Structural Characteristics and Working Principle of Air Heat Exchanger

I don't know if you have heard of air heat exchanger. I believe many people are still not familiar with it! Air heat exchanger, also known as air radiator or fin heat exchanger, is mostly used for production, drying, ventilation and heating. As the core component of heating, its structure is not as complex as expected. It is mainly composed of heat dissipation row pipe, inlet and outlet main pipe and frame. What are the structural characteristics and operation of the air heat exchanger?

Structural features of air heat exchanger:

1. Compact structure: the air heat exchanger adopts steel tube aluminum finned tube bundle, which has close contact and good heat dissipation performance;

2. Cost saving: the price of air heat exchanger is much lower than that of hot blast stove, and its performance price ratio is high;

3. Careful processing: the air heat exchanger has advanced processing technology, strict quality assurance system, strict organization and careful processing;

4. Easy installation: the air heat exchanger is easy to install, use and maintain, with low labor intensity;

5. Steel aluminum rolling: the finned tube of air heat exchanger is rolled by steel aluminum composite tube as a whole, with no contact thermal resistance, high strength and heat resistance.

Working principle of air heat exchanger:

The water to air heat exchanger is a system with two heating to air, passing through the temperature of water in the system and cooling air. In these systems, as a transfer device, as long as the temperature of the allowed water is heated or cooled, then the air is forced through the fan. Changes in this system can be found in various fields. Sometimes, this system is used for heating and cooling in the home. Another example is an automobile air conditioning system, which is transferred to the cooled air through the coolant circulation of the engine and then blown out through the vent.

The water in an air heat exchanger usually uses a coil system through which water or other liquids pass. Conversely, regardless of the coil temperature, it is then transferred to the external air, usually by the device's induction system, which allows it to be transferred to a collection area, and then it can be forced to withdraw the ambient temperature of the coil in the system from the environment through a fan.

These systems can be used to heat or cool the temperature of the air because they are dispersed and directly related to the temperature of the fluid through the operation of the coil. For example, a unit has the capacity of two heat, and a family car is heated and cooled in the same way. Using such a system, homeowners can buy a system and use its air conditioners and heaters. This method is more cost-effective than buying and installing a separate furnace. It is also more environmentally friendly in the long run, not to mention safer.

The above is what Xiaobian edited for you. There is an introduction to the function and working principle of the air exchanger. Don't you know something about it? In this era of rapid industrial development, air exchanger is more and more widely used in our life, and many industries are inseparable from it. And it has many advantages. It is safe and fast. At the same time, it is also more convenient and economical. It is the primary choice for many manufacturing factories. I believe it will be more widely used in the future.

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