Principle and Function of Non-woven Fabric Defect Detection Equipment

Fine spectrum measurement and control non-woven fabric defect detection equipment can effectively reduce the detection cost and improve the detection efficiency - the demand for household paper such as diapers and sanitary napkins is increasing, and the market requirements for the production capacity and quality of non-woven fabrics are increasing. As non-woven fabric is the main substrate of diapers and diapers, its surface quality is serious, which will directly affect the quality of finished products and the use safety of users in the later stage. Due to the current production environment and production process of domestic non-woven fabrics, it is easy to cause defects such as mosquitoes, black spots, metal iron cuts, stains, pulp blocks and impurities on the surface of materials in the production process. Due to the problems of fast production speed and small defects, the traditional manual visual inspection can not meet the quality standard of sanitary materials.

The precision spectrum measurement and control non-woven fabric defect detection equipment can carry out 7 * 24-hour high-speed and high-precision on-line detection of surface defects on the high-speed non-woven fabric production line, and automatically detect and alarm the mosquitoes, black spots, impurities, foreign matters, stains, slurry and other defects that affect the product quality in the later stage. While improving the product quality, Save labor costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprise products. Non woven stain detector has been recognized by more and more non-woven enterprises and has become an indispensable part of high-speed and high-quality production.

Detection principle of fine spectrum measurement and control non-woven fabric defect detection equipment

In view of the material characteristics of non-woven fabric with uneven thickness and sparse structure and the randomness of defect distribution, such as the front, back and middle of non-woven fabric, the traditional transmission lighting method is easy to cause systematic missed detection and false alarm. The non-woven stain detector based on machine vision detection adopts a shadowless bright field to form the detection environment, that is, one light source transmits below the material and the other light source reflects above the material. When the production line starts to run, the CCD camera scans and shoots in the same step according to the speed signal collected by the encoder, and the collected image is dynamically segmented through the image analysis software algorithm, Through the gray-scale difference between the defect image and the normal product, we can find the defect and carry out alarm, statistics, classification, recording and other operations.

Technical parameters of precision spectrum measurement and control non-woven fabric defect detection equipment

Test object: detection of cloth surface defects and defects in the production process of spunbonded, Spunlaced, hot binding, chemical bonding, hot air and other non-woven materials

Detection speed: max. 800 m / min

Detection width: it can adapt to any width (multiple cameras can be combined)

Detection accuracy: 0.1mm-0.5mm

Test content: surface defects of non-woven materials (stains, holes, melting points, bright spots, insects, etc.)

Processing methods: sound and light alarm, automatic classification of defects, automatic recording position, automatic saving and retrieval of pictures;

Inspection Summary: the system automatically generates non-woven coil quality report and defect distribution chart.

Functions of fine spectrum measurement and control non-woven fabric defect detection equipment:

1. Real time display of defect location distribution map;

2. Real time defect image specific information display;

3. Automatically generate the product batch number, and manually modify the product batch number during production;

4. Establish a complete historical database query according to the product batch number;

5. The history record automatically generates the defect position distribution map in reverse order corresponding to the batch number, which is convenient for later volume division;

6. Statistical generation and printing of information report;

7. Real time capture and display of defect pictures;

8. Long time and large capacity history storage;

9. Remote technical services;

Note: software functions can be fully customized according to user requirements!

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