What Boots Are Better, the 2008 Burton Shaun White, Or the 2009 Burton Moto?

i've got Moto's and I love them. They are warm, fit comfortably, durable, fast to lace (they have the quick laces), and they look nice too!

1. Should I get the Moto G3 or Moto G Turbo?

Moto G Turbo :Battery discharging fast when using WiFi and 4GIts Hot.Device is reaching the temperature Beyond 40 Degree C, when using WiFi and 4G.Display getting warm when using WiFi.(very hot)Package does not have data cable. Little heavy(for me at least)3D graphics is not very smooth.No USB CableBasic Headphones which everyone hates.Speakers should have been Better just like the Moto G2720P TFT Display. You can find small lines on the display if you see clearly. No one will notice that so its not that Bad. should have been an IPS Display.Camera is not that great. I do not see the clarity even though its 13MP. Front Cam is Average. Moto G 3:Unremovable battery. Camera quality with flash is bad as it capture yellow imagePoor Headphone qualityWhy don't you get your option with Other brands - Wait for Moto G 4.Should I get the Moto G3 or Moto G Turbo?

2. Are K2 moto 90 inline rollerblades good for tricks( grind, etc) and aggressive rollerblading?

Definitely not. The K2 Moto 90 is a recreational inline skate that is suited for casual skating and light fitness skating. Among the many things that aggressive skates have that the K2 Moto 90 does not have are: Grind plates for grinding and doing tricks. Aggressive skate wheels - Aggressive skate wheels are typically around 59mm and are designed to keep the skater lower to the ground and the skaters' center of gravity. The wheels of the k2 moto 90 are 90mm and designed for longer distance skating. Aggressive skating boot - Aggressive skates have a more heavily constructed boot built to withstand abuse. The boot of the Moto 90 is light, breathable, and a soft construction for comfort during lengthy skating ventures.

3. Moto gp.. whats the difference?

Yeah, Bedouin has pretty much nailed it. Easy way to look at it is, Sat is 12 month old. Factory changes EVERY race.

4. How do I connect USB pendrive to moto E 2nd Generation 4G?

You need an OTG cable.nYou need to Install Es File Explorer.Then You will able to access pendrive data in your Phone.How do I connect USB pendrive to moto E 2nd Generation 4G?

5. How can I connect my Moto E4 to my TV using HDMI and USB?

As others have said try getting a Chromecast. They are easy to use and install plus you totally avoid having to run cables everywhere. Also if you are addicted to phones, then you can still use it while Chromecasting :-).

6. which brand of handphone is better moto/sony/nokia?

It really depends on the model. Each brand offers 25 phones, and no company's product portfolio is so superior that the others pale in comparison. Generally I like LG's and Blackberry's best, but I would buy a Nokia or Sony if they offered a phone that suited my needs and got great reviews.

7. What are the pros and cons about getting a Moto Z2 Play?

To be honest, there's no such con... Everything still counts as a pro about the Moto Z2 Play, except the OTA updates... Yes, the only con is, it will not be getting updates after some months, that is, you might not be getting the Android P update...Some other important points to note are:It's a year old...It has a power-efficient processor and not a powerful processor...It's camera is kind of mediocre...Moto Mods are very costly...You will be getting much better devices than this device for the price at which it is being sold now...Thank You...

8. Is the Lumia 630 a better choice over the Moto G?

Moto G(2nd gen), besides its superior specs(5" 720p AMOLED display, 1.2Ghz quadcore snapdragon 400, 8 MP rear, 2 MP front camera) runs on Android Kitkat OS. Android is way better than Windows phone 8/8. 1. Go for Moto G. Is the Lumia 630 a better choice over the Moto G?Is Lumia 630 a better choice over Moto G?

9. What is the full explanation of Anupam Roy's song "Amake amar Moto thakte dao"?

Aah, The milestone song in Bengali music industry. Well on a overall glimpse it seems this song addresses the 'live and let live' 'Don't come into my way, I won't come into yours too'- a very popular attitude among youngsters nowadays. Many of my friends uses the lines of this song in that particular context. But is it actually like that?Aah, The milestone song in Bengali music industry. Well on a overall glimpse it seems this song addresses the 'live and let live' 'Don't come into my way, I won't come into yours too'- a very popular attitude among youngsters nowadays. Many of my friends uses the lines of this song in that particular context. But is it actually like that?"Amake amar moto thakte daonAmi nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi..nJeta chhilona chhilona seta na paoyai thak,nSab pele nashto jibon."A man's inner urge. Life tells him, society tells him: run, run. . faster- fastest first. But everyone, at some point of one's life, wants to stop. May be for short while, but this thought will come across his mind: Why am I compromising with myself so much? That's the question Anupam framed here. Why won't you let me live like I want to? Success is not such a small word that can be achieved in all fields. And on the last line, we see an existential crisis of 'successful and famous' people: They get it for the cost of their personal life. Too much of success often spoils the relationships and other simple bondings of life. (The reference here, of course, is to a famous Bengali actor, on whom 'Autograph' is pictured. )"Tomar ei duniyar jhapsa aloynKichu sandhyer guro haoa kancher moto:nJodi ure jete chao tobe gaa bhashiye dao,nDurbine chokh rakhbo na na na.."Alo. Light. The lights of stardom, or the light of this town of us: bright, but still, blurred. The faces you see- are all blur, you don't know what they are thinking behind that face they are wearing. Not even for your special one. With that realization of being deceived, being forced through this world, the delightful evening breezes are seeming to be like glass dust: paining you because you don't have the mood to rejoice. (From an other perspective, this line can also be linked to the temporariness of breezes- of love- like breakable glass.)Here comes the most popular way of facing the problems: let everything go as they are going on. Why bother? Don't think on life, let it pass by.Just throw yourself to the stream- stop resisting. Don't think about old relations, about lost things. (That's the line: Don't put your eyes in telescope) Live for now..Now...Na na na nanNa na na naTrying hard.."Ei jahaj mastul chhaarkhaar;nTobu golpo likhchi banchbaar;nAmi rakhte chai na aar taar,nKono raat dupurer abdaar,nTai cheshta korchi bar bar-nSaantre paar khojar...". .And that does not happen. Breaking of relation (jahaj) also ruins the aims (mastul). Temporary shortcut to happiness does not fill the gap (raat dupurer abdaar).So one can't just leave everything on fate. The struggle is in very nature of man. No, no, no throwing body to stream, fight back; swim against it..That is how the poem works out, as per me. You can find other meanings too :)What is the full explanation of Anupam Roy's song "Amake amar Moto thakte dao"?.

