What Do You Wear Under Ski Boots?

I even have insulated pants that are 25,000k breathable, and that i positioned on expedition weight long johns under them which shop me a lot heat. in case you have the style that are in basic terms one layer of nylon without insulation, you may try one layer of long johns with a pair of fleece sweats with in the present day legs over them (the style with elastic on the backside does not continually in wonderful condition over the boot too nicely. those would be bumped off in case you get too warm, yet you will nonetheless have a layer under for heat temperature. One significant word on long johns; be advantageous you do not positioned on the style with a huge seam on the backside of the leg the place a cuff is declared. This seam will dig into your leg because of the tightness of the boot and you would be in misery. in case you have not have been given any selection yet to install this manner, pull them up previous the spectacular of your boots. additionally confirm you do not positioned on cotton socks; get ski socks in case you may in the two wool or a guy made cloth

1. Does a ski racer with a larger mass have an advantage?

Viscous drag will tend to favor the heavier person, since surface area scales slower than mass, i.e. $A propto r^2$, $M propto r^3$, $ F_D / F_G propto M^-1/3$. But I would generally expect this effect to be weak except at very high speeds. Friction would cancel out if you were skiing on ice, however in soft snow the heavier person would tend to sink deeper in the snow and that extra compaction of the snow is going to take away more energy. Unless the heavier skier has larger skis, i.e. it really would depend on the loading per area of the skis.

2. What are the best ski resorts in Europe (including Scandinavia)?

Nothing surpasses the adrenaline rush and thrill of skiing down the slopes amidst the expansive vistas of the snow covered mountains in Europe. It is a whole new experience in itself. It is exhilarating, to say the least....a feeling which people do not get to experience often enough. Skiing is indeed the perfect escape from the maddening frenzy of our daily lives. But before you get ready for your next snowy adventure, it is important to take into account the best ski resorts across the continent.Wengen in Switzerland,Vogel (Bohinj) in Slovenia,La Clusaz in France,Troll Peninsula in Iceland,St Anton in Austria,Alpe d'Huez in France,Laax in Switzerland, Cortina D'Ampezzo in Italy, Zinal / Grimentz in Switzerland and Riksgransen in Sweden are some of the most popular options.Based on my personal experience, I would surely recommend you Vogel (Bohinj) in Slovenia. It is priced affordably and will suit anyone who does not want to spend more.The prices are quite less as compared to other resorts. Renting a hotel room will cost you around 50 per night. It is better to get a four-day pass which covers 3 different resorts in less than 90. You can also get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in less than 5 here.All in all, my experience at Vogel has been extremely pleasant. Looking forward to visit it sometime soon

3. Can you help me with my ski trip?

id recomend squaw valley california

4. 1977 ski-doo: runs great then dies?

Check all the fuel lines for being collapesed, pinched,cracked from age.Check the vacume line to the fuel pump is in good shape.Once runnning, check the fuel lines from the pump to the carb for bubbles of air. The old hard fuel lines will suck air at the fittings.Be smart and replace all the old fuel and vac line to the pump.Something stopped the fuel.check for water/ice in the system or carb.

5. I need help before buying a jet ski!?

if it doesnt have an hour gauge i wouldnt get it, seadoo's are normally the best but you need to get one with ho9urs on it because he could have logged, all though it comes with a trailor which is nice but i wouldnt get one without an hour gauge i dont trust it, and 10 years is not too old, ya and him saying he cant have a mechanic look at it because he didnt have time i think is BS

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Vorlage (ski Hill)
Vorlage (ski Hill)
Vorlage is a ski hill located at the village of Wakefield, within the municipality of La Pche, Quebec, in the Gatineau Hills north of Ottawa, Ontario. It consists of 18 runs, 13 of which have night skiing. It was opened in 1941 and has a terrain park. .• Other Related Knowledge ofthe ski hill— — — — — —Bear Mountain Ski HillBear Mountain Ski Hill is a ski area located on the outskirts of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. It was built in 1959 and has a T-Bar and ten runs (beginner to intermediate). It is operated by the Bear Mountain Ski and Recreation Club. It is in the same vicinity as a large cross-country ski trail network operated by the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association. The slope has 10 runs (Main, Bradford, West, Havards, Big Bear, Knox, Old Road, Easy Way Down, Bobs Run and the Chute), a terrain park as well as 7 cross-country ski trails— — — — — —Blackstrap Ski HillBlackstrap Ski Hill, (also known as "Mount Blackstrap") is a man-made skiing and snowboarding hill located approximately 51 km (32 mi) south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada east of Highway 11, the Louis Riel Trail. It is one of only a few man-made mountains in the world. It is a unique feature on Saskatchewan's prairie landscape. It is now a feature of the park along with Blackstrap Lake. It rises 45 metres above the surrounding land. HistoryThe hill was built in 1970 by the Canadian government for the 1971 Canada Winter Games at a height of 2,045 feet above sea level. The mountain is built with soil excavated from the escarpment behind the "mountain". The theme for the Saskatoon bid for the 1971 Canada Games was "Going to build a mountain" in honor of the construction of the hill. After the Canada Winter Games, the ski hill was turned over to a private operator. However, the hill was closed permanently in 2008 due to declining ridership. The ski lodge was destroyed by a suspicious fire in September 2009. A month later, the provincial government announced that the remaining ski equipment at the hill would be dismantled and sold. By the end of 2012, three developers had approached the government with proposals to develop a recreation area. Requests for proposals were accepted until the spring of 2013. One developer withdrew his proposal, while the other two submissions did not include redevelopment of the ski hill.