I've said it before and I'll always say it: I don't want to know how many cronies in Washington stand to lose profits if Obama pushes his plan through. With other words, a lot of those cronies own stock in the insurance and pharma industry and don't want to see their stock plummet.....yeah--money talks, the rest walks

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"Energy Conservation Program" Did you know it's FREE?

I am assuming TXU means Texas University, which means that I am probably way out from where they would do this. But I will say I replaced the windows on my house. House was built in 1975, had windows replaced in 2003. Cut my electric bill in half. So making a house more air tight is more energy efficient.

This sounds like a very good plan.


How is the repair of road damage a subsidy to a fossil fuel company?

It's not, unless a Warmer is attempting to rig numbers.

I could claim that it is a subsidy for wind energy, since roads are used to transport the towers to the farm-sites....or that the $Billions shelled out for AGW research is a subsidy for renewables since the research results are required to support the Warmers agenda, but that would not be reasonable......right??


What are few examples of companies who periodically pay dividends to their shareholders?

Aviva, Legal & General, Arm Holdings, Royal Dutch There are thousands. It is not a profit, dividends are income. Profit (or loss) comes from selling the shares. The shareholder is not earning a piece of the profit, the company is making the profit or earnings which belong to the shareholder (proportionally). The company will pay some of the earnings to the shareholders as dividends


Which is sillier - mine safety regulations, or global warming?

silly? i would call it evil!!! the sad thing is most companys/bosses don't care about their employees safety. if they did we wouldn't have laws forcing them 2 do the right thing. regulations & unions have their drawbacks but both r needed 2 protect workers from greedy people willing 2 exchange human life 4 bigger profits. how many ivory back scratchers do guys like this need?


What are the social causes of apathy?

Technology makes things easy - no need to get off the couch to get food, all our friends are at the push of a button, too much information makes us spent all our time trying to keep up.. even yahoo answers is a distractor, facebook is even worse. We have become observers watching with increasing enthusiasm as the sensationalism of the show intensifies.


The US spends 4% of GDP on defence and nicholas stern suggests it will only cost 1% of GDP to tackle AGW?

Bob, you are dead wrong about water vapor, it can most definitely cause GW.

What, you think water vapor goes away and doesnt come back?

You're spouting a political slogan than is not scientifically factual.

Read this in detail so you can get a little more educated: And the following sources listed below


I hired for my son's 4th birthday and it was horrible!! Will I get a refund?

Contact the company and explain your reasons for requesting a refund. Sometimes the contract spells out what your recourse is if not satisfied. Then if no refund is forthcoming, contact the Better Business Bureau or Angie's List or Yelp to give a bad review (and there may be quite a few other bad reviews out there if they do this to everyone).


Am I being too defensive?

You are being way too defensive and sensitive. You put the person on the spot by asking a question that could possibly affect how they rate your qualifications versus other applicants. The HR person had exactly the right response and if you are aggravated by that response, you are going to have further problems in the workplace as you try to advance your career.


What was your most memorable concert you've been too?

Journey, South Lake Tahoe August 2005, it was awesome, the music was great, when they searched us, they didn't find my digital camera, so I got to take video and pictures, we sang danced, drank and I looked so CUTE that night and I won $600.00 at Harvey's casino, it was all around a great show and great fun- Even though the Steve Perry (?) wasn't there


can somebody give me a list of all the California offshore oil companies?

The first site will give you an overview and you can follow up with the list of links. The second site is what you want but you will have to cull through and eliminate those not operating in California. ------

Should we add Nevada Geothermal Power to the list of how OBAMA throws tax payer money away? Solyndra, Abound,?

Mitt Romney supporters are too friggin stupid to realize Romney is simply telling them what they want to hear to get elected. Mitt Romney sent $1.5 million to Konarka solar energy company after he became governor, along with $2.5 million to Evergreen Solar, which also filed for bankruptcy last year, and provided a $2.

5 million loan to the biotech firm Spherics Inc., which closed three years later


Where does the electricity and heating come from? Where can I find out?

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is the name of the company that provides electricity to the Chicago area. After a few minutes of searching, I can't find an easy website to list the various sources ComEd uses. If you work with Google, using various key words, you should be able to find an annual report, or some other document that summarizes the ComEd sources.


what are the advantages and disagvantages of desalination plants?

The main advantage is one can get fresh water from the sea. The disadvantage is its an expensive way of getting fresh water.In an area wjere there is plenty of rain, it is cheaper to build water tanks and store rain water during a downpour . In a desalination plant in Cebu, Philippines, the produced water is still not soft enough for drinking


Should I apply for other jobs or should I keep my job? What are good companies to work for as a college student?

Have you spoken to you manager about a possible raise? Sometimes managers will think you must be ok with your pay cuz you never mention that you aren't. But if you want to just leave that kinda work at this point, then look for jobs online on job boards and or find a temp agency that can help you find a job


This company wants me to start my own LLC. What do I do?

This can be quite complex.

