Short Story About Aliens Who Offer to Save Earth's Animals by Taking Them to a Sanctuary on Another

The anthology is "Stories from Outer Space" by Raj Sacranie.The cover illustration is from the story "Taking Care of Baby". Plot: a freighter lands on a planet believed uninhabited to mine fuel, but finds it inhabited by huge green dragon like creatures.

The story about the zookeeper was titled "Zoo Story". The aliens did indeed offer to take him with them, but he declined and remained on Earth. In the final scene, the owner of the zoo was yelling at him that the zoo would have to close down because all of the animals had gone missing.

I'm not 100% sure about the astronaut floating in space, but it sounds like the end of "The Talent". The astronaut was a telepathic boy adopted by a married couple (both schoolteachers) growing up in the ruins of a city on Earth.The female cat person (are you sure it wasn't just her clothing that was blue? I remember her fur being pink) was a character in "Edgar" (the first story in the anthology if I remember correctly). She was trying to convince a human that her people (who had committed terrible war crimes) had reformed and were no longer dangerous.The other stories were "Child of the Graveyard", "We Eat Pigs, Don't We?", "Between the Galaxies", "The Race", and "Time Travel"

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Was the design of the Peacekeepers inspired by the Stormtrooper design?

Firstly, the Peacekeepers didn't always look quite so much like Stormtroopers. In the first film, their helmets didn't encase their whole heads nor have those one-way visors of black glass:

I found an article with a statement from the designer, Trish Somerville, that she was "inspired by insects, particularly the praying mantis", but makes no mention of the Star Wars Stormtroopers. It is sourced to this article and also backed up by this interview (thanks @Richard for the find!), where Summerville says:I love the Peacekeepers that I did. I wanted to make them look a little more menacing, kind of insect-like. I draw a lot in my inspiration boards from different projects, a lot from nature, and animals, and insects. I just think that theres so much there, in silhouettes and colors. The colors, theyre amazing, when you look in the insect world, and at in animals and nature. I wanted to make these Peacekeepers after the first film, I felt like they needed to be bumped up a bit, because of what was going on in the second film with the rebellion thats starting. I felt that we needed to show a transition, that the Capitol is stepping up its forces and making it much more intimidating and fearsome. So I went for this sort of spiny, praying mantis sort of look for them.


Is it okay to talk about a blind person's guide dog to the blind person? closed

There isn't any reason you should be hesitant to ask about the service animal as long as you keep a few things in mind.While they are pets, when they are working, they are an extension of the person. Do not pet them, do not speak to them, do not feed them, do not distract them.

There is no majority consensus on if you should avoid asking to pet them or anything, but asking is always preferred over anything else. See 1.You should not refrain from treating the person any differently than you would another person without vision impairment. They are not invalids, they are not less than normal people. To use a slightly cringeworthy phrase, they are just differently able.To that effect, you can ask the same type of questions about the service animal as you would any other, as long as you observe section 1 above. And you should not avoid using normal language around blind people. There is a difference between using common phrases or expressions and intentional rudeness. Avoid these plain speech words would mean you are treating the blind as fragile incapable things, or "othering" them. You would intentionally be excluding them from normal human interaction because of their disability. In essence, by avoiding normal speech you are doing exactly what you are trying to avoid, bring attention to their blindness


Would these adjustments to the ranger archetype Beast Master to help the animal companion be more useful make it too powerful?

With the introduction of the Artificer and the Battle Smith's Steel Defender, we now have precedent for a companion having HP equal its Con your casting stat 5 times your level, and the Steel Defender isn't breaking the game with its durability.Regarding scaling toughness based on Con, almost every CR 1/4 beast has a Con modifier of 1, with a select few having 0 or 2. You would have to make the Con scaling very significant in order for it to make a major difference. CR 0 or CR 1/8 beasts sometimes have lower Con, but they're already made weaker by their lower CR, they don't need to be doubly punished with lower hit points.Giving the beast a saving throw proficiency would certainly help and likely not be too strong.Making the DC scale would certainly help, but I think would be too strong specifically for the Giant Poisonous Snake. Because the snake can add your proficiency bonus to its damage rolls, it can bite for 1d44prof piercing, and then the poison deals 3d6prof, half on a save. Normally the DC is 11, but if it scaled, then it would do its full damage much more often. Using a bonus action to attack for 3d61d44double proficiency is too strong, especially if the snake also has cunning action and can try to hide and get Advantage.