— — — — — —Batawa Ski HillBatawa Ski Hill is a ski area in the municipality of Quinte West in eastern Ontario, Canada, that was established in 1959 (1959) by employees of Bata Shoes just outside the community of Batawa. The area offers lighted night skiing, a terrain park, and snowshoeing.— — — — — —Adanac Ski HillAdanac Ski Hill is a downhill ski area within the city of Sudbury in northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is owned and operated by the City of Greater Sudbury. The public facilities include a main chalet (which includes seating, storage, washrooms, and a canteen), a rental shack, and the Canadian Ski Patrol quarters. In the summer of 2017, the city of Greater Sudbury provided Adanac Ski Hill with a grant, of which it used to buy a new doppelmayr quad lift, and it is now situated to the left of the old lift.— — — — — —Fairview Ski HillThe Fairview Ski Hill is a ski area located about 15 km southwest of the Town of Fairview, Alberta, Canada. It has a rope tow, 2 platters and one T-bar and 15 runs. They offer 20,000 feet (6,100 m) of groomed runs on 100% natural snow. There is skiing and snowboarding for everyone, no matter ability. The Fairview Ski Hill has lessons available for beginners, a terrain park for the snowboarders and many special events throughout the season. The hill was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1970 and heavily relied on volunteer and community support. Volunteers continue to assist in projects and it is still run by a volunteer board.— — — — — —Leavenworth Ski HillThe Leavenworth Ski Hill is a small ski area and an historic district located at the end of Ski Hill Drive in Leavenworth, Washington, United States. The facility is located inside the Wenatchee National Forest. Operated by Leavenworth Winter Sports Club, the facility includes two small downhill ski hills, 26 km of cross-country ski trails, a ski jump, and a tubing hill. The Leavenworth Ski Hill Historic District was added to National Register of Historic Places in 2013. It encompasses a 17 acres (6.9 ha) area, comprising a total of 5 contributing properties and 3 non-contributing properties. The contributing properties are: The Ski Hill site itself The 2 ½ story Ski Hill Lodge built in 1936 The 90 metre (Class A) Bakke Hill Sky Jump originally built in 1930 and rebuilt in 1957 The Men's Restroom built c. 1938 The actual Ticket Booth, formerly a garage, built in 1940.
What Is LED Light Therapy and How Your Skin Can Benefit From It?
What Is LED Light Therapy and How Your Skin Can Benefit From It?
What is LED Light Therapy?LED Light Therapy is a type of facial skincare treatment which uses color and light to treat a variety of skin concerns. LED Light is safe for all skin types and skin tones. It is hypoallergenic and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.Who can benefit from LED Light?Different LED Light colors treat different conditions.red light is effective for fine lines and aging due to increased blood circulationblue light is effective against cystic acne and blemishes due to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial propertiesgreen light is responsible for dealing with sagging skin, dark circles, and hyperpigmentationyellow light treats redness and rosaceaHow long is the procedure?Usually, the treatment takes 20-30 minutes for efficient results. It is a very relaxing and calming treatment that does not require any preparations. Some customers take a short nap during the procedure. This is a perfect beautifying break during the day.Can it be combined with other treatments?Yes, actually LED treatment can be combined with microneedling or deep cleansing facial. For example, the combination of blue light and deep cleansing facial treats acne and blemishes making sure that there is no inflammation afterward.Are there any side effects?No, this procedure is safe and does not cause any side effects. It is suitable for all skin types including dry, combination, oily and sensitive skin ones.Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification.
Skin Care Products That Work Well For...?
I bought Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel today. I just used it for the first time tonight but I've heard good things. It costs about $12 at cvs. Other people say cocoa butter works, vitamin e oil, mederma, neutrogena visibly even, and bio oil. Its all about what you want to try. Good luck!.1. im a preteen, so how can I earn money so I can buy own stuff such as, skin care products , and makeup?babysit dog walk paper/flyer route shouldnt your mom buy you skin care? garage sale allowance lawn care working in library bake sales water plants house sit washing cars2. Tips on healthy habits(food,exercise etc) please?Actually, in these polluted times, you are better off using makeup than not using it. Just be sure and wash it off like religion every night. Almost any brand is ok, find the type for your skin type, oily, dry, whatever. L'Oreal is great. The same company makes Lancome. Neutrogena makes a great line of skin care products, whether oily or dry. Shampoo and conditioner? Pantene is probably the best for the bucks. And deodorant? I like Secret. And if you are talking about "feminine hygiene" deodorant, DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT - there has been a direct link between the use of those and ovarian cancer. That area of your body naturally cleanses itself3. Why are there different face/skin care products for men/women?First of all, there are different products used for different