This company provides a service (for a fee) that allows you to get around creating your own company by becoming "employed" by them for the purpose of doing this job. Then, the company you really work for signs the contract with them and everyone is happy. They also provide access to insurance, etc. ------

21 goals to fix the government, what do you think?

You will have a problem with #2 I can see right now. Apple and GE are the two biggest outsourcers of jobs, but favorites of liberals. Mobile Exxon export very few jobs, and less than 10% profit margin, but liberals hate them. With liberals, it's a matter of picking and choosing who to reward or punish based on personal preference, and nothing to do with economics.


Can I cover a non IC recessed can light with insulation if I use compact fluorescent bulbs?

With all due respect what possible reason might you have to consider covering? The notion should be heat disipation at the very least. The CAN shouldn't be touching anything in the recess, nor closely surrounded by anything. I do like the notion of replacement however. I've don e it throughout my house and a 45,000 sq. ft. Bldg. I'm working in.

Steven Wolf


Romney supports green sustainable energy? Are the republicans going to lynch him now?

It's the tree hugging liberals and their environmental laws, that have

held up America's progress in drilling on our own land and not depending

on the east (some of those that would like to harm America) for our oil and gas.

Working the land does not hurt it, it replenishes it. God meant for us to use

the resources He gave us.


what are rabbit pellets made of ?

The wood pellets will break down when urinated on and could potentially release harmful phenols that can be damaging to a rabbit's liver. Also I would say the wood pellets are a waste of money - all you need to is line the litter tray with newspaper and hay. If you want an alternative to wood pellets that I recommend Carefresh or Megazorb.


Why didn't 0bama SHUT DOWN the mine?

We need to SHUT DOWN Obama in November!

This is how he plans to reduce health care costs - LET PEOPLE DIE.

I heard one of those guys was just weeks away from retirement. You know how much it costs to provide health care to old people.

Obama sure saved a lot on that guy's health care.

Obama wants OLD PEOPLE TO DIE.


What breed of dog should we get?

The funny thing is I think maybe a Boston terrier would suit you. Everyone who has them or has owned them have been more than pleased with the little dog. The other would maybe be a pug. If you would consider it than a great dane might work. I know their large, but good house dogs that won't be moving around a lot


Why do cons support all the oil and energy companies on this list and criticize only Berkshire Hathaway?

The US government is #4 on that list.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is #5 but you kooks whine about the Koch brothers that are #27

We know that Buffett can get away with murder because he says what the president wants him to say in exchange for the government looking the other way

EDIT: Where do you keep getting this bogus 7 million number? Is it a secret?


trying again. READ help with finding new dog food?

You are still being lazy by not looking this up yourself.I explained the protein and exercise and you should have just taken it from there so --- go to food and read. YES this sight is about helping people but you need to be willing to take the tools people supply you with and figure this out for yourself.


are we following the constitution? (10th amendment question)?

to the states and to the people implies the founders wanted whatever the people though was needed in the constitution that they had left out to be voted on through the election process. the real purpose of this amendment is to keep any president from abusing his authority by saying he can do what he wants without congress or the people's approval


How do prepare for a position out of state when you don't know exactly what to expect for the 2nd interview?

If they are granting you a second interview then they must have narrowed it down to just a few people. Just answer their questions. Tell them you are prepared to move and answer the questions like you did in the first interview. Sound upbeat about it all. My son in law moved from louisiana to New Hampshire for a job. He is very pleased.


Why are so many NYC apartments listed as "heat included"? Is that for real?

It does not run throughout the city. Only some parts of the city have it. The government does not pay for it. The owners of the buildings pay for it. However, you should see the apartment in winter or check with other residents to make sure that the heat is adequate. If you decide to use electricity for additional heat, you pay for the electricity


Would you consider me to be mentally ill/unstable in some way?

Well, I believe that everyone is a little bit crazy. Some are just more so, or more public about it. I grew up with both my parents as phycologists, and have many conversations with them. I think that you should start seeing a therapist, not because your crazy, but because there is something about yourself that you obviousy want to change. Good luck, dear!


When searching for your own groth stocks to invest in, can I hear some suggestions on screening your lists?

I use the ready made screens at my broker (fidelity) and's customized screening tool. At you can select by "category", so if you select "aggressive growth" you'll get everything that meets their definition of that catergory. Then you can further refine it.

No, it's not free, but it's not really expensive.


Isn't this what the Democrats and Obama SHOULD be doing?

I know one thing, if the democrats keep insisting it won't help, they will be run out of town on a rail,,,lol. If the cookie jar is empty and we don't have anything to put in it (alternative fuel) then we gotta make more cookies if we want to eat.

alienofw... just when is the alternative going to be ready?


Why do some still believe obama has the best interest of America in mind?

Obama has yet to do something we can impeach him for.

I think Obama is doing the best he can for a diverse nation, however there are plenty of crooks on his side of the political spectrum.

In the USA, political party is not supposed to matter--due to individual rights. Until we restore individual rights and appropriate grievance procedures, we have to be careful.

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