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What's a Good Drag Car?
What's a Good Drag Car?
the best bracket drag car i ever owned was 1978 firebird 1 seat crome molly roll cage factory re built motor and a stiff rear end 114 mph if the wind was blowing the right way go a lot faster with a good racing mecanic1. Myhusband caught 2 Giant grasshoppers for our grandkids, what do we feed them and do they eat bugs or grass?Found this on the subject: Rearing Habitat * A gallon jar or aquarium with a screened lid. * Source of radiant heat (light bulb or desk light) close to, or preferably, inside the cage. This enables insects to select an appropriate temperature. Light should be on approximately 16 hours a day. This gives heat, they need to be warm. * Cup of sand for egg-laying. Sand (or vermiculite) needs to be moist to touch, but not saturated. Water needs to be added at regular intervals to keep the sand moist. If the cage is on legs, cut the bottom to hold the sand container level with the bottom of the enclosure. This way the grasshoppers can find the sand and do not have to crawl up into the container. Food Fresh mixed plant material, e.g., lettuce, cabbage, grass. Try whatever is available. Make sure food is well washed to remove any pesticide residues. Also give a small cap of bran or wheat germ as they need some dry food. Water None. They usually get water from food. Keep fresh food and bran available and insects will eat appropriate amounts to establish water balance. It is best to keep the humidity low and the enclosure dry rather than wet. Taking Care Cleaning Remove frass and uneaten plant material daily. Handling Insects can be handled gently with fingers. Hold them on either side of the thorax from above. Do not catch them by a back leg. If you do that, they will often cast off the leg and escape. In general, it is easiest to catch individuals in a small container such as an old pill bottle (approx. 4"x1"). Raising Young In the northern U.S., species may have an egg diapause. It may be possible to avoid this by keeping insects in long-day conditions. Incubate eggs at about 30C (83F) and cover sand with a jar to prevent drying out and allow the babies to hatch. Place in an area that is warm like near an oven or motor. Make sure they do not dry out. Young stages are very small and can get through most wire gauze. Other Concerns Precautions Some people become allergic to grasshoppers and develop skin or respiratory problems. This is very unlikely to occur in a short time, but it is best to keep insects in a well-aerated place. Special Considerations Grasshoppers cannot survive freezing. Normally, grasshoppers only feed above 20C (69F) (a light bulb will provide adequate heat). They will die if it gets too hot (more than 45C (112F)). They get diseases if it gets too cool or moist. A grasshopper's diet Grasshoppers chew almost any type of leaves, but prefer softer vegetation. They will favor lettuce, for example, rather than tougher material, such as tree leaves. As far as vegetables go, they prefer lettuce, carrots, and onions. If given a choice, grasshoppers usually avoid squash, peas and tomatoes leaves. (They do, however, like tomato fruit.)2. I am looking for a 15hp tiller motor. It is going to be used with a 15ft boat. What brand do you recommend?The dealer is more important than the brand of motor. Most motors are similar in quality or the company would go out of business. See what is being sold in your area and visit the store. Do the sales people know what they are doing? Check the service department. This will be the most important thing if something does go wrong. Do they have enough people there to get the job done or will you wait for months. Do they have a large parts dept. or will they need to order every little thing. Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Evinrude, Johnson or Tohatsu/Nissan are all good names but some dealers SUCK3. Central AC Blower works intermittently?it could be t-stat fan switch cap motor itself or circuit board but to me it sends voltage threw g wire to fan switch i would check that first if voltage test cap then test fan switch if all voltage is going threw then check amp draw on motor
Range of Duty Cycle Ms to Drive RC Servo Motor and Transfer Function
Stimulate pulse width, measure arm position, then do a literature search on "system identification".You really want to make sure you're in the linear range of operation, though -- servos have top speeds, and if you hit that top speed in operation, then the servo will no longer behave in a linear manner, and the concept of "transfer function" will go out the window. At that point you'll either need a full-on nonlinear model (which the manufacturer won't even know, any more than they know what a "transfer function" is), or you'll need to characterize the servo with several different input amplitudes and do describing function analysis on the results.I am using the ball and beam control system from Acrome robotics and I would like to identify the transfer function of the RC servo motor which translates motion to the system. First of all, I have asked the company for information about the model of the motor used but I have not received an answer. Is there any way to find out the milliseconds in order to put the servo at 0,90 degrees ? And if I collect the input data (ms of duty cycle) and output data (degrees), can I figure out the transfer function of the motors system ?·OTHER ANSWER:I am using the ball and beam control system from Acrome robotics and I would like to identify the transfer function of the RC servo motor which translates motion to the system. First of all, I have asked the company for information about the model of the motor used but I have not received an answer. Is there any way to find out the milliseconds in order to put the servo at 0,90 degrees ? And if I collect the input data (ms of duty cycle) and output data (degrees), can I figure out the transfer function of the motors system ?
Watch Motor Racing From INSIDE the Car: 360 Degree VR Cameras Let Viewers Sit in the Driving Seat Du
Motor racing fans are being the opportunity to virtually sit behind the wheel of a radical new racing car during races.The Formula E series uses electric cars, each fitted with a 360 degree camera to allow viewers to experience the race from the driver's point of view.The Championship's CEO told MailOnline he expect the radical racing cars to soon rival the fastest traditional engines in the world - and even outpace a Formula 1 car.Click below to see a 360 video - move your mouse the change the viewAlejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E, told MailOnline that electric racing was the future of motorsport.'We think the time is right - the technology is starting to be ready, and the environment is there.'There are still limitations, we have to change cars because of the battery - but that will improve.'People are sufficiently concerned about the environment to put a lot of wind behind ur sales. Ten years ago, this wouldn't have worked.'This is a business. Now is the moment to do it.Jean Todt, the head of the FIA backed to formation of the Championship.We will have better performance that the combustion cars - I'm convinced we will outperform.'The battery is the bottleneck - we could go as fast as