Optical Communication Module Using LED and Photodiode Or Sensors [closed]

The major challenge with communicating with light is interference from the SUN or 60Hz room lighting or 80,000Hz electronic-ballast fluorescent lights.Sending a coded optical tone ----- 38KHz ----- is the simple and robust method.You can recovery these tones using NE567 tone decoder, which provides a logic output upon arrival of a "strong tone".

1. I need help luring a roach out of its hiding place.?

cock roaches are sensitive to light. they roam around freely in the roam when the sun is down and all the lights are turned off. they run at the speeds of upto 45km/hr. when the air-pressure changes around them, they automatically start to run as a survival instinct. i do not know a way to lure it out but dim your room lights at the night and ready newspaper to smack it

2. Maximize Natural Light in Your Kitchen In 2019

What does summer mean to you? Many of us associate vacation time, the beach or swimming pool, and barbecues with summer. It also means light! Summer brings longer days with more sunlight, and less time switching on the lights inside the house. What a great feeling to come home from work when it is still light, or to sit outside on Saturday evening with friends soaking up the last of the sunshine. You might even notice at this time of year that you hardly need to switch on lights while you are preparing dinner in the kitchen. Natural light brings many benefits, as it boosts your mood, provides vitamin D, and keeps down the electric bills. You need a well-lit kitchen for many reasons. Food preparation, eating, studying, and the many other activities that take place in a kitchen require ample lighting. Get inspired by the summer sun, and consider all the ways you can maximize natural light all year round in your kitchen design. First, think about your sources of natural light. None Windows are an obvious place to start, and if you are considering a kitchen remodel, you could look at installing larger windows or adding new ones. Keep in mind that you must balance the wall space taken up by windows with the area left for wall cabinets like the kitchen design in New Hope, PA below left. If you are changing the layout of your space as part of a kitchen remodel, consider the direction your windows face, and how effective they will be at picking up sunlight. None Skylights may be an option too, if this fits in with the style and architecture of your home and kitchen design. None If you want to maximize the impact of natural light, select a door style that includes more glass like large sliding doors like this kitchen remodel in Richboro, PA below right. These external doors open the kitchen to the outside and serve as an excellent source of natural light. None Do not forget about light from adjacent rooms. Creating an open plan kitchen remodel allows the kitchen to benefit from light sources from an adjacent dining or living space.

3. why spectrophotometer is set at certain range for measuring the absorbance of the pigment solution?

If the pigment is chlorophyll it will reflect green wavelengths of light (that's why chlorophyll appears green to our eyes) so you set the spectrophotometer to a wavelength that will be transmitted (like 540nm). Remember saying "wavelength" of light" is like saying "color of light". When light strikes an optical medium it can only be reflected, absorbed and changed to heat, or pass through (transmitted).

4. Coors Light or Bud Light?

coors light is 5x better bud sucks drink water if your gunna drink bud at-least coors has some flavor

5. Changing the Color Temperature of Light [closed]

Is there lumen loss when doing so & is there a formula to calculate it?Yes. A filter can only absorb light, not increase it.The formula is unfortunately not simple. It would relate the absorbtion spectrum of the filtter with the emission spectrum of the lamp, weighted by the (standardized) sensitivity spectrum of the human eye. From a scientific perspective if light is simply electromagnetic waves vibrating at a specific wavelengths how is it possible to transform light from one wavelength to the otherA lamp does not just produce one wavelength. It produces a wide range of wavelengths with different amounts of power in each one (characterized by a spectrum). For an incandescent lamp, the spectrum will span the entire human visible range, and well into the infrared (and a bit into the ultraviolet). This will more-or-less approximate the emission of a black-body radiator with a certain temperature. The color temperature tells us what temperature black-body this lamp most closely approximates.Your color-temperature conversion filters will reduce the power in some wavelengths while passing power at others to try to make the output approximate the spectrum of some other temperature of black-body. It wo not be able to create power at wavelengths where the lamp did not produce it, and it wo not be able take power in at one wavelength and output it at another. There are devices that can do this, but they do not act equally on wide ranges of wavelengths, so they are not much use for this kind of application.If your lamp is a fluorescent bulb or an RGB LED system, things get more complicated, and a temperature conversion filter that is meant for incandescent bulbs might not give good results when used with these source, or vice versa. That said, temperature conversion filters are likely to be available for common cases like trying to make fluorescent light look more like sunlight. This is (or was before digital photography became the norm) a very common filter available for photographers

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Which Characteristic of the Light Wave Does Jessica Change by Increasing the Intensity of the Light?
