The Mini Led Jointly Developed by Apple and Crystal Has Begun Mass Production

Apple has accelerated the pace of mass production of Longtan plant for the development of new generation display technology and is strong in product R & D of the next generation. Recently, it has more closely joined hands with its partner Jingdian. The miniled technology jointly developed by the two sides in Longtan plant has entered the mass production stage. Due to the smooth cooperation, Apple has decided to continue to work with Jingdian to develop the next generation of microled technology, Recently, Longtan plant is constantly moving equipment and opening new production lines to deploy applications in the next year in advance.

With the good news from the miniled technology cooperated by Longtan factory and Jingdian, it means that Apple will launch products equipped with miniled next year, and it is expected that the new iPad will take the lead in adopting it. The cooperation with crystal continues to extend from miniled to microled with more difficult technology, which highlights that while crystal technology is affirmed, it also shows that the console factory will play a key role in Apple's new generation display technology.

In view of the recent frequent actions of Apple Longtan factory, Jingdian does not comment on a single customer. Crystal speech system pointed out that miniled can comprehensively upgrade the user experience of the display, which is an irreversible technical trend. The company's development of miniled technology is very smooth. More than 50% of the production lines in the second half of this year have been converted to miniled, and the conversion rate will exceed 90% in the first quarter of next year.

Jingdian pointed out that from the current customer's product development situation, miniled will be the first to be applied to terminal products such as tablet, laptop and TV, and the consumption will be quite large. It is estimated that the market demand for miniled will fully erupt next year. Jingdian is ready for mass production and can meet the customer's demand at any time.

According to the supply chain, in order to further improve the user experience of iPad and MacBook, apple expects to introduce miniled technology into its new products next year, so as to upgrade the color rendering and contrast of the device display as the main selling point of the new products. Therefore, apple continues to urge its partner Jingdian to complete mass production preparation as soon as possible. Due to the smooth cooperation, Apple decided to continue to work with crystal to develop the next generation of microled technology. Recently, Longtan plant is constantly moving into equipment and opening new production lines. Editor ajx

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