F1 now, but the battery would only last five minutes.Developing a so-called green racing series has meant overhauling how the races are run.Car batteries cannot be charged mid-race, forcing drivers at some point to rush into a second, fully charged car.'Young fans love this, but older fans seem to prefer Formula E- this is a race for the new generation.'The cars give off a high-pitched whistling sound, a bit like a dentist's drill.Drivers also must carefully manage their power, a challenge for race cars with a limited battery life.'The key to driving the cars is to manage the battery,' explained Agag.However, some drivers in more traditional racing have hit out at the series.Sebastian Vettel has turned his nose up at Formula E, describing the electric car racing series as 'cheese'.'We're big admirers of Vettel,' said Agag on Thursday.'He just doesn't like Formula E. Maybe one day we can convince him to come to Formula E.'The team is set to race around Battersea Park later in the season.'We reached out to the mayor as soon as we got the licence, and he loved the idea.'We went through a lot of options looking at circuits in the city centre, and in the end was Battersea Park - we wanted to be in the heart of London.The English public love motorsport, and we think it'll be a special race.'We want to control the technology to avoid an arms race, you need to not have huge differences, but to allow for development.'People knew this was a real race - these guys were going for victory.Agag said the key to the series was the track locations.'The key for us is that we can use city centres, for instance in Miami and Long Beach.'Agag also said the race was working to minimise the carbon footprint of the moving the race around the world, using electric forklifts and working trains and ships as often as possible.He also said he had discussed the series with Tesla boss Elon Musk - and said he hoped one day the firm might field a team.'We have invited Elon to a race - he didn't come, but I met him a year and a half ago, and he said he didn't want to go racing - he wants to focus on the road car.'However, I met a lot of Tesla employees, and they told me a lot of people in the firm were hoping to change his mind.'The cars look similar to those used in Formula One, with F1 teams McLaren and Williams supplying the electronics and battery respectively. Renault oversees the integration of various systems and Michelin provides the tyres.Agag said he hoped to get more manufacturers on board, with the ultimate aim of becoming a fully-fledged world championship.'We think that next year we will have at least four or five manufacturers in the championship,' Agag said, adding that it had taken 'a miracle' to put the series together in two years.Fans of the Formula E championship - the electric equivalent to the Formula One - will tweet drivers during each race, and the drivers' Twitter accounts will be connected to their electric cars. The amount of tweets throughout the event will be counted and during the last lap, the driver with the most mentions will then be given a short power surge to help their chances.This is in addition to a boost which every driver is given that can be used once, at any point during a race.
Dalian Pinjia Group Promotes Infineon Intelligent Vehicle Motor Drive and Motor Control Solutions
On February 18, 2016, Dalian United holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, announced that its Pinjia launched an on-board intelligent motor drive and control solution based on Infineon drive chips tle986x and tle987x.With the development of automotive electronics, intelligent motor is more and more widely used in automotive electronic system, and its advantages are very obvious. At present, there are an average of 28 motors per vehicle, which is expected to rise to 30 in two years. The motor is inseparable from the drive and control device. Infineon intelligent vehicle motor driver chip has been developed to the third generation tle986x and tle987x, which can cover DC motor and DC brushless motor.Figure 1 - photo of Infineon tle987x drive and control solution development board represented by Dalian PinjiaThe series chips of Infineon launched by Dalian Pinjia this time are integrated with cortex â„¢- M3 core MCU, NMOS driver (with chargpump), PWM / Lin transceiver and 10bit ADC current sampling; Wide range of working voltage, vs = 5.4v to 28V, suitable for automotive 12V system.Figure 2 - system framework diagram of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions of Dalian Pinjia agencyThe main devices in the drive and control solution launched by Dalian Pinjia include tle9877qxa40, tle9867qxa40 and ipd25n06s4l-30. Its product applications are HVAC, waterpump, FUELPUMP, window lift, BLDC motor and DC motor. It can provide technical support such as specifications, development platforms, development tools, schematic diagrams, demo boards, software routines, etc.Figure 3 - photos of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions represented by Dalian PinjiaAbout general United Holdings:As the world's largest distributor of semiconductor components and parts with a leading market share in the Asia Pacific region, Dagu holdings is headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It has Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with nearly 6000 employees, more than 250 agent product suppliers, more than 120 distribution sites around the world (about 70 in the Asia Pacific region), with a turnover of US $14.9 billion (self settled) in 2014. (* market ranking based on Gartner data)Da Lianda holdings creates an industrial holding platform, continuously optimizes the front-end marketing and logistics support team, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provides value-added services such as demand creation, turnkey solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC e-commerce to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) , electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With international business scale and localized sales channels, it has been deeply rooted in the Asia Pacific market for a long time, and has been selected as the "best IC distributor in Asia" by professional media for many years.In order to improve the localization service quality of the general assembly and meet the differentiated needs of regional customers in Greater China, the six service areas of the general assembly (China) include China based manufacturers, Taiwan based manufacturers, electronic manufacturing service, Japanese based manufacturers and Korean based manufacturers And Hong Kong based manufacturers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solution, the general assembly has specially established a dedicated small batch service team (SQS) to meet customers' procurement needs of small batch devices. The general assembly has established the General Assembly commerce and trade, the General Assembly commerce and trade (Shenzhen) and the General Assembly Electronics (Hong Kong) in the mainland and Hong Kong respectively. Taking "industry first choice. Channel benchmark" as the corporate vision, the general assembly has fully implemented the core values of "team, integrity, professionalism and efficiency", and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.