Which characteristic of the light wave does Jessica change by increasing the intensity of the light?(I think you've got the story muddled.) If there is a current, it will be proportional to intensity. If you increase the intensity at any fixed frequency, you increase the number of photons but te energy of each photon remains the same.— — — — — —A light wave has a frequency. But a photon, travelling at the speed of light, does not experience the passage of time. How can it exhibit a frequency then?Time only appears non-existent to the photon. To massive particles in the universe frequency is a property of the photon which dictates how, or not, it interacts with those particles. To use Mr Reiter's example of a rock, a rock has a mass but has no awareness of that mass. You on the other hand interact with the rock and can determine its mass etc. Not a brilliant analogy I know.— — — — — —INVISIBILITY- A POSSIBILITY?Have you ever read books like "Harry Potter" and "The Invisible Man" and found yourself wishing that you could turn yourself invisible? For many years, scientists have been working to turn that dream into a reality, and it looks like they've finally come one step closer to achieving it.Before we get into the science of invisibility, let us begin by understanding how our vision works. Normally, we see objects because light hits an object, bounces back, hits our eyes and sends the image to the brain which then makes sense of the image and voila. you have a cup in front of you. The colour of the said cup depends on the colour of light that it reflects back — if it's a green cup, it will absorb all wavelengths of light except green, which it will reflect and you end up seeing a green cup. Ok, as that's out of the way, let's get to the real deal.Scientists have experimented with many methods over the years to achieve invisibility. One such method that was devised made use of a new man-made material called metamaterial. Metamaterials are made of repeating patterns of composite materials like metals and plastics at a scale smaller than the wavelength of the phenomena that they influence. The reason they are so special is that their geometry, orientation and arrangement gives them new properties that cannot be achieved in natural materials. One of the properties is manipulation of electromagnetic waves — whether it be blocking, absorbing, enhancing, or bending these waves. In this list of properties, the one which is most useful to achieve invisibility and the very reason for which these materials are used, is the ability to bend electromagnetic waves like light. So, now the question is, "Why is bending of light so important to this discussion?" Well, the answer to that can be explained by going back to the basics.In order to see an object, light has to interact with it. Therefore, we can make the simple inference that in order to make an object invisible, light should not be allowed to interact with the object, but instead be made to bend around the object so that what you see is not the object, but what is behind the object, thus making it seem invisible. This is where the concept of negative refractive index comes into place.We have all seen and heard of "refraction". It is essentially the bending of light when it travels between media of different densities. Normally, the refractive index of air is 1 and in other materials it is greater than 1. This means that when light travels from air to another material, it usually bends towards the normal drawn to the surface of the material. Now, what if there was a way to manipulate the refractive index so that it becomes negative? This can be achieved by altering the internal structure of a material on a small scale, like in negative index metamaterials or left handed metamaterials to the point where we can switch the positive refractive index to negative, thus enabling us to manipulate the direction of bending of light.In 2007, a research team at Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering used plasmon technology to create the world's first invisibility cloak for visible light. The invisibility cloak device was a two-dimensional pattern of concentric rings created in a thin, transparent acrylic plastic layer on a gold film and only 10 micrometers in diameter. But the cloak used a limited range of the visible spectrum, in two dimensions. It would be much harder to achieve invisibility in three dimensions since scientists would need to control light waves both magnetically and electronically to maneuver them around the hidden object. More recently, in the University of Texas, scientists have been successful in concealing an object to microwaves. It was called metascreen and was made of a 66 micrometre thick polycarbonate film that supported an arrangement of 20 micrometer thick copper strips which looked similar to a fishing net. In the experiment that was carried out , when the metascreen was hit by 3.6 GHz microwaves, it re-radiated microwaves of the same frequency that were out of phase, cancelling out reflections from the object being hidden. This could have a lot of applications in radio communications, weather tracking and in health care. The material, called Quantum Stealth, is currently still in the prototyping stage, but was developed by the company's CEO Guy Cramer primarily for military purposes, to conceal agents and equipment such as tanks and jets in the field. Unlike traditional camouflage materials, which are limited to specific conditions such as forests or deserts, according to Cramer this "invisibility cloak" works in any environment or season, at any time of the day.Check out this video on Quantum Stealth:Other than these technologies, methods like spectral cloaking and active camouflage have also been developed. In spectral cloaking, light is not made to bend around the object, instead it shifts one spectrum of light to another and then shifts it back once it reaches the other side. If for example, we take the cup we mentioned before and shift the green light to another part of the spectrum that is not reflected by the object, say blue, then no light will be reflected and the object will not be visible. The device then shifts the green light back to reverse the process once the light reaches the other side. This method eliminates any kind of distortion that could be caused by bending of light around the object and hence is more effective. The cloaking device is constructed from two pairs of two commercially available electro-optical components. The first component is a dispersive optical fiber, which forces the different colors of a broadband wave to travel at different speeds. The second is a temporal phase modulator, which modifies the optical frequency of light depending on when the wave passes through the device. One pair of these components was placed in front of the optical filter while the other pair was placed behind it. This method of spectral cloaking could be applicable to securing data transmitted over fiber optic lines and also could help improve technologies for sensing, telecommunications, and information processing .It could also be used for selectively removing and subsequently reinstating colors in the broadband waves that are used as telecommunication data signals which could allow more data to be transmitted over a given link, helping to resolve impairments due to increased demand in data. In 2003, scientists at the University of Tokyo created a prototype active camouflage system that makes use of a material impregnated with retroreflective glass beads. The viewer stands in front of the cloth viewing the cloth through a transparent glass plate. A video camera behind the cloth captures the background behind the cloth. A video projector projects this image on to the glass plate which is angled so that it acts as a partial mirror reflecting a small portion of the projected light onto the cloth. The retroreflectors in the cloth reflect the image back towards the glass plate which being only weakly reflecting allows most of the retroreflected light to pass through to be seen by the viewer. This system works only when viewed from a certain angle. In conclusion, even though an invisibility cloak that could make objects, much less humans invisible has not yet been perfected, we are on the right track. The very fact that we have come this far goes to show that with technology and a creative mindset, anything is possible.Follow us for more of amazing and latest science and technology articles. We are also there on social media. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.HAVE A GOOD DAY.
Why Did My Rum Turn a Light Color?
