The State Grid Will Invest More Than 70 Billion US Dollars Annually in the next Five Years to Promot

On January 31, according to the State Grid, Xin Baoan, chairman of China State Grid Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the dialogue meeting of "Davos agenda" of the world economic forum on January 27.

Xin Baoan said that in the next five years, the State Grid Corporation of China will invest more than $70 billion a year to promote the upgrading of the power grid to the energy Internet, promote the transformation of clean and low-carbon energy, and help achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization".

It is reported that based on a strong smart grid, the energy Internet will deeply integrate advanced information and communication technology, control technology and energy technology. It has the characteristics of clean and low-carbon, safe and reliable, ubiquitous interconnection, efficient interaction and intelligent opening. It is a smart energy system and will promote the transformation of clean and low-carbon energy from three aspects.

It home learned that the State Grid Corporation of China, established on December 29, 2002, is a wholly state-owned company directly managed by the central government in accordance with the company law. It is a super large central enterprise mainly engaged in power transmission and power supply business in the people's Republic of China.

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