Analysis: Search for Rare Earth Substitutes Gathers Pace
(Reuters) - The hunt for substitutes for rare earth minerals is gaining momentum as auto makers, lighting companies and clean tech developers seek to reduce their reliance on thin and unreliable supplies of the raw material.Rare earths, found in everything from Apple Inc's ( AAPL.O ) iPhones to energy-efficient lighting and wind turbines, gained global attention last year as China, which produces more than 90 percent of global supply, repeatedly clamped down on exports. Prices of the individual oxides, alloys and metals soared.The emergent battery-powered vehicle industry, with its world-scale ambitions, is leading efforts to find alternatives to rare earths, or at least curb reliance on the minerals, even as prices have fallen from last year's record levels.General Motors Co ( GM.N ), maker of the Chevy Volt, says it is close to a breakthrough that would reduce its need for dysprosium, a rare earth in especially high demand.Magnets are what make electric motors spin, and the strong and durable permanent magnets used in many electric and hybrid vehicles are made from the rare earth neodymium, with dysprosium added to ensure performance at high temperatures.While dysprosium may be the ideal option in terms of performance, carmakers must plan several years out, and do not want to depend almost exclusively on China for supplies of a key raw material."The problem for them is not necessarily price," said Jon Hykawy, a clean technologies and materials analyst at Byron Capital Markets. "The problem for them is the availability and security of that supply." The price of dysprosium oxide rose from an average of $229 (146.98 pounds) a kilogram in 2010 to an average of $1,454 in 2011, according to Dundee Securities.Made of an element aptly named for the phrase "hard to get" in Greek, it now goes for about $1,000 a kg.GM is looking at reducing its overall use of rare earths by eventually replacing permanent magnet motors, but that will take time, said Yucong Wang, manager of GM's Department of Materials Technology."We know that permanent magnets are still the best magnets and we want to use (them)," he said. "But then how can we, from a materials standpoint, reduce the usage of the rare earths?" GM is not alone. Japanese media reports say Toyota Motor Corp ( 7203.T ) has found a way to make electric cars without rare earths, while Renault SA ( RENA.PA ) has started producing cars with electric motors that do not need permanent magnets.Two months ago Hitachi ( 6501.T ) unveiled an electric motor that does not require any rare earths at all, but it will not go into commercial production for two years.Carmakers are also rethinking other design elements, like the tiny electric motors that move seats and side mirrors, to see if those can be made with fewer rare earths, or none at all. Bob Wolf, head of sales at magnet supplier Alliance LLC, counts more than 100 permanent magnet applications in a modern car.The pricing roller-coaster is a boon for rare earth substitute makers like Nanosys, which produces rare earth-free backlighting technology for monitors and handheld devices. Nanosys has a licensing deal with display maker Samsung ( 005930.KS ), which is also an investor, and a commercial deal with LG ( 066570.KS ).Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove said that even at less-inflated rare earth prices, the cost to make light-emitting diode (LED) products using yttrium, a rare earth, is twice that of Nanosys lighting - and LEDs are expected ultimately to replace standard light bulbs once they are competitive on price."We have an ambition to move into general illumination, probably in the next year or so," said Hartlove, whose firm's backers also include Germany's Nanostart AG NNSG.DE.Among larger competitors, Philips ( PHG.AS ) said in April that it was developing technology to "significantly reduce" its reliance on rare earths in the production of LEDs.A few years ago, rare earth magnets were so abundant in China that they were used in purse clasps, but that all stopped once prices soared, said Doug Jackson, senior vice president of business development at U.S. rare earth miner Molycorp Inc MCP.N.Demand from clean-energy technologies such as wind turbines may triple global demand for dysprosium by 2025, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, which has been scrutinizing the rare earths market for two years.With an eye on the supply shortage, Molycorp last year invested in Boulder Wind, a maker of turbines that are free of dysprosium, though they use other, less-scarce rare earths."We think that their technology will accelerate the uptake of the permanent magnet generator," Jackson said.
Example of Forward and Reverse Rotation of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor
Analysis of forward and reverse control of squirrel cage asynchronous motorIn the production process, as the production machinery that our maintenance electricians often come into contact with, it is required that the moving parts operate frequently in the forward and reverse directions.Here are two control circuits to analyze one by one. In figure a, the control circuit of double interlocking of button and contactor is adopted. On the basis of interlocking by using the normally closed auxiliary contact of positive and negative transfer contact, composite buttons SB2 and Sb3 are added. Interlock protection. In this circuit, even if two start buttons are connected at the same time, the positive and negative transfer contacts cannot be powered on. In addition, the composite button is used. After the motor runs in the forward direction, it is not necessary to press the stop button SB1 first. You can directly press the reverse start button to make the motor run in the reverse direction.In the actual production process, if the operation is frequent, the forward and reverse contactors may still be connected at the same time. In order to avoid simultaneous closing of forward and reverse contactors, an intermediate relay KA can be added to the control circuit to prolong the conversion process. As shown in Figure B. In other occasions, special mechanical interlocking contactors can be selected as appropriate.Experimental report on forward and reverse control of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motorIn the process of motor teaching, many students asked about the forward and reverse control of single-phase motor. Next, we will discuss the forward and reverse control method of capacitive single-phase asynchronous motor.1、 Working principle of single phase motorTheoretically, the single-phase AC motor has only one winding. The rotating hand is of squirrel cage type. When the single-phase sinusoidal current passes through the stator winding, the motor will produce an alternating magnetic field. The strength and direction of the magnetic field change sinusoidally with time, but it is fixed in spatial orientation. Therefore, it is also called alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be decomposed into two rotating magnetic fields with the same speed and opposite rotation directions. When the rotor is stationary, the two rotating magnetic fields produce two torques with equal size and opposite directions in the rotor, so that the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor cannot rotate. When the motor is rotated in a certain direction by external force (such as clockwise rotation), the cutting magnetic line of force between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the clockwise rotation direction becomes smaller, and the cutting magnetic line of force between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the counterclockwise rotation direction becomes larger. In this way, the balance is broken, and the total electromagnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer rotate. To make the single-phase motor rotate automatically, a starting winding can be added to the stator. The space difference between the starting winding and the main winding is 90 degrees, and the starting winding (auxiliary winding) should be connected with a suitable capacitor in series, so that the difference seems to be 90 degrees, which is the so-called phase separation principle. In this way, when two currents with a time difference of 90 degrees pass through two windings with a space difference of 90 degrees, a (two-phase) rotating magnetic field will be generated in space. In this way, a rotating magnetic field will be generated in the stator, and its rotating magnetic field is clockwise. Under the action of this rotating magnetic field, the rotor can start automatically. After starting, when the speed rises to a certain value, the starting winding is disconnected with the help of a centrifugal switch or other automatic control device installed on the rotor. Only the main winding works during normal operation. Therefore. The starting winding can be made into short-time working mode. But there are many times when the winding is started and continuously opened. This kind of motor is called capacitive single-phase motor.2、 Principle of forward and reverse rotation of single-phase motorThe rotation principle of asynchronous motor is to form a rotating magnetic field in the stator winding, and the direction of the rotating magnetic field determines the direction of the motor.As long as the direction of the rotating magnetic field is changed, the rotation direction of the motor can be changed. As long as the phase sequence of three-phase motor is changed, the direction of rotating magnetic field can be changed, which also changes the forward and reverse rotation of three-phase motor. The single-phase motor divides the single-phase electricity into two-phase electricity with a difference of less than 900 through the phase separation element, capacitor or the resistance of the coil itself, in which the one on the main winding represents one phase electricity and the one on the auxiliary winding represents the other phase electricity.Therefore, the essence of single-phase motor is "two-phase motor". To change the direction of the single-phase motor, you can change it by changing the phase sequence. However, unlike the three-phase motor, it is not to change the phase sequence of the power supply, but to change the current sequence in the main and auxiliary windings. There are two ways to change the phase sequence in the current of the main and auxiliary windings. One is to change the impedance of the main and auxiliary windings, which is realized by connecting capacitors in series at different positions of the main and auxiliary windings. The second is to change the polarity of the main or auxiliary winding to change the current phase sequence. The following takes two typical single-phase motors as examples.1. Forward and reverse rotation mode of single-phase washing motorThe operation of single-phase washing motor requires that the parameters of the main and auxiliary windings are consistent in the midship, the forward and reverse output of the motor are the same, and the main and auxiliary windings can be working windings for each other. The single-phase motor forms a rotating magnetic field through the phase separation of the main and auxiliary windings. The difference between the main and auxiliary windings is 900 phase angle. The main winding is directly connected with I. and N, and the auxiliary winding is connected with the power supply after series capacitance. Let the current flowing through the main winding be la and the current flowing through the auxiliary winding be IR. The main winding is basically inductance, the impedance is inductive reactance, which is inductive load, and La lags behind the power supply voltage in phase. The impedance of the secondary winding will decrease and the phase angle with the power supply will also decrease due to the series capacitance. Therefore, IR is one phase angle ahead of La. As long as the appropriate capacitor is selected, IR can exceed La 90 degrees. In this way, the phase difference is generated by the two-phase current and a forward rotating magnetic field is formed to make the motor rotate forward. Similarly, if the secondary winding is directly connected with L and N at this time, the main winding is connected with the power supply after series capacitance.Then IA is 90 ahead of IR. The phase angle forms a reverse rotating magnetic field to reverse the motor. The circuit diagram is shown in the figure below. A single pole three throw switch is used to switch the position where the capacitor is connected to the main and auxiliary windings. When the knife switch is in the middle position, it is in the stop state. During forward rotation, winding La is directly connected to LN, winding LR and capacitor are connected in series, winding LR is the starting winding, the current is advanced, and it is set as forward rotation. Then change the connection method, winding LR is directly connected to LN, winding La and capacitor are connected in series, winding La is the starting winding, and if the current is ahead, it will rotate in the opposite direction. It can also be seen from the above analysis that the main and auxiliary windings can also be the starting windings of each other.2. Forward and reverse rotation mode of single-phase electric planer motorThe working requirements of single-phase electric planer motor are that the parameters of main and auxiliary windings are inconsistent, and the forward and reverse output of the motor are also different. The main winding is the working winding. Obviously, this type of motor cannot reverse the motor by using the above method. However, it is known from the above analysis that the secondary winding is connected in series with a capacitor, which generates a phase difference of IR exceeding la900 and forms a rotating magnetic field to make the motor rotate forward. So just let IR lag behind La 90 degrees (or in other words, let La lead ir90).The motor can be reversed. It's easy to do this. As long as the IR flips 180 degrees (or La flips 180.), it can be done. So how to achieve IR flip 180 degrees (or La flip 180A)? As can be seen from the following wiring diagram, in fact, the main winding and the auxiliary winding are connected to the same power supply, that is, their voltage is in the same phase. If the l-connection WL and n-connection W2 of the auxiliary winding are changed to l-connection W2 and n-connection W1, the main winding remains unchanged. Maintain ln connection uiu2. Then there is a phase difference of 180 degrees between the voltage of the main winding and the voltage