Practical Sharing of World Cup 100 T-class CDN Intelligent Traffic Scheduling System Introduction to

Summary:   At the just concluded Chongqing yunqi, Zi Sheng, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, brought the topic "practical sharing of 100 T-class CDN intelligent traffic scheduling system" to the audience, focusing on the product architecture, technical solutions and customer practice of Alibaba cloud CDN under the live broadcast business scenario of the world cup.

At the just concluded Chongqing yunqi, Zeng Fuhua, a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, brought the topic "practical sharing of 100 T-class CDN intelligent traffic scheduling system" to the audience, focusing on the product architecture, technical scheme and customer practice of Alibaba cloud CDN under the live broadcast business scenario of the world cup.

Zeng Fuhua's sharing was carried out from three aspects: introduction to CDN system, intelligent scheduling products and World Cup scene optimization.

Introduction to CDN system

At the beginning, Mr. Zeng Fuhua said that Alibaba cloud CDN was officially commercialized in March 2014, and CDN intelligent scheduling was officially launched in February 2015. After so many years of commercialization, Alibaba Group has supported several double 11, the peak flow of the external Spring Festival Gala, and this year's World Cup. Alibaba cloud CDN now has the characteristics of large-scale, automation, intelligence and PAAS. "Alibaba cloud's CDN bandwidth reserve is 120t . It has more than 1500 nodes around the world and serves more than 300000 customers. In fact, there are only two o & M in such a huge resource and business system, all of which rely on an intelligent and automated scheduling system."

The following figure shows the CDN system architecture, which is roughly the same as that of most manufacturers providing CDN services. It is divided into cache system, scheduling system and support system. However, the main difference between Alibaba cloud CDN and other manufacturers is that all software is basically self-developed and open source projects deeply participated by Alibaba, such as LVS and Tengine.

Intelligent dispatching products

CDN intelligent scheduling mainly has three core components:

The first is resource planning, which is the link of assigning nodes to each business. In traditional manufacturers, it is mostly solved manually. In Alibaba cloud, only two o & M are doing scheduling related work. The specific nodes where each business runs are solved by the intelligent scheduling system. Today, we have achieved 15% business elasticity and automation compatibility, and the node water level can reach 80% smoothly.

The second is accurate flow control. Alibaba cloud conducts traffic prediction based on the global ldns portrait and accurate analysis of minute level logs. The deviation between the strategic bandwidth and the actual bandwidth of the flow control system can be controlled within 5%.

The third is the scheduling executor. The first is that the scheduling strategy takes effect at the second level. Another feature is that all scheduling executors are dual heterogeneous parallel schemes. Like aircraft engines, even if one engine breaks down, the other engine can be started immediately to ensure business stability.

resource planning

Intelligent resource planning is the biggest difference between cloud CDN and traditional CDN. Resource planning is a multi-objective operation research optimization problem. The first is how to solve the problem of rational resource allocation; The second is to ensure fast business access through automation, and make corresponding adjustments to the resource planning every day to ensure that the access of key customers is at the daily level; The third is to give the business necessary flexibility to deal with the increase of customer business flow; The fourth point is the degree of freedom of flow control. Resource planning is an offline program, which should provide the degree of freedom for real-time scheduling; The fifth point is to do load balancing among 1500 nodes in the whole network. The flow and load trends of all nodes converge, and the water level rises together. Intelligent resource planning ensures that limited resources can undertake more services.

The sixth point is to pursue the optimal cost under the advantage of scale; In addition to these points, resource planning also needs to consider business characteristics, make preference choices such as CPU and storage, and ensure the ease of operation and maintenance resource management.

Mr. Zeng Fuhua explained in detail with a picture on site. This grid is the node of CDN. There are four small grids in a grid. He has different groups, several black lines, several nodes connected, and which businesses should run on which nodes and groups. On the actual line, there is a combination of more than 300000 services and more than 1500 nodes, which is very complex. In order to simplify the schematic diagram, there are two live and on-demand scheduling domains on the left and four nodes in the middle. There are some machine groups in these four nodes. Then, the traffic in each area of the left scheduling domain needs to be allocated to each node and group in the middle. We expect all nodes to be at roughly the same water level as far as possible.

Precise flow control

How to accurately control flow in real time is a problem faced by any CDN manufacturer, which is the most basic core capability of CDN. The following figure shows the node list on the left and the business list on the right. The correspondence between the node list and the business list is roughly calculated offline by the resource planning system. Which businesses run on which nodes at the current time is determined by real-time accurate flow control. It looks like network flow from the figure, But in fact, there are some limitations in using network flow to solve precision problems.

Mr. Zeng Fuhua also re understood the ldns of operators with the audience, and analyzed the specific reasons why the traffic can not be allocated to multiple nodes according to any proportion through ldns scheduling.

When it comes to scheduling, Mr. Zeng Fuhua made an analogy on the spot. A cup with a lot of ice and water. If we want to use all the narrow space in the cup, we must put the ice in first and then pour the liquid water. The DNS protocol restrictions just mentioned above are similar to ice. Other scheduling forms, such as IP scheduling, can do request level scheduling, that is, support any proportion of load balancing, just like liquid water.

