The Development of VR Industry Should First Break Through Key Core Technologies and Vigorously Build

Virtual reality is an important frontier direction of the new generation of information technology. It integrates technologies in many fields such as multimedia, sensors, new display, Internet and artificial intelligence. It is expected to become a basic platform for many innovative applications, give birth to many new products, new formats and new models, and lead a new round of technological and industrial changes. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of virtual reality industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), made a top-level design for the development of virtual reality industry, and defined the key development tasks and road map in terms of breaking through key technologies, enriching the effective supply of products and building a public service platform.

Analysts pointed out that the introduction of the opinions is expected to further guide, standardize and support the high-quality, healthy and orderly development of VR industry in terms of policies, promote the rapid application of virtual reality technology in manufacturing, education, culture, health and other industries, and enter the window period of explosive growth strategy, which is undoubtedly a booster!

First breakthrough in key core technologies

According to the data released by the virtual reality industry alliance, the market scale of China's virtual reality industry increased by 164% year-on-year in 2017. Although the domestic market scale is only 16 billion yuan at present, it has begun to grow exponentially. It is expected that the domestic market scale will exceed 90 billion yuan by 2020.

At present, the global virtual reality industry is moving forward from the initial cultivation period to the rapid development period. China is facing a rare opportunity to participate in the innovation of international technology industry at the same time. However, while the development of virtual reality industry in China is surging, there are still some technical barriers to be broken through in the application process.

The white paper on the development of virtual reality Industry issued by China Institute of electronic technology standardization puts forward that in terms of hardware, the problems of inconvenient use and poor effect of VR equipment are still prominent, and the processing speed of hardware is far from meeting the needs of real-time processing of a large amount of data in the virtual world; In terms of software, virtual reality software development costs a lot and the effect is limited, and the related algorithms and theories are not mature. There are many problems to be solved in the fields of new sensing mechanism, ensemble and physical modeling methods, high-speed graphics and image processing, artificial intelligence and so on. 3D modeling technology also needs to be further improved.

In practical application, at present, virtual reality technology is mainly used in military and university scientific research, but it is far from enough in education and industry. In the future, we should strive to play a role in different industries in the civil field.

In this regard, the opinions proposes to strengthen the collaborative cooperation between industry, University, research and application, and promote the research on basic theories, common technologies and application technologies related to virtual reality. Adhere to the whole machine driving and system traction, focus on the key links such as virtual reality modeling, display, sensing and interaction, strengthen the key technologies such as dynamic environment modeling, real-time 3D graphics generation, multivariate data processing, real-time motion capture, real-time positioning and tracking, and fast rendering processing, and speed up the development of virtual reality visual graphics processor (GPU), physical operation processor (PPU) R & D and industrialization of high-performance sensor processor and new near eye display devices. It is required that by 2025, the overall strength of China's virtual reality industry will enter the forefront of the world, master the key core patents and standards of virtual reality, and form a number of virtual reality backbone enterprises with strong international competitiveness.

Greatly enrich the effective supply of products

On December 22 last year, the world's largest vr virtual reality theme park opened in Nanchang, bringing unprecedented stimulation and fun to people: one of the only two Boeing 737 simulation cockpits in the world to meet people's dream of flying into the blue sky, and slidevr, the only taxiing project in Asia, makes visitors experience the thrill of falling rapidly from the debris building

Qiao Yueshan, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that China's virtual reality industry has a certain development foundation, but there are also some problems and deficiencies. Among them, the application of high-quality virtual reality content is insufficient. It is necessary to enrich the effective supply of products and promote the application of virtual reality in key industries, so as to ensure the healthy development of the industry.

Many analysts pointed out that at present, the application effect of virtual reality products is not ideal. For example, in the perception of virtual reality, there are more studies on visual synthesis, but pay less attention to hearing and touch, lack of authenticity and real-time, and the equipment based on smell and taste has not been commercialized. In addition, in terms of interaction effect, the natural interaction between virtual reality technology and human is insufficient, and the effect in speech recognition and artificial intelligence is not satisfactory. Dr. Dai ruoli, CTO of Beijing nuoyiteng Technology Co., Ltd., who focuses on motion capture technology, said: "the products need to be iterative and close to the needs of market consumers, otherwise they will be caught up."

Therefore, the opinions has made key deployment to meet the needs of information consumption upgrading and industry application, accelerate the R & D and industrialization of virtual reality machine equipment, perceptual interaction equipment, content collection and production equipment, development tool software, industry solutions and distribution platform, and enrich the effective supply of virtual reality products.

Vigorously build a public service platform

The opinions put forward that by 2020, China's virtual reality industry chain will be basically sound, a number of distinctive virtual reality industry innovation bases will be created, and a development pattern of coordinated promotion of technology, products, services and applications will be initially formed.

How to achieve this, the opinions further makes arrangements: relying on industry leading enterprises, industry organizations, financial institutions and other third-party institutions, facing the development needs of virtual reality industry, build and operate an industrial public service platform, provide services such as technology breakthrough, financial support, achievement transformation, test promotion, information exchange and innovation incubation, and promote the construction of integrated large-scale innovation A virtual reality ecosystem integrating investment, incubation and operation to optimize the industrial development environment.

At present, virtual reality, as a cutting-edge field of science and technology, is highly valued by many local governments across the country. For example, Fujian, Guizhou, Chongqing, Nanchang, Changsha and other provinces and cities have issued special policies to promote the development of virtual reality industry to seize the first opportunity for the development of VR industry.

The reporter learned that the VR industry in Jiangxi started from scratch last year and accelerated its development after holding the first world VR industry conference. There were more than 80 VR enterprises in Nanchang and more than 200 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises of VR industry, successfully creating the first VR industry ecosystem with perfect platform and complete industrial chain in China. In addition, the local government also actively joined the virtual reality industry alliance led by the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee and the Ministry of industry and information technology, cooperated with China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Beijing Institute of technology mixed reality and new display engineering technology research center, Beijing soft stock exchange and other units, established VR talent training platform and created "VR industry innovation center".

According to the relevant person in charge, at present, Nanchang Honggutan new area has established a 3600 square meter VR industry base Innovation Incubation Center, formed the first "think tank" in the domestic VR industry, and attracted a large number of industry enterprises and research institutions such as Microsoft incubator, Beijing University of technology, Lenovo NEW vision and Tsinghua Ziguang.

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