of the auxiliary winding, that is, the current of the auxiliary winding is also reversed by 180 degrees. At this time, IR lags behind IA by 90 degrees (or in other words, IA leads ir90 degrees). The direction of the rotating magnetic field is counterclockwise, which realizes the reversal.In the actual circuit, the secondary winding and capacitor are connected to the power supply through forward and reverse switches. What this circuit changes is not which winding the capacitor is connected to, but the polarity of the winding. In theory, if you want to change the steering of single-phase motor, you can change the connection form of main and auxiliary windings, adjust the head and tail of main winding, or adjust the head and tail of auxiliary winding, which can change the rotation direction of single-phase motor. Because the current of the main winding is much larger than that of the auxiliary winding, it is generally used to change the wiring of the auxiliary winding to change the rotation direction of the single-phase motor. When the motor is working, the rotation of the rotating magnetic field always changes from the winding with advanced current to the winding with backward current. If the terminals of windings are reversed, the current phase of the winding will be changed to reverse, from advanced (backward) to backward (Advanced). The rotation of the rotating magnetic field will change accordingly. The circuit diagram is shown in the figure below. A double pole double throw switch is used to switch the access polarity of main and auxiliary windings. During forward rotation, the main windings UI and U2 are directly connected to LN, and the auxiliary windings are connected through switches WL and L. W2 and N are connected. The auxiliary winding is the starting winding, the current is advanced, and is set to forward rotation. Then change the connection method, the main windings UL and U2 are still directly connected to LN, and the auxiliary windings are connected through switches W2 and L. W1 and N are connected, and the auxiliary winding is still the starting winding. If the current lags behind, it will rotate in the opposite direction. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the secondary winding is always the starting winding.
Three Control Modes of Servo Motor Necessary for Engineers
Servo motor speed control and torque control are controlled by analog quantity, and position control is controlled by sending pulse. The specific control mode shall be selected according to the customer's requirements and the motion function.Next, we will introduce three control modes of servo motor.If you have no requirements for the speed and position of the motor, just output a constant torque, of course, in torque mode.If you have certain accuracy requirements for position and speed, but don't care about real-time torque, it's better to use speed or position mode.If the upper controller has better closed-loop control function, the effect of speed control will be better. If the requirement is not very high, or there is basically no real-time requirement, the position control mode has no high requirements for the upper controller.In terms of the response speed of the servo driver, the torque mode has the least computation and the driver has the fastest response to the control signal; The amount of calculation in position mode is the largest, and the response of the driver to the control signal is the slowest.When there are high requirements for dynamic performance in motion, the motor needs to be adjusted in real time. If the operation speed of the controller itself is very slow (for example, or low-end motion controller), it is controlled by position. If the operation speed of the controller is relatively fast, the position ring can be moved from the driver to the controller in the speed mode, so as to reduce the workload of the driver and improve the efficiency; If there is a better upper controller, it can also be controlled by torque to remove the speed ring from the driver, which is generally only done by high-end special controller.Generally speaking, there is an intuitive way to compare the quality of driver control, which is called response bandwidth. During torque control or speed control, a square wave signal is given to the motor through the pulse generator to make the motor rotate forward and reverse continuously and adjust the frequency continuously. What is displayed on the oscilloscope is a frequency sweep signal. When the apex of the envelope reaches 70.7% of the highest value, it indicates that it has lost step. At this time, the level of frequency can explain the quality of control, Generally, the current loop can achieve more than 1000Hz, while the speed loop can only achieve tens of Hertz.1. Torque controlThe torque control mode is to set the external output torque of the motor shaft through the input of external analog quantity or direct address assignment. For example, if 10V corresponds to 5nm, when the external analog quantity is set to 5V, the motor shaft output is 2.5nm: if the motor shaft load is lower than 2.5nm, the motor rotates forward, when the external load is equal to 2.5nm, the motor does not rotate, and when the external load is greater than 2.5nm, the motor reverses (usually generated under gravity load). The set torque can be changed by changing the setting of analog quantity in real time, or by changing the value of the corresponding address through communication.It is mainly used in winding and unwinding devices with strict requirements on the stress of materials, such as wire looping device or optical fiber pulling equipment. The torque setting shall be changed at any time according to the change of winding radius, so as to ensure that the stress of materials will not change with the change of winding radius.2. Position controlThe position control mode generally determines the rotation speed through the frequency of external input pulses, and determines the rotation angle through the number of pulses. Some servos can directly assign values to the speed and displacement through communication. Because the position mode can strictly control the speed and position, it is generally applied to the positioning device.Application fields such as CNC machine tools, printing machinery and so on.3. Speed modeThe rotation speed can be controlled through the input of analog quantity or the frequency of pulse. When there is the outer ring d control of upper control device, the speed mode can also be positioned, but the position signal of motor or the position signal of direct load must be fed back to the upper control for operation.The position mode also supports the direct load outer ring to detect the position signal. At this time, the encoder at the motor shaft end only detects the motor speed, and the position signal is provided by the direct detection device at the final load end. This has the advantage that it can reduce the error in the intermediate transmission process and increase the positioning accuracy of the whole system.4. Talk about three ringsThe servo motor is generally controlled by three loops. The so-called three loops are three closed-loop negative feedback PID regulation systems. The innermost PID loop is the current loop, which is completely carried out inside the servo