Three Reasons for Apple to Give Up Intel Chips

Apple released three new Macs on Tuesday, namely the MacBook Air, the 13 inch macbook pro and the Mac Mini. They look basically the same as the previous generation.

The main update is chips: these new products replace Intel processors with M1 chips independently developed by apple. Tuesday's press conference marks that Apple laptops and desktops will give up Intel processors that have been used for 15 years, which will also be a major change in the semiconductor industry.

According to market research firm Gartner, apple is the world's fourth largest PC manufacturer in terms of shipments. Therefore, Apple's decision to adopt self-developed chips in laptops and desktops will hit Intel.

Intel said in a statement: "we believe that PCs using Intel Technology (such as PCs based on the 11th generation Intel Core mobile processor) will provide the best experience in the areas most valued by customers around the world and provide the most open platform for developers."

Apple's chip is based on ARM technology instead of the x86 architecture of Intel chip. Arm was originally designed for mobile devices. The chips developed using ARM architecture always have higher efficiency, so they can prolong the battery life. On laptops, this may mean that you can add a few hours without using an external power supply.

But this is only one of the reasons why Apple gave up Intel chips. The following summarizes the three reasons for Apple's move:

1. Having core technology is an important strategy for apple

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, often said that the company "takes owning and controlling the main technologies behind our products as a long-term strategy."

For computer hardware companies, few technologies are more important than processors.

Apple has invested heavily in the chip sector, including major acquisitions. The first was the acquisition of P.A. semi for us $278 million in 2008, which opened the development of the Department. Recently, it acquired part of Intel modem business for us $1 billion in 2019. Since 2010, the company's iPhone, iPad and apple watch have been using self-developed A-Series chips. Now, apple basically introduces the same technology into laptops and desktops, which means that all Apple computing devices basically run on the same framework.

Wayne Lam, an analyst at CCS insight, said: "apple chips fully meet the company's overall control objectives. They currently control all elements in the computing field, from chips to software to the use of mice, so they are highly integrated."

Controlling its own technology can help Apple integrate its products more deeply. This also means that it can operate according to its own plan - Johnny srouji, Apple's senior vice president, said last year that chip development takes three years - and can better control costs.

"Apple believes that they can innovate faster than the standard business model of Intel or Qualcomm, and then develop chips on this basis," LEM said.

2. Intel's manufacturing capacity lags behind

Apple proudly said on Tuesday that the M1 chip of the new Mac uses 5 nm transistors.

Gartner analyst Jon erensen said, "5 nm technology has a leading edge, and only a few products use this technology at present." Intel's products currently on sale use 10 nm transistors.

Generally speaking, the more transistors a chip manufacturer can accommodate in the same space, the higher the efficiency of the chip. Intel currently only produces chips using 10 nm transistors.

Intel will control its chip factories around the world, while Apple will hand over to Asian companies to manufacture its own chips. But Apple's chip manufacturing partner TSMC can produce 5-nanometer chips, but Intel can't.

"Intel has faced some challenges in manufacturing over the past few years. And I think these challenges have opened up a window or opportunity for arm based design to enter the market. Apple is one of the best ARM processor designers at present," said Gartner analyst Jon erensen.

Intel CEO Bob Swan said earlier this year that the company was considering outsourcing manufacturing like apple.

"As Intel faces challenges in upgrading 10 nm and 7 nm, and contract manufacturers such as TSMC and Samsung increase efforts to promote such technologies, Intel has lost a major advantage and leveled the competitive environment to a certain extent," ellenson said.

3. It can not only prolong the battery life, but also improve the performance, and even make the laptop work like a mobile phone

Apple said that the M1 MAC is better than the old products, mainly because Apple claims that its independently developed chips have better performance and longer battery life than Intel chips.

The new Mac will obviously extend its endurance. Apple's previous chips have been used in smartphones and tablets, which use much smaller batteries than laptops.

At its press conference on Tuesday, apple stressed that it would evaluate the chip based on the performance per watt rather than the original performance.

Apple said that when using the entry-level MacBook Air, it can browse the Internet for 15 hours on a single charge, nearly 30% longer than the 10 to 11 hours when using Intel chips.

Apple said that the new Mac also works more like a mobile phone or tablet, with the function of waking up immediately from sleep. If developers take some measures to make it compatible with the app store, the new M1 Mac can even run iPhone applications.

But analysts warned that these products need to be tested after they go on sale next week to confirm Apple's claimed performance.

Patrick Moorhead, founder of moor insights, said: "the performance of the new M1 chip can hardly be evaluated because the company has not provided any detailed evidence for its claimed performance."

