Recaps Are the New Water Cooler

Like many people these days, the vast majority of my TV viewing is done on a time-shifted basis. Sometimes I'll binge a series long after it's off the air, other times I'll catch up with a show that's in-season, only I'll do so intermittently, in bursts. But however I'm doing it, the one thing I miss is that water cooler conversation, the ability to trade notes with friends and co-workers who've also just seen the same show.

That's not happening these days.

Particularly when I finish watching at 2 in the morning. But I've found a solution and so, it appears, have many others: Recaps.Recaps, for the uninitiated, are a combination of a review and blow-by-blow recounting of an episode and the best ones are humorous and have a very strong POV.

They are a great way to ascertain, for example, who random characters in Game of Thrones actually are and which family they're related to, or get someone else's opinion on which of the Wet Hot American Summer actors have aged the best.What's most surprising about recaps is how many publications actually run them - everyone from The Wall Street Journal and New York Times to Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Wired and the Huffington Post.While all the aforementioned sites (along with Entertainment Weekly) have excellent recaps, my favorite remains the AV Club, a site by and for TV and movie geeks.

Their writing is just a little edgier, their insights a little geekier, the tone just a little closer to the late, lamented Television Without Pity, the mother of all recaps.And they give letter grades.While it's interesting to look at recaps from a creative perspective, it's worth looking at them from a business perspective, too.Can we monetize them? While that may initially seem crass, recaps might be the only place you'll be guaranteed to find all of a show's fans, whether they watched the show in 2015 or 2025.

That's a pretty broad swath, but chances are good the demographics of the shows fans won't change, just their numbers over the years.Recaps also provide an incredible source of data for networks, studios and showrunners. What scenes did these superfans seem to like? Which ones did they find confusing.

Who are these fans? What other recaps do they read? What sites were they referred from? There's just so much data in tracking the recaps that is of great value to networks and showrunners alike.I would also suggest a few ways for networks and showrunners to make use of recaps:Aggregate recaps on the show's site so they're easy for fans to find. Whether it's the show's website or a second screen app, fans will appreciate having the links available.

It's also a great way to increase engagement for fans who are coming late to the show - recaps give them an easy way to begin to understand the show and its culture. They also reinforce the notion that your show is popular and lots of people are also watching it.Promote recaps on social so that your fans can find them there.

Not every recap will be 100% positive, so you need to be able to bear that. But fans will ultimately reward you for promoting deeper involvement with the show. And the people who write the recaps will certainly be happy that you're promoting their work.

Consider writing your own recaps.

Ideally someone on the show's writing staff can be in charge of this one. They can provide insights that other media sources can't and can clear up some mysteries once and for all. The flip side, of course, is that they are the voice of the show rather than that of the viewer, but "official" recaps can be a useful companion piece to third party recaps.

As the way we watch television changes, the way we keep up with television will continue to change as well. Recaps are just one part of the equation, but an important one nonetheless. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know.

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The Social Water Cooler 
There continues to be innovative and interesting developments in the social landscape. I've been an observer and analyzer of how people behave on social for 7 years now, both from a personal perspective and in my professional work.What first intrigued me about social in the beginning (by beginning I mean Xanga and Myspace) and continues to interest me today is HOW people communicate on social platforms and how it EVOLVES our real life communication.Beyond just allowing us to share photos and update what we're doing, social platforms are forever changing the way we dialogue with one another.This change of dialogue is something that shouldn't be taken what we share on digital...changes how we share in person.Ponder this:When was the last time you talked to a friend about the TV show that was on last night?andWhen was the last time you talked to a friend about a photo your mutual friend posted on Instagram?In the olden days we used to gather around the "water cooler" at the office to talk about our favorite TV show or current events. The water cooler represented a central conversational gather place for small groups of people.Today however, over and over again I find my wife and our mutual friends breaking out into full conversations about what our friends post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These types of dialogues happen offline when we're together and we are having similar conversation in the digital space on platforms through group messaging - usually this conversation is dominated by visuals (screen shots of other photos, etc)Our mutual friend's social content has replaced traditional media in our daily conversations with our group of friends.The challenge is - we need a "social" water cooler to gather around to have this dialogue.We need a social platform that encourages and allows this type of intimate and private group conversation.The race to group conversation/messaging is the most important innovation in social in 2013.Every single social channel is trying to get there and at an increasingly rapid rate. Consider what's happened in the past year around group and private messagingFacebook introduces and updates a stand alone messaging appSnapchat comes to the forefront as one of the most popular messaging appsLine is exploding overseasFacebook tried to unsuccessfully acquire SnapchatTwitter announced the ability to DM anyone and this week the ability to send photos over DMToday, Instagram introduced the ability send photos directly to friends rather than share with everyone (which is Facebook's direct response to Snapchat denying their acquisition)There has been a massive shift in the past 18 months about how we communicate with one another on social media...The future isn't conversation with everyone, it's conversation with the people we care about.The future is a gathering place, or a "social water cooler" for us to communicate around. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc are desperately trying to be that destination, to be THE social messaging platform.In many cases, most of this group, water cooler style dialogue is occurring via text messaging. However texting costs money for users and as messaging app features continue to enhance and outpace what texting offers, I have no doubt that people will shift usage into social messaging apps for private and group conversations.What's unpredictable at this moment is: what platform will win the messaging game? For the one that does win, how will they monetize it without alienating users? What role does a brand (or advertiser) have in private messaging between users?What is predictable is that it's sure to be an exciting ride and that nothing, absolutely nothing will stay the same.The platforms and brands that evolve the quickest to customers ever changing communication behavior will survive.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best 40 inch 4K LED gaming TV for Xbox One X?The gaming experience may be enhanced by a lot of things, but having the best TV is definitely at the top of the priority list. I'm recommending two products that will work amazingly for the Xbox One X.The first is Samsung Electronics UN40MU7000 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This baby comes packed with awesome features to turn your Xbox One into an immersive gaming system. This Smart TV from Samsung has 4K Color Drive Pro that shows a wider spectrum of colors than other TVs. Its built-in Motion Rate 120 also ensures smooth display of fast-moving videos and games.(If you're having trouble using the Samsung Electronics UN40MU7000 for Xbox One X, go to TV Settings > General > External Device Manager > Game Mode.)Another product that I recommend - this time on the cheaper side of the spectrum - is Vizio D40-D1 LED Smart TV. This TV is designed with 5 HDMI ports, which means you can hook up multiple devices at once (such as PlayStation, Xbox, and an external media player). It also has a user-friendly interface to make TV watching convenient.The products that I mentioned above also appear in the following review, which I highly recommend that you read:Best 40 inch TV Review (June 2018)Whichever product you choose, ask the salesperson or refer to the product manual if it's compatible with your gaming console
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The Social Water Cooler 
Topics: Dec. 29
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