What If the Competition for Mobile Phone Chips Extends Beyond the Application Processor?

In the field of mobile phone chips, our eyes are focused on large chips (application processors, abbreviated as APU or AP). Due to the increasingly fierce competition and the withdrawal of people, there are only a few remaining application processor manufacturers. But now, the war has spread to chips other than application processors.

After the merger of Chipworks, the TechInsights of research institutions enhanced the analysis of semiconductors. At the mobile conference of Linley group held today, techinsights put forward a view that the application processor is the winner. Through a set of charts, techinsights concluded that in a mobile phone, the supplier of the application processor is likely to obtain 25% to 45% of the share of all chips of the mobile phone.

Techinsights disassembled a high-end model of Samsung Galaxy S7. Since Samsung replaced partalplayer to supply chips for Apple's iPod more than a decade ago, Samsung has begun to adopt the strategy of bundle sales to maximize its capacity advantages in memory (DRAM) and flash memory. In Galaxy S7, Samsung supplies more chips, such as fingerprint sensor, NFC chip, touch screen controller, and even many power management and RF front-end chips.

Chip suppliers of mobile phones with Samsung processors

Qualcomm is also sparing no effort to promote its RF technology. Qualcomm has focused on the field of millimeter wave RF front-end. Millimeter wave has excellent prospects in 5g, automotive electronics and other applications. Compared with Samsung, when a mobile phone adopts Qualcomm application processor, chip suppliers are more dispersed and other manufacturers have more opportunities. In the disassembled Samsung Galaxy S7 active, Qualcomm provides application processors, power management chips, audio chips and RF receiving chips.

Status of chip suppliers for mobile phones with Qualcomm processors

MediaTek's chip price is lower, but the peripheral chips around the application processor are roughly the same as the above two. MediaTek's platform also needs chips such as DRAM, flash memory, MEMS sensor, RF power amplifier and microphone. In the disassembled Meizu Pro 6, MediaTek provides application processor, power management, RF receiving chip and WiFi chip.

Chip suppliers of mobile phones using MediaTek processors

Although the samples of the above three cases are too small and the conclusions are only for reference, the above cases do show a possibility that the chip suppliers of medium and low-end mobile phones are more scattered and the competition is more intense. In order to enter Apple's supply chain, many suppliers have self restricted and did not adopt the bundling scheme. As more and more high-end mobile phone functions are adopted by low-end mobile phones, suppliers will fight to enter Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the next few years.

This indicates that more semiconductor mergers and acquisitions will take place in the near future, just like ADI's merger and acquisition of linear technology. RF, MEMS and touch screen interfaces are possible.

