to complete several measures such as canceling voice roaming and traffic roaming. 5g traffic charges will soon be acceptable to most people.However, after entering the 5g era, there may be new changes in traffic sales and billing methods.In the publicity of 5g, its three advantages are often mentioned repeatedly: faster network speed, lower latency and greater capacity.Among them, the faster network speed is most easily perceived, but the changes brought by lower delay and larger capacity may not be so easy to reflect. The demand of network speed, delay and capacity for different users and in different scenarios is also different.For example, when watching online 8K extremely clear video live broadcast, the requirements for network speed will be very high, but it is not sensitive to delay and capacity; In the scenarios of telemedicine surgery, unmanned driving and E-sports online games, it is very sensitive to the low delay of 5g.In this case, operators may be more willing to conduct differentiated management of 5g network, adopt the form of "slice", and divide the network into sub networks with different characteristics to charge and sell respectively.For example, users who like to play mobile games and have high requirements for delay can buy game acceleration traffic packages; Users who watch online HD video can buy directional traffic packets corresponding to the video platform; People who don't have high requirements for network speed can buy traffic services that limit the uplink rate.In this way, on the one hand, 5g network can be used more reasonably and the resource allocation is more scientific; On the other hand, 5g differentiated operation may also enable operators to profit from it and improve the problem of single revenue in the past.Of course, if you want to really implement the new tariff calculation and sales method of 5g, you may have to wait until SA independent networking is popularized. Because only when the 5g core network becomes 5g, the three core advantages of 5g can be brought into full play, and the conditions for network slicing and differentiated management can be met.Previously, we have repeatedly stressed that 2019 is the first year of 5g, but it is only the time to taste 5g. The initial maturity and popularization of 5g must wait until at least 2020. Insiders predict that the price of 5g mobile phones will fall below 2000 yuan, which is estimated to be in the second half of next year.In recent years, the discussion on the role of 5g and the changes it will bring has not stopped, and various ideas are emerging one after another. But what can 5g bring? We may have to wait until 5g is popularized before we can give us the answer. Some people say that 5g is like a highway. Only when the road is repaired can we know what vehicles will be on it.This statement is not unreasonable. Before and after the birth of 4G, there was no less discussion about it than now. However, it seems that few people expected the rise and popularity of short video in our various ideas. The reality will give the most accurate answer to the question of what 5g brings, and we will all be the witnesses.However, as ordinary consumers, the most realistic problem is the experience cost of 5g. From the current situation, the charges of 5g mobile phones and 5g packages are relatively high, and the coverage of 5g signals is also relatively limited. For most people, this may not be the most appropriate time to start 5g products. It's really just the early stage.Of course, in a longer time span, 5g terminal and 5g tariff will gradually drop to a reasonable level and can be accepted by most people. For 5g, you need to give it a little more patience.
Example of Forward and Reverse Rotation of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor
Analysis of forward and reverse control of squirrel cage asynchronous motorIn the production process, as the production machinery that our maintenance electricians often come into contact with, it is required that the moving parts operate frequently in the forward and reverse directions.Here are two control circuits to analyze one by one. In figure a, the control circuit of double interlocking of button and contactor is adopted. On the basis of interlocking by using the normally closed auxiliary contact of positive and negative transfer contact, composite buttons SB2 and Sb3 are added. Interlock protection. In this circuit, even if two start buttons are connected at the same time, the positive and negative transfer contacts cannot be powered on. In addition, the composite button is used. After the motor runs in the forward direction, it is not necessary to press the stop button SB1 first. You can directly press the reverse start button to make the motor run in the reverse direction.In the actual production process, if the operation is frequent, the forward and reverse contactors may still be connected at the same time. In order to avoid simultaneous closing of forward and reverse contactors, an intermediate relay KA can be added to the control circuit to prolong the conversion process. As shown in Figure B. In other occasions, special mechanical interlocking contactors can be selected as appropriate.Experimental report on forward and reverse control of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motorIn the process of motor teaching, many students asked about the forward and reverse control of single-phase motor. Next, we will discuss the forward and reverse control method of capacitive single-phase asynchronous motor.1、 Working principle of single phase motorTheoretically, the single-phase AC motor has only one winding. The rotating hand is of squirrel cage type. When the single-phase sinusoidal current passes through the stator winding, the motor will produce an alternating magnetic field. The strength and direction of the magnetic field change sinusoidally with time, but it is fixed in spatial orientation. Therefore, it is also called alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be decomposed into two rotating magnetic fields with the same speed and opposite rotation directions. When the rotor is stationary, the two rotating magnetic fields produce two torques with equal size and opposite directions in the rotor, so that the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor cannot rotate. When the motor is rotated in a certain direction by external force (such as clockwise rotation), the cutting magnetic line of force between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the clockwise rotation direction becomes smaller, and the cutting magnetic line of force between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the counterclockwise