Product Design Takes Industrial Design As the Core and Constructs a Perfect Industrial Chain

In industrial design, whether it is appearance design or structural design, if the drawings are simply drawn without basis, it is not in line with the reality, and there is no way to complete mass production, the preliminary work is of no practical significance. Drawings are only the language to express the design scheme, and ultimately for the mass production of products.

There are many kinds of industrial design. The main industrial design of white fox design is divided into intelligent interconnection, intelligent household appliances, health care, military three defense, new energy, mechanical equipment, industrial equipment, electronic R & D design, etc. Take industrial design as the core, build a perfect industrial chain and a one-stop service system.

There are many kinds of products with different demands. Mass customization can also be divided into mass customization and small mass customization. Generally, products with large demand and high output estimation are easy to find investment, production and various supply chain resources; For example, the demand for medical equipment and customized products is limited, the mold opening cost is high and the cycle is long, and it is not easy to determine the mold investment, production and supply chain resources. When mass production is carried out, the supply chain resources need to be screened and compared.

Mass customization products need to find user demand points through market research and analysis in the early stage, launch new functions and new shapes of products, design independent features and highlights of products, and master their own technical advantages. When the products are mass produced, attention should be paid to the selection of process, compact product structure and beautiful appearance. It should not only be safe and durable, excellent performance, but also easy to manufacture and low production cost.

Product design landing is to reflect the technical characteristics of the product, the conversion between product functions and components, surface texture and internal quality through morphological language. Standardize the production process before production, ensure that there are rules to follow in all links, and ensure the quality and efficiency of products. In the early stage of small batch production, check the quality and function, put it into use and check the feedback. Relatively speaking, sheet metal shell and blister process are more suitable for mass production of products with small demand than injection molded parts.


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