Neighbor's Air Conditioner Leeching Off Our Electricity?

If you are both being fed from the same transformer outside, it sounds like it's not handling the load. You should call your power company and tell them what is happening. You will probably have to be a little "persistent", but if you are running at low voltage (when the A/C kicks on) there's a chance you are doing damage to your household electronics and anything with a heating element (stove, hot water heater, dryer), etc. .

1. how to unstop an air conditioner drain pan?

the easiest i can think of is to locate the small rubber drain line inside the engine area just ahead of the passenger seating (at the feet). Using a small semi-stiff wire with a hairpin bend in the end you should be able to push it up far enough (about 20 inches) to get it functioning and draw the blockage out with the wire, be careful as the coils are in that area

2. What is wrong with my car's air conditioner?

I read the title and immediately I was going to say something is wrong with your freon xD You have to go to your dealer and get a new freon.

3. how do i use window air conditioner in winter?

in case you like slightly undertaking, pass forward and canopy it. reality is, i've got under no circumstances considered a unit incapacitated in a manner that overlaying it throughout the wintry climate could have helped. i attempted to message you back yet YA says your email can not be shown. you will might desire to attempt lower back

4. why is my air conditioner only blowing air out of one of its two vents?

Sounds like something is clogged in the unit

5. What is the best way to fill the open space next to an air conditioner that doesn't really fit the window?

go to a fabric store and buy the foam that is used to stuff pillows... not the shaped stuff, the slabs of foam.... cut a piece large enuff to have to force it into the opening.... now sew a cover for it.... or glue it together on the back side... make it match the wall color.... stuff it in after placing a piece of wood or plastic to keep out rain, in the same spot.... the foam is for stopping the escape of cold still need something to keep the rain out.... if you happen to have the hard foam that is in packaging for things like tv's and such, the white stuff that's hard and does not turn to little beads?... that works good, too....

6. how can an air conditioner be powered by natural gas???

It is not ... But if you would have to ask me I COULD say that it is highly compressed natural gas and when it expands it draws in heat very rapidly which could be transferred to an air duct in your house

7. Haier air conditioner displays error E0?

1) Take out the manual for the Air Conditioner. 2) Go to the trouble shooting section. 3) Look up the error code. 4) Do what it says

8. What size window air conditioner should I get to supplement my central air?

When selecting HVAC units one of the things you want to avoid if possible is oversizing the unit. The reason for this is that a compressor cycling on and off a lot is going to fail sooner than one that runs more continuously. You will also be paying for the larger unit when you do not need to. With that said, in your case it's too difficult to be worth trying to calculate the actual load you need to meet in order to bring your bedroom down a few degrees. However, based on experience I do know that a few degrees difference will not require much extra load at all. Since your central system will keep running normally it will take less than 3000 BTU to give that little extra cooling you want. I am pretty sure they do not make them that small though, so just find the smallest one available and set it to the temperature you want. FYI, a decent 1800 sq ft house will usually have about a 36000BTU capacity unit. Unless you have a big house, an 18000BTU unit would be enough to cool half your house all by itself--major overkill for supplementing one bedroom with existing cooling.

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Air Conditioner Freezing Up? How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit
So what? This is important to understand because it forms the basis for how your air conditioner works. Your system works by allowing your evaporator coil to expand refrigerant inside of it, causing the coil to cool ac unit outside is blowing out hot air?Unless you have a swamp cooler, your air conditioner is really a heat pump and no air is blown into or out of the house. The compressor (outside) compresses the freon, which makes everything hot. So you have a fan to cool off the hot freon outside. The freon then flows into the house and expands in the cooling coil of your furnace. Expanding gas gets very cold, and you have a fan inside the house to warm up the freonmore insulation in attic or not?Have you cleaned the filter on your air conditioner. I thought my air conditioner was not working to maximum efficiency, cleaned the filter and it runs great. If it was fine before maybe your unit needs maintenance.Why would your air conditioner not shut off!?Points to you for setting your AC to an attainable temperature. It drives me nuts when coworkers ask me to set the temp somewhere in the 60s. "No. Do not ask me again. Go ahead and ask my boss, he will tell you 'no,' too." Some things to check: 1) Filters. Machine's gotta have air moving through it in order to get the work done. 2) What is the temp outside? That makes a difference. Here's where it gets a little more specific. 3) Condenser coils. Are they clean? Hold your hand above the fan of the outdoor unit. Is it blowing air good and strong, straight up? Or does it seem to be flying sideways out of the top of the unit? If it's sideways, you need to clean the coils. You can get coil cleaner at appliance parts places; spray it in with a tank sprayer, let it foam up and push the gunk out, then rinse. Turn the machine off to do this. 4) Same trick with the evaporator coils. Are they clean? Does it have a lot of suction going through those coils, or not? You can do the same coil cleaning trick with the indoor coils. Again, turn it off first. These things, even if the unit is working more-or-less okay, will make it work better. And if it's not keeping up, doing these items will probably get it back to where it can keep up. It's really mundane stuff, easy to forget. But you can not forget it. 5) And finally, the one thing you probably can not do for yourself: check the refrigerant level. That has to be done by someone with certification. Good luck with you need a filter for your air conditioner to work right?Your air conditioner can work without it, but it's not good for it - or you. Without a filter, you get a lot of dust, pollen and other allergens coming into your house whenever you turn on your AC. You can get a universal replacement filter for a couple of bucks and it lasts quite awhile. Hope this helps.Does using your air conditioner burn more gas when driving?Yes but on more modern cars its minimal At highway speeds you use just as much or more with the windows down then with the AC runningShould you turn off your air conditioner before you turn off your car?If you care for your car you would turn the air conditioner off before shutting the car off. When returning to your car to start it again the compressor for the air conditioner loads the motor of my car more making it work harder to cool it down. Turn off the AC 5 minutes before you reach your destination and do not keep it working until the last second. If you are not careful you will be replacing your compressor sooner than later. Just think... Do you shut your monitor off before shutting off your computer?Does turning your air conditioner down (colder) use more electricity?It cycles more often to maintain that cold, which uses more electricity
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