The dilution was a good guess above. Is the bottle in sun light-near a window? The coloring added may have reacted with uv light bleaching the color. The color compounds could have broken down and become lighter.1. Is it at all possible that there is "another light" (color) that we just have not seen yet? Is anyone looking into this question?I read an early SF novel about a boy who ventures into a crashed flying saucer and is transfixed by seeing a primary color no Earthling has ever seen. An amazing idea. Unfortunately not a real possibility.Still you could claim that dayglo colors are new to human experience. Somebody in the 1960's decided that UV fluorescence could add luminance to the base color. Cool!But a brand new primary/secondary color? Sorry2. What color(s) should I paint my bedroom walls?Choose light color for your room like white, light green, yellow, light purple, pink etc because your room does not much light rays from outside so it need brightness of light colors3. Is it possible to dye hair from a dark color to a light color with a store-bought boxed hair color?You have to go to a salon, cost is around $125.00....would not advice doing this, the cost to keep this light hair is very expensive, a headache, plus the fact when you get sick on the cost and upkeep, letting this grow out is going to be UGLY4. Im looking for kitchen/dining decor.?Hi , please do not go too much with this two colors, if you want to have a coffee theme you can use brown and white or cream color also which will match your towels and your themes.Kitchen should be in dark color and dining can be of light color or you can mix and match the colors and put it5. How do I remove dark grout stains from light color tiles?i am not expert but you have you tried turpentine but only use in the corner of your room on the tiles just to check it does not discolor the tile. also you could try nail polish remover its milder but it can still get through super glue. or have you tried boiling water? hope that helps6. how would you remedy waterbase paint over oil?Actually you can successfully apply latex (water borne) paints over solvent (oil) base paints. You can equally succussfully apply solvent base paints over latex paints. The critical issue is surface preparation - and this is the issue with all painting. Proper surface preparation will result in excellent adhesion and a long lasting finish. Depending upon the condition of the existing coating, you may need to roughen up the surface, clean away dirt and mildew, and apply a primer before finish coat. As always, covering dark color with light color may require a primer - sealer as well. It is often said that surface preparation is the most critical and important part of the job. I believe this is very much the case. No one likes the surface preparation part, or the application of a primer or even a second top coat but without these steps, success is far less likely.7. White Cedar, how to seal/stain to make look similar to its original light color?If you want it to remain light colored I would NOT use an oil finish, like tung oil or linseed oil. These are used specifically when you want a more "amber" finish.For UV protection you will want a "spar varnish" or similar product labeled for outdoor use. Typically waterborne products keep the wood closer to their original color than oil-based products. So I would probably try a waterborne spar varnish8. your kid watered it try tasting it to check9. What's the difference between light and color?Color is one property of light. Light is a thing (like car) and color is a property (like fast). People confuse properties and things in physics a lot for some reason, but no one confuses "fast" with "car", even though many cars are fast10. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but when planters are talking about blue lights, will a blue tinted light bulb work?No, a blue tinted light bulb will not work, unless you are extremely lucky enough to have a bulb tinted the exact same shade of blue that the plant requires. Light consists of multiple colors, a rainbow demonstrates this, as does shining a light through a prism and observing the colored bands this projects (see Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album cover). Plants primarily use specific wavelengths of light consisting of two of these colors, blue and red. Light from the wavelengths close to the blue end of the color spectrum is used by the plant for vegetative growth, the addition of light from the wavelengths close to the red end of the color spectrum encourages flowering. A cool white fluorescent bulb is a good source of blue light. These are the harsh white bulbs, not the warm white bulbs which more closely imitate the light produced from regular incandescent bulbs. To get the red wavelengths of light your best (easiest to obtain, cheapest to buy and cheapest to operate) choice is full spectrum fluorescent bulbs. These closely mimic the light plants receive from the sun. Light color is likely not your problem right now, as previously mentioned, lack of wind is likely the culprit causing your spindly plants. The flexing of the stems caused by air movement usually produces a shorter and thicker stem.
Are There Computer Or Phone Apps That Eliminate the Blue Light That Can Mess with Circadian Rhythm?
Justgetflux is a serious effort, with a good well informed website. Recent editions of android and apple and windows also include an attempt1. Dying my hair pink and blue?I dye my hair alll the time.. manic panic is good if your dedicated to re-dying it quite a lot, especially if you will be swimming and whatnot.. but yes, you deffffinately need to bleach it first, BUT BE CAREFUL. And take very good care afterwardd2. Black and Blue album from Backstreet boys.?"Lyrics to ""That boy Ronaldo""?"3. Can Arsenal ever be a big team like Chelsea or will London always be Blue?Are you f****** stupid? Arsenal are the London club with the most amout of trophies in London, what YOU NEED TO SAY WILL CHELSEA EVER BE AS BIG AS ARSENAL4. Shirt and tie combnation for a blue blazer and grey pants?Grey Pants Blue Blazer5. Can I dye a dark blue shirt black?pass 2 walmart and purchase blue ink u placed it interior the washer with the blu outfits and there u pass **interior the laundry detergent aisle ina small white bottle cant undergo in recommendations the call sorry6. What color bath towels are the most practical?red. if you are a girl//women. navy//midnight blue is pretty. :]7. what coolor of blue eye color is this ??? ?Prettyyy eyes! I think that they are Navy Blue. =)8. What's a pretty makeup style for blue eyes & black hair?ooohh black hair and blue eyes how stunning! a bronzy brown eyeshadow is brilliant for you :) its a nice natural everyday colour and it is absolutely great with blue eyes. have your hair long and wavy or straight with a middle part! or maybe even shaggy bangs would look so sexy cute! but bangs are hard to work with..9. how to dye hair electric blue at home?If you can not go to a salon , try going to your local beauty supply