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What Are Araya Rims Made of? Should I Replace Them?
What Are Araya Rims Made of? Should I Replace Them?
Um from experience new 700c wheels have curve in the rim wall so the tire bead stay even at high pressure .but that nice vintage aray rim wall has no curve in the rime because it was not designed for high pressure tires . Old rims mostly was disigned for low pressure gumwall tire for a comfortable ride . In the bicycle world the old bouncy steel smooth tire 10 speed was considered a Cadillac because of its smooth ride.^,^1. Have any experiments been performed on the magnetic properties of neodymium at high pressure and temperature?Do not think that pure Nd is ferromagnetic (maybe it's antiferromagnetic?), so your question about the Curie temperature really applies to just certain ferromagnetic alloys of Nd. Not aware of any high-P studies on those ferromagnetic alloys offhand. I was a co-author of a paper that looked at the magnetic properties of the heavy lanthanides (which are ferromagnetic) under pressure, and we found that their Curie temperatures dropped with pressure at a $dT_c/dP$ rate of around -10 to -20 K/GPa (See High-pressure magnetic susceptibility experiments on the heavy lanthanides Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm). If Nd alloys have $T_c's$ which drop at similar rates, then I would not expect any magnetism in them at the pressure and temperature of the core-mantle boundary (140 GPa and 5000 C)2. 3 ton tempstar heatpump with a 3.5 ton airhandler on a 45 deg, day what should the low and high pressure be?I very much doubt a setting done by a technician charging a system such as yours. First, you cannot do that with two gages. Its not even possible, and second there is NO exact pressure setting for a given system. It depends on air pressure, humidity and relative humidity to set the charge of gas correctly which would result in a "correct pressure " reading. The method most commonly used is a "super heat" method. Here a sling is swirled thru the air and the RH of the air is determined. Next, the exit air from the air blower inside the house is determined. Along with the outside and inside air temps. Then and only then, a chart inside the cabinet of the AC or heat pump is read to find the correct charge pressure. Without taking any of these needed measurements, no pressure reading can be determined. What is happening nation wide is the charging of these new high efficiency units is being done incorrectly, and given that the efficiency numbers that people paid so much for to get (the SEER) are no where near reached. Ive yet to see a service tech ever properly charge a system NEVER ever saw it done. If you want to find out exactly how to charge an AC and what pressures your system is required to have for a given temps and given RH. get a manual and read it as that is a very good way to learn about it so you would never be fooled. X Trane Engineer.3. Metal Halide vs High Pressure Sodium for plants?Be careful as these lamps generate a lot of heat. You will need some sort of ventilation to avoid overheating the plants. Keep in mind law enforcement agencies look for thermal signatures to find illegal pot production.4. Easy questions about weather?! Ten points!?Atmospheric pressure at the Earth's surface is one of the keys to weather, which is one reason weather maps feature H's and L's, representing areas of high and low air pressure. High and low pressure areas are important because they affect the weather. The weather maps, such as those on television, show what is happening at the Earth's surface, and that's what we are talking about here. As the name says, a "high" is an area where the air's pressure is higher than the pressure of the surrounding air. A "low' is where it's lower. Meteorologists do not have any particular number that divides high from low pressure; it's the relative differences that count. The pressure is high at the surface where air is slowly descending - much too slowly to feel. And, this is going on over a large area, maybe a few hundred square miles. As air descends, it warms, which inhibits the formation of clouds. This is why high pressure is generally - but not quite always - associated with good weather. The air that descends in high-pressure areas has to get to high altitudes in some way, and its done by rising in areas where the pressure at the surface is low. As air rises it cools. As the air cools, the humidity in it begins to condense into tiny drops of water, or if it's cold enough, into tiny ice crystals. If there's enough water or ice, rain or snow begin to fall. This is why low pressure is associated with bad weather. As shown in the graphic above, the air descending in high pressure flows out in a clockwise spiral in the Northern Hemisphere. Air flowing into an area of low pressure rises, making a counterclockwise spiral on the way in.
What Is the Function of Refrigeration Compressor and Refrigeration Air Conditioning Compressor?
We know whether it's a freezer or a refrigeratorNeed a powerful compressor,Make the refrigerator operate normally.The compressor is the core component of the refrigerator, which is equivalent to people's heart. The compressor with advanced technology and excellent quality can prolong the service life of the refrigerator, improve the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator, and reduce the energy consumption and noise of the product.The main function of the compressor is to use the motor as the power,Drive the compressor to rotate,To push the piston back and forth in the cylinder,So as to promote the flow of refrigerant in the system,The working process of the compressor isSuction, compression, exhaust and expansion cycle.The function of refrigeration compressor is:1) Draw refrigerant vapor from the evaporator to ensure a certain evaporation pressure in the evaporator.2) Increase the pressure and compress the refrigerant vapor at low pressure and low temperature into superheated vapor at high pressure and high temperature to create conditions for condensation at higher temperatures (such as about 35 ℃ in summer).3) Transport and push the refrigerant to flow in the system to complete the refrigeration cycle.In the air conditioning and refrigeration system, the compressor plays the role of compressing and transporting refrigerant gas. The expansion valve plays the role of throttling and reducing pressure, and regulates the flow of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, which is the dividing line of high and low pressure of the system. The evaporator is a device that outputs cold air. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled air and cools the air. The condenser is a device that releases heat. The heat absorbed by the evaporator and the heat converted by the work consumed by the compressor are emitted from the condenser and taken away by the cooling air. Air conditioning compressor is one of the main components of automobile air conditioning system. It is a conversion device between low pressure and high pressure, low temperature and high temperature in refrigeration system.The function of the compressor is to make the inlet of the compressor in a low-pressure state, so that the refrigerant carrying latent heat (including absorbing heat in the vehicle room) from the evaporator flows out of the evaporator, and this low-pressure state can make the refrigerant enter the evaporator. Compress the low-pressure gaseous refrigerant into high-pressure gaseous refrigerant. These two functions of the compressor only enter the evaporator. Compress the low-pressure gaseous refrigerant into high-pressure gaseous refrigerant. If one of these two functions of the compressor fails, the refrigerant in the air conditioning system will not circulate, and the air conditioning system will not work well or cannot be cooled.When the compressor of the air conditioning system works, the suction valve sucks in the refrigerant and discharges it from the exhaust valve after compression. The compressors used in automobile refrigeration system can be divided into reciprocating plug type and rotary type according to their motion form. The compressors of automobile refrigeration system can be divided into fixed displacement type and variable displacement type according to whether their working capacity changes during operation. The variable displacement compressor can automatically change the displacement according to the refrigeration load of the air conditioning system, making the operation of the air conditioning system more economical. At present, various swash plate and swing plate compressors are widely used. 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At present, it is one of the most widely used automotive air conditioning compressors.The air conditioning system of common domestic cars, such as Audi, Jetta and Fukang, adopts swashplate compressor. When the piston is at the front end limit position, it is the end of exhaust, and the other end of the piston is at the end of suction. When the main shaft drives the swashplate to rotate, the swashplate drives the piston to move axially, and the piston moves axially in the front and rear cylinder blocks at the same time, which is equal to two pistons moving in both directions. The swashplate rotates for one cycle, and the front and rear cylinders complete one cycle respectively, which is equivalent to the operation of two cylinders.Wobble plate compressor, also known as wobble plate (also known as unidirectional swash plate) compressor, is an axial piston compressor with reciprocating unidirectional piston structure. It belongs to the same type as swashplate. It is the most widely used model in automobile air conditioning at present. The variable displacement air conditioning compressor adopts the transmission mode of constant engagement, and the transmission pulley is equipped with rubber parts. The rubber parts not only play the role of transmission and vibration reduction, but also are cut off when the air conditioning compressor has overload or locking fault, so as to avoid serious mechanical failure.
Lenovo Attacks Smart TV Cloud Technology As the Core and Tries to Integrate Multiple Screens
Now is the era of screen, because we spend most of our time communicating on four screens: mobile phone, PC (desktop or laptop), tablet and TV. For Lenovo, a domestic PC giant, the first three screens are its specialty in the consumer market. Now it is determined to enter the fourth screen. Recently, "Lenovo 2012ces product tasting" was held in Shenzhen. One of the smart TV products, K91, has attracted great attention in the industry. Some analysts pointed out that this TV takes cloud technology as the core and can break the fence between the four screens. Lenovo's ambition to expand into the TV field with PC and mobile phone is clear.This time, Lenovo released three key products in Shenzhen, including smart TV K 91, integrated PC ideacentre a720 and hybrid laptop ideapadyoga. These three products do not seem to have much relevance to the outside world, but in Lenovo's "leyun" strategy, they will soon be unified to serve individuals.Chen Xudong, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, told Nandu that the release of Lenovo smart TV marked the completion of Lenovo's "personal cloud" strategic layout. The "personal cloud" solution with leyun as the core can perfectly integrate the four screen terminals of smartphone, tablet, PC and smart TV with leyun services, bringing users convenient personal information management, interconnection between four screen terminals and comprehensive social network support.It is reported that after the integration of four screens, users can realize cross screen control and share files between different devices. For example, the address book in the mobile phone can not only appear on the mobile phone, but also browse on TV, tablet and computer; The high-definition images in the computer can be played in the mobile phone, TV and tablet at any time, and even the mobile phone can be used as the remote control or game handle of the TV and computer.
Droid Vs Blackberry Vs Iphone? HELP!?
Droid Vs Blackberry Vs Iphone? HELP!?
There's no way you should be paying $135 for that, unless you have insurance, etc. on both lines. The lowest minute tier is 700, so 700 minutes plus unlimited texting is $100. So you should be at $110-$115 every month, including taxes. Smartphones would add $30 apiece to your bill. ATT would be exactly the same amount every month, and withtheir horrible service as well as a useless device like the iDont, probably isn't worth it. I would choose the the newest Droid (the Incredible) because on the iPhone: -cant take out the battery -no removable memory -no multitasking -only Apple-approved apps -cant customize your phone AT ALL -doesnt work with Windows -Incredible has a MUCH better camera -Incredible has a MUCH faster processor -instant Android OTA software updates -cant get service in an ATT store- have to find an Apple store -works on ATTs horrible network The Incredible is amazing- everything is so smooth and fast due to that processor. I've had one for a few weeks now, and absolutely LOVE it!! Definitely worth every penny :) PS. Ask Verizon if either of you would get a monthly discount based on where you work- would save you anywhere between 10% and 25% a month1. Carrier furnace blower stops during AC cycle?It sounds like your motor may be cutting out on thermal overload. This means that your motor may be getting too hot. Some causes could be; clogged vent holes in the motor, worn brushes in the motor, failing bearings in the motor, your windings may be failing, or it could be a bad capacitor. The only way to know for sure if it is one of these, or something else, is to have someone test the motor.2. What is WRONG with CARRYING a SMALL dog?Proper times a dog should be in any form of carrier: -Going into a vet office -Going into an airport -On an airplane or in a car Times a dog should be on it's own 4 legs: -Inside any pet-friendly store (should not even BE in no-pet stores, the sign says no pets not purse-pets only!!!!) -On any type of walking excursion -Outside Bottom line, any form of carrier is meant only contain and restrain a dog for TRAVEL purposes- carrying a dog through a shopping mall or pet store is and always will be both damaging to the dog's mental state, and just plain stupid. Dogs are not meant to be carried, they are meant to walk. Does it sound normal to you for a mother to carry around a 10 year old child 24/7 that is perfectly capable of walking on it's own? Of course not! If it CAN walk, it SHOULD walk.3. What is the best baby carrier/car-seat/stroller combo?I did all the research possible before I had my baby. Originally, I wanted to purchase a pink Graco one from Babies'R'Us...but heard that their systems are just too bulky! Anyway, I have two answers for you. The best one I found was called The Orbit Baby. You can check it out at It's fairly expensive, I had to save up for it...but it is VERY useful! Check out their videos and features. :) I never have to unbuckle my little girl back and forth out of the car. I just click the carseat out and click it right into the stroller. It's fabulous. (And believe me, when you are dealing with a sleeping newborn or infant, it matters!) Another way to research is to check the reviews on Babies'R'Us. Also, check the reviews from When you type in what you are looking for, make sure you type in "Travel System". That's the only way to do it. Best of luck to you!4. Is this baby carrier safe for a newborn?It's generally recommended to avoid carriers that put the baby an upright position until they are able to support themselves in that posture comfortably. Small babies tend to feel more secure in the "cradle hold", and it is not natural for them to be placed in a position that forces upright posture. I carried my son in a maya wrap sling for as long as he was comfortable in it. Slings allow a variety of positions for the baby, it can adapt to your needs much more than this style carrier. I even nursed him in the sling using the "tail" as a blanket. Slings can be a bit more tricky to learn to use, but there are many pictures and instructional videos online. I think its a worthy investment.
Why Do Software Developers Tend to Leave a Company After 2 Or so Years?
Why Do Software Developers Tend to Leave a Company After 2 Or so Years?
Why do software developers tend to leave a company after 2 or so years?Company loyalty is a thing of the past. In the old days, companies would take care of their employees after they retired, after a lifetime of loyal service. Then they started letting employees go just before retirement age. That changed employee attitudes. Now, the best way to higher income is to job hop, but not so often that it's obvious to a future employer.— — — — — —Why do we need agile software development?Same reason we need the bible - so people without any common sense nor healthy mind will have a guideline to adhere to.Seriously though - Agile is a tool, not a goal. I've worked around people who worship every bit and byte of Agile/Scrum, and around people who have no idea what that means. Both are wrong approaches. Like every other tool - make sure you understand the method entirely, then take the good parts and implement it into your work. You will see a lot of what Agile has to offer is good practices (like planning for sprints and prototyping), where some is just overrated crap that made sense back in the days of Toyota (breaking down your tasks to minutes absolutely makes no sense).Most importantly - developers are not factory workers, creativity is the most important asset you have, so do not let checklists and bureaucracy ruin it!.— — — — — —How does a non-technical manager add value to team of self-motivated software developers?Do not underestimate the amount of interaction your manager does with other departments. They handle budgets, training plans, HR paperwork. They protect the developers from getting sucked into meetings with other departments and provide a unified front for your group. In short, their job is to protect self-motivated developers from all of the other demotivating things that exist in business— — — — — —Being a good mentor to software developers whose skills are below-parI am a senior developer and train graduates and apprentices as developers, so I am familiar with people not knowing much.You say your new manager has asked you to emphasise the mentoring aspect of the role. You can only do that if you have an understanding of who they hire, both in a technical as well as a personality sense. My suggestion is to express a far greater interest into the hiring process. Talk to your new manager and tell them that you would like to be included in interviews. Look at your company's job listings and make sure that the skills listed there are relevant to the position and that they make sense. Feed this back to your manager, who is likely going to be the hiring manager here (but be careful, they might have written it).If that does not work, you will have to figure out first what the people you are given already know. This is always tricky. Keep in mind that most of them will be well-meaning and might not know that they are not very good (if they are not). And it might not be their fault that they are there now, and are not meeting your expectations. If your organisation does not pay market value for example, they will not hire top talent, so you will have to work with what you get.You should be open and approachable to new hires, make them feel welcome, safe, and encourage them to seek your help. Take some time (yes, I know, deadlines, but this has an ROI) and pair-program with them through their first ticket. Chose a small task that does not require much business knowledge for that. Let them fix a bug that's already diagnosed, for example. Let them drive, sit back and explain proprietary things and business logic on the way, but observe their approach, their technical savvy and how they solve problems.Keep in mind that different people work in different ways. It can look like someone is slow if they do not use keyboard shortcuts, or if you are used to doing everything in the terminal and they like an IDE. But at the end of the day these things do not matter.You want to see if they understand what is going on, and if they can figure out how to solve a problem. Do not make up your mind too early, and do not judge. They are at a new job, working with a product they have never seen before, in a new code base that is scary and full of intimidating things that will make them feel like an impostor and they have an experienced person sitting next to them. They will want to impress, and it's naturally that they are stressed. Give them time, and be supportive.About Pair ProgrammingIn order to facilitate pair programming, you have different options. Remember that you are onboarding someone new, so they will expect that you know the ropes, and they will be glad about any help they can get. On average a senior developer takes about 3 to 6 months to be fully productive, so it's OK to want to look for guidance in the beginning.The easiest way is to just offer it to them. Hey, you got your first ticket assigned. I've got some time this afternoon, so if you want we can sit down together and I can walk you through our ticket workflow and help you get started.Always try to make it sound like an offer, but not like they will owe you after. You are there to help, and it's safe to ask you things. You can also check in regularly. Again, try to sound friendly and like you are just trying to help.How is that ticket going? I know our codebase can be a bit overwhelming at the start. Let me know if you need any help. I am happy to pair up with you as well.Alternatively, you can just go and do it. Even if that's not the current company culture, they do not know that yet, because they are new. This is your chance to shape a new culture. If you push this onto new hires, and they enjoy it, they will embrace it and carry it forward, and the next hire will experience it as normal.During your pair programming sessions, try and be a passive source of feedback. These people are supposedly experienced, so do not tell them what to do. Instead, your presence should be reassuring. You are there to help, but not to judge. Point out oddities in the repository structure or give anecdotes about why stuff is the way it is as they move along the code, but do not take over the keyboard or mouse. That's probably the most important lesson for mentoring there is. Never take over the keyboard or mouse. That's intimidating and makes them feel inferior or not good enough.When they are making a mistake, wait for a bit before you point it out. Let them compile and see what is going on. Give them a chance to catch the problem themselves before you intervene (unless maybe it's a missing semicolon).Watch your language. Do not use expressions like "just do this" or "you could have simply done this instead". That trivialises the problem, although it was probably hard for them to solve. Instead say things like "oh by the way, there is an easier way to do x. Do you want me to show you?".Finally, do not make the sessions too long. It's hard to concentrate for a long period of time, but it's even harder to do that when someone is watching you. I notice myself getting bored when I am watching someone for more than an hour, and I lose interest, especially if it's slow going. Allow for breaks, and see how the other person is feeling. If you think concentration is going down, suggest a coffee break. In fact, I often offer to go and get beverages when I am the one watching.While we are all working from home during Corona (in the UK in my case), I run a one hour session twice a week with them sharing their screens and video turned on both ways with each of my trainees. They are beginners, and we never did working from home before, so initially I focused a lot on explaining that this is not so I can control that they are working, but that it's so they have a chance to get direct, live feedback. They've all embraced it and are looking forward to the sessions. Sometimes they ask for more of them, too. Pairing is a powerful mentoring tool, even if all you are doing is helping another senior person out. We can all learn from each other, and we never stop learning
Business  Activities
Business Activities
Business activitiesAsparagus plantations of the company Asparagus ltd. are situated in the flat country outside the village. Other business activities in the village are: production of prefabricated building products (Prefabrikt, joint stock company), cardboard packaging (Surpack, joint stock company), engineering production (Bleckman, ltd. ).— — — — — —How bad does an epidemic have to be before it's ok for a state to restrict business activities?It depends. In Texas, it has to be bad enough to harm the leaders trying to reopen, because Texas is a Republican Death Panel state, where the disabled only get Medicaid if they are institutionalized— — — — — —Early life and business activitiesSince the 1970s, Anthony Pugliese and The Pugliese Company have designed high-end condos, office buildings, and well-designed self-storage units that enhance property values in surrounding areas. The first of four children, Pugliese wanted to be an actor when he entered Arts High School in Newark, N.J. When the school dropped its drama class, Pugliese studied art and design instead. Lacking money for college, Anthony teamed up with his father to start a swimming-pool business. By age 21, Pugliese had designed a signature pool that incorporated natural landscaping elements and looked more like a lake than a swimming pool, creating the Pugliese Natural Look® Pool. The success of his family business allowed Pugliese to move into real estate, purchasing undervalued properties in New Jersey, and eventually Florida. Throughout the years Pugliese has won numerous awards for his commercial developments such as the Crystal Corporate Center in Boca Raton, and the development of the Pineapple Grove district in Delray Beach, Florida. Pugliese has also expanded his business forays into the world of art, motion picture cinema, and technology. In 1993 Anthony founded Safe & Secure Self Storage which provides self-storage services to Bergen County, New Jersey. Shortly after founding Safe & Secure Self Storage, Anthony founded Automated Self Storage, which focused on the robotic automation of the self-storage industry— — — — — —Start of business activitiesAndrii Artemenko started doing business in the 1990s, in particular, he carried out export and import operations with raw materials for the light industry. In 1994 he visited the United States for the first time and during this trip attended training courses on "International Sports Law", which prompted him in 1996 to establish a law firm in Ukraine "First Legal Club". This entity was the first such organization in the post-soviet territory, which served most successful sportsmen from the former Soviet Union and provided legal, consulting and management support, as well as their employment abroad. Andrii Artemenko served as Head of Committee on Status of Football players in Football Federation of Ukraine. During same period, Artemenko also has started selling broadcasting rights to the world's leading sports competitions to Ukrainian central TV channels - such as: UEFA Champions League, World and European football Cups, Boxing world tournaments and others. In 1996, he founded Ukrainian Trade Union of professional football players, which is now a member of FIFPRO (part of FIFA since 1998). In 1999 Andrii Artemenko became the President of the football club CSKA (Kyiv) and held the position until 2000.— — — — — —Sean, a citizen of Ireland with no trade or business activities in the United States, sells at a gain 200 shar?C! Sorry no-one else is going to put money into that deep a hole in the ground!— — — — — —describe how the environment factors affect business activities?The presence of natural resources such as coal and fuel, which are the fundamental sources of production, helps many businesses to run. They could get the products such as the drinkable water that we could get from the tap, and even the processed and instant food that we could easily obtain, they are all obtained from the many-steps process which required machines that run by either coal or fuel. Hence, we have to thank the presence of those natural resources that we are being blessed in our environment. However, man has overused the resources that reform their quantity from abundance to limitation. And sometimes the quality of these resources turn out to be worst than what we used to have. I mean, take for example the vegetables that we eat everyday. First, we have the fertile soil to grow our healthy vegetables. Now, we no longer have that bliss. There may be some areas who still have the fertile land, but how many more acres do we have? Not many. But should we worry about this problem? No. Again, thanks to the human who are part of our environment. They use their brain to think of the solution. And now, though we may not have much fertile lands, but we certainly could grow via hydroponics which proven to be healthier than soil-planted vegetables. The hybrid cars that man has invented, help the world to reduce the carbon dioxide gas emission. And hence, business activities would be more crowded again. In fact, there will be more areas of new businesses that will be found. Like in the past, bioengineerings and chemical engineerings and now entrepreneurships have finally shown. We could have such new business ventures with the thanks of the facilities from our environment factors. I hope this may help you ^_^
How to Explain Coding Is Not Just Copy and Paste to Non Software Developers? [closed]
How to Explain Coding Is Not Just Copy and Paste to Non Software Developers? [closed]
How to Explain Coding is not just Copy and Paste to non Software Developers? [closed]Problem with copying is that you copy the bugs also and you add new features only to the last 'current' copy.When copying bugs over you may end up with a maintenance culture where you have to fix bugs many many times for each separate copy. As time passes and the code loses simularity bug fixing is not 'copying' anymore. One fix wo not quite fit on the other project etc.When you add new features that you want to retrofit to a project that was source of a copy in the past the business may expect it would be easy, in practice not so much, the code bases will stray away from each other with time.Refactoring is a big no-no, knowing that if you improve code on project A you would still be stuck with the painful experience on all the other projects. Doing a complex refactoring 10 times? I do not think so.If project A is only a few line changes from project B maybe you can just use project A's code as is and share between A and B. Add configuration options to differentiate between A and B. Create a framework, configurable application or service. Etc.Having said that. I do copy code a lot, but only for scaffolding purposes. I aggressively remove any code not needed and I look for parts that could potentially be moved to a library and shared that way. This is a valid way of working if project A and project B are expected to have different axis of change (they are similar now but wo not be further into the future).Constantly looking for commonality and coming up with increasingly abstract and therefor vague components has it's limits also. Draw a line somewhere and just fork for dissimilar domains.— — — — — —Is the use of the term "bugged” to refer to software bugs in English a worldwide or regional use?The term for software with faults is at the boundary between the specialized language used by software developers and the language used by everyone. Laymen and laywomen talk about bugs in software. Software developers will call a single software fault a "bug", software that does not have such faults "bug free" (although that happens only very rarely), software that has too many faults "buggy", the process of removing bugs "debugging". Non-software developers may call software with bugs whatever they like, for example "bugged". Software developers hearing this just cringe and do not change how they call it. No doubt that you can find examples in the literature, but very few from software developers.— — — — — —Which countries are best for hiring offshore software developers?I do not think the country is the most important factor. It's more important to find a company (or individual) who you are compatible with:Language. This one is very important. Does not have to be 100% perfect though. The important thing is that you can understand each other quickly. Culture. Just as important as if you hire someone, I think. Do you like the person(s) you are going to interact a lot with? Do they understand what you are trying to accomplish and what is important for you?Management style. Do you want someone who just follows your orders or someone who you can leave on their own knowing they will come up with something good?Time zones. Do you want the person to be awake when you are or does not it matter?If you are working with an outsourcing company it's often not required that the developers themselves speak and understand your language perfectly, as long as they have a technical manager who you do all your communication with.Finally, remember that the success is very much dependent on you! :)— — — — — —How does a non-technical manager add value to team of self-motivated software developers?As it applies specifically to software development, there are two sorts of value-adding roles for managers: project management and team leading.A project manager interfaces with clients and middle management, which is a time saver for the developers. Trying to field questions from every member of a development team leads to unrecorded project decisions and undocumented commitments, the bane of scope management.On the other side, a team leader is involved with career/skills development, making sure the workload is appropriately distributed among team members, and providing resources and rewards commensurate with the individual contributions and needs.Neither of these roles requires a heads-down programmer, in fact somewhat the opposite. A programmer will often jump to a code-writing task as the first response to a question or crisis, and it's helpful to have someone whose job is to ask whether that task really needs to be done
2002 Asian Athletics Championships  Women's High Jump
2002 Asian Athletics Championships Women's High Jump
2002 Asian Athletics Championships – Women's high jumpThe women's high jump event at the 2002 Asian Athletics Championships was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 10 August.— — — — — —Athletics at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump event was part of the track and field athletics programme at the 1924 Summer Olympics. The competition was held from Sunday, July 6, 1924 and Monday, July 7, 1924. Twenty-seven high jumpers from 17 nations competed. The maximum number of athletes per nation was 4. The event was won by Harold Osborn of the United States, the nation's seventh consecutive victory in the men's high jump. As in 1920, the Americans went 1-2 in the event, with Leroy Brown earning silver. France took its first high jump medal since 1908 with Pierre Lewden's bronze— — — — — —2012 European Athletics Championships – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump at the 2012 European Athletics Championships was held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on 27 and 29 June— — — — — —Athletics at the 2006 Asian Games – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump competition at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar was held on 9 December 2006 at the Khalifa International Stadium.— — — — — —Athletics at the 2007 Pan American Games – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump event at the 2007 Pan American Games was held on July 27— — — — — —1974 European Athletics Championships – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump at the 1974 European Athletics Championships was held in Rome, Italy, at Stadio Olimpico on 3 and 4 September 1974.— — — — — —2018 IAAF World U20 Championships – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump at the 2018 IAAF World U20 Championships was held at Ratina Stadium on 12 and 14 July.— — — — — —Equestrian at the 1900 Summer Olympics – High jumpThe 1900 Summer Olympics was the only Olympic Games to date to feature an equestrian high jump competition. Nineteen competitors entered the high jump competition, though only six are known by name. Of the remaining thirteen, six were French, three Belgian, three Italian and one Russian. Rain earlier on the day of the competition made the ground heavy and slippery, and the competition was close. Two competitors were awarded the joint gold medal when they both cleared 1.85 metres (6 ft 1 in). Competitors were allowed to enter more than once: one of the joint gold medalists, Gian Giorgio Trissino, also came fourth on a different horse; he also won the silver medal in the Equestrian long jump competition. The bronze medalist, Georges Van Der Poele, also won the silver in the Equestrian jumping competition.— — — — — —2018 African Championships in Athletics – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump event at the 2018 African Championships in Athletics was held on 3 August in Asaba, Nigeria.— — — — — —Athletics at the 2019 African Games – Men's high jumpThe men's high jump event at the 2019 African Games was held on 30 August in Rabat.— — — — — —Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women's high jumpThe women's high jump at the 2000 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program was held at the Stadium Australia on Thursday, 28 September and Saturday, 30 September.— — — — — —High jump at the OlympicsThe high jump at the Summer Olympics is grouped among the four track and field jumping events held at the multi-sport event. The men's high jump has been present on the Olympic athletics programme since the first Summer Olympics in 1896. The women's high jump was one of five events to feature on the first women's athletics programme in 1928, and it was the only jumping event available to women until 1948, when the long jump was permitted. The Olympic records for the event are 2.39 m (7 ft 10 in) for men, set by Charles Austin in 1996, and 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) for women, set by Yelena Slesarenko (who was later banned for doping) in 2004. Gerd Wessig is the only man to have set a world record in the Olympic high jump, having done so in 1980 with a mark of 2.36 m (7 ft 8 34 in). The women's world record has been broken on three occasions at the Olympics, with records coming in 1928, 1932 and 1972. Ellery Clark was the first Olympic champion in 1896 and Ethel Catherwood became the first female Olympic high jump champion 32 years later. Derek Drouin from Canada and Ruth Beitia from Spain are the reigning Olympic champions from 2016. Only two athletes have won two Olympic high jump titles, both women: Iolanda Bala and Ulrike Meyfarth. The United States has been the most successful nation in this event, with an American topping the podium on seventeen occasions. A standing high jump variant of the event was contested from 1900 to 1912 and standing jumps specialist Ray Ewry won all but one of the gold medals in its brief history.
Why Is My Laptop's Fan so Loud?
Why Is My Laptop's Fan so Loud?
Why is my laptop's fan so loud?Broken blade - Replace fan. Fan out of balance - Replace fan. Dirty fan/vents - Clean it. Buy some canned air/air duster. Turn the computer off, remove the battery and charger. Use a thin piece or plastic/wood like a toothpick to hold the blades to prevent overspin and blast the fan and vents. An old toothbrush and/or tweezers can be used to shift stubborn dirt. Do not shake, invert or move the can too much or the liquid propellent will be sprayed into the motherboard. ©Techno— — — — — —Fan clubA fan club called Paollowers has more than 15,000 supporters. The fan club is handled by Loui Pestano Urbano. PAOLLOWERS came from Paolo Onesa's first name which is "PAOLO" and "FOLLOWERS" which means supporters. PAOLLOWERS was one of the contender from the recent WISH FM 1075 Fandom Challenge which was joined by other famous fandom.— — — — — —Oudri's fan-footed geckoOudri's fan-footed gecko (Ptyodactylus oudrii), also known commonly as the Algerian fan-fingered gecko and Oudri's fan-fingered gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Phyllodactylidae. The species is endemic to the Maghreb region of northwestern Africa— — — — — —CEILING FAN-THE LIGHT IS OK. BUT THE FAN STOPPED WORKING?That is entirely possible. It could be the fan motor went bad. But before replacing the unit, double check that the fan was not turned off at the pull chain switch. Another thing to check is the forward/reverse switch on the side of the motor housing. Make sure that it's fully pushed one way or the other and not in limbo in between.— — — — — —Llyn y Fan FachLlyn y Fan Fach (Welsh meaning "Lake of the small hill") is a lake of approximately 10 hectares on the northern margin of the Black Mountain in Carmarthenshire, South Wales and lying within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The lake lies at an altitude of approximately 1,660 feet (510 m), immediately to the north of the ridge of the Carmarthen Fans. It is the smaller of two lakes within this mountain massif: the slightly larger Llyn y Fan Fawr is about 2 miles (3. 2 km) to the east.— — — — — —Fan fictionFan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is a type of fictional text written by fans of any work of fiction where the author uses copyrighted characters, settings, or other intellectual properties from an original creator as a basis for their writing. Fan fiction ranges from a couple of sentences to an entire novel, and fans can both keep the creator's characters and settings or add their own. Fan fiction is a form of fan labor. Fan fiction can be based on any fictional (and sometimes non-fictional) subject. Common bases for fan fiction include novels, movies, bands, and video games. Fan fiction is rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work's creator or publisher and is rarely professionally published. It may infringe on the original author's copyright, depending on the jurisdiction and on such questions as for whether it qualifies as "fair use" (see Legal issues with fan fiction). Attitudes of authors and copyright owners of original works to fan fiction have ranged from indifference to encouragement or rejection. Copyright owners have occasionally responded with legal action. The term "fan fiction" came into use in the 20th century as copyright laws began to delineate between stories using established characters that were authorized by the copyright holder and those that were unauthorized. For earlier works with similar characteristics, see unofficial sequel or pastiche. Fan fiction is defined by being both related to its subject's canonical fictional universe (often referred to as "canon") and simultaneously existing outside of it (Alternative universe). Fan fiction is often written and published in circles of other fans, and therefore would usually not cater to readers who have no knowledge of the original fiction.— — — — — —Hampton Bay celling fan issue (can't run the fan at high speed)?If it is a remote only fan the sensor could be bad in the fan (that is controlled by the remote) or the fan motor itself could be bad. May just need to get a new fan— — — — — —Computer fan is loud at random times?Loud as in spinning faster or loud as in noisy? If its just spinning faster then your machine is running HOT.clean out dust and dirt from fan and heatsink. If its noisy.then the fan bearings are "taking a dixie". Replace the fan.
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