Is it a sin if you masturbated without knowing that it was haram?

Allah made HARAM a few things in the Quran, for example to eat blood, the dead and the pork. Islam is appeals to the Muslim good will, there is no point in asking for example when the pork was forbidden and someone will ask, is the donkey haram? is the chicken haram? is the animal that looks like pork haram? and so on. To me it seems like the asker wants to do what she/he wants, and he/she feels guilty about. So then where is the guilt come from, as you mentioned you inserted your finger you probably felt good about it and that is very natural all human knows that. So you want me to tell you that is ok to go ahead and do it. A good practice of Islam is to use your judgment to, you cant expect to get answers for everything like how to take a shower or if you should use a for when eating. The general rule is to practice the religion in good will and sense. My advice will be try not to do things that you feel guilty about. if you expect to hear a binary answer I don't have that for you Allah knows. For now don't worry and insha allah he will show you the way. Allah Gafour Rahim


Did Newt Scamander capture his creatures against their will?

(Almost) all of the beasts had a specific reason for leaving. Let's go through the list:NifflerThis animal loves shiny things, and can't get enough of them. We see what Hagrid says:"These're nifflers," said Hagrid, when the class had gathered around. "Yeh find 'em down mines mostly. They like sparkly stuff... There yeh go, look." Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 28He only went out to collect more shiny stuff.The MurtlapThis beast jumps out and attacks Jacob when he opens Newt's monstrous suitcase. It's only defending itself!ErumpentThis is the rhino-like thingy. It was in heat - it was looking for a mate. That's why Jacob got in such big trouble when he gets doused with the pheromones.OccamyThis is the blue snake-like animal.You'll recall that the egg fell out of Newt's pocket - apparently this hatched out of it, so technically this was never in the suitcase.DemiguiseThis is the invisible creature, whose hair can be woven into Invisibility Cloaks.Newt states why this one escaped - he learned from Newt, and was looking after the Occamy.BillywigThis the blue bug. I'm not quite sure why it escaped. But it's a bug, and you know that bugs go everywhere...BowtruckleThis was just following Newt around, as he really really liked him :P. It wasn't trying to get away.So:All images taken from the Harry Potter Wiki.


Should we reopen the beef drippings question?

I don't normally get involved in meta discussions; however, in this instance (and since I was the OP) I felt I should at least re-state my case. Just to give a quick disclaimer before I start; the answer that was given to my question was sufficient.As @rumtscho has stated, my question arose from a lack of anything but a very basic knowledge of food and cooking (that is, I know how to cook some things, and vaguely speaking I know where food comes from).

The reason I felt this question was not a duplicate is this: a duplicate question (to me) is a question that I could have searched Stack Exchange for, and found another question which sufficiently resembled my own.Fundamentally, I would need to know that beef and pork dripping could be treated in the same way. This seems an incredibly specific and detailed piece of information to expect a casual cook to know; and here's why:I cook a fillet stake for 2 - 3 minutes each side and eat it. That comes from a cow (like beef dripping) and it's perfectly safe to eat. If I cooked a pork steak for the same amount of time and ate it, I imagine I would spend a week in hospital. That comes from a pig (like bacon grease).

Essentially, this feels like expecting the OP to know the answer to their own question before asking


With which tense do we use 'as'?

Here, you are using "as" to mean "while something else is happening" (Advanced Learner's Oxford Dictionary).You use the past simple because you are talking about an action entirely contained in the past and you choose to consider the period of time when it happens as a specific time; you could have chosen the past progressive, though, and then you consider the action as occurring over a time span.You can use "as" with many tenses. In particular it can be used with the state present and continuous tenses.

ExamplesAs the Earth revolves about the sun, so does the Moon revolve about the Earth. (state present)You have to look for traces along the path as you are getting close to the hill, that's where the animal is found most often. (present continuous)As she was preparing breakfast, she remembered there was no bread left. (past continuous*)The simple past can also be used, but as well the present perfect.ExamplesShe felt a sharp pain in her shoulder as she removed her shirt. (simple past)As she has said all along, she wasn't in the school on the day of the robbery, she was sick, she can't be guilty. (present perfect)You can also use the future and the future continuous.ExamplesAs you will close the door, it will be latched automatically. (future)They'll make that experiment in the morning, as the sun will be rising. (future continuous).

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