Remote Wireless Control Monitoring and Alarm System for Water Pump / Deep Well Pump

Remote wireless control monitoring and alarm system for water pump / deep well pump

Sq-wxb deep well pump remote wireless control system is an automatic network monitoring and management system integrating sensing technology, automatic control technology, wireless communication technology and network technology.

The management personnel can remotely monitor the liquid level or inlet pressure, working state of the pump unit, outlet flow, outlet pressure, etc. in the pump station monitoring center;

Support the manual control, automatic control and remote control of the pump unit by the pump starting equipment to realize the unattended operation of the pump station.

It is widely used for remote monitoring and management of urban water supply system, power plant, factory and drainage pump station.

It can monitor and control water level, flow, current, voltage, electric quantity, temperature, pressure and other parameters, collect the output signals of various instruments and transmitters, and remotely transmit data through GPRS or short message.

It supports power supply modes such as municipal power, battery and solar energy, and is widely used in water supply, water conservancy, agriculture, geology, environmental protection and other industries.

Remote wireless GPRS acquisition control cabinet and communication antenna

Built in GPRS acquisition module, including transmitting and receiving antenna

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