types of skin. I would never ever buy a skin product directed to only men or only woman because most of the time that means it has fragrance in it which is a deff. skin irritant!4. Do skin care products like neutrogena and proactiv work? ?look up "tea tree oil" it is all natural and really works. I really recommend this5. What should I look for in skin care products?Garnier Pure Active :) Hope it works6. Good skin care products for red skin?I have the same problem! I use Eucerin Redness Relief underneath my foundation and it help a lot. I am pretty sure you can get it at Walmart. And as for the eyelids i do not really know but i guess you could put it on their too. :)7. What is the best moisturizer for the eye area that's organic & for younger, dry skin?Moisturizers or beauty products DOES NOT prevent you from getting wrinkles. Sorry! Beauty Enemy #1: Parabens Parabens are preservatives used in most store-bought cleansing and beauty products. Parabens are also estrogen mimickers. This means that these toxins act to increase the production estrogen in your body. Over a dozen university studies have linked these parabens to BREAST CANCER, increased body weight in the form of belly and thigh fat, and accelerated aging, specifically women between the ages of 22 and 67. Beauty Enemy #2: Nanos Nanos may sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but for your skin, they are scarier than a horror movie. Nanos cause a normal skin cell growth to break down, which results in early wrinkling, and DEEPENING THE WRINKLES you already have. Here's the shocking part: nanos are usually found in anti-aging skin lotions. It's scary that the creams we ladies are using to look younger can actually make us look older! Nanos are also found in the majority of sunscreen lotions, so beware. FYI: In the beauty industry, there is no industry-agreed meaning for terms like 'organic' or 'natural'. Unlike the food industry, these terms are not regulated for cosmetics which means companies can use these terms pretty freely. Also, products like shampoo, conditioner and body wash are mostly made of water so therefore are mostly natural (because water is natural, right?). So if a shampoo is 90% water, then a company can simply claim "90% organic or natural" and be telling the truth. Certainly, this is not in the spirit of what people believe organic to mean, but it is within the law. Do not believe the hype: "For skin care products, 'organic is not enough,. Some organic products are fabulous, and some are not." Dr. Lisa Chipps , M.D. specializes in removing skin cancer & repairing the resultant wound (laser therapy whiz) in Rodeo Drive. "Organic skin care products are trendy, but that does not mean nonorganic ones are dangerous," Wendy E. Roberts, M.D. past president of the Women's Dermatologic Society. Glamour May 2012 Example 100% additive-free natural tobacco, labeling as required by the FDA: Organic tobacco does NOT mean a safer cigarette. No additives in our tobacco does NOT mean a safer cigarette. Are cosmetics made with "organic" ingredients safer for consumers than those made with ingredients from other sources? No. An ingredient's source does not determine its safety. For example, many plants, whether or not they are organically grown, contain substances that may be toxic or allergenic. For more on this subject, see FDA Poisonous Plant Database. Under the FD&C Act, all cosmetic products and ingredients are subject to the same safety requirement: They must be safe for consumers under labeled or customary conditions of use (FD&C Act, section 601(a). Companies and individuals who market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products and ingredients are safe for the intended use. Example: "That's what I get for trying out an organic shampoo / conditioner containing eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and a bunch of other ingredients, plus it's also 100% paraben, 100% sulfate free, one of which I am apparently allergic to. Back to the chemicals!" Showing photo of her rash, around her neck, face, etc. When I started using body wash that was 100% natural, paraben free, grapefruit scent, every thing was ok until it was 3/4 empty that I started feeling itchy & nauseated I could no longer stand using it, I just started rinsing off the min. I put it on, & got rid of the bottle.. GOOD skin care, GOOD genes, AND good healthy diet from Mother Nature, not products made by man, and avoiding the sun & avoiding soaking in the tub or pool = good healthy skin. SENSITIVE SKIN? Skip the gels and waterproof formulas. They contain more alcohol, as well as an ingredient called propylene glycol, which many people are allergic to. Water just can not get in (sunscreen for ex.) but sweat also can not get out - which can cause breakouts. If your SKIN IS DRY, use a good sunscreen. Best sunscreen: wear dark, thicker clothing, floppy hat,, or sun clothing embedded with UPF 50, or umbrella (which protects you up to 80% of the UV rays that cause sun damage penetrate clouds, according to the EPA).. They were invented to protect us from the elements. Your hair suffers also, so cover your hair before leaving the house. Use hats, scarves, bandanas or umbrella to protect your hair from harmful rays. During winter, floppy hat, gloves, scarves, jacket are your best sunscreen. Think 1930's fashion. Karolina Kurkova: "I am more of a you-are-what-you eat kind of person. It's about healing from the inside out." Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature. Google: 8 Foods that Give You Gorgeous Skin 7-10-13. Sources: Google: What Does Organic Mean for Beauty Products? The less ingredient list you see on labels, the BETTER. The longer they are, like hair dyes, the more chemicals they are. Example it should be as short as this gel: made with rosemary, cranberry, cucumber, and calendula. 5 decades of great skin care savvy, started from age 9. 63 is the new 30. I have not used moisturizer for 15 years, my skin is the same as if I used them.
What Can I Do to Make My Skin Less Oliy?