Therefore, in the scenario of intelligent dispatching, we also need to consider the combination of "solid" and "liquid" in order to achieve the accurate control of all nodes and water level.

In addition, through practice, the intelligent scheduling of Alibaba cloud CDN can accurately predict traffic. The accuracy of prediction within 10 minutes is 98%, and the accuracy of one hour is more than 95%. To sum up, the accuracy of CDN flow control can be controlled at about 5%.

Scheduling optimization in World Cup scenario

Next, let's share the optimization of CDN scheduling under the world cup scenario. This year's World Cup in Russia should be the largest online sports event in history, while Alibaba cloud CDN carries 70% of the domestic world cup webcast traffic this year. In the whole escort process, we faced several major challenges: the first challenge is that Youku obtained the broadcasting right from the end of May to the beginning of June, and the live broadcast will start in mid June. The preliminary preparation time is very short, and new resources are being delivered one after another, which is still a great challenge to us.

Facing this challenge, we have the following advantages:

1、 Large scale shared resource pools make the best use of free resources. Unlike traditional CDN manufacturers, all Alibaba cloud resource pools are shared together. The offline resource planning program calculates every day to ensure the full use of free resources. When resources are tight, try to use all free resources, If traditional CDN manufacturers isolate hardware resources into different services, there is no way to complete the centralized use of idle resources when such a huge service is coming up in a short time.

2、 The day level offline resource planning ensures that the business can be quickly accessed. The offline planning can be done by day level, so that the business will be connected faster. The peak volume of the next day can be estimated every day. In this way, as long as the prediction deviation is small, we can ensure that the next day runs smoothly.

3、 Local adjustment of time level resources and dynamic water level balance of resource layer. If the flow control cannot be reasonably allocated due to the prediction deviation of flow, local resource adjustment of hour level is adopted to ensure the dynamic balance of overall resources.

4、 In the efficient traffic simulation platform, the resource planning results can be verified. Whether it is day level resource planning or hour level resource planning, the effect of each adjustment can be confirmed through the simulation system, or the results of the simulation system can be iterated to the results we need.

The second challenge is that when the bit rate increases instantaneously, the conventional traffic prediction algorithm miscalculates, which will interfere with the flow control program. How do we solve this problem? Alibaba cloud uses a black technology - AI prediction intelligent locking. The general idea is to predict not the business volume in 10 minutes, but the peak business volume of the game.

There are many grids in the picture. The left grid before the start of the world cup, we will lock a certain proportion of bandwidth space according to the peak forecast, so that this part of bandwidth space will not be occupied by other traffic, resulting in the world cup jam. For a period of time after the start of each game, the traffic increases very fast. This locking amount basically ensures that the node bandwidth of 20 minutes with severe traffic rise in front is sufficient, which can provide smooth bandwidth guarantee for the world cup. After 20 minutes of the game, the increase of the whole traffic is much smoother. Next, we always ensure that there is a certain gap between the business volume at the time of the world cup, or the maximum peak reached in the game and the whole locking volume, such as the locking volume represented by the yellow area in the above figure, In this way, we have solved the problem of ensuring the smoothness of the world cup.

The third challenge is that Alibaba cloud has more than 1500 nodes. In the face of the huge business traffic of several domain names in the world cup business, how to ensure that the nodes do not run ultra-low polarization, and the overall water level is relatively constant?

The solution is that httpdns and DNS scheduling should be combined for scheduling. This combination is well applied in the business scenario of the world cup. As we can see in the figure below, for example, if all ends of Youku are compatible with httpdns, flow control is like controlling water flow. Combined with DNS scheduling at the web end incompatible with httpdns, we can achieve better node water level and accurate flow control.