driver. The output current of each phase of the driver to the motor is detected through the hall device, and the negative feedback is set for PID regulation, so as to achieve that the output current is as close as possible to the set current and current The loop is to control the motor torque, so in the torque mode, the operation of the driver is the smallest and the dynamic response is the fastest.The second loop is the speed loop. The negative feedback PID regulation is carried out by detecting the signal of the motor encoder. The PID output in the loop is directly the setting of the current loop. Therefore, the speed loop control includes the speed loop and the current loop. In other words, the current loop must be used in any mode. The current loop is the basis of control. The system is actually carrying out current control while controlling the speed and position (torque) control to achieve the corresponding control of speed and position.The third ring is the position ring, which is the outermost ring. It can be built between the driver and the motor encoder, or between the external controller and the motor encoder or the final load, depending on the actual situation. Since the internal output of the position control ring is the setting of the speed ring, the system performs the operation of all three rings in the position control mode. At this time, the system has the largest amount of operation and dynamic load The response speed is also the slowest.
Will a Trolling Motor Get Damaged If Boat Capsizes and It Gets Submerged for a Short Time?
Will a trolling motor get damaged if boat capsizes and it gets submerged for a short time?The actual motor wont be damaged,but the control head will be.Most these days heve printed circuit boards and rotary switches that wont tolerate being submerged.Salt water and having the battery connected will compound the problem. On the plus side,most trolling motors offer a quick disconnect mount— — — — — —Medical insurance for living short time in Canada?How far she is pregnant? I am insurance broker, if she is pregnant earlier stage that I will try to find her health insurance. Which province you will residing? What is her age? send me an email, I will provide you information that you need— — — — — —How can one become a successful lawyer in a short time?In the United States, a few law schools have accelerated programs where you can graduate within two years instead of the normal three years— — — — — —Getting taller during a short time period?i dont think that will happen unless you hit a growth spurt it could nothings impossible— — — — — —How can I inspire people to work?Work with them for a short time then determine and show them an easier/more efficient way to do their job and accomplish their goal(s)— — — — — —What pork dish is easy to make and takes a short time to cook?Maybe you like to try this out: Five Spice with Belly casserole. Cut pork belly into serving size. Scald into boiling water for a while, dish up and drain well. 2. Add in pork belly Star anise and cinnamon stick and stir fry then pour in all seasoning and covered with water. Bring to boil and simmer over low heat for 40 mins until belly are tender. While this is simmering you can prepare your appetizer and dessert. Cucumber appetizer and a pumpkin sago dessert is easy to prepare. If you are interested write to me will give u the recipes.— — — — — —What are the chances of the world really ending in 2012?theres no chance the world is going to end in 2012, and i am not saying it wont, but not in 2012. because our distance from the sun changes every four years. and do you guys remember when they said the world was going to end in like 2008 or something? so yea anyways every four years the distance changes so our cellphone, internet etc signals will change for a short time. soo dont worry about it.— — — — — —Has any president in history been such a failure as Obama, falling to record disapproval ratings in short time?Offically, and according to USA Today, the answer is NO - Obama has had the lowest approval percentage in recorded history of a first year president. God help us all— — — — — —How do I stop thinking about what she did to me?once upon a time there was this guy who was so amazing to me, he might as well have been an angel who fell straight from the sky - an angel with a five inch tall mohawk and a great smile sent to make me laugh, teach me to loosen up, and let me know that i am loved....i was only able to be with him for a short time, then he joined the army and i never even got to say goodbye :( i think about him every day and hope that he's okay but i know he probably is okay, because after all he is an angel— — — — — —How can I ensure that my startup business doesn't fail within a short time?If you are an existing business owner or someone looking to start a business, it is obvious that you do not want to fail. Forming a company, developing new products or services, introducing them to market and sharing your skills with the globe is an amazing experience. But unfortunately, finding success in business is never easy and straightforward. Please watch the below video:You have to follow these guidelines if you want to make sure your business does not fail.1. Stay close to your mates and closer to your enemiesIt is important to understand what your competitors are up to in the market. This does not matter what your company is doing, what you sell or what industry you are working in- you will have competition. To survive, you will do everything within your power to make sure you are standing out from your competition and showing to customers what puts you apart. This involves a large part of market research gets started.The term market research is used to describe the process of obtaining details together on your business, what you are providing and how those products compare to what the competition is bringing to the market. To get started you should get online and learn everything there is to understand about your competition.Find the companies who sell the same type of products you are providing, the companies operating nearby and visit them. Participate in the customer experience at those businesses, and sample the goods and services. After that, you will have to perform a methodical analysis to analyze what those companies do well and where they are missing the mark. Create a chart documenting your competitors' price points, key product lines, and their unique selling points (USPs).After you've carried out your research, it's time to sit down and apply what you have learnt, to develop your business strategy. Market research on your competition and the introduction of new ideas is not a one-off thing. You must be following your competitors on social media, bookmarking their sites and visiting their brick-and-mortar locations regularly to assure you are always up-to-date on what they are providing. That way, you can always ensure your company is doing a better job. 2. Provide a continuous and excellent serviceThe success of your company relies entirely on offering great customer service. As shown by researchers at Lithium, 76% of individual shoppers in the UK say positive customer experience is more essential to them than the product or service they are buying. What is more, 70% of customers now say their purchasing experiences are completely based on how they are being treated by the corporation and its employees. Keeping that in mind, conversions, sales and customer retention are extremely dependent on how you treat your clients. Yet good customer service goes far beyond that old saying about' the customer always being right' (and that's true). In most fields, providing great service is about adding value. Again, you must take a look at the type of customer service, support and aftercare your competitors are providing customers- and then think about what they are doing well, and how you could do better. Another amazing way of finding out what your clients want is to ask them.By performing short email or in-store surveys with existing or prospective customers, you can get first-hand accounts of the type of service they want to obtain from your business. Take it on board as many recommendations as you potentially can and enforce those suggestions.Then, adopt some quality control measures and employee training to make sure the level of customer service you want to provide, is compatible across all elements of your company.3. Adopt a never give up attitudeFailure is an important part of the business process. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson has started more than 400 businesses under the Virgin brand and they've not all been winners. , Virgin Cars, Virgin Cosmetics, Virgin Cola and Virginware certainly did not pan out. But Branson learns from his mistakes and persists. If you want to succeed in business, you can not fear and lose confidence if something did not become an immediate success. Find out what went wrong, think about how to avoid it from occurring again and get back out there and try once more. You should never quit, and never stop trying. About 90% of start-ups fail in their first few years of investing. Do not let that be your business- and if it does turn out to be your business, do not be afraid to pick up the pieces and start with a new project.4. Always be ready to sacrificeYour company will not be profitable overnight. Moving your new company forward takes a lot of hard work and determination and that determination requires to start with recognition.Most people are fantasizing about starting their own business because they want the independence that it will offer. As a business owner, you can make your hours, make executive decisions about your products and services and choose how to expand your business. But with that freedom comes a huge amount of responsibility.In addition to the number of hours you are willing to spend on your company, the decisions and choices you make will eventually determine how your business will grow and thrive. To spend more time in your business, you may need to sacrifice free time and personal luxuries. If you are willing to make that sacrifice, the business is already on its way to success
Is It True About Washing the Motor of You Car with Water?
Depends on what you drive. Some cars, it wo not hurt a thing. Others, it will ruin the electronics.1. The more you wash your car with a water hose...?Not really...the worst thing you can do is use a brush...then you might as well take a razor to the clearcoat...use microfiber or nothing at all2. can i fill my radiator of my car with water if its low?its fine. the antifreeze is usually premixed to be 50/50 water or the instructions tell you to mix it 50/50. but definately keep antifreeze in it because it has lubricants and the non freezing stuff too! LOL3. I NEED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH MY CAR????? WATER LEAKED ON THE PASSEGER SIDE OF MY CAR?Water pump!!! Few hundred bucks and you will be back on the ROAD!4. Can I run my car on water?no.... only jesus can do that5. can you really run your car on water?....hydrogen...does anyone here tried it?You need a Hydrogen engine to do that6. can I drive my car with water instead of anti-freeze?Yes you can, but only when it's hot out. Do not put it in the radiator though..put it where the antifreeze would go. When winter comes round you are going to have to refill with antifreeze7. How to run your car on water?The key things are to make sure the electrical equipment is sealed from the water and that you have an extention on your air inlet and exhaust pipe. The first version of the VW Beetle was popular for conversion to an amphibious vehicle as it was easy to seal the bottom of the car.8. Run car on water More Info Please About Run car on water?You can not . However there are a lot of people out there who will take your money for a "kit" if you are foolish enough to believe their sales pitch. As Mr. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute"9. Can you run a car on water?Scam. And technically, there are fuel cells that can split the hydrogen out of water, but the technology is not ready for the consumer market yet. Maybe another 5-10 years.10. can you really run your car with water? > http://www.runyourcarwithwater.com/?hop=woolie5 (comment pls..)?T20 was once announced in England seeing that county fits did not carry the group to the stands. So if T20 takes over county cricket, who will have to be blamed? As some distance as International cricket is viewed, Yes, T20 is a danger. The attendance for the continued BG Trophy scan sequence is appalling. Except for cricket puritans, individuals decide upon T20 seeing that it's shorter, it's motion-packed, and many others. Something severe demands to be performed, like regulating the quantity of T20's performed in any respect phases11. Running Car on Water and not Fuel ?i could be possible but the water would have to be fresh water and that would take a way drinking water. it would have to be fresh water because salt water would get in to the engine and corrupt it12. run your car on water?Yes you can. The site is Run Your Car On Water. The cost for the plans are $49.95 You will need to have someone that has a good knowledge of electronics to change your car over. Also there is a car in production in England right now that runs only on water. Also, Honda just came out with a car that runs on water.13. Is That possible To Run your car on water?If it worked, everybody would run cars on water14. What's wrong with my car? (Water, carburettor)?If much water got into the engine you would get "hydrolock". You would have heard it. Check the plugs15. Getting a car with water damage?It is NEVER a good idea to purchase a car that has water damage. Too many sensitive electronics these days to fool with and once an electrical system has been flooded there will be lots of surprises waiting to pop out at you. I would never recommend the purchase of any flood damaged vehicle.16. Question about weird sound from car. (Water flowing sound)..?Sounds like your just very low on coolant, never use water. You may have a leak in the cooling system somewhere. Take the car to any reliable repair shop and have the cooling system pressure tested for leaks. Cooling systems are a sealed system and coolant will not evaporate, so there must be a leak. Once you repair the leak, have the system flushed and refilled with a fresh 50/50 mix of anti freeze and water. This is part of a service maintenance for the cooling system that should be done once every 5 years or 50000 miles. gl.
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