The Pain Point of Floor Sweeper still Exists. When Will the Inflection Point of Industry Technology

With the traction of economy and the drive of smart home tuyere, consumers pay more and more attention to the portability brought by smart appliances to life. Floor sweeping robot has naturally become the main way for contemporary young people to clean their homes. Therefore, more and more brands flock to the market, which indirectly leads to the extreme saturation of the market. Although the floor sweeping robot develops rapidly, there are still some technical problems that have not been well overcome.

In general, the pain points of domestic floor sweeping robots mainly lie in uneven quality, unclean cleaning of dead corners, unclean cleaning of some areas caused by random cleaning of path planning, etc. Secondly, the cleaning process does not completely liberate manpower, and some components that need to be cleaned and replaced and stubborn stains still need human assistance.

In fact, the core technical points of the sweeping robot mainly focus on the cleaning system, drawing system, obstacle avoidance system and portable. If you want to move forward in these four dimensions, you need to constantly make technical precipitation. From the perspective of future consumer demand, consumers' demand for product cleaning will only be higher and higher. According to German GfK data, the product penetration rate of Chinese home service robots in coastal cities is only 5%, and that in inland cities is only 0.4%, which is still a big gap compared with the penetration rate of 16% in developed countries. This means that although domestic sweeping robots are growing rapidly, many families are still in the wait-and-see stage and have not yet been converted to purchase. If the user portrait is made for the sweeping robot, most of them live in urban areas, with a medium income level and need to be cleaned frequently, so the potential demand space is very broad.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the planning and navigation system of floor sweepers, the proportion of global navigation planning floor sweepers has exceeded 85%. According to the online channel monitoring data of Aowei cloud network (AVC), the proportion of retail sales of laser navigation floor sweepers increased from 45.2% in the same period last year to 54.9% in the first half of 2020; The proportion of visual navigation products increased from 12.3% to 17.7%; The proportion of "laser and vision" navigation products equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology increased from 1.6% to 7.8%. Coincidentally, among the newly released medium and high-end sweeping robots, the sweeping machine of the laser navigation system has almost become a "standard configuration", and the function upgrades are dazzling. In front, there is kovos dfof scanning to distinguish objects, and then there is pusanyik high-precision LDS laser scanning to identify and complete ranging. It can be seen that the floor sweeper industry will become more and more mature, and consumers will also know various key configurations and parameters to influence their purchase decisions.

As the first step of the work of the sweeping robot, positioning and mapping. For the sweeping machine, the surrounding environment should be digitized and structured before work, so as to formulate a clearer travel route and cleaning mode. At present, more than half of the common sweeping robots use laser slam, but some laser slams are easily affected by the environment and real-time dynamic changes in the actual sweeping process, affecting the overall map planning. In addition, some sweeping robots use monocular vision technology, mainly by adding cameras for auxiliary positioning, so that the sweeping machine can continuously track the image during movement, and use the estimation of the change of camera attitude and relative position between objects. However, the estimation of a single camera is lack, which is prone to errors, resulting in poor mapping effect, Therefore, the fusion of laser slam and monocular vision slam is a direction of future development.

Obstacle avoidance is also one of the main pain points of the sweeper. The main reason for poor user experience is that some sweepers can't get out of trouble and even fail due to accidental touch. At present, three problems need to be solved for obstacle avoidance of floor sweepers: first, the detection range is small, which can not realize large-scale obstacle detection; Second, the depth information of obstacles cannot be accurately obtained, and exploratory collision is often used to determine the actual position of obstacles; Third, the specific attribute information of obstacles cannot be obtained, sometimes missing scanning, wrong scanning and so on. In 2020, the AI binocular obstacle avoidance module launched by kovos and the increased environmental perception function of pusannik are designed to accelerate the upgrade of obstacle avoidance function of sweeper.

From the perspective of the industry, in the past, the homogeneous competition of sweeping robots led to the lack of popular products. From sweeping to mopping, and then to the technical evolution of automatic dust collection and automatic mop washing, consumer demand is also constantly improving and evolving. Various brands are constantly innovating in the intelligent and cleaning mode, and come up with popular products. There is still room for further detonation in the market. In the past, robots with simple sweeping and dragging functions are no longer satisfied with consumers. Cleaning dust boxes and mops after each work is also the reason for the low popularity of sweeping robots. The sweeping robot industry is also waiting for brands to break the homogenization and launch new products, so as to make a qualitative breakthrough in the sweeping robot industry. With their strong R & D and innovation ability and advanced and keen marketing ability, many brands have provided more development directions for the industry and effectively improved the work efficiency of floor sweeping robots, such as the automatic dust collector and floor sweeper represented by posanik and the automatic mop washing robot represented by Yunjing.

According to the current market situation, sweepers still have very broad prospects. If major brands want to lead the sweeper robot industry in the future, they also need to focus on R & D and improve their core competitiveness with technological innovation.

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