rotation direction becomes larger. In this way, the balance is broken, and the total electromagnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer rotate. To make the single-phase motor rotate automatically, a starting winding can be added to the stator. The space difference between the starting winding and the main winding is 90 degrees, and the starting winding (auxiliary winding) should be connected with a suitable capacitor in series, so that the difference seems to be 90 degrees, which is the so-called phase separation principle. In this way, when two currents with a time difference of 90 degrees pass through two windings with a space difference of 90 degrees, a (two-phase) rotating magnetic field will be generated in space. In this way, a rotating magnetic field will be generated in the stator, and its rotating magnetic field is clockwise. Under the action of this rotating magnetic field, the rotor can start automatically. After starting, when the speed rises to a certain value, the starting winding is disconnected with the help of a centrifugal switch or other automatic control device installed on the rotor. Only the main winding works during normal operation. Therefore. The starting winding can be made into short-time working mode. But there are many times when the winding is started and continuously opened. This kind of motor is called capacitive single-phase motor.2、 Principle of forward and reverse rotation of single-phase motorThe rotation principle of asynchronous motor is to form a rotating magnetic field in the stator winding, and the direction of the rotating magnetic field determines the direction of the motor.As long as the direction of the rotating magnetic field is changed, the rotation direction of the motor can be changed. As long as the phase sequence of three-phase motor is changed, the direction of rotating magnetic field can be changed, which also changes the forward and reverse rotation of three-phase motor. The single-phase motor divides the single-phase electricity into two-phase electricity with a difference of less than 900 through the phase separation element, capacitor or the resistance of the coil itself, in which the one on the main winding represents one phase electricity and the one on the auxiliary winding represents the other phase electricity.Therefore, the essence of single-phase motor is "two-phase motor". To change the direction of the single-phase motor, you can change it by changing the phase sequence. However, unlike the three-phase motor, it is not to change the phase sequence of the power supply, but to change the current sequence in the main and auxiliary windings. There are two ways to change the phase sequence in the current of the main and auxiliary windings. One is to change the impedance of the main and auxiliary windings, which is realized by connecting capacitors in series at different positions of the main and auxiliary windings. The second is to change the polarity of the main or auxiliary winding to change the current phase sequence. The following takes two typical single-phase motors as examples.1. Forward and reverse rotation mode of single-phase washing motorThe operation of single-phase washing motor requires that the parameters of the main and auxiliary windings are consistent in the midship, the forward and reverse output of the motor are the same, and the main and auxiliary windings can be working windings for each other. The single-phase motor forms a rotating magnetic field through the phase separation of the main and auxiliary windings. The difference between the main and auxiliary windings is 900 phase angle. The main winding is directly connected with I. and N, and the auxiliary winding is connected with the power supply after series capacitance. Let the current flowing through the main winding be la and the current flowing through the auxiliary winding be IR. The main winding is basically inductance, the impedance is inductive reactance, which is inductive load, and La lags behind the power supply voltage in phase. The impedance of the secondary winding will decrease and the phase angle with the power supply will also decrease due to the series capacitance. Therefore, IR is one phase angle ahead of La. As long as the appropriate capacitor is selected, IR can exceed La 90 degrees. In this way, the phase difference is generated by the two-phase current and a forward rotating magnetic field is formed to make the motor rotate forward. Similarly, if the secondary winding is directly connected with L and N at this time, the main winding is connected with the power supply after series capacitance.Then IA is 90 ahead of IR. The phase angle forms a reverse rotating magnetic field to reverse the motor. The circuit diagram is shown in the figure below. A single pole three throw switch is used to switch the position where the capacitor is connected to the main and auxiliary windings. When the knife switch is in the middle position, it is in the stop state. During forward rotation, winding La is directly connected to LN, winding LR and capacitor are connected in series, winding LR is the starting winding, the current is advanced, and it is set as forward rotation. Then change the connection method, winding LR is directly connected to LN, winding La and capacitor are connected in series, winding La is the starting winding, and if the current is ahead, it will rotate in the opposite direction. It can also be seen from the above analysis that the main and auxiliary windings can also be the starting windings of each other.2. Forward and reverse rotation mode of single-phase electric planer motorThe working requirements of single-phase electric planer motor are that the parameters of main and auxiliary windings are inconsistent, and the forward and reverse output of the motor are also different. The main winding is the working winding. Obviously, this type of motor cannot reverse the motor by using the above method. However, it is known from the above analysis that the secondary winding is connected in series with a capacitor, which generates a phase difference of IR exceeding la900 and forms a rotating magnetic field to make the motor rotate forward. So just let IR lag behind La 90 degrees (or in other words, let La lead ir90).The motor can be reversed. It's easy to do this. As long as the IR flips 180 degrees (or La flips 180.), it can be done. So how to achieve IR flip 180 degrees (or La flip 180A)? As can be seen from the following wiring diagram, in fact, the main winding and the auxiliary winding are connected to the same power supply, that is, their voltage is in the same phase. If the l-connection WL and n-connection W2 of the