The IPhone 4S Is the Real King, Subverting the Mobile Phone and Opening the Curtain of the Siri Era

Apple's iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. The iPhone has changed many things, including at least the way we use our phones. It has changed the way we use apps, maps, cameras and social networks. Although the first generation iPhone had many small problems one way or another, it obviously underestimated its influence by only thinking that it could transform other things.

However, I think the more important iPhone product is the iPhone 4S released on October 4, 2011. The three features of the iPhone 4S are more important than other smartphone features: icloud in IOS 5, Siri voice assistant and much better shooting ability - including an 8 megapixel rear camera and full HD video.

Apple announced icloud in June 2011, but it only appeared in the iPhone 4S with IOS 5 later that year. Icloud, formerly known as MobileMe, was unanimously regarded as a disaster. Walt Mossberg, a famous columnist of the Wall Street Journal and known as "Dr. Mo", once claimed that MobileMe has too many faults and low reliability. Some media reported that Steve Jobs, then Apple CEO, had severely criticized the MobileMe team. Through icloud, apple tested the water again and synchronized a large amount of data between iPhone, iPad and MAC. This is a good move. Icloud is far from perfect, but cloud services have basically become the pillar of user computing activities.

The iPhone 4S also opened the curtain of the Siri era. Five years later, Siri faces the risk of being surpassed by similar products of Google and Amazon, but it is one of the first voice assistants that can run on consumer products. Google launched voice assistant products on Android phones in August 2010.

After some time, the better cameras on the iPhone 4S and its competitors had a significant impact on the digital camera industry. In 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an article saying that in the first five months of that year, the global shipment of card digital cameras fell 42%, and the annual shipment will shrink to 102 million units, lower than 144 million units in 2010. The once popular flip camera is over. A few years after the $590 million acquisition, Cisco closed flip for a simple reason: who would need a handheld camera if a smartphone could easily capture video.

The iPhone 4S is not perfect. Some users complained that there was a problem with their battery. Some users complained that there was sometimes no sound when making a call, but it did not have faults such as the antenna door of iPhone 4.

Apple no longer produces or supports the iPhone 4S. In many people's minds, it is just an iPhone model, but it is it that sows the seeds of what we see as common sense today: smart phones are not just mobile phones.

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Tips: iPhone 4S second to second automatic dash cam

After replacing the new iPhone, what will you do with the old iPhone? A netizen named yfm3216 shared the process of refitting the iPhone 4S idle in the drawer into a full-automatic tachograph. Let's have a look.

The Feng netizen said that he used the jailbroken iPhone 4S (it is recommended to brush it into IOS 6.1.3 system) and installed the "dash cam" application. This application can automatically cycle recording. Locking the screen and suddenly shutting down will not lose the files being recorded. The biggest advantage is that it can be set to turn on the application for automatic recording.

Next, netizen yfm3216 also installed the plug-in "actor" and made the following settings:

Any position - automatic screen locking after power failure;

Any position - connect the power supply and automatically enter the program "tachograph";

Create event - when the power consumption is lower than 100%, 98% and 96%, the mobile phone will automatically shut down.

In this way, the iPhone 4S will turn on the power after the car starts, and automatically turn on the "dash cam" to start automatic cycle recording. When the car stops or leaves briefly, the iPhone 4S will enter the lock screen state. After restarting the car, the iPhone 4S will unlock the recording again. In addition, the iPhone 4S will automatically shut down when the power is reduced to 99%.

However, the netizen yfm3216 found that the iPhone 4S could not automatically turn on the "dash cam" during the actual operation. After the car charger was connected and turned on, although the iPhone 4S was charging, it did not automatically enter the "dash cam".

In order to solve this problem, Fengyou added an additional setting in activator: create an event - when the battery charge is higher than 99%, 97% and 95%, the software "dash cam" will be automatically turned on.

After the test, netizen yfm3216 said that after the car starts, the iPhone 4S will start automatically, and its power will be charged from 99% to 100% in about one minute. At this time, the "dash cam" will start automatically.

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