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Intel's 11th Generation Core Processor Will Debut on March 16
Everyone's interest in Intel's 11th generation core processor is not as fierce as that of the 10th generation core processor. After all, compared with the 10th generation core processor, the 11th generation core processor has a certain improvement in single core performance, but for the core i9 processor, the core is cut off, so the multi-core performance is lower. We are more looking forward to the 12th generation of core processors. It seems that the 11th generation of core processors will become a very embarrassing transition generation again. However, before the arrival of the 12th generation of core processors, the 11th generation of core processors will come. Now Intel confirmed that the 11th generation of core processors will officially meet with you on March 16 in an interview, which can be regarded as confirming the previous disclosure.Foreign media reported that when answering their questions, Intel confirmed that the new 11th generation desktop core processor would be officially announced at 8 a.m. (Pacific time) on March 16, that is, 0 a.m. Beijing time on March 17, and Intel also decided to lift the ban on the prices and specifications of the 11th generation core processor, and let the media publish these parameters, In addition, the e-commerce platform will also pre sell the 11th generation core processor synchronously.However, on March 17, we still can't know the specific performance of Intel Core's 11th generation processor. The evaluation of the 11th generation core processor will be officially lifted on March 30. In fact, a large number of parameters about the 11th generation core processor have been exposed on the Internet. You can guess about the performance of the new generation processor, that is, the single thread performance has soared, but the multi-threaded performance has not changed much. After all, the process still adopts 14nm, which is really to the limit this time.
Intel Released the Ninth Generation of Smart Core Processor Products to Accelerate the Iteration of
Breaking Moore's law? Intel is accelerating the iteration of processor versions. On October 8 U.S. time, Intel released its ninth generation smart core processor product, which is a chip for the needs of game players, and began to accept reservations from now on. It is only one year and two months since the previous generation of products.However, six days ago, Intel just updated the information of the eighth generation products and announced that the latest surface laptop supports its eighth generation core processor products. More than a month ago, Intel announced that it has optimized the connectivity, performance and battery life of the eighth generation processor products used in lightweight laptops.The core product of this release is called "i9-9900k". Intel calls it "the best game processor in the world". It provides 8 cores and 16 threads. The basic frequency is 3 / 6GHz, which can be improved to 5.0ghz. This means that the processor will have better computing performance. Intel says its performance has improved by 37% compared with the chips used in PCs three years ago.At the press conference, Intel made no secret of the performance comparison with rival AMD's Raptor 2990wx. Intel said that the new product improved the 3D rendering speed by 27%, video editing speed by 108% and game construction time by 13% compared with AMD.In fact, the Intel i9 series has long been regarded as a defensive weapon against the competition of the sharp dragon. PC manufacturers are also keen to compare Intel with AMD.Another difference from the past is that Intel has changed the outer packaging of the ordinary box of the processor, using a dodecahedron with the main color of black and blue. This is also catching up with its competitor AMD, which adopts cuboid shape, diamond structure and transparent design in the packaging box of the new generation thread Ripper processor.In addition to the i9 processor, Intel also announced the i5 and i7 products of the ninth generation processor.Although Intel accelerated the iteration speed of the processor version, it did not improve the corresponding process technology. The ninth generation processor still adopts Intel's existing 14nm process, and 14nm has been adopted since its release of the fifth generation Broadwell chip in 2014. The ninth generation chip only uses the 14 nm process upgraded in 2017, which is the same as the eighth generation coffee lake. Intel will not really use 10 nm to produce chips until 2019.Intel also pointed out that this is the first desktop processor to repair hardware for meltdown Variant 3 and L1 terminal failure, and the rest are protected by software. In early January 2018, intel was affected by the outbreak of CPU level vulnerabilities "fusing" and "ghost", and the company's share price once fell to a low of $42.50.In addition, Intel updated the X-Series processor products for high-end users, which was first announced in 2017, and announced the launch of Xeon processor products with a maximum frequency of 4.3ghz, which is designed for workstations with compute intensive workloads and applications.Moore's law is "invalidated"This acceleration came from March 2016. Intel changed the "tick tock" development mode adopted in 2007 to a three-stage mode of process architecture optimization (PAO). Under the traditional arrival mode, Intel's manufacturing process and processor products alternate, and there is great pressure to improve the process, leading Intel to increase the optimization process.This has triggered discussion on whether Moore's law is still continuing. The so-called "Moore's law", from Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, means that the number of transistors integrated in the chip will double every two years (that is, the processor performance will double), which has become the most important law in the whole computer industry. It is this law that promoted the popularization of microcomputers in the 1980s and 1990s and mobile devices with higher speed.The semiconductor