auxiliary winding are changed to l-connection W2 and n-connection W1, the main winding remains unchanged. Maintain ln connection uiu2. Then there is a phase difference of 180 degrees between the voltage of the main winding and the voltage of the auxiliary winding, that is, the current of the auxiliary winding is also reversed by 180 degrees. At this time, IR lags behind IA by 90 degrees (or in other words, IA leads ir90 degrees). The direction of the rotating magnetic field is counterclockwise, which realizes the reversal.In the actual circuit, the secondary winding and capacitor are connected to the power supply through forward and reverse switches. What this circuit changes is not which winding the capacitor is connected to, but the polarity of the winding. In theory, if you want to change the steering of single-phase motor, you can change the connection form of main and auxiliary windings, adjust the head and tail of main winding, or adjust the head and tail of auxiliary winding, which can change the rotation direction of single-phase motor. Because the current of the main winding is much larger than that of the auxiliary winding, it is generally used to change the wiring of the auxiliary winding to change the rotation direction of the single-phase motor. When the motor is working, the rotation of the rotating magnetic field always changes from the winding with advanced current to the winding with backward current. If the terminals of windings are reversed, the current phase of the winding will be changed to reverse, from advanced (backward) to backward (Advanced). The rotation of the rotating magnetic field will change accordingly. The circuit diagram is shown in the figure below. A double pole double throw switch is used to switch the access polarity of main and auxiliary windings. During forward rotation, the main windings UI and U2 are directly connected to LN, and the auxiliary windings are connected through switches WL and L. W2 and N are connected. The auxiliary winding is the starting winding, the current is advanced, and is set to forward rotation. Then change the connection method, the main windings UL and U2 are still directly connected to LN, and the auxiliary windings are connected through switches W2 and L. W1 and N are connected, and the auxiliary winding is still the starting winding. If the current lags behind, it will rotate in the opposite direction. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the secondary winding is always the starting winding.
How Do You Fix an IPhone with Water Damage?
How do you fix an iPhone with water damage?I was going to tell you to put it in rice but since you have already did it I do not know try getting a replacement from the company. Maybe you still have a 1 year replacement. Good luck!— — — — — —Water Damage to the house!?Hi, I had the same thing at my house. The true problem is the mold. If you do not get rid of it professionally and replace everything that is affected the mold will GROW AGAIN. It is very important to get ALL of it, no matter what the cost. If it grows back, not only will you and your family get really sick, but it will be virtually impossible to sell at a later date. (This is what happened to me!). So, please, just make sure that it is all taken care of professionally and completely. Good luck!— — — — — —Water damage on my condo ceiling... help!?your shower is apparently leaking the drain line could be leaking or the water line to the the showerhead could be leaking you need to find the source of the leak before any repairs to the ceiling are done— — — — — —Help! water damaged chocolate 2!?i got water on my samsung tocco and it would power up and turn off like ur phone so i put a towel on the radiator and on top of it my phones so the heat could penetrate the phone but not burn it. i only done this for an hr or so and it was good as new. that was 3 months ago and never had a problem again.— — — — — —Tell me, I was thinking of ditching the popcorn stand?They wont replace the cell phone. Water damage is one thing they DONT cover— — — — — —How to Fix this Water Damage?This type of damage in that area adjacent to a tub enclosure is common, and I am going to suggest that this area has seen prior repair attempts.I also wonder (due to the vertical seam in plaster board) whether you would find wood members for adequate support and fastening of new plasterboard, if you were to tear out and replace all the existing questionable plaster/plasterboard.If the remaining board is structurally sound (dry and firmly attached) your easiest play here might be to use a hard setting plaster (like fixall or water-putty) to cover over the area. Hard-setting plaster is tough to get smooth and practically impossible to sand, but is resistant to future moisture damage due to its hardness. I might patch with the hard-setting plaster but not to wall level, leaving room for a skim coat of regular plaster compound to allow sanding to a smooth finish— — — — — —Is there anyway to repair a water damaged phone?Remove the battery. This is the most important part. Damage in wet electronic devices mostly comes from short circuits. Removing the battery quickly will prevent electricity from further damaging the phone. 2. Remove the SIM card (if applicable). The SIM card should have survived, but make sure you do not use it again until it has dried completely. 3. Disassemble the phone. Use the required screwdrivers to disassemble the phone as much as you can. Note that disassembling the phone will probably void your warranty, but then so will dropping the phone in water. You've got nothing to lose. The reason for the disassembly is simple: the phone will dry up much faster once it is disassembled. You could skip this step, but water can remain inside the phone for weeks if you do not do it. 4. Dry the phone as much as possible using q-tips or paper towels or a similar material. This will prevent water from getting further into the phone. Two ideas to help with the drying: ■Heat the phone. Heat will help water evaporate. Leaving the phone under a desk lamp for 24 or 48 hours might help. WARNING: Do not overheat. Just a little warmth is enough. Heating the phone too much can further increase the damage done to it. ■Use a fan. Leave the phone under a desk fan for 24 or 48 hours. 5. After a few days (usually two or three), the phone should be clean and dry. Reassemble the phone and put the SIM card and battery pack back in. If it does not work, there is a chance your battery has died from water damage. Try an alternative power source. You can get another battery for cheap if your phone still works. GOOD LUCK.
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