The above is some practical experience sharing of 100 T-level CDN intelligent traffic scheduling system during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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New Patent Exposure of Apple Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Two OLED Flexible Screens Are Combined, an
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Defense Distributed has also moved into making fifty round magazines - exactly the sort that would be targeted by new gun control legislation.In one of his Youtube videos, Wilson holds a modified AR-15 - the same gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting - with a transparent plastic receiver, and fires off a few rounds before turning to the camera to ask, "How's that national conversation going?" Though he has recently received a firearms manufacturing license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allowing him to sell his products, Wilson is more interested in making his CAD file blueprints available for free online through his website, so that fellow 3D printing enthusiasts can follow his example and make their own weapons. Now there is no difference between downloading an album and burning a CD and downloading a CAD file and printing a gun. On top of which, other pirates using Wilson's blueprints are not required to make their home-printed guns identifiable by a metal detector.Critics claim Cody Wilson is in it for the attention. Well, he's got mine.I believe in gun control. I believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution has been misinterpreted, extending the right for states to create armed defensive militias to the personal right to own semi-automatic weapons. I do not understand why a civilian could require access to armor-piercing bullets and weapons that fire up to 800 rounds a minute for hunting even the largest moose. I believe that background checks on firearms sales - keeping potentially deadly weapons out of the hands of the mentally unstable, and those with criminal records - is plain common sense. But how do you even begin to implement gun control in an era of 3D printing? And how can I stand by my belief in the freedom of information, when extending my own logic means there is nothing wrong with downloading a gun?There is a snake in my Eden, and it's not even the second day.The same day that Defense Distributed announced the Liberator, office-supply giant Staples announced it would start carrying 3D printers. Since the release of the Liberator's CAD files to the Internet, the blueprints have been downloaded over 100,000 times. The government has attempted to step in: just this Thursday, the Department of Defense took down the Liberator CAD files from the website, but within a matter of hours the plans were back online with web hosting from New Zealand. Today, The Pirate Bay, the same BitTorrent search engine where I download books and films, has come out in support of providing the public with a place to download the CAD file. Copies of the 2mb file already have over 5000 seeders. As the cyber-activist group Anonymous likes to say, "We are legion." Cody Wilson is correct about one thing: it is too late to be having "the same gun control conversation we had in 1994." Ultimately, this isn't even a conversation about gun control.In my mind, completely open access to information would allow the children of the developing world to learn programming along with reading and writing. If the fate of 3D printing is any barometer, how soon does this curriculum turn violent in the wrong hands? The current line we have drawn on this issue is flawed - the same sort of protectorate policies that cripple game play on Sim City V and keep HIV retro-viral medication prohibitively expensive due to patents, not production costs. We need to level the playing field, and to do that we need to open the door and let everyone into the library. The question becomes how far to open that door, and where to draw the line on what is necessary and what is dangerous information. In my mind, the only acceptable boundary is the protection of human life.
Could I Put a Bala Shark in My Tank?
Could I Put a Bala Shark in My Tank?
no longer a sturdy plan. Bala sharks ought to stay in a team (or they get very anxious and under pressure) and strengthen to a pair of foot long. even though they are often non violent fish, an excellent bala ought to consume small tank friends. So upload those issues jointly, and this is merely no longer a sturdy concept. Ian.1. High visibility lines and shark fishing?They dont care, they have no idea what it is haha2. How to (Properly) Cook shark meat?This Site Might Help You. RE: How to (Properly) Cook shark meat? I Have never done it, People say its one of the more difficult things to cook. I have done my fair share of seafood But this would be a first. I would want it On the rare side. Also What would compliment it. For seasoning and just other things to go on the plate?3. 5 clown loaches or Red Tailed shark?Unless you intend to get a MUCH bigger tank, do not by Clown loaches. They will quickly outgrow a 20 gal, and eventually need 100 gallons. A red tail black shark will grow to need about 55gal as they are quite an active fish. What about some Dwarf Chain or Kuhli loaches? They are more suitable for a 20 gal. Ian4. Has Monckton jumped the shark, comparing climate science to Nazis and fascism?"jumped the shark". Are not you the trendy one! The skeptics are not on trial. They were not caught perpetrating fraud.5. All About The Tiger Shark!!?The tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, one of the largest predatory sharks, is the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. Mature sharks average 3.25 metres (11 ft) to 4.25 metres (14 ft) and weigh 385 to 909 kg (850 to 2000 lb). It is found in many of the tropical and temperate regions of the world's oceans, and is especially common around islands in the central Pacific. This shark is a solitary hunter, usually hunting at night. Its name is derived from the dark stripes down its body, which fade as the shark matures. The tiger shark is a dangerous predator, known for eating a wide range of items. Its usual diet consists of fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squid, and turtles. It has sometimes been found with man-made waste such as license plates or pieces of old tires in its digestive tract. It is notorious for attacks on swimmers, divers and surfers in Hawaii; and is often referred to as the "bane of Hawaiian