industry has been following this certain law of evolution, and the new process nodes are named according to 0.7 times of the previous generation process, because this change is just in line with the doubling of transistor integration density. However, due to the evolution of technology, although the integration degree increases, the heat also increases, so the doubling speed continues to slow down. The discussion of physical limits in the industry also began to increase.However, Intel still believes that there can be breakthroughs in key technologies. At the 2017 American Manufacturing Conference, mark Bohr, a senior academician of Intel, said that although the physical limit will be reached one day, there is still no end in sight. This is due to technological innovation, such as fin field effect transistor (FinFET) and super scaling used in the 14 nm process.For the view that Moore's law is dead, mark Bohr also responded that most of the views are wrong. At present, Intel has started the research and development of 7 nm and 5 nm processes, and the global round crystal foundry has launched a new round of competition. TSMC and Samsung have begun to compete for 7 nm production orders.In 2015, Brian Krzanich, then CEO of Intel, said that recent technology upgrades showed that Intel's pace was close to two years, not two years. Kozaiqi was in charge of Intel factory.The age of scattered focusDifferent from the traditional PC era, innovative forms of computing devices such as Microsoft Surface studio continue to appear. Intel also began to pay more attention to power consumption and flexibility in processor research and development. Intel was criticized for her trouble with fever.Insiders pointed out that Intel's chip release on the 8th did not include breakthrough products similar to those in 2017, but clearly showed many improvements in user needs. "We are in an age of distraction," said Gregory Bryant, general manager of Intel's customer computing group.From the current updated products of Intel, it mainly focuses on games, creative design and commercial products. Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moore Insights & strategy, a technology analysis company, said in an interview that the first two have largely promoted the recent recovery of the PC market.According to the monitoring data of several analysis institutions, the global PC market rebounded for the first time in six years in the second quarter of 2018. Gartner data show that the shipment volume was 62.1 million units, a year-on-year increase of 1.4%. Due to different statistical caliber, IDC reported that the shipment volume was 62.3 million units, a year-on-year increase of 2.7%.Gregory Bryant said that for the PC market, Intel focused on mobility '; Games and high-end creation and desktop experience, as well as business. "Each part has different needs. We are trying to create customized products for each market segment so that people don't need to compromise.".Of course, competition has also become the pressure of Intel. Although amd has not been able to impact Intel's market share for many years, with the emergence of market segments, amd has become more competitive and began to seize share in some categories. The emergence of Ruilong is the most significant case, and the company's CEO Su Zifeng predicted the improvement of share on the earnings conference call.Correspondingly, AMD's share price soared by more than 200% in 2018, while Intel's share price has been higher than AMD, hovering between $42 and $57, but the increase is not obvious.Source: Liang Chen of Beijing News
Affected by the Epidemic, the Central Air Conditioning Has Fallen into an Embarrassing Situation
At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the original track of the central air conditioning market.On February 12, the National Bureau of disease control and prevention organized the drafting of the guidelines for the operation and management of air conditioning and ventilation systems in office and public places during the prevalence of new pneumonia. Up to now, many regions have issued relevant policies, and the central air conditioning in the business building will not be opened temporarily. Can central air conditioning become the "accomplice" of New Coronavirus? Can the central air conditioner be turned on? These problems have become the "big trouble" perplexing consumers. For a time, the category of central air conditioning was pushed to the forefront of public opinion.Users are difficult, and enterprises are more difficultCan the central air conditioner be turned on? This is a big question in the hearts of all central air conditioning users."One of the main ways of spreading COVID-19 is droplet transmission. The principle of central air conditioning is to drive a number of terminals through a single main engine to control the temperature of different rooms, so that air can circulate in different rooms. Therefore, the use of central air conditioning does bring potential virus transmission risk," an industry source told reporters. The central air conditioning in public places should be turned on or off as little as possible to prevent the risk of epidemic spread.For the office buildings with central air conditioning installed in the city, this winter is particularly cold. The white-collar workers working in the office building returned to the days of relying on down coats and cotton coats for heating overnight. They had to sigh "it's too difficult".However, it is more difficult for users and enterprises. This winter is a tough "cold winter" for all central air-conditioning enterprises.Central air conditioning is a category of "three points of equipment and seven points of installation". "The installation of central air conditioning involves decoration, transformation and many other things, which has formed a project. At present, central air conditioning is generally embedded in the wall, and at least it needs simple decoration. Unlike household air conditioning, it can be simply perforated and installed." Song Liyuan, senior product manager of Industrial in line commercial business division, told