or a Sally's if you have it , and get the 'Quick Blue' it makes your hair light , fast , you might been to do it 2 times , just wait 2 days before you do the next application , and the best funky hair dyes that you can use is MANIC PANIC , great stuff , I use it all the time , i've had my hair ALL colors. :)10. Wanting to dye my hair blue?I suggest getting a good bleach (L'oreal Quick Blue) and a 30 creme developer. (Clairol is probably the best). After you bleach your hair to a yellow, not a red or dark blonde, it might take a couple of times because you mentioned your hair is dark, you should use a toner- Manic Panic Virgin Snow- because if you put blue dye over yellow hair it will turn green/have a green tint. For the dye, I would use any blue color that you like from the brand Special Effects which you would probably have to order online. . If not, Manic Panic has some great colors available at Sally's although they probably wo not last as long as Special Effects. Hope this helps and good luck :)11. shooting in low light in a church at a wedding film speed 400? Didn't use a filter.?Adjust the color. I have an older version of Photoshop Elements, but they should be similar. In the top menu, under enhance, go to color, then color cast. Use the dropper tool on something that's supposed to be white, like the bride's dress. When you click, it should adjust the color. Sometimes you need to try a few different areas to get it just right. Or you could go to "variations" and it will show what the picture would look like changed one step towards each color. You would want to go towards blue. You might want to leave a very slight warm cast anyway, because it's flattering, and it will look more natural with the candles. You could show her a couple different versions and have her decide.12. Guys? Which is better? Blue eyes with dark hair or blonde hair?Dark brown to keep it natural13. What color toe nails and finger nails should I choose?I?for me, i like statement colors. i am generally a quiet person, a little shy but i love my nail neon pink, green, any shade of blue, and right now they are a shimmery yellow. but if you are a little more simple, i would say a red considering it is the winter season. and if halfway through the mani-pedi you hate the color, say so because if you are going to hate it, it is not worth the money. also, try asking for a little design on the ring finger or thumb. it is a great idea because it looks really pretty and usually the salons do not charge for it. ok and congrats on those grades!
Blue Flash When Turning on Light Fixture?
sounds like you blew a bulb or circuit I would recommend turning that switch off then changing your bulb if that does not fix I would have someone with some electrical experience go and take a look at the wiring to the light fixture and to check the circuits should not be to big a deal1. How can I mount a ceiling light fixture without an electrical box?three possibilities here. First and probably best is spacer kit ($15 at Wal-mart that goes between rafters and has box built in). Next option is to put a box on the nearest rafter and splice the existing wiring into that box. Last and worst; do a splice without a box.2. Why americans don't use light on the ceiling?Just about every room I know of has lights on the ceiling. Whether it's spots or a ceiling fan with light fixture, or just a pendant or chandelier. I use my ceiling lights for general over-all room light and when watching tv or just misc activity in the room like folding clothes, etc. When reading, I turn on the table lamps to get better lighting on what I am reading. We have three separate table/floor lamps near different areas in the living room where we like to read. We also have six spots in the ceiling that are dimmable. And a low-watt inset fixture (60w) just inside the front door3. Small amount of smoke came out of fluorescent tube light fixture, should I panic?Some fault in the line. Please have a check by electrician4. How do you change a light fixture?super simple, make sure power is off first, take old fixture off, should be 3 wires, black white and copper, connet new fixture to same colors, twist on wire nuts, pull slightly to make sure they are secure, screw new fixture on, turn on power and wha la5. How do i by pass the ballest on a 4' t8 Fluorescent light fixture to install led tubes?gie me 2mins6. How do I reinstall a light fixture?white to white black to black is the way it goes in a perfect world but we all know the world aint perfect and a do it your self person such as yourself might have worked on those wires before so i would test the line for being hot first before proceeding its simple enough and testers are cheap7. Lifehack to remove GU10 lightbulbs from light fixture?A piece of flexible plastic tubing that just fits over the bulb makes a handle. This is also helpful in changing bulbs with broken glass.If you can not find a tube of the right size, tape some plastic sheet together to make a tube, or better, a slight cone, so that it slips over the bulb and grips tightly. Gentle warming makes the plastic stick to the glass better.A plastic soda bottle may also work:8. Can you change the light out of an aquarium light fixture?what sort of fixture is it means compact, T5, classic flourescent? means compact bulb will in basic terms have one end feels like 2 bulbs caught mutually. in case you have certainly one of those get a 50/50 bulb with a sunlight hours and a "pink" or plant easy. in case you have a single flourescent (2 ends on the bulb) attempt to discover a extra acceptable intensity bulb, the field ought to point that it facilitates flowers strengthen. the only shy away right this is the colour specially cases is not as "exceedingly" Any of those bulbs in a 20 inch ought to fee between 15 as much as 35 funds, 70 is ridiculous, a minimum of right here in Florida. superb guess, sort new fixture approximately a hundred thirty watts total means, means compact. Corallife makes surprising , fairly priced furniture. desire this enables.9. How do you get a light fixture off the ceiling?Try unscrewing the whole dome (screw threads?), or lift-and-turn (bayonet fitting?)10. I need to add a light fixture to an existing switch.?You can probably tap in at either place but only if you understand how to wire a circuit. I prefer to do this sort of thing at the switch but only because the switch is closer to the ceiling, which is probably where you would like to install your new light. Black wires carry the power. One is usually hot at the switch & the other becomes hot when the switch is turned on. At the switch, you will need to tap into the wire that becomes hot when switched. Where to tap in at the outlet can be a bit more difficult. It depends on if the whole outlet is switched or if 1 is hot & the other 1 is switched. White wires are always connected to white. It's is often easier to tap into an outlet but only because the wire side of the outlet commonly has daisy chain screws for such. If you understand wiring, this should not be difficult to do.
Analysis of the Impact of Appropriately Dimming Lighting on Our Life
Nowadays, words such as "people-centered lighting", "day and night lighting" and "biological lighting" often appear in newspapers. In fact, no matter which word it is, it is nothing more than saying that properly dimming lighting can create ideal conditions for human beings within 24 hours.Moreover, no light source can be "adjustable" like LED, and the light source can be provided according to specific color temperature, spectral power, color and brightness. In short, people-centered lighting can stimulate people's excitement in the morning and afternoon, and relax them in the evening. It can be tuned to the same level as the sun, strengthening the rhythm of sunrise and sunset for millions of years and 24-hour circadian rhythm.If designers can integrate as much natural lighting as possible into the LED color palette, it will have a great impact. We all know that stimulation and alertness can improve learning and efficiency, and relaxation can help sleep. On the contrary, the wrong time and wrong light may destroy these things. Some researchers believe that it will help to produce cancer, diabetes and other diseases.Dimmable, human centered lighting (HCl) can be applied to any place, such as schools, offices, hospitals, families, etc.Human centered lighting (HCl) is the most effective in hospitals. Adjusting the led to stimulate the blue frequency at some time of the day and warm light at other times can help patients sleep and recover. In the office, a well-designed lighting system can improve morale and productivity.Correct day and night light helps to get enough sleep and spiritMariana figueiro, director of the lighting research center (LRC) of Rensselaer Institute of technology, has always believed that in the office, the correct day and night light can help employees sleep better at night and help them cheer up.Rensselaer Institute of technology conducted a three-year study in five different buildings of the United States General Services Administration (GSA), and then issued a report with the GSA, saying: "office staff receive sufficient effective light or sunlight in the morning, sleep better, depression and stress lower than those in dim or low light."The 109 participants in the study wore an electronic pendant designed by LRC to measure light intake, with LRC's measurement standard "CS", ranging from 0.1 to 0.7. 0.7 represents the highest point of natural sunlight.Figueiro and members found that employees exposed to CS of at least 0.3 in the morning "can sleep faster and have better sleep quality than employees with CS of 0.15 or less." participants wore this electronic pendant for 7 consecutive days in winter and summer. The results showed that when CS was 0.3 or higher, the sleep effect was better in winter and the same in summer. Decompression advantages are also consistent.The study is only preliminaryFiguero said: "I'm not surprised by the result, which is what we expect. The light during the day is very important, and there are a lot of light at night, such as the low light at night and the light on the mobile phone display, but we spend 80% - 90% of our time indoors and two-thirds of our time in the office. People don't notice the importance of office lighting, which can help you sleep at night Better. "Figuero said that this study is only the "first stage", and her study has three stages. It is worth noting that the first stage does not involve dimming. On the contrary, it only measures the light obtained by participants from existing light sources, including natural light, traditional fluorescent lamps, and even led light sources.In the summer and autumn of 2016, the "second phase" was carried out in two different places. LRC installed LED panel lights behind the employee's computer screen and directed them at about 40 participants.Figure 1. LRC installed an LED source in the study and adjusted the light to 0.3 CS to improve the excitement. Participants said they felt more awake and energetic. (photo source: LRC lighting research center)LED dimming has great potentialBut sunlight is still the best light sourceIn the first stage, LRC scientists measured the effects of light on nocturnal sleep, stress and depression. Scientists also recorded the stimulation effect. At that time, it was assumed that when CS was 0.3, light would stimulate the eyes and cause happiness, because when light irradiated the non visual receptors (iprgcs) of the retina, it would stimulate pigments called melanopsin.The results of the second stage were: "through the intervention, we found that the subjects reported that they would be more sleepless and energetic", "We collected data in winter, and we found that adding a light that can provide CS 0.3 will increase their subjective feeling, reduce drowsiness and increase energy and vitality."The third stage aims to further prove the potential effectiveness of LED dimming for circadian alternation. Figuero believes that healthy lighting should be transmitted in "layers", in which ambient lighting can come from ceiling lamps, and the light of circadian rhythm can come from low lux blue frequency that directly irradiates the eyes. Although the light directly irradiates the eyes sounds like a "Arabian Nights", but figueiro pointed out that under the low light level of 30 LX, blue light will still improve the excitement, but will not cause annoying glare. She said: "if you do 470nm, you only need 30 LX, so people feel it very comfortable." you won't even see so much, because you have ambient light, and blue light has been integrated into it. "Although led adjustability has great potential, figueiro also knows that office designers must "embrace" the sun."One thing we learned is that the lighting design must be more perfect to provide the periodic stimulation we need. Sunlight is the best stimulus, but it does not always enter the environment in the way it should," figueiro saidThe Scottish registry office uses dimmable LEDsIf you don't have natural light in the office all day, you can try adjustable led.Figure 2. Casambi provides Bluetooth to control day and night lighting in different ways, such as through wall devices, or through smartphones, tablets and other applications that provide a wider color temperature range. These devices do not need a gateway. (image source: casambi)Timo pakkala, CEO of casambi, said: "the most important thing is color temperature control. When people talk about people-centered lighting, it is color temperature control. It is happening now, but it is still in its early stage. We need not only new light sources, but also new controls."Although casambi's control devices are installed in thousands of locations in many countries, no more than 10% of these devices use adjustable CCT. However, this percentage is growing, and the most suitable location is a new building.One of them is the 12 storey St. Vincent's Square building in downtown Glasgow. When the registers of Scotland took over the third floor, it adopted the HCl concept and casambi system to control 300 LED lights of about 17300 square feet (about 1600 square meters).The registers of Scotland divides the LED ceiling lights into 8 groups, with an open plan layout and 12 meeting rooms. Kevin Stewart, the floor manager, said that each group and room has its own iPad controller, which is installed in the open part to change the brightness and color temperature. (Figure 3)Figure 3. Adjustable lighting in the Scottish registry is managed by casambi's iPad control mounted on the wall. (image source: casambi)According to Stephen Jackson, casambi's UK and Ireland business manager, these lights are pre programmed and can change the color temperature all day. In addition, iPad control can change the background. Although the agency is indeed considering brightness, so far, there has not been much adjustment in the color temperature setting.Therefore, for ordinary people in the office, even if the level changes skillfully, the CCT will generally remain Gray all day. The tea room in the office can be set to a more relaxed amber tone, while the conference room can be switched to a colder CCT.The agency even installed some Philips "show" lighting that can change the color, but it has not been used yet.
How Is It Possible That the Universe Is 95 Billion Light Years Across And.....?
How is it possible that the universe is 95 billion light years across and.....?Answer this. They say that light from a star at the edge of the observable universe started out 13 some billion years ago. But, when the first light from the first stars we see today started toward us, those stars were only a few hundred million light years away, because the part of the universe we can see now was much smaller. So, why did light that started out a few hundred million light years away take 13 billion years to reach us? It all comes down to the fact that the light had to travel through expanding space to get here. That complicates all the distance formulas a great deal.— — — — — —i have a doubt about light years?probably if that is what it equals, too lazy to work it out— — — — — —How many billion light years is our universe?The universe in endless, it has no bondaries— — — — — —How many Square Light Years is the milky way?It would be volume, so measured in cubic light years. You could easily approximate it using the formula for volume of a cylinder (pi r squared x thickness)— — — — — —People can see 13.8 billion light years in any direction in the sky.?Well, People can not see that far. At best even with a good backyard telescope the best hope is to see objects a few million light years away - like the andromeda galaxy. But yes, the the objects we can 'see' with the most powerful telescopes go back about 13.8 billion years. But that is how they looked and where they were shortly after the birth of the universe. The expansion of space has been carrying them away since the dawn of time and those distant objects are calculated to be about 45 million light years away (not 55)— — — — — —What is the distance of farthest object in light years?The farthest things [galaxies] are less than 6 billion light years distant and space extends some what farther Any thing observed beyond 6 billion light years does not exist today.— — — — — —How many light years can be actually be accounted for?If you accept Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the person would not age at all, but earth would age by 10 years— — — — — —Is there a way to cut short light years?Like a space machine?Is there a way to cut short light years? Once there is a way to cut short miles (which is a unit of distance), cutting short light years (another unit of distance) should become trivial. Traveling to another galaxy takes billions of light years? Unless such galaxy is actually closer than billions of light years. Then you will just have to travel the corresponding distance. How fast you will get there will depend on the technology you use though -- yes, it may take billions of years to cover a few hundred millions of years. Technology nowadays are getting more advanced,does not it? Yes, but not enough for you to see it in our lifetime.— — — — — —If a Star exploded in a super nova 10 light years away, would we survive?I hate copying from a website, but they write it so much more terrifyingly real than I ever could: "A near-Earth supernova is an explosion resulting from the death of a star that occurs close enough to the Earth (roughly fewer than 100 light-years away) to have noticeable effects on its biosphere. Gamma rays are responsible for most of the adverse effects a supernova can have on a living terrestrial planet. In Earth's case, gamma rays induce a chemical reaction in the upper atmosphere, converting molecular nitrogen into nitrogen oxides, depleting the ozone layer enough to expose the surface to harmful solar and cosmic radiation. The gamma ray burst from a nearby supernova explosion has been proposed as the cause of the end Ordovician extinction, which resulted in the death of nearly 60% of the oceanic life on Earth." SO - I guess the answer to your question is: NO - we would NOT survive. We probably would not even know what hit us.— — — — — —How is it possible that we can see millions of light years into the universe?Light is constantly generated. The greater the distance between two objects, the faster they are moving away from each other. At a sufficient distance this velocity is greater than that of light, hence the darkness of the sky. Below that distance, it's below that speed, so it may reach us.
Interpretation of Structured Light, TOF and Binocular Stereo Imaging Schemes for 3D Recognition From
The world's first smartphone equipped with 3D sensing, iPhone x, has been favored by consumers since it was launched in November. Today, 3D sensing is rapidly moving from iPhone x to domestic brand mobile phones, becoming the trend of smartphone hardware innovation.On November 28, glory's latest smartphone glory V10, equipped with Kirin 970 chip with built-in artificial intelligence NPU and speckle structured light mobile phone accessories of "point cloud depth camera", has 3D face recognition and unlocking function.According to industry insiders, Xiaomi and oppo will adopt a 3D sensing solution in the new machine released next year, which is jointly developed by Qijing optoelectronics and Qualcomm.In terms of human-computer interaction, 3D sensing can realize face recognition, device unlocking, facial expression and other applications. With the help of speckle structured light mobile phone accessories of "point cloud depth camera", glory V10 can realize 3D face modeling, face recognition, 3D facial expression control and 3D small object modeling. The face recognition function is realized by drawing the depth map of the user's face and modeling the user's face. The recognition accuracy reaches the sub millimeter level and the security level reaches the payment level.At present, 3D sensing for smart phones is still in the early stage of industry penetration, with large potential space. The target of the industrial chain will benefit from 3D sensing. As a new human-computer interaction mode, 3D sensing has broad application prospects. According to yole's prediction, the market scale of 3D sensing will increase from US $1.3 billion in 2016 to US $9 billion in 2022, and the CAGR will reach 37.3%.It is understood that there are three mainstream schemes for 3D sensing, namely structured light scheme, TOF scheme and binocular stereo imaging scheme.In the comparison of these three 3D sensing technologies, it is found that TOF scheme and structured light scheme are the most promising because of their advantages of convenient use and low cost. However, the structured light scheme surpasses the other two schemes in accuracy and is very suitable for intelligent terminals.In fact, whether structured light scheme, TOF scheme or binocular stereo imaging scheme, the main hardware of 3D sensing includes four parts: infrared light transmitter (IR LD or VCSEL), infrared light camera (IR cis or other photodiodes), visible light camera (VIS CIS), image processing chip and narrow-band color filter, In addition, the structured light scheme also needs to add optical prism and grating at the transmitting end, one more IR CIS for binocular stereo imaging, etc.In the upstream, middle and downstream of the 3D sensing industry chain, the upstream part includes: infrared sensor, infrared laser light source, optical components, optical lens and CMOS image sensor; The midstream includes: sensor module, camera module, light source OEM, light source detection and image algorithm; Downstream includes: terminal manufacturers and applications.Among them, the key components of 3D sensing industry chain are: 1. Infrared sensor; 2. Infrared laser light source; 3. Optical components. The listed companies of infrared sensors related to the industrial chain include STM, AMS, heptagon, Infineon, Ti, Sony, Howell, etc; The listed companies of infrared laser light sources related to the industrial chain include Finisar, lumentum, II-VI, Guangxun technology, etc; The listed company of optical components related to the industrial chain is Fujing technology; The listed companies that provide comprehensive technical solutions include STM, Microsoft, Intel, Texas Instruments, Infineon, etc. In addition, the listed companies of 3D camera module include oufeiguang; The filter has crystal photoelectric; The camera chip is sealed and tested with Jingfang technology; Lens includes Lianchuang electronics, etc.Driven by iPhone x, 3D sensing is expected to become another application function that drives the breakthrough development of the mobile phone industry chain after fingerprint identification, bringing a new interactive experience to smart phones. At present, slim is a joint venture between Qualcomm and Qijing optoelectronics â„¢ The 3D camera system solution is about to be put into commercial use and is being put into production as planned. It is expected to achieve mass production in the first quarter of 2018, driving 3D sensing to become a trend of smartphone hardware innovation.
Olar Solar Lights - the Best Way to Reduce Energy Loss
Why buy a solar rechargeable battery?We can go on a few pages and get the story on why we need solar power. You need solar power because you are always being driven by the sun. That means that you are constantly losing energy in the form of electricity. You can save some energy by getting a solar rechargeable battery and running it for a while. The benefit of having a solar rechargeable battery is that you can recharge it while you are out of power. You can also add some different solar energy in the battery and run it when you are not at home. Solar energy has a range of benefits.Solar light bulbs don't make as much money as you think. They are a bit expensive to produce and over time, it is a risk that they can break and cause problems in the environment. This could lead to less solar energy being produced and used. Also, you could try using rechargeable batteries. If you buy rechargeable batteries, they don't require a huge amount of maintenance and are made to last longer.Rechargeable batteries do not work at all, in fact they work harder to save energy. However, a high-efficiency battery system does work. So it makes sense to use them if you are buying solar batteries.When I bought my solar rechargeable battery it had a 25% savings on the cost of a battery when compared to buying a petrol engine car. The technology used in solar power have a major impact on our planet and on our society. If you are thinking about switching to solar power you will need to find a solar rechargeable battery that has a good life-cycle-saving performance. If you are thinking about switching to solar power you will need to find a solar rechargeable battery that has a good life-cycle-saving performance.Solar rechargeable battery typesOur batteries can last a long time. If you want to save money on energy use and the need to replace your batteries often, it is important to invest in solar rechargeable batteries. Battery rechargeable batteries do not require as much energy to operate as rechargeable batteries. When your battery is fully charged, you can use it for a longer period of time. That is the only way you can recharge your battery when it is fully charged. Batteries should be charged every couple of months to ensure they are working as well as they can.The biggest problem with batteries is that they're a battery, but a battery is a battery, right? Solar cells can also be replaced. Instead of replacing them, you can charge them, put them into an rechargeable battery pack and have solar light in your garden.Waste is no problem when you can make use of it.There are many solar battery types and different ones can be used to make solar power systems.For more than 10 years, the cost of solar panels has fallen because people are starting to see how beneficial they are for their home. As a result, they are becoming more widely available. The use of solar light is also gaining in popularity as the price of solar panels is falling and there are also many new kinds of solar lights. The most popular solar light for a homeowner is the halogen light. It's been used for years, but it's not easy to make one because it has its own maintenance problems. For this reason, people are now replacing their old halogen light with the solar light.With solar batteries, you can go for much longer periods of time than with other methods of power supply. Solar batteries have long been known to be much more reliable than coal-fired generators, and it is this reliability that is at the heart of solar batteries. Because solar batteries can last a lot longer than coal-fired generators, solar batteries are more energy efficient than other forms of power supply.Voltage for solar rechargeable batteriesThe United States spends billions on installing batteries that store electricity. However, a lot of this money is wasted and it doesn't seem to be enough to meet the needs of people living in the United States. The United States spends a lot of money on replacing outdated batteries that are expensive to maintain. As a result, many Americans are living in states where they can only charge their phones, or only have access to rechargeable batteries that have to be stored in them. People are struggling to afford solar lights that they can use in their homes. To solve this problem, the US government has started installing solar lights that cost only $30 each.Venduring solar power has gotten more attention than solar lights. Vending power stations are making great progress. Most of the industry in this field are developing rechargeable batteries which are low cost and easy to use. One way to save energy while using batteries is to connect solar lights to rechargeable batteries. They work with batteries that have solar panels to make energy which is more efficient. The second way to save energy is to convert sunlight into electricity. There are two types of solar lighting systems which are high efficiency and low energy consumption. The high efficiency solar lighting systems use solar panels and PVs to make energy which is more efficient.It is always better to use a low voltage battery as a power source. By using a solar powered battery we are actually taking out some of the loss from our power use. You can try using solar batteries in a way that helps to minimize the cost of electricity. You can try switching to using solar powered batteries. With solar batteries you will also save a lot of money and also energy. Solar batteries also offer an advantage that regular batteries do not offer. It is a great way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by electricity and that's a great advantage for everyone. If you have a preference then you can choose to use solar batteries.
How Can a Traffic Light Be a Racist Traffic Light?
when it's in saudi arabia and women never see it because they are not allowed to drive1. At an intersection when there is a traffic light for the lane turning right..........?This is a question for local jurisdiction. Most times tho, if there is not a sign specific saying, no right turns, then you may proceed. But as I said, each jurisdiction has different rules to this.2. Black box and white camera near traffic light?it's for vehicles that run red lights. the camera can also tell how fast a vehicle is going before approaching the traffic light. please slow down way before the traffic light. if someone is in an accident that person can request a copy & the time & date of the accident to prove it was the other persons fault. hope this helps & may GOD bless.3. Can someone explain traffic light arrows?Green go Red stop. That make sense?4. how long does it take for a traffic light ticket to come in the mail in Florida?Hi, 2-4 weeks depending on the county you live in FL. Yes your insurance will probably increase unless you can get your point removed or your ticket dismissed. As each county is different on the cost you should be able to go the courts website and look it up under FAQ page for ball park or call the DMV in that county. Best of luck! 5. How to overcome fear of traffic light turning red?The lights are designed to give you enough time. If you are traveling the speed limit and the light turns yellow brake moderately and you should stop well in time, if not take your car for a brake job because they give you plenty of time. Remember to take a measured approach to driving, it is serious business but if you are clear headed and obey the rules you should be safe.6. How does a traffic light signal works?they run on a timer7. How To Cross Road With Autonomous CarsVR prototyping for communicating autonomous vehicle intent to pedestrians. How will the chicken cross the road in an autonomous world? Crossing the road is a social interaction. With driverless vehicles, this subtle, very human etiquette will present a new challenge to autonomous vehicles. As a first step in exploring this space, we set out to design for the seemingly simple scenario of a pedestrian crossing the road in an autonomous world. Our design hypothesis is as follows: Autonomous vehicles will need to communicate their behavior and intentions to human drivers, pedestrians, and potentially other autonomous vehicles. These means of communication will need to become as familiar as looking at a crosswalk signal or traffic light. Designing for a future always requires setting some self-evident truths, so we developed the following assumptions: Autonomous vehicles will do their best to not injure humans Pedestrians will still rely on signals when crossing a busy street Pedestrians will jaywalk if they decide that it's safe to do so Before we jump into our process and findings, we wanted to call out a few things we learned regarding our process. In a prior project, we explored a pedestrian crossing scenario by using a scale but stationary prototype. It had some empathetic merit, but it struggled to deliver the feeling of crossing through real traffic. So, in this project, we instead used VR. While still not actual traffic, it effectively drove empathy without risking life and limb. Also, VR let us build an experience with scale, experiencing streets filled with self-driving vehicles that collaborate and express as an intelligent whole was similarly impactful. Autonomous vehicles will no doubt bring changes to urban infrastructure. However, people will still rely on cognitive, environmental, and instructional cues when crossing the road. Using our VR prototype, we tested three crossing scenarios that would require various combinations of cues along with different types of crosswalks that will exist in a driverless future: Pushing the call button to request safe crossing at a designated spot is a common interaction at a crosswalk. This type of crossing is likely to still be present in the autonomous future. Similar to the first scenario, pedestrians will request to cross at a marked crosswalk by pressing a call button. Differing from the first scenario, the request is sent directly to the vehicles. The pedestrian crossing signal is then displayed across the vehicles instead of a dedicated traffic light. The vehicles effectively replace part of the urban infrastructure. In this scenario, pedestrians cross at a section of a smaller street wherever they please, relying on the cars to recognize their intent and stopping on both lanes. The vehicles signal their awareness of the pedestrian and actions. This notion of an autonomous vehicle signaling awareness and intention lead to a lot of iterations. We explored different ways of communicating with pedestrians using abstract visuals, text, numbers, and icons. Through quick VR prototypes, we eliminated all text or numbers, as they were difficult to read when moving, created a visual noise, and had obvious language barrier issues. From the remaining ideas, we narrowed down to three forms of visual communication that best reflect our design hypothesis. These are not to be understood as stand-alone concepts, but as building blocks that can be combined for compound effects. Brake lights in current vehicles are relocated to signal when the car is breaking to pedestrians rather than to other cars. The traffic light ring expresses crossing instructions to the pedestrian through the use of color and animation similar to current traffic lights. We found more users understood what the vehicle was doing when we leaned on the established traffic signal behavior and colors. A more nuanced and novel signal language can be revisited as people become more comfortable with autonomous vehicle behavior and the resulting infrastructure. 'Walk' and would o not cross' symbols clearly tell the pedestrian when they should or should not cross. The symbols are legible from a distance and eliminate any remaining ambiguity. Lastly, pictographs stand a far strong chance of being understood across cultures. We want to expose even more people to these scenarios. Stay tuned, as we will be posting our findings and evolving our designs and prototype.
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