surfers" and "the wastebasket of the sea". The tiger shark is second only to the bull shark in number of recorded attacks on humans and is considered, along with the great white, bull shark, and the oceanic whitetip shark to be one of the sharks most dangerous to humans. Tiger Sharks are most commonly found in Peru on the coast of Punta Sal. Tiger sharks migrate yearly to the warmer waters of Punta Sal, Peru during the months of January through to March for feeding and mating.6. Where can I find a Marbled Bamboo Cat Shark or a shovelnose shark?That is a pretty good price. My LFS before they shut down charged about that as well. You can often get the egg for cheaper, like $20-$40.7. popular bait for shark fishing on beaches?Cut Bonito works for me. Sharks are not picky fellers. King mackerel another good one. Just keep em fresh n bloody. Some say cat works but hey naaaaaah8. what makes a shark immue to diseases?Where did you hear that? Every animal is affected by one disease or another9. Is there a real shark you can own?There is one fresh water shark, but no big saltwater one10. backbone of a human and a shark?Moreover, the shark's backbone has two distinct sectors: the trunk sector and the tail sector. The final part of the backbone bends upward and supports the tail fin. All the vertebrae are very similar to each other.11. what is the best recipe for shark fin soup ?INGREDIENTS Dried shark fin 14 Kilogram Chicken meat 1 Cup (16 tbs), boiled and shredded Onion 2 Medium, sliced Mushrooms 4 Large (Soaked In Hot Water For 30 Minutes) Sliced ginger 2 Teaspoon Bamboo shoots 50 Gram (Canned Or Boiled) Wine vinegar 1 Teaspoon Rice wine 1 Tablespoon Soya sauce 1 Tablespoon Salt 2 Teaspoon (Leveled) Sugar 1 Teaspoon (Leveled) Corn flour 1 12 Tablespoon Peanut oil 2 12 Tablespoon Secondary broth 7 12 Cup (120 tbs) HOW TO DO IT Boil the shark fins in water for 20 minutes. Drain the water and fill the pan again fresh with boiling water and cook for 20 minutes. Repeat the draining and boiling process 4 times. This preparation will take 2 hours. Bring 1 1/2 cups secondary broth to the boil. Add sliced onions and ginger. Add the drained shark fins and cook for 15 minutes. Bring to the boil then drain off and discard the broth. Remove the stalks from mushrooms and shred the caps . Thinly slice the bamboo shoots. Heat oil and saute, shark fins, chicken, bamboo shoots, stir well add wine and vinegar. Continue cooking until dry. Pour remaining broth into the pan. Add soya sauce, mushrooms, sugar and salt. Mix cornflour with 1/2 cup water and add to the soup. Stir well. Let it simmer for a few minutes more and remove. Serve hot. Hope I helped You, Good Luck :)
How to Backup and Restore Huawei Mate 30 Pro
How to Backup and Restore Huawei Mate 30 Pro
The slick Huawei Mate 30 Pro is a powerhouse phone with a stellar camera. With the striking appearance of a futuristic slab of aluminum and glass, the Mate 30 Pro is an exceptional piece of hardware. Its quad-camera setup shoots outstanding photos, a dazzling 6.53-inch waterfall display is the centerpiece of an inspired design, and its 4,500-mAh battery goes and goes and goes. Since Android 10 itself is open-source, the Mate 30 Pro still runs Googles most recent operating system fine. Then same need-to-do thing is to back up your important data on Huawei Mate 30 Pro to PC for your privacy safety. So we here to tell you some useful tips to get your data safety arrive to your PC.Method 1: One-Click backup Mate 30 to Windows PCMethod 2: Backup Certain Data and Files to MacMethod 3: Restore Backups on Windows/ Mac to Huawei Mate 30Method 1: One-Click backup Mate 30 to Windows PCBacking up smartphone data to a Window computer can be a fairly straightforward process, but if you are planning to reorganize data on your Mate 30 Pro on PC before carrying out a backup, it is a good idea to have mobile phone manager to get through all these steps. If you are looking for a magic button to back up all your data on Huawei Mate 30 to your Windows PC at once, Syncios Manager is what exactly you need.Tool required: Syncios Manager for WindowSyncios Huawei Manager is a cell phone data manager helping to back up, restore and transfer Huawei phone data. Contents supported by Syncios Huawei Manager include Music, Video, Photo, Apps, Contacts, messages. In most cases, you have to learn some useful methods to back up your mobile phone. Among them, backing up phone data to PC will be a priority. Lets go to see how Syncios Manager perfectly back up your Huawei Mate 30 to PC.Step 1On your Windows PC, download and install Syncios Manager on the tablet. Run it and connect your new Huawei Mate 30 Pro into PC via appropriate USB cable.DownloadWin VersionStep 2On your Huawei Mate 30 Pro side, please enable the USB debugging Mode on the settings, which is a routine step for any 3-party application to access your mobile phone data. Syncios Manager then is able to read the phone data and display the data and files on PC for you to preview.Step 3If you want a direct backup to move your important data to PC, you can skip this step. Navigate to the management menu with several file sections like Photo, Media, Apps, Contacts, SMS. You can enter one of them like Photo part where you can further preview, export, import and delete the files. In Contacts section, you can as well edit detailed information to the caller. Unlike how you manage data on your phone, you can manage these data in a convenient way with Syncios Manager on PC.Step 4Jump to the top panel with a function named Toolkit and then you can further to see 2 functional buttons 1-Click Backup and 1-Click Restore. Tap into 1-Click Backup switch and then Syncios will read and load all available data existing on the phone. The contents are Music, Video, Photo, Apps, Contacts, Messages and More. When all the data is completely loaded, keep tap on Next to start the backup process. Keep patient to wait until all get done if you have large data to back up to PC.Method 2: Backup Certain Data and Files to MacTool required: Syncios Manager for MacWhat if you happen to be a Mac computer user and also want to back up your Huawei Mate 30 Pro to your computer? Take it easier, Syncios Manager as well offers Mac version to help you backup and restore data on your Mac computer. Whatever your mobile phone is iPhone or Android, Syncios Manager for Mac is 100% supported to your devices. With Syncios Manager on your Mac, you can be free to backup certain data and files to your PC. That is to say you can