reporters.Affected by the epidemic, all regions have strict control over the migrant population, and the logistics has not been fully restored. Most construction and decoration enterprises after returning to work are faced with problems such as shortage of workers and insufficient supply of materials. In addition, consumers stay at home, and most of the offline sales stores of household appliances "thank customers behind closed doors", which has an adverse impact on the installation and sales of some categories of central air conditioning and even the whole household appliance industry.Under the influence of national policies, industry environment and other factors, the sales situation of central air conditioning market in 2019 is not ideal compared with last year, the overall sales volume of the industry shows signs of decline, and the sales pressure of enterprises further increases. Song Liyuan told China home appliance network that in order to have a good starting point in 2020, many enterprises have advanced the opening time by 1-2 months and opened around November and December 2019. Coupled with the Early Spring Festival holiday this year, many enterprises began to have a holiday around January 18, resulting in a year-on-year decline of more than 30 points in the sales of central air conditioning in January this year.The bad start of the year and the rampant epidemic, the 2020 of central air conditioning, can be described as "even more difficult".Why "break the game"?In fact, not only the central air conditioning, but also the overall environment of the household appliance industry has been negatively affected by the epidemic. However, at present, this impact is only temporary and will not shake the foundation of China's home appliance industry.From the development in recent years, central air conditioning is in a growth period. Compared with ordinary household air conditioners, the advantage of central air conditioning is that the appearance is more concise and beautiful, the decoration style will not be damaged, and the air flow sent out is more uniform and comfortable. Nowadays, consumers' consumption concept is changing, and they have a deeper understanding of the energy efficiency and comfort of air conditioning. Coupled with the vast Chinese market, the category of central air conditioning has great potential. It is understood that in 2019, the overall sales scale of central air conditioning has exceeded 100 billion, the growth rate is higher than that of other categories, and the scale is still expanding.The development momentum of domestic brand central air conditioning tends to be good. Although there are some differences between domestic brands and foreign brands in technology, in recent years, with the increase of products and R & D, the market share and consumer recognition of domestic brands are increasing year by year, and the pace of catching up with foreign brands is gradually accelerating.For the current dilemma, some enterprises have begun to take positive action to provide technical support such as cleaning and maintenance for the central air conditioning equipment put into use. Suning big data shows that the order volume of central air conditioning cleaning services increased very rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 230%. At the same time, some enterprises use live broadcast to start online marketing and transfer pre-sales services to online. It is understood that the central air conditioners of Casati, Gree and other brands sell goods through online "live broadcasting" to answer questions and solve doubts for consumers online; Haier held the interactive summit of central air conditioning engineering service providers online, which is also a major innovation of Haier in marketing interaction in the extraordinary period.In addition, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, people's disinfection health concept has been greatly improved. Central air conditioning combined with fresh air, sterilization and other functions can effectively inhibit the breeding and spread of bacteria and viruses, which may become a major selling point and provide ideas for the next product research and development of the industry.The support of national policies will also help central air-conditioning enterprises to return to work and production as soon as possible and get out of the dilemma. From the perspective of national policy, although the severity of the epidemic is greater than expected, the government expects that the number of funds allocated has not decreased, and the funds for public facilities construction in the later stage will remain at a normal level. At the same time, enterprises can apply for delayed payment of social security, tax relief, government subsidies, increased financial support and other policies have also been implemented to help enterprises overcome difficulties and difficulties and jointly overcome the epidemic.Novel coronavirus pneumonia should peak in late February, and will be basically controlled by the end of April, according to academician Zhong Nanshan. At present, thanks to the strong intervention of the state and the elimination of the return peak after the Spring Festival, the epidemic trend has become increasingly clear, the number of confirmed and suspected cases in the country has gradually decreased, and the number of cured cases has begun to increase. The epidemic has suppressed people's consumption desire. Therefore, after the epidemic, all walks of life may usher in a wave of "retaliatory consumption", and the stagnation loss of central air conditioning in recent years will be made up to a certain extent. Through the "cold winter", the central air conditioner can usher in its "bright future".
Dalian Pinjia Group Promotes Infineon Intelligent Vehicle Motor Drive and Motor Control Solutions
On February 18, 2016, Dalian United holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, announced that its Pinjia launched an on-board intelligent motor drive and control solution based on Infineon drive chips tle986x and tle987x.With the development of automotive electronics, intelligