Types of Cooling Tower

Types of Cooling Tower The major types of cooling towers are as below. The types can be divided as per their performance and its shape material and its working methodologies.

1. Mechanical Type : Forced Draft / Induced Draft 2. Air Flow Type : Cross Flow / Counter Flow / Spray--> Double Flow / Single Flow 3. Shape Type : Round / Square - Bottle / Rectangular - Seamless 4. heat Transfer Type : Evaporative / Dry / Air 5. Water Type : Closed Circuit / Open Circuit 6. Construction Type : FRP / Timber - wooden / RCC 7. Fan less & Fills less There are two major category in the types of cooling tower. The first one is Natural draft cooling tower and another one is Mechanical Draft cooling tower.

First we will see what is a Natural Draft Cooling Towers.

Natural Draft Cooling Towers The natural draft cooling tower may also called as hyperbolic cooling tower. Through the natural draft tower the hot air moves upwards, fresh cool air is drawn into the tower by air inlet.

For Natural Draft cooling tower no fan is required due to the layout of the tower. There is no circulation of hot air that could affect the performance.

Concrete material can used for the build the tower shell for maximum height up to 200 meters.

RCC Natural Draft cooling towers are only for large heat duties and also concrete structures are expensive.

You may go for FRP Natural Draft Timber Natural Draft with the minimum cost.

Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower Mechanical draft towers have large fans to force or draw air through circulated water. The water falls downwards over fill surfaces, which help increase the contact time between the water and the air - this helps maximize heat transfer between the two. Cooling rates of mechanical draft towers depend upon various parameters such as fan diameter and speed of operation, fills for system resistance etc Mechanical draft towers are available in a large range of capacities. Towers can be either factory built or field erected - for example concrete towers are only field erected.

Many towers are constructed so that they can be grouped together to achieve the desired capacity. Thus, many cooling towers are assemblies of two or more individual cooling towers or "cells." Multiple cell towers can be lineal, square, or round depending upon the shape of the individual cells and whether the air inlets are located on the sides or bottoms of the cells.

In the Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower two types available. One is Forced Draft and another one is Induced Draft Type mechanical cooling Tower.

Induced Draft Type : The airflow is induced by fan and moves horizontally.

About the Flow in cooling towers.

There are two type of flow. First is Cross Flow and another one is Counter Flow.

Cross flow cooling tower :

With the cross flow the air is drawn across the falling water and the fill is located outside the tower. In cross flow Cooling tower the water enters from the top and flows downward through the Cooling Tower Fill.

The airflow is induced by fan and moves horizontally.

Counter flow cooling tower :

In Counter flow the air is drawn up through the falling water and the fill is therefore located inside the tower. The design may be design according to the site conditions.

Water Type Cooling Tower:

If water is not availalbe then you have to go for closed circuit cooling tower.

Here the water circuit will be closed. If the circuit is opened then its called as Open type cooling tower.

You can have the mix percentage of closed and open water ratio.

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