selectively migrate your photos, contacts, music, text messages to PC. Now lets get through the steps:Step 1Below is Mac version of Syncios Manager, you can kick and download it on your Mac.DownloadMac VersionStep 2Connect your Huawei Mate 30 Pro to the Mac port until it is successfully connected to Syncios. If meeting any connection issue, you can refer to this tutorial to sort it out.Step 3Enter to the options on the top panel, and tap into Music for example. You then are able to preview, edit and deleted the phones. When you reorganize the music playlists from your phone, you then can kick on the Export button to back up the selected songs to your PC. And for other files like photos, messages, apps and contacts, you just do as you do to your music. The whole process is so easy to learnt and it helps to optimize the space on your Huawei Mate 30 Pro.Method 3: Restore Backups on Windows/ Mac to Huawei Mate 30Tool required: Syncios Data TransferTo backup is to restore. By backing up the important data to PC, you will never worry about data loss even though sometimes misfortune falls on your phone like factory reset or an accidental deletion. Moreover, we wil further to tell you steps to recover the backups (created by Syncios on your Window or Mac) to your Huawei Mate 30.Of course, Syncios Manager offers Restore functions for you to recover the backup on PC to your Huawei Mate 30/30 Pro. But today, we would still introduce you one more another tool to let you easily restore data and files to your Huawei Mate 30. And if you previously backed up data to iTunes or iCloud, you can also use this tool to recover the data to your Huawei Mate 30. Syncios Data Transfer is a upper version when you meet any issues in mobile phone data migration. It restores backups created by iPhone/Android to PC Transfer, extract lost data from your iTunes backups and recover mobile contents from your iCloud backups. Syncios Data Transfer enables you to transfer iTunes library contents into your iPhone and computer as well.Step 1Below is both Windows and Mac version of Syncios Data Transfer offering to download. You can directly download the one you need. When completing the program download and installation, connect your Huawei Mate 30 into your PC.DownloadWin Version DownloadMac VersionStep 2Navigate to Restore mode where you can clearly restore backups from Syncios local path on PC, iTunes, iCloud and iTunes Library. Obviously, we would like to restore Syncios Backups to Huawei Mate 30 Pro. You then kick on Syncios Backups option.Step 3Following the steps to select specific data that you want to recover form. You can kick Select All button to restore all the data in the backups folder. Backups created by Syncios on PC can be seamlessy recover to the any iOS 513 device and Android 310 phone.Step 4Start the recovery process by kicking on the Next button to progress. When it all get done, Syncios smartly de-duplicate the data. It in some degree brings users much convenience.Never stop to give it a shot of any Syncios tool. Syncios Data Transfer and Syncios Manager are good helpers on mobile phone data backup, restore and transfer. Whatss more, the licensed service offers users continuous support when you meet any mobile phone data issue. Share your mobile phone ideas with us and make progess with us·RELATED QUESTIONIs wind-power a viable backup power source for Mars One?A question related to What power source options provide reliable and sustainable power generation for a Martian Colony, particularly the answer that solar and nuclear based energy sources being the most likely for any Martian colony. This is also discussed on the Mars One website. This leads me to the question, given how windy Mars is, would wind power be a viable 'backup' or supplementary power source for the Mars One colony? Edited to add: has there been any developments in making wind vanes sensitive enough to the conditions on Mars (or similar)?
How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair with Ayurveda?
How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair with Ayurveda?
Is your curly hair lacking bounce and vibrancy? Is frizz your constant hair issue? It might be time to change a few things in your hair care routine.Curls look gorgeous when they are well maintained. But constant styling, harsh cleansers and wrong methods of brushing can all cause severe damage. This is why Ayurveda recommends a haircare routine inclusive of 'Keshya' herbs and oils that nourish and strengthen your roots to bring back your hair's lost health.Scroll down to know the best ways to care for your curly hair and practices you should avoid to prevent hair damage.How Can You Take Care Of Your Naturally Curly Hair?Curly hair is often used as an umbrella term to identify hair patterns that curl or coil. Generally, such hair patterns fall under the 2 broad categories of curly and coily hair. However, there are several subtypes.In fact, a person can have over 2 natural hair patterns arising from different places on their scalp. Your haircare will thus depend upon your curl type. More the twist, more the maintenance. Mentioned below is a brief guide to various types of curly hair.Curly hair is often referred to as Type 3 hair with Type 1 being straight and Type 2 being wavy hair.People with this pattern have big, loose curls. The hair has a smooth, shiny texture and is often easier to maintain than other more defined curl patterns.This kind of curly hair is more defined in shape and has a bouncy nature. They tend to get dry easily and need to be moisturized frequently.Corkscrew curls, as the name suggests, are tight, defined ringlets that have a spring-like bounce. This type of curly hair is voluminous and tends to get frizzy quite easily.Coily hair is more common amongst people of Afro origin. It is also referred to as Type 4 or Afro-textured hair. Hair is generally densely packed but quite fragile in nature.This type of hair tends to be fine textured and super voluminous with tiny coils. However, these densely packed coils are often prone to dryness and frizz.Zigzag patterned coily hair does not have a defined curl pattern. It can have a cotton like soft texture or be wiry and coarse and stand out in sharp angles.The 4C type of coily hair is very much like the previous 4B type in texture and density. However, it can shrink even more.According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the 3 Doshas or life energies that govern your body functions also play a part in determining your body and hair structure. As per the vedic texts, people with dense curly hair have a Kapha dominant Prakriti (body constitution) whereas those with loose curls are likely to have a Vata Dosha dominance.Oiling is an essential part of taking care of your curly hair. It not only helps maintain shine but also keeps your gorgeous curls moisturized. Frequent 'Abhyanga' or head massage improves blood circulation on your scalp, pacifies your doshas and enhances your overall hair health. Add the below mentioned essential oils to a carrier oil of your choice, preferably jojoba, almond or argan oil for best results.An amazing dry scalp treatment, tea tree oil for curly hair keeps dandruff and foul smell away. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ensure you have a clean, healthy scalp.Geranium oil keeps your curls shiny and strong. It regulates oil production and maintains your scalp's pH balance. It is also known to boost hair growth.Since dryness is a constant issue with curly hair, regular usage of ylang ylang essential oil can keep your curls healthy and nourished.Rosemary is one of the most recommended oils for curly hair. It prevents hair fall, strengthens your strands, promotes growth and keeps your scalp's natural sebum balance.Rosehip oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Regular application helps keep frizz and dryness away. It is also a splendid choice if you want long, curly hair.With amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties , lemongrass essential oil keeps your scalp free from infections. It boosts healthy hair growth. Lemongrass oil also prevents excess sebum production and keeps your hair smelling great all day.Lavender oil strengthens your follicles and prevents your curly hair from breaking. Its light texture and amazing scent keep your scalp feeling fresh for a long time.While choosing a shampoo for curly hair, stay away from sulfates, parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances and colours. Sulfates give your shampoo that rich, creamy, lather which often gives you the impression that it cleans better. But such harsh surfactants strip your curly hair of its natural oils leaving it more vulnerable to environmental damage.Parabens are chemical preservatives that prolong a product's shelf life. Silicone gives a shiny effect to your shampoo. When a product mentions artificial colours and fragrances, they do not have to always list down the vast number of harmful chemicals that can come under it.Thus it is always better to select a herbal shampoo for your curly hair. These contain natural herbal ingredients like Reetha (soapnut), Shikakai (soap pod), Methi (fenugreek) which gently cleanse away the dirt without overdrying your hair. You can also check for additional 'keshya' (hair benefitting) herbs such as hibiscus, bhringraj and triphala in your herbal shampoo.If your curly hair has a coarse texture, dilute your shampoo with water and apply. This will cleanse your hair without damaging your curls.Co-washing is a popular technique for cleaning curly hair. Instead of a shampoo for your curly hair, a cleansing conditioner is used to achieve similar results. Most cleansing conditioners have mild surfactants along with hydrating agents. These effectively remove dirt from your hair and scalp without drying them out. You can do a thorough shampoo once a month to remove product build-ups.Curly hair care routines need to include extra moisturization as curls and coils are prone to frizz. This happens because your natural oils are unable to travel to the end of your strands due to the curl pattern. Hence, the ends of curly hair are easily dried out, tangled or experience frequent split ends.To avoid such mishaps, hair experts recommend the pre-shampoo or pre-poo treatment for curly hair.A. What Is Used?These are specially formulated to penetrate the hair shaft and give your locks some much-needed moisturization.Low porosity curly hair will benefit from oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, bhringraj oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and grapeseed oil.Make your DIY pre-shampoo treatment for curly hair with ingredients like banana, avocado, shea butter, honey, aloe vera, amla, brahmi, and bhringraj. "Adding sour yogurt to hair masks is a great idea to keep the curls soft and hydrated", shares Dr. Zeel Gandhi, Chief Ayurvedic Doctor at Vedix.B. How Does It Work?• Prevents stripping your curly hair of natural oils during a wash. Adds shine after a wash.• Makes it easier to wash your hair.C. How To Pre-Poo?• Heat your oil slightly for better absorption into your strands. Massage onto your scalp and through the length of your hair. For hair masks, avoid applying too close to the roots to prevent product build-up. Apply a generous amount focusing more on the ends.• Start your pre-shampoo treatment at least 30 minutes before your hair wash. Conditioning oils can be left overnight.• Wear a shower cap or wrap your hair with a towel to allow the product to penetrate your curls.Conditioning after a wash is mandatory for curly hair. Conditioners for curly hair are specially formulated to keep your hair tangle-free, shiny and hydrated. Choose your conditioner based on the texture of your hair. For loose curls, if you feel a wash-out conditioner makes your hair weigh down, go for a water-based, lightweight, leave-in conditioner.This method is called plopping and is the most recommended drying technique for curly hair. Rubbing wet curly hair with a towel can cause unwanted tangles, frizz and breakage. Even twisting it into a turban over your head is discouraged, as it can ruin your natural curl pattern or unnecessarily stretch your wet hair.3. Flip your wet curls into the centre of the t-shirt.4. Now take the bottom edges of the t-shirt and pull it over your curly hair.5. Tie this up with the sleeves of the t-shirt to keep your curly hair scrunched over your head.Depending on the porosity of your curly hair and the time it takes to dry, keep your hair plopped anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes.Drying and styling curly hair can seem like an uphill task. This is why we recommend the diffuser. Diffusers are attached to blow dryers to disperse the flow and heat to dry your curls evenly. This gives your curly hair a more defined, voluminous look.A. How To Use A Diffuser?1. Prepare your hair before using the diffuser. If you've already gone through the above mentioned stages of washing, conditioning and plopping your hair, it's time for a heat protectant spray or serum.2. Divide your hair into small sections. Now flip your curls into the bowl-like structure of the diffuser to dry them. Do not move the diffuser too much. Gently proceed from one section to the other.3. Wrap it up with a blast of cool air for sealed cuticles and a shiny appearance.Combing curly hair is often the toughest part of the routine. But before we talk about how to comb curly hair, let's focus on the type of comb that is best suited for it. Choose a comb that has soft bristles to avoid unwanted friction and damage to your curls. A comfortable grip is another feature to look for. Go for a slightly dense comb if you want to smoothen your curls or a wide-toothed one to keep your curls in place.1. Before you begin, dampen your hair or use a leave-in-conditioner/ serum or a detangler.2. Part your hair into smaller sections to ease through the task.3. For long curly hair, gently begin detangling from the ends and work your way up to the roots.When it comes to maintaining your curly hair, being picky is valid. Not everybody can cut or style curly hair. Coils and curls can shrink, so going to a regular salon can end up giving you an uneven look. You need a hairstylist who has experience in dealing with curly hair.Below mentioned are 5 points to check for while getting your curly hair trimmed or styled:1. Have a prior discussion before committing to your stylist. Know his/ her method to see if it suits your curl pattern.2. Check if your stylist is using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner that is specially designed for curly hair.3. Do not allow your stylist to use a brush to detangle your dry hair.4. Choose your cut well to avoid a flat-top look and maintain symmetry while flaunting your ringlets.Split ends are a common hair problem and even more if you have curly hair. To maintain your curly hair, it is advisable to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.What Should You Not Do With Curly Hair?As per Ayurveda, people with low porosity curly hair already have a Vata dominant body constitution. Certain practices such as the ones mentioned below can further aggravate your doshas leading to hair damage.Time and again there has been an emphasis on the right kind of shampoo for curly hair. However, irrespective of how gentle your shampoo is, over-shampooing curly hair can be severely damaging. Due to the curl pattern, most curly hair types are low on essential moisture. Frequent washes further strip the oils, making your strands fragile and lifeless.Though there are loads of articles on how hairsprays and mousse are an integral part of the curly hair care routine, avoid them. The more you minimize the use of styling products, the more nourished and healthy your curls will look. These products are known to dry out curly hair due to their alcohol content. They also contain harmful chemicals that are not fit for regular use.Product build-up is another annoying issue. These styling products can clog your follicles leading to scalp problems such as dandruff, smelly scalp and hair fall.Curly hair tends to tangle easily and this may prompt you to detangle them often. However, avoid the urge to brush unless you want to look like a pom pom. Always use a leave-in conditioner, serum or oil and a wide-toothed comb to free the knots.Sulfates are harsh surfactants present in most shampoos and conditioners. They are also present in your detergents. Their primary job is to clean your hair, but while doing so they strip off the natural oils which keep your curls moisturized and prevent them from breaking. To take care of your curly hair, choose a mild shampoo that does not lather much and contains natural cleansing compounds such as saponins.How Often Should You Wash Curly Hair?There is no rule about washing your curly hair. This completely depends on your hair texture, curl patterns and exposure to the elements.• For dense curly and coily hair, experts advise against frequent washes, as these types are prone to dryness and breakage.• Loose curls, on the other hand, can be washed 1 to 2 or even 3 times a week.• Co-washing once a week with a cleansing conditioner (as mentioned above in detail) is a better option.• To remove product build-up, people with thick curly hair can do a thorough shampoo 2 to 3 times a month.How To Sleep With Curly Hair?While sleeping with curly hair, the focus is on avoiding unwanted friction. So switch to a satin or silk pillowcase to avoid a frizzy look in the morning. Other than this, the below mentioned options can ensure a tangle-free sleep routine for your curly hair.One of the simplest and effective ways to maintain your curly hair while you sleep is to secure it in a loose bun. Apply a leave-in conditioner for curly hair or a nourishing, lightweight oil before flipping and tying. Tuck in the ends to avoid flattening.The pineapple is another great way to prevent your curly hair from getting out of shape. This involves tying your hair in a loose ponytail above your head, giving it the appearance of a pineapple. Secure your hair with a scrunchie to keep it in place as you sleep.This is probably one of the oldest methods followed to keep your curly hair from tangling while you sleep. Simply part your hair from the centre and make two braids on either side. This not only prevents your curls from getting squashed but also gives them a more defined look when you undo them.Wearing multiple braids to bed can give you a nice, stretched curly look in the morning. Simply divide your hair into multiple sections and braid them up.While plopping is one of the best ways to dry your curly hair, it can also be used to keep your curls in place at night. Simply grab a long sleeved, soft, cotton t-shirt. Flip all your hair into the centre and pull it over your head like a bag. Now tie it up using the sleeves.This might need a little practice but french plaits can give your hair a nice stretched curl pattern in the morning. It is most suitable for long curly hair.What Is The Best Haircut For Curly Hair?There are loads of styles to choose from when it comes to haircuts for curly hair. Focus on what your objective is before selecting your cut. Damage control, more volume, low maintenance, change of look or shortening the length are a few of the basic goals you may have in mind. Select your haircut accordingly.Some of the popular haircuts for curly hair are mentioned below:Consult your hair stylist on which cut is more likely to suit your facial structure and can highlight the best of your features.Thermal damage is inescapable while hair straightening and curly hair is no exception. In fact, curly hair is more prone to dryness and breakage after a straightening session . Curly hair fibres tend to be fragile at the bends. So when mechanical tension is applied along with chemical products, there is a greater chance of the strands snapping.After straightening, your hair's natural growth may also be affected as damaged hair easily breaks off or is prone to split ends. However, if you still feel the need to straighten your curly hair, you can follow the below-mentioned tips to minimize the damage.• Make sure your hair is moisturized and not dry and damaged before you decide to straighten it.• Tone down the temperature of the straightening iron.Curly hair is a dream for many, but natural curlies know the time and effort one needs to invest in maintaining them. To take care of your hair, opt for herbal, chemical-free products, keep heat styling to a minimum and follow the curly hair care tips we have mentioned in this article for gorgeous natural curls that you can flaunt all day.will highlights ruin my hair or damage it? and how long does it take before the highlights go away?i have highlights. mine last about 6-8 monthes. and it depends if they ruin your hair if your hair is sensitive then no!! dont do them itll ruin your hair so much. if your hair isnt sensitive try the temporary ones they last about a month. but if you keep doing that your hair falls out im not even kidding its better to do the long term one not the ones that stay for a little while.
4gig Iphone Vs 8 Gig Iphone?
4gig Iphone Vs 8 Gig Iphone?
4gig iphone vs 8 gig iphone?well there is not really much of a comparison, the galaxy S4 is far superior to the Iphone 5 ( I am an Iphone 5 owner). The S4 was released several months after the I5 and was fitted with superior technology. A more fair comparison will be when the 5s comes out.— — — — — —Which do you like better, Android or IPhone?nothin can go wrong with an iphone— — — — — —what is iMessage on the iPhone?I belive imessage means the other person you a re texting also has an iphone that is running on the highest version just like you. Imessage-came from an iphone— — — — — —What do you think the new features of the iPhone 5 will be?I've seen a bunch of rumors - curved glass (or back), 3D display/camera, combined GSM/CMDA antenna, LTE compatible, NFC, enhanced voice recognition to name a few. I am , personally, betting on an iPhone4 refresh (4S?) this September and an iPhone 5 later in 2012. The biggest indication is the processor. Apple's quad-core A6 chips will not be ready until late 2011 at earliest. I really can not see Apple shoving dual-core A5 chips in a flagship device, with the competitors' far more powerful quad-cores (Kal-El and OMAP5) being device-ready by September. Steve Jobs release an iPhone, only to be leapfrogged by more powerful Android devices within a month? Ego would not allow it. The iPhone 5 is promised to be a major improvement. I think Apple's got something great planned, but I doubt we will see it this year. My 2 cents.— — — — — —How easy is it to spy on someone through their iphone?iKeyMonitor can be used to spy on an iPhone— — — — — —1. Is the iPhone really coming out in January?The iPhone 4 came out in June. If you mean the Verizo iPhone, that's been a rumor since 2007. Do not hold your breath. If Verizon EVER gets an iPhone, the smart phone data plan will be an absolute, non-negotiable requirement.— — — — — —We finally know exactly what size Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus batteries areIf you are familiar with Apple's iPhone events, and practically everyone is, then you know Apple will never mention certain things on stage like how much RAM an iPhone has. Similarly, the company does not say anything about battery capacity, even though it always tells us what kind of battery performance is to be expected out of every new iPhone it unveils. DON'T MISS: Galaxy Note 7 explodes in the hands of a 6-year-old There are no official mentions regarding RAM and battery capacity for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 RAM yet. But leaks already answered the RAM question, and now regulatory filings have revealed details about the new iPhones' batteries. Documentation spotted from Chinese regulatory body TENAA reveals that the iPhone 7 has a 1,960 mAh battery, which is slightly bigger than the 1,715 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,900 mAh battery, which is bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus's 2,750 mAh battery as well. Apple on stage claimed that the iPhone 7 will offer users two extra hours of life compared to the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 Plus should outlast the iPhone 6s Plus by one hour, on average. These battery life advancements are likely possible because of more efficient hardware, but also because Apple slightly increased the battery capacities of both new iPhones. Here are the official battery quotes for all the iPhone models Apple is selling right now. Come Friday morning, official teardowns of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will likely confirm these reports, and tell us everything there is to know about the internal components in Apple's new iPhones. • None How to get the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you want on launch day even without a preorder • None Apple did a horrible job of justifying the iPhone 7's headphone jack removal • None Google's new Pixels will be the fastest Android phones of all time See the original version of this article on— — — — — —iPhone 11The iPhone 11 is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the thirteenth generation lower-priced iPhone, succeeding the iPhone XR. It was unveiled on September 10, 2019, alongside the higher-end iPhone 11 Pro flagship at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, Cupertino by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Pre-orders began on September 13, 2019, and was officially released on September 20, 2019, one day after the official public release of iOS 13. The prominent changes compared with the iPhone XR are the Apple A13 Bionic chip, and an ultra wide dual camera system. While the iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18 W Lightning to USB-C fast charger, the iPhone 11 comes with the same 5 W charger found on previous iPhones, even though this faster charger is compatible with both models.
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