You can use a new line of skin care products. I use Clinique face wash, toner, lotion, and make-up remover for oily skin types, I also use their make-up line. It really helps keep your skin less oily.1. How to apply makeup and skin care products (procedures)?First of all, kudos to you for taking steps to ensure good healthy skin!!! There's not much makeup can do if you do not have a healthy skin to begin with. And lucky for us, it only takes about 5 minutes every night to ensure great skin. If you use makeup, take a minute to either use make-up removing toilettes or wash your face with a makeup removing cleanser. Take another minute to wash your face with a gentle cleanser (designed for your skin type, i.e. oily, dry, or combination) that will help remove hidden dirt and residues that clog pores and contribute to that nasty zit the next morning. Pat dry your face with a towel. Pour a small amount of an astringent/toner (also depending on your skin type) on a cotton ball and gently rub/pat on entire face. Wait for a minute and allow it to dry. Yes, this step is very important. There are many people that do not get it right because they are not using the right toner for their skin type- just use a mild one. Basically, a toner is designed to even out skin tone and reduce uneven spotting, etc. So as you can see, it is important to include this step, and complete the cycle. Apply some moisturizer (somewhat liberally) all over your face. If you suffer from blemishes, acne, etc., finish off with a cream designed to fight acne, such as clearasil. Use a facial scrub weekly and a facial mask monthly. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday also ensures great skin! Hope this helps :)2. I'm a 26 year old and im a Male, what are good skin care products or anything for my face to reduce wrinkles?spf 30 or higher sun block3. help I have roseaca and dont know what skin care products to use?You want to use gentle products. I have rosecea too and have found that most things with lots of preservatives cause flares. Avoid at all costs salicylic acid (the main ingredient in most acne treatments). The first product line I ever tried that did not aggravate my face but also made it clean is Aveda's All Sensitive line. They have a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. There are a few other products that are great for sensitive skin, the Hydrating Masque and Tourmaline Eye Cream. After that I tried going organic and found it really does help. Currently I use Lush and have found that it I can use nearly all of their products.4. Just wondering if skin care products for men really do anything or are just ways companies try to make money.?well the very thought of it how impertinent I have some eternal youth mud you can have it at half price and my snake oil is on offer 2for 1 cures space sickness5. Where can I find cheap over the counter skin care products that really work?For what? I am assuming acne. I do better with a bar of anti bacterial Tone for my skin than I do with hundreds of dollars of clinique product. Also, your internal health shows on your skin. Take a multi vitamin, and maybe some extra vitamin C. That is what worked best for me. I have never found anything that works like anti-bacterial tone. And regularty. Do not skip.6. Does Neutrogena Skin Care Products show results?himalaya has the suitable skincare products. I even have used a lot of its products and located super consequences. I even have an oily pores and skin, used face wash jels and face packs of himalaya. they actually labored on me. they are organic and has no area outcomes. each and all of the aspects of the products are organic. I advise youto attempt himalaya products suitable on your pores and skin type. I assure you you wil discover sturdy consequences7. Am I being obsessive about my skin care products?that truthfully relies upon. Make a catalogue of each little thing you would be able to desire to pay for in one month (no longer alongside with the products, you do no longer prefer those). make specific to no longer forget approximately foodstuff. Then upload up the value. Subtract from the value you are making in one month. Then, what you have left is there black and white in front of you. in case you are able to locate the money for the products with that quantity of funds, it is you funds and do devoid of it what you prefer. yet while no longer, you would be able to desire to cut back down or look at diverse products. you artwork problematical and would enable your self to purchase issues which you do no longer prefer, yet first would desire to come the failings you do prefer
If I Am Really Fare Skinned What Dress Color Should I Get?
You could always get a spray on tan. I would test it out before the wedding. Ex- I would go and get my spray on tan and if like the way it looks then I would go looking for wedding dresses while your skin tone is still tan. If you find the perfect dress you could always go and get the spray on tan a couple of days before the wedding1. What dress color should I go for?you can not go wrong with black. black is the new color that everyone is wearing to weddings and who does not look good in it2. What dress color goes best with blonde hair and green eyes?white :) i think you would look amazing it white green and white go well together (i think) and the green could bake your eyes look awesome :) maybe green accessories (suck as heels or an accessory) if ur not that into green or white, maybe a peach colour that would compliment your skin and hair well (his is what i did for mine) peach dress with black heels :) also im blonde but my eyes are ble :)3. What dress color looks good on this shoes color?A teal, red, or dark green would go great with those shoe and black stockings!4. What dress color would look good on me?pink! or white5. what dress color would look good on me?(pic)?Blue, purple, or green. you would look good in almost every color6. Anything but white! Diamond white and off white are a bit iffy as well. Ivory to champagne always look stunning on white skin. Why do not you try a few dresses on and see what you like...7. What dress color matches me? Pale skin dark brown hair brown eyes?A multi color dress!8. What dress color should I wear with pink-ish tan-ish shoes?i actually like the third one in yellow! yet while your blonde i might get the blue using fact blue seems stable on blondes and yellow, no longer lots. i might placed on some particularly extraordinary footwear like with the yellow placed on orange footwear and placed on pink with the blue! i wish I helped!9. What dress color turn guys on for prom?Either bright red, like shiney red or black10. Help Needed!! What dress color should i ware?Coral.I mean yellow is good to, but that might draw attention11. what dress color do you think is better for a summer wedding?I am loving the purple. But definitely depends on your skin tone! I think if you have a darker skin tone, teal might NOT be the best. But if you have a lighter skin tone teal will look great, especially if you have light colored eyes, like hazel, light brown, green, or blue. It will really bring that out. So, teal for light skin. And purple should look great with either ;D12. What dress color and type would look good on me?Oh my god, you are somewhat quite! surely a halter-kind precise, because you've tremendous shoulders. you also appeared somewhat surprising contained in the darkish-brown/black gown, so as that colour is continuously an determination. i imagine you may also do a deep pink or purple, or perhaps even a creamy white, because they could all convey out the colour of your epidermis tone.13. What dress color do I wear next to a white tux?White tux and black dress, especially of the link you've added, would look so classy ... the whole "Black and White" package! If you really want, you could do silver, but I can not help thinking silver dresses would look better with black tuxedos. With white, you are both too light - it could look faded and drained.14. What dress color do you prefer?the dress color do prefer have red15. What dress color would go with dark blue, metallic shoes (pumps)?Wear a few brown or tanish heels. It would sound a little bit bizarre however within the image they have got a tan belt with the get dressed so even though you should not have the belt the footwear within the equal colour could paintings simply as good! Experiment! Good success!
Rules and Skills of PCB Layout and Wiring of Switching Power Supply
Simple switcher PCB layout guideOne difficulty in writing notes on PCB layout applications is that the engineers who read the article are not the people who intend to use it. Even designers have made great efforts in electromagnetic field, EMC, EMI, circuit board parasitic effect, public wire effect, grounding, etc. He is likely to focus on the main design tasks and leave the layout tasks to specialized CAD / layout personnel. Unfortunately, especially for switching regulators, it is not enough to consider only the basic layout, connectivity and mechanical problems. Designers and CAD personnel should note that the design of switching power converter is closely related to its layout. This can explain why a large number of room calls involve the application of switching power supply, which ultimately comes down to the poor actual layout. In fact, these problems should and can be avoided in the initial prototype circuit board design, which can save time and money in all aspects.The whole topic of PCB design is a quite broad topic, including some testing, mechanical and production problems, as well as compatibility and control problems to some extent. If it can be understood more clearly and deeply, there are still a specific number of physical and electromagnetic problems. However, the purpose of this application note is for those readers who are most likely to use it. Although experienced designers / CAD personnel have enough design information, this application note contains a series of clear basic rules for rapid setting. Careful compliance with these specifications can avoid a lot of problems. In particular, we provide the initial layout recommended for the application of lm267x, lm259x and lm257x series. The focus of attention is the buck simple switcher chip of national semiconductor, but the same principle is suitable for any topology and switching power supply applications.Most of the issues discussed in this application note only focus on ensuring that the basic electrical functions meet the required performance indicators. Fortunately, as the troublesome switching power supply designer will be pleased to learn, usually all the electrical properties involved are related, and the influence trend has the same "direction". For example, an "ideal" layout not only helps to correctly realize chip functions, but also reduces electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa. For example, reducing the loop area of switching current will help to improve the index and performance of EMI. However, designers should note that there are some exceptions to this common "trend". The "copper clad" process will be described here, which will help reduce parasitic inductance and IC problems caused by noise, but it will also increase EMI.(step down) quick setting of simple switcher PCB layout rules:1. Place clamp diode and input capacitor, as shown in Figure 2;2. For high-speed devices (such as lm267x), the input decoupling / bypass ceramic capacitor (0.1) cannot be omitted μ F-0.47 μ F) , as shown in Figure 2;3. If possible, connect the through hole to the ground plane (optionally, mark "X" in Figure 2)4. If the through holes fall below the power supply pad of surface mount (SMT), they can be called heat dissipation holes. Using the correct size can avoid production problems. Or place the through hole close to the pad, but do not place it directly below it;5. As discussed, correctly arrange the feedback line away from noise sources, such as inductors and diodes;6. It is forbidden to increase the width of copper foil on the switch node by mistake;7. If the clamp diode requires a very large heat dissipation area (the heat dissipation area requirements have been correctly expected), as shown in the discussion, isolation needs to be used.8. For higher power SMT applications, a 2-ounce circuit board is required to obtain less heat dissipation management for less copper foil area.
Adidas Vs High Heels? Jeans Vs Skirt?
Cowboy boots and blue jeans!1. Can i wear cowboy boots to my english barn?You will be fine. I moved around a lot and very commonly I was the only Dressage rider in a western barn. I did western events for fun (roping, barrels, etc) but always in my ariat paddock boots and breeches. I can not stand to ride in jeans, even in a western saddle. Cowboy boots have nothing on wearing breeches in the wrong barn :)2. Is a few smokes really that bad ? -.-?Yup. I have pink healthy lungs. Never inhaled a puff, never will. Do you know what is left of the Marlboro Man? Cowboy boots and a hat3. Can wearing cowboy boots all the Time hurt and/or change the shape of your feet and toes?If you wear lower heel boots with a wide toe area (like Ropers), then there would not be a problem. If you wear higher heel boots (which shorten the tendons at the back of your calves) with pointed toes and a narrow toe area (which leads to bunions and hammertoes), then it's not so good. So, it depends on the style of the boot you are wearing. Talk to a podiatrist and he will tell you the truth!! : /4. Has anything supernatural ever happened to you? Was it scary?Good god if I have not answered a bunch of these types of questions. So Sir/Ma'am skeptic you want me to share whether or not being followed home, and almost chocked to death by something that was not physically standing above me, trying to kill me scary? Yeah it was pretty goddamn tramatizing. On top of the fact that in my old house there was a little girl spirit who lived in my mother closet who hated me, despised me and one night I woke up to find a solid knife cut on my knee while falling asleep in their room. Oh and then there was the time I was home alone and said "hello" to nobody in particular feeling that someone had come into the room and clearly there was nobody in the room and then our locked garage door flew open ansd startled me. I've felt constantly watched, heard voices, heard foot steps, and actually here is a real kicker we had wooden floors back in my old place and you see I used to always hear spurs on cowboy boots hit the floor. The tv was always off when I heard it and as a kid of 7 years old I would stay up all night paranoid about the robber who would break into our house and yet I was the only one who experienced it. And these are only minor experiences. Yes when I was a child I was deathly afriad for my life every night. Now I do not let fear control me or my life. Yes paranormal things still happen to me, but its a tad nicer then what I was used too. And its nothing you ever want to put yourself through if you do not have to, that's for sure. Tiss a xurse rather then a gift of any kind.5. Hey y'all. i got big feet & i just got a new pair of cowboy boots idk what to do?If they fit your feet, it does not matter whether they are men's or women's. The men's do not look bigger because they are men's. If you had the equivalent size in a woman's; it would physically be the same size. Most cowboy boots do not look like men's or women's, the cut is usually the same. Those that are extraordianarily ornate might sometimes be confused for women's, but unless they are otherwise really "feminine", then it wo not matter.6. Non-leather Cowboy boots?Cowboy boots should be neither 'cute' nor 'non-leather'. Go buy a pair of uggs7. Can I wear cowboy boots if I have only ridden a horse once?Cowboy boots are often worn by cowboys, thus the name cowboy boots, but not all cowboys wear cowboy boots, and not all cowboy boots are worn by cowboys. If you want to wear cowboy boots, go ahead, no one will be offended, or ask what you ride-okay, they might... maybe... but they would not be upset if you said that you do not ride, you just like the style/feel, so just go ahead and get a pair!.
Why Do Fashion Designers Prefer to Display Their Collections on Skinny, Anorexic Models? Why Don't W
Why do fashion designers prefer to display their collections on skinny, anorexic models? Why don't we see "healthy" models walking the ramp more often?Would you buy a car which is not properly displayed in a good ambience showrooms?— — — — — —Dire help needed from fashion designers!!?First of all study fabrics whenever you have the chance. See how they drape, cheque out the feel, and experiment with the cut as you grow as a designer. You might also want to try some of the patterns sold in fabric stores and on EBay to refine your pattern making skills and learn some of the basics in regard to sewing. Hold off on the knitting unless you plan on making handmade sweaters. Concentrate on fabrics and even experiment on the use of fabrics used for sofas and pillows. Doing so will increase your knowledge and assist you in your design process. It's always good though to know how to sketch the design out as well as learn what colours and textures go with what. As for buttons and such, EBay and Craigslist offer possibilities as do a number of on-line fabric stores. Either google or yahoo to find them. If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area there's a great fabric/button store called Britex that sells couture fabrics and buttons. In New York try seventh and sixth avenues. As for schools, apply to Parsons as well as F.I.T. in New York, The Chicago Art Institute in Chicago, The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and you could even go for F.I.D.M. in Los Angeles though that tends to specialise more in fashion merchandising. Hope this helped. Cheers— — — — — —How to Start a Business in the Fashion Design IndustryFor many, seeing their names on a clothing label is the ultimate dream. If you have long loved playing with fashion and feel that the world of fashion could be improved by the inclusion of your design, jumping into this fast-paced industry may be a goal to which you aspire. While new fashion designers make names for themselves every year, this industry is not one that is easy to enter, but instead one that you must dedicate yourself to gaining entry into. Build your skills. While there is no mandate that fashion designers hold a professional training certification, if you lack this foundation you may find yourself perplexed by some of the concepts or terminology within the industry. To enhance your chances of success, obtain an education before you actively start trying to make your name. Develop a portfolio. Take photos of models wearing your designs to create a look book for yourself, featuring your best work. You will likely start this process during your schooling and can then simply continue after you finish, updating this portfolio regularly. Create a label. While your label will likely not be as immediately coveted as some, you should craft a label that identifies designs as yours and sets them apart from the rest. Feature your company name prominently on this label to start to build brand recognition. Hold a fashion show. Arrange for a show at a local venue, or apply for a slot within a larger fashion show. At the show, display some of your best looks, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer. Sell your products. Offer your products up for sale immediately after your fashion show so interested consumers can get their hands on them right away. Either sell your goods independently, working directly with consumers, or sell them to boutiques and stores that will ultimately resell your looks to their buyers. Respond to critiques. Your first attempts at fashion design will likely not be without fault. As you receive criticism, use it as a learning tool, making modifications to your line to correct any perceived issues.— — — — — —What is the best fashion designer for men?Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Mr. Ford, Hugo Boss, Armani, Sean John, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, Jack Wills, DKNY, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta— — — — — —fashion designer question?dresses, heels, and girly girls— — — — — —I'm interested in becoming a fashion designer?I am also an aspiring future fashion designer. I do not know that much about the specifics of the industry yet, but I am very passionate about fashion, which is all you really need right now. I suggest taking a fashion design class. They will teach you about all the fundamentals that I can not explain to you right now. Designers get their inspirations from everywhere. The streets. Different cities. Different countries. You do not exactly have to know how to sew. I do not either, but it would be good to learn and get better at figure drawing and sketching different outfits. Pick up a book at the library about fashion illustration. Look through magazines and cut out what you like to help inspire. Get out there!
Ceri Tinley is the Managing Director and co-founder of Consensio - the luxury ski chalet operator renowned for its gorgeous properties in the French resorts of Val d'Isere, Courchevel, Meribel and Les Gets. She knows a thing or two about the high end of the ski market, and here guides us through the must-have high tech wearables. A new wave of technology has hit the ski industry: and it's small enough, and light enough, to fit in your googles or slide into your ski boot. The first devices are already on the market. More will be coming on stream this winter - and they will do everything from building your fitness to fine-tuning your ski technique. Here, are some of the most exciting examples: and I've added in some high-tech clothing and protective gear for good measure too. I can not wait to try some of it out! Much more than a simple tracker, you can attach the Piq Robot onto your ski boot to identify your strengths. The device then tracks the speed, force, transition and the angle of your turns, and analyses jumps - and then it rates them. Just strap the ultra-thin and waterproof sensor onto the outside of your boot and off you go... 169, further details from Piq. This GPS smartwatch from Garmin works for lots of different sports, but when you put it into ski/board mode it automatically tracks the runs you ski while recording speed, distance and vertical drop. It has an auto pause for when you are on the lift, you can wear it over your jacket and it can also be used as a remote control for Garmin cameras. The Fenix 3's main functions include an altimeter, barometer, compass, temperature gauge and GPS. It can also pair with your smartphone to show text messages, alerts, emails, weather and lots of other features. 429.99 from Garmin. Madshus, from Norway, is changing the way cross-country skis are built and purchased. Through an embedded RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip in the ski construction, you will get an inside look into each ski produced. The unique DNA of each one is loaded into a global digital database, allowing you to select the perfect pair of skis for your profile. The app also lets you customise your performance, manage your skis, track workouts, and engage with Madshus online. Prices and further information from Madshus. Carv is the first wearable technology that talks to you as you ski - in fact it's a bit like having your own, virtual, ski coach. Inspired by Olympic technology, it gives you the sort of feedback and knowledge that - so far - only racers have had access to. The 2mm inserts slip into your boots a bit like heaters do in custom-moulded inserts, with a rechargeable tracker clipped onto the back of your boots. It measures your motion and pressure distribution, relaying feedback through earphones. It also connects wirelessly to your smartphone to give a choice of simple feedback or detailed analysis. It lets you compete with and challenge your friends. Freestylers can analyse their tricks and flips, too. US$299 for two trackers and two inserts from Indiegogo. The CARV tracker is not yet available - its launch has been delayed for a year. Keep an eye on this website for news. No, it's not new, but it's still one of the most innovative avalanche airbags around - using a battery-powered fan instead of the heavy gas cylinder of other bags. JetForce technology is the result of a collaboration between Black Diamond and PIEPS; it's a repackable airbag with a rechargeable electronics system that lets you practice (free of charge) and is travel-friendly. The Halo also features a dedicated avy tools pocket, helmet holder and ice-axe attachment for keeping your gear in place. From 653 at Snowcountry. More information from Black Diamond. Have you ever been hit by another skier or snowboarder, or bounced down a mogul-slope on your back? If the answer's 'yes' then this could be the answer for you. IneMotion's airbag vest detects unavoidable falls and inflates in under 100 milliseconds in order to protect your hips, neck, back and vital organs before you hit the ground in a fall. It's incorporated into specialist clothing by POC and Rossignol and launches later this year. Price on application, further details available from IneMotion. Realising the comfort limitations and restricting nature of current airbag devices, SubQ have progressed from the airbag backpack to a jacket. The Jackson is a lightweight and breathable airbag-integrated shell that lets you enjoy your sport without any restrictions, yet in the safest way possible. The airbag is removable, and if it's too warm to wear the outer shell (the complete jacket weighs 4 kilos) then you can just wear the vest and pack. Oh, and there's also a harness attachment for skis and boards to be carried on your back. This has got to be the ultimate jacket for ski-tourers - it also comes with an integrated hydration sleeve, a beacon, a smaller pack for probe and shovel, and chest pockets to carry skins. US$899, details from SubQ. Once there were goggles with fans inside them, but now there's Abom with an invisible heat-conductive film sandwiched between the double lenses. A rechargeable battery sends a current through the film to heat the lens and keep it fog-free for up to six hours. The goggles come in eight colours and there are swappable lenses for different weather conditions. And because you are not forever wiping them, the lenses will last longer too. From US$259, information from Abom. These goggles are for people who do not want the bother (and potential scratches) of sping lenses whenever the weather changes. The goggles have lenses that automatically transform their tint in response to changing weather, and at the same time they will block 100% of harmful rays. 225, from Ellis Brigham. This is an all-in-one solution from Australia that incorporates myriad different devices. It has built-in GPS, 120fps action HD camera, motion-tracking sensors and 200m wireless communication mode. A long-range Bluetooth voice communication system means you can stay in touch - even in the harshest weather - without the need for mobile phone networks. Price on application and more information from Forcite. The award-winning Fornix helmet now comes complete with Beats by Dr Dre headphones built into the neckroll. There's a remote control that's compatible with most smartphones, so you can take calls, switch tunes and adjust volume. The lightweight and well-ventilated helmet maintains a high level of protection, and you can customise the fit. 149.95 at Gravity Protection. When Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with no headphone jack, they also brought out AirPods. The Pods dangle from your ears but they wo not fall out - even though nothing appears to hold them in. Place them in your ears and they will connect instantly. Oh, and you can speak to Siri, answer your phone, and tell her to read back any texts or emails that might have come in while you were making your turns. The Pods also come with a small charging case. 159 from Apple. If you want to talk to your friends while you are skiing you will need an intercom system, which is what the Bluetooth-equipped UClear HBC200FORCE is: it has a person-to-person intercom and places hands-free communication into your helmet. The company's beam-forming technology isolates your voice and eliminates background noise, so users can be heard even in the most extreme weather conditions. 339.95 from Uclear. Instead of small and hidden buds, how about showing off your headphones? The electro-fluorescent headphones will certainly stand out on the slopes - with three settings: non-glow, steady glow or flashing in time to your music. They come in four colour choices, all of which show up in the dark or bad light. You can control volume, skips tracks or answer the phone - all with a simple click of the button. It has a built-in microphone too. RRP US$179, but there's a Kickstarter early bird deal if you are quick. There are lots of heated gloves around, fewer heated mittens. But if you suffer from the cold, mittens are always preferable. Lucent Heated Gloves and Lucent Heated Mitts seem to provide the best staying power on the iciest days. Gore-Tex inserts make them waterproof, and other features include a fleece palm lining. One of the best features is the really long gauntlet style cuff, so no icy air can sneak in at your wrists. US$216-355 from Outdoor Research. Hotronic's warmers have been around for a decade, but now the batteries have been updated to make them good enough for all-day use. They sit on the outside of your boots and attach to wires that run into heated footbed pads. 150 from Anything Technical. Here's another way to deal with cold feet when skiing. Therm-ic Powersocks have ultra-light batteries that provide heat for up to 14 hours, and the built-in control panel has three heat settings and is easy to use. Charging time for the batteries is no more than a couple of hours and the socks are machine washable (minus the batteries of course!) up to 30c/86f. 160 from Lockwoods and other good ski shops. This sturdy all-weather power-bank is waterproof and shockproof, with a built-in carabiner, flashlight and handy compass all included, so it's ideal for skiers and mountaineers. It can charge almost any smart device at double the speed of plugging your device into the restaurant's wall socket at lunchtime. It can also be dropped into one meter of water (or snow) for up to 30 minutes. 39.99 from EasyAcc or Amazon. KYMIRA Sport base layers are made from a fabric that recycles your energy back into your muscles and supercharges them. KYnergy Infrared technology causes an increase in a molecule called Nitric Oxide which means that your blood vessels expand, fuelling your exercise for longer, helping your body regulate temperature better and aiding recovery. 80 each for leggings and tops, 50 for shorts, 50 for socks, all from Kymira Sport. This jacket takes comfort and durability to new heights. It has a relaxed fit designed to work with a rucksack, and flex inserts allow extra movement when using a back protector. 350, from Helly Hansen. For secure avalanche beacon storage and access, the padded PIEPS Pocket on the right thigh features impact foam plus an internal harness for a simple alternative to chest harnesses. This means that it's easier to reach because you do not have to remove any layers to get at it. Integrated RECCO technology also compliments your safety kit in avalanche-prone terrain. The trousers come in mustard or black, 360 from Ellis Brigham and Snow & Rock, further information from Black Diamond.1. Will brand new skis (after being waxed) be very slippery on the slopes?If they were waxed properly they will...slick skis are a good thing, not a bad thing2. Skis- is there such a thing as k2 mens miss behaviors?K2 sports has a web page try it for the information3. Dependence of friction force on contact area between skis and snowThe smaller surface increases the pressure on the snow which melts it more so the think layer of water, which acts similar to a lubricant, is thicker and reduces the friction. This do not happen in friction of solid against solid, unless you purposeful add water as a lubricant
Cowboy Boots with a Skirt? Trendy Or Not?
who cares, its ur body not hers. i think it would look really cute together :-) but dont wear a black top, the colors might crash and be a little much, try something plain like a white or creame color..something light.1. How would you clean a cowboy hat?Cowboy Hat Cleaning2. How to wear cowboy boots?wear them with: very skinny jeans, tucked in black leggings (dark solid gray is also an option, but its a little fashion risky..) short dress or skirt (flower printed would be good.)3. "Realistic” cowboy shootout strategy"Wild Bill" Hickock is recorded as having shot a man (who apparently needed killing) through the heart at 75 yards (about 68 m) with a cap and ball revolver. I can guarantee he did not shoot from the hip in "fast-draw" fashion for that shot, though he probably did not spend too long at it either, since the other man apparently wanted him dead.Otherwise, there are advantages and disadvantages to either technique. One of Robert A. Heinlein's characters (Lazarus Long) is on record with "Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to make the second one count." This is a legitimate method, but if your opponent has "nerves of steel" it wo not help you. Then again, if you are raising the gun to use the sights (presumably cocking the hammer as you bring your arm up, not least because some cap and ball revolvers used a notch in the hammer as the rear sight), you are depending on your opponent not getting lucky, or being a good enough shot to produce a crippling or mortal wound on the first shot with the muzzle barely clear of the holster.If you check YouTube, you will find videos of fast-draw artists who can clear leather and hit a target significantly smaller than a human torso, at ranges with your limits, in a small enough fraction of a second that you need slow-motion photography to see anything of the process. This technique, however, requires hundreds of hours of practice to build up to anything close to that speed, practice that pretty well has to be done in dry fire to avoid the risk of a crippling or fatal shot to your own thigh or leg. So, bottom line, if you've practiced your way to be able to clear leather and hit a pie plate in, say, a fraction of a tenth of a second (the record, I believe, is closer to a hundredth), then you will obviously want to use the fast-draw technique. If you have not , you are as likely to shoot yourself as your enemy, and more likely still to miss everything that matters, trying this, and your best bet is to hope your opponent is not one of those supermen, raise your gun, and use the sights4. What is this cowboy wearing?a strap on5. If the Dallas cowboy are God teamn, why didnt he help the Cowboys win?Cowboys are not gods team. The Dolphins are (17-0)6. Any ideas on how to decorate my boy's room into a cowboy theme?For colour on the walls, paint a golden tan colour then rag on and off quickly a medium walnut stain. It will make the walls look like cowhide. Rope put up around the top of the walls about 6" from ceiling makes a great "crown molding" It can be held in place with 1/2"brads nailed through the middle of the rope. Horseshoe hat hooks are stylish and useful. If you or someone you know welds they are easy to make. cut 1 in half and weld half to the front of a whole one at a 90 degree angle or both halves to a whole in opposite directions at 45 degree angles. Denim makes great bed spreads, pillows and rugs(you can hook a rug yourself using old jeans). Bandannas make great curtains, but if they are too "girlie" for him, how about shutters made to look like old saloon doors?7. Where is former Dallas Cowboy Mike Vanderjagt? Is he playing for another team?Chicago wont get him Gould is the top kicker contained in the NFL this 12 months. i might want to be certain the Jets or New England finding out on him up. maximum likely Houston will p.c.. hi up Kris Brown has stunk it up this 12 months and it truly is on the fringe of Dallas. Brown is 12 of 17 and has made 16 of 17 xtra factors
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