Service Life and Precautions of Water Heater

When I came home during the Spring Festival, I found that the water heater in my home was "old age".

It has been sticking to its post for nearly 13 years. It is not easy to live so tenaciously after going through repair and mending. The old people at home uphold the excellent traditional virtue of diligence and thrift and mend for another year.

Fortunately, it broke down again this time, and under the strong replacement requirements of Xiaobian, the family is finally going to usher in a new water heater.

Diligence and thrift are indeed commendable, but household appliances have a service life. If they exceed the service life and fail, there are potential safety hazards even after maintenance, so replacement should be considered.

China Household Appliances Association has already issued a series of standards for "safe service life of household appliances", which clearly defines the safe service life of water heater: the service life of electric water heater is 8 years.

Water heaters that have exceeded their service life may have the following problems:

1. Increased energy consumption;

2. Accidents are easy to occur, because exceeding the service life will lead to the aging of components and increase the possibility of leakage;

3. In case of safety problems, the manufacturer will no longer bear the responsibility and cannot claim;

4. The function design is backward and inconvenient to use.

Take our water heater as an example. Before it broke down completely, there had been several times of non combustible fire, and the bottom of the shell was rusty and dripping water from time to time.

The key is that our water heater was designed more than ten years ago. We need to rotate the knob to adjust the fire power and temperature. The key is that we can't adjust to the specific temperature value. We can only choose high temperature and low temperature, which is very unwise.

The use experience is getting worse and worse. The water temperature goes up when the water is a little smaller. Taking a bath in summer is like drenching down with water at 70 or 80 degrees.

Another potential safety hazard is that it is a direct row water heater. There is no suction and exhaust device in the direct row water heater.

When the water heater burns water, it sucks in indoor air to participate in the combustion of liquefied petroleum or natural gas, consuming oxygen in the indoor space. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other waste gases generated in the combustion process are directly discharged indoors. When the oxygen in the indoor space is exhausted, the concentration of toxic gas increases.

If it happens that the bathroom is closed, the air is not circulating, and people inhale for too long, it will directly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and loss of life in serious cases. Fortunately, the country has already banned the production and sales of direct row water heaters.

It is also suggested that when installing the gas water heater, it is best to choose the ventilation place on the balcony or kitchen.

When choosing the water heater this time, I also had a good understanding of the common sense of the water heater.

One of them is the liter. The liter of water storage water heater refers to the amount of water that can be stored in the water tank. The liters of gas water heater can be understood as the heating capacity, which refers to how many liters of water can be increased by 25 ℃ per minute.

For example, 10L gas water heater can raise 10L water by 25 ℃ per minute. The larger the number of liters, the higher the heating energy consumption, hot water volume and heating time.

When we choose the gas water heater, we choose the number of liters according to the specific use needs at home, not the bigger the better.

If there is a kitchen and a bathroom for 2-3 people, generally 10-12 liters of hot water is enough. If the family has a large population and is still a double bathroom, a water heater with a large number of liters can be appropriately selected to meet the hot water demand.

Another point is that it is best to choose a thermostatic water heater. You can use hot water with appropriate temperature in summer or winter to ensure the comfort of shower.

At present, the water heaters on the market can basically adjust to specific temperature values and ensure constant temperature, so that consumers can have a more comfortable and satisfactory use experience.

In short, any electrical appliance has a service life. For electrical products that often fail beyond the safe service life, the best solution is to replace them. After all, safety comes first.

The service life of the water heater is 8 years. It should be checked regularly during use to prevent explosion risk caused by gas leakage. It is best to install it in the ventilated place of balcony and kitchen to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the selection of liters, consider the use habits and needs of the family, not the most expensive, but the most comfortable.

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