The Super Popular Shark Shark Steam Mop Is a Good Helper for Home Cleaning

The sticky kitchen floor, the bacteria & mites invisible to the naked eye in the living room, and the floor that is easily covered with shoe prints, many people worry when they have to mop the floor. Because it takes a lot of effort to use ordinary mops to complete the above cleaning work, such as changing water frequently, bending down and wringing the mop, laboriously wiping stubborn stains, etc., but all this can not really clean the ground. If you have this anxiety about mopping the floor, you might as well try shark Shark Steam Mop p3air, a scientific and technological cleaning expert from the United States. It can be cleaned immediately. High temperature steam can quickly sterilize and remove mites, which is applicable to the whole house.

Using Shark Steam Mop p3air to mop the floor will really make you feel much better because it can really decontaminate! The dirt and bad mood on the ground were dragged away by it. No bending, no effort, no repeated dirty hands, more able to disinfect and sterilize the ground at high temperature, with strong cleaning ability! According to official data, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, and the mite removal rate is as high as 100%.

Because the maximum temperature of Shark Steam Mop p3air can reach 160 ℃, and steam can effectively sterilize at 120 ℃, but many mops advertised to be sterilized on the market do not necessarily reach this temperature. The temperature of the mop is closely related to the exhaust hole. The ordinary steam mop adopts single hole air outlet, so it is difficult to ensure that the mop can really reach the effective temperature. The shark steam mop p3air has 6 air outlets to evenly spread heat.

In the living room, bedroom and other places with few oil stains, just use the constant temperature mode, and the steam will come out evenly from the rag. It's clean enough to drag it once. The capacity of the water tank is large enough. Generally, there's no problem cleaning a room of about 100 square meters.

If you encounter stubborn stains, such as old oil stains on the kitchen floor and tile cracks that are difficult to clean, you can clean them in another mode. The shark steam mop p3air has a large steam injection function. How do you understand? In short, it can produce up to (p3air: 24g / min). Powerful steam can be sprayed at a centralized point, which can sterilize and remove mites at a fixed point and easily remove stubborn stains on the floor. The shark steam mop p3air not only drags clean, but also leaves no marks, which is one of the reasons why many housewives love it. Unlike the traditional mop, which drags the ground wet, this steam mop will not, that is Drag is dry. You won't leave footprints after dragging, and you don't have to worry about children running around and falling.

In addition, the shark steam mop p3air also supports the one click loading and unloading function, which can complete the disassembly and replacement of the rag without touching by hand; the 5m long power cord can move freely when mopping the floor; the super thick double-sided composite mop has long service life and is more durable. At present, the shark steam mop p3air is on sale in shark shark's official flagship store. Go and have a look!


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