What Are Your Thoughts on Hydraulic Fracking? and Big Money Hungry Companies That Burn Coal and Wast

yea but not when it is ruining our ecosystems, there are better ways to live and we can get energy from solar power

1. Where the symbol Swastika came from?

That particular symbol comes from several places. Under the name Swastika it was a very ancient Germanic religious symbol representing solar power and luck. The symbol is also found in China, Tibet, Greece, Egypt, Africa, India and even the North American Plains. In all instances the symbol represented either Luck, the power of the sun or both.

2. Can anyone list 3 disatvantages and 3 disadvantages of solar power?

It has all of the pros and cons on it. Solar energy is standard featuring in the form of electromagnetic radiations (solar radiation or else electromagnetism) and is very worthy to sustain life on Earth. It helps to grow plants, provides ardor and generates solar electricity. Featuring in this article, we yearn for discuss the advantages of solar energy to the same degree an alternative energy solution. The amount of energy we receive from Sun everyday is 35000 era additional than our whole energy production and consumption. This vast source of energy brings many environmental advantages. A few of these advantages are affirmed less than: Free of cost: Solar energy is on the house of cost. It does not require at all fuel. Moreover, it is maintenance-free. It can survive a bargain basement priced alternate energy solution known the increasing cost of gasoline and fuel. Earth is receiving this energy all the phase. Therefore, this by no means finish energy source is copious. Environment Friendly: Overall warming is an worthy deal out these days. Solar energy does not burn at all fossil fuels. It is the cleanest form of energy. Greatest of all, it does not give off harmful gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and methane. Dependency: It reduces dependency on power monopolies and power grids to function. Therefore, it is beneficial on behalf of remote areas having rebuff power grids. Countries can institute solar plants anywhere. Save Money: Near is an opening cost of setting up a solar panel but this is a one-time fee with rebuff expectations bills to forfeit. You can save lots of money on energy bills. The add up to of solar photovoltaic systems are rising 50 percent annually. A few solar energy solutions include solar panels, cookers, stoves, ovens, and muggy irrigate tanks. You can in addition market back overkill solar power to your grid. Reasonably priced: Federal and state governments offer incentives on behalf of using solar energy. Energy rule act out of 2005 provides options to receive charge trust from federal government. Consequently, you are eligible on behalf of 30 percent of the regularity cost on behalf of either solar irrigate heating or else solar photovoltaic electricity. Health Costs: It reduces strength risks. Wear and tear of diesel or else patrol to generate electricity can cause respiratory diseases and state adverse affects on eyes to the same degree well. In addition, chatter and petrol used on behalf of vehicles is a key source of pollution. We can wear and tear solar powered cars to reduce pollution.

3. How do i fit solar energy to a house?

My guess is that you must pick up everything concerning solar power at: leafysolarwho.info You will find simple ware to newest renewable energy data and related media

4. Could a golf cart battery be used to store solar power?

Yes, golf cart batteries are sealed or pressure vented deep cycle lead acid cells that could be used for solar electricity storage. If you application is to be a static, ie not mobile unit, then I would choose a lead acid battery such as a leisure battery that I could top up with water if necessary. Most of the failures associated with the sealed lead acid cells are caused by the cell drying out, this is not an issue if you can top up the cell to replace lost liquid. You could use a car battery but it would not perform as well as the leisure type

5. Solar Panels Over Canals Can Save Money, Energy and Water, Study Shows | Newsroom

Covering the 4,000 miles of California's water canals could save billions of gallons of water and generate renewable power for the state every year, according to a new study. The study was published in the journal Nature Sustainability. Professors Roger Bales, Joshua Viers and Tapan Pathak authored the paper with researchers Andrew Zumkehr, Jenny Ta and Elliot Campbell in collaboration with UC Water and Professor Brandi McKuin of UC Santa Cruz, an alumna of UC Merced. The research explores the interconnected nature and costs of moving water across the state. It tested the thesis that by erecting a modular system of solar shading panels over California's exposed aqueducts, the state can reduce evaporative water loss and provide a variety of benefits when compared to conventional ground-mounted solar systems. The Solar AquaGrid study was underwritten by NRG Energy, with development support from the Bay Area agency Citizen Group. Results show a savings of 63 billion gallons of water annually, which is comparable to the amount needed to irrigate 50,000 acres of farmland or meet the residential water needs of more than 2 million people. And the 13 gigawatts of solar power the solar panels would generate each year would equal about one sixth of the state's current installed capacity - roughly half the projected new capacity needed by 2030 to meet the state's decarbonization goals. "The SolarAqua Grid model provides a combined, integrated response to addressing our water/energy nexus," Bales said. "It can help address California's underlying vulnerabilities while meeting both state and federal level commitments to produce renewable energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Solutions such as these are not only viable but more urgently needed than ever before, particularly as the region returns to what many researchers refer to as a paleo-drought - a worst-case scenario for water managers." "We were surprised by the significant evaporation savings, which we project to be as much as 82%," added UC Santa Cruz postdoctoral scholar Brandi McKuin, lead author of the report. "That amount of water can make a significant difference in water-short regions." Because the solar panels shade the canals from direct sunlight, McKuin added, they would not only mitigate evaporation but also curtail the growth of aquatic weeds and reduce maintenance costs, while the evaporation that does occur actually cools the panels, increasing their efficiency in converting sunlight to electricity. The analysis shows that adding solar coverings above canals that run across 'already disturbed land' means developers can avoid protracted environmental permitting and right-of-way issues so systems can be deployed more quickly and cost effectively. The study estimates that, for California, the resulting annual savings in maintenance costs could be as much as $40,000 per mile of canal. In addition, the retirement of old diesel pumps and generators in favor of solar arrays would contribute to cleaner air in California's Central Valley, which suffers from among the worst air quality in the nation. "What is most compelling about this study is that when you tally up the multiple benefits," Bales said, "solar over canals represents the sort of shift in thinking that California and the world need as we transition our economy and infrastructure to a fossil-free, sustainable future." The UC Solar AquaGrid study comes at a time when there is growing urgency for shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy. UC engineers are rethinking how aging water and energy infrastructure can adapt to the challenges of sustainable water management, catastrophic wildfires, multi-day power outages and the American West's "megadrought" - an ongoing stretch of extended dry conditions worse than any experienced since 1603, according to a recent report in the journal Science. The Biden administration has called for rapid modernization of water, transportation and energy infrastructure to withstand the impacts of extreme climate. Federal agencies have been directed to identify new opportunities to spur innovation, commercialization and deployment of clean-energy technologies and infrastructure. California is calling for 50% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030 and the sale of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035. This study demonstrates one way to further the mission of sustainability by using existing structures. "Aqueducts are the arteries of our economic and social development, and have captured the public's imagination for centuries," said former State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus. "A significant amount of our state's electricity bill comes from moving, treating and heating water, so water efficiency is also energy efficiency. We need to find every way we can to use water more efficiently, including stemming evaporative loss, as we also scale up clean energy to meet the needs of the challenging century ahead under climate change."

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