Strunk & White "Others with This Badge Link Seems Broken

Sorted now, thanks for reporting it !

1. What's with that orange badge, anyway?!?

We are much more fun to be with on P & S. Please stay. xo

2. Air Force security forces badge?

You do not keep the badge, it is turned in and numbers get reused. The exception... CMSgts... they retire their numbers and their badge is formally presented to them

3. New badge for people who combat poor answers

I do not think we need to encourage more downvoting.In general downvoting fosters a negative feeling on the site. I agree that it is necessary to downvote answers that are incorrect, but I do not think we need to encourage it any more than we do already. Upvotes make people feel good. Downvotes make people feel sad. We do not wanna make more people sad. Happy people come back to the site and contribute more good content. Sad people leave and speak badly of the site

4. Additional Badge Ideas

Policeman - was first to flag posts/questions that were later removed as hate speech or trolling. Bronze (Policeman) - did it one time, Silver (Officer) - 30 times, Gold - (Inspector) - 100 times. Note Marc Gravell's answer about need to flag rude post - this badge could make people to report unacceptable behaviour.

5. Updating a badge when a new item is added to a list

You have a couple of nested functions that might not be optimized. As you are already using jquery I think you could use something like this for your script editor:And this for the linked test01.js file (makes it easier to edit):

6. A new, harder type of badge

The purpose of badges it to reward behavior that is desirable, to be something to strive for that at the same time causes good actions and/or learning the system along the way.What purpose would platinum badges serve? They are almost all exclusive to Stack Overflow by sheer counts, and most serve only to reward the very, very top users. As a developer: we have enough trouble with Skeet's badge count overflowing the user card space, adding a badge level is not going to help. On pretty much every site besides Stack Overflow, they would never be awarded - making the problem of the gold badge counts (many of which are already unattainable in small communities) even worse.The other badges, being in the top n users for x time period would be fine as gold badges...if they were technically possible. Unfortunately, they are not without a significant addition to or data logging and a hugely expensive query to check that data (users x badges is a huge dataset). Keep in mind I am saying this as being one of the very few users that would earn any of these.Oh yeah, one more thing...who said the Hacker badge does not already exist?

7. Rename the fanatic badge to something positive

Of course it is negative. You are spending 100 consecutive days on a geek-site. Get some holidays in!

8. What is curious badge and why I am not getting it?

The full badge description is:Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive question recordA "positive question record" is defined as:(total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions >= 0.5I wo not post the exact number here for privacy, but yours is under 0.5. The problem is if you have a downvoted or closed question that you delete (which I would categorize as a good thing), it actually counts against you more because you still have a downvoted/closed question, but now you also have a deleted question. Not entirely sure why they designed it that way, but it can result in single questions penalizing you up to three times

9. How do I get a Top Contributor badge?

"Top Contributer" is awarded on the number of questions answered and best answers received by the user in a particular week, in a particular category. It is rumoured that you need at least a 10 % "Best Answers" in your chosen category to although the actual percentage and the number of answers is unknown. The criteria is measured on weekly participation in a particular category (number of answers and percentage of best answers in the category). The easiest way to become a Top Contributer is to concentrate on a single category where many questions are asked and hope to get some best answers. Polls and Surveys and Jokes and Riddles categories do not have Top Contributors. If you have contributed enough to meet Yahoo's criteria, your badge will appear below your avatar on Monday morning. It can disappear just as easily on Monday morning, if you do not keep answering questions in your chosen category. Cheers -Will

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