Samsung LED TV (model #: UA46C7000WR).?

I've been comfortable with several Samsung HDTV's.. I did have a 32 inch, however went for the 37 inch later..! A excellent product.. As for reliability, they blow Sony out of the water.

1. Connecting 46" samsung LED TV Audio to DVD player of Philips Home Theater system?

Connect red & white cables from cable box to Home Theater system if you have one

2. How do I install the stand in the 40 inch samsung led TV series 6 ?

That should be easily found in the setup guide that came with the TV, and also in the owner's manual. If you do not have the manual, you can probably find it on-line. The link below may help. Or you can Google for other options

3. Is the new samsung LED tv the better new generation tv over plasma and LCD?

I would say Yes,pictures quality of samsung LED tv are excellent

4. Can you help me with this problem with samsung LED tv?

The resolution you see displayed on the screen shows the incoming signal, your tv upconverts all signals to it's native 200hz, so that's what you are watching. The modem/router is called a set top box. Call your provider and ask how to set the box to 16:9, 1080i, that will give you the best picture.

5. Pixelation around fast-moving objects on new samsung LED TV?

I have the same issue, but on an LG 55UH7700, a 55" UHD TV with HDR. I really love the picture, but the halo effect is driving me nuts sometimes. I have tried to reduce sharpness with little result. Any suggestions?.

6. Which brand of TV is the best?

42 inc and above big screen , Plasma TV prefect in performance and prices. new Plasma with out burn in issue also low power consumption.60,000 hour life time. none of any LCD TV reached Plasma performance. Panasonic is King of Plasma TV. LED TV ( LCD -LED back light ) closed to Plasma quality also much better than LCD TV in colour display / smooth pictures for sports movies - gaming. but cost much more. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp LED TV are great . those local house brand LED is " cheap " but really not up to real LED TV quality. LCD TV with 3 difference range . you budget master the " best ". 720P 60 HZ refresh rate entry level models. 1080P 60 HZ refresh rate mid end models. 1080 P 120HZ / 240 HZ refresh rate high end models. 1080P models always better display quality than 720 P models even 26 inc small screen . unless below 24 inc 720P okay / enough to our eye. 60 HZ refresh rate not so go for sports movies-gaming , motion blur cause uncomfortable to our eye. 120HZ / 240 HZ make more smooth pictures to fast action moving image . if you watch sports movies, play games you better go for 120 HZ refresh models. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / Toshiba LCD TV is quality and reliable. local house brand LCD TV is ' cheap ' , subject to reliable after 1 to 2 year. you paid for what you get. quality and reliability always well balance. you can never paid less for entry level models and get hi end models quality. LED TV cost more but better than LCD . except you paid less for Panasonic Plasma and get excellence Quality and reliable. you paid less for local house brand , at the end paid much more after 2 year. ( keep on repair TV after warranty )

7. Samsung LED TV (UN55C6300SF) GHOSTING?

This set has a one year warranty. Use it. Ghosting or lines around the scenes usually means the panel is bad. Have Samsung send out a service center with a digital main board and tcon. If that does not fix it, it's the panel. Which it probably is. You have 9 months left on your warranty.

8. Which Samsung LED TV should I choose?

To be honest, I think the 120Hz on a 40" is absolutely fine. The 240Hz is more for the bigger screens. I think you should take a look at the Samsung UN40EH6000. it is only 120 Hz but it's got a CMR of 240. Samsung state: Clear Motion Rate 240 - Clear Motion Rate (CMR) was developed to accurately measure how well a LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. LED TVs with a CMR of 240 can display action-packed movement with sharp detail and deeper levels of contrast while eliminating image distortion. Amazon always seem to have the best price at just under $700 and Samsung do fantastic displays. You would certainly future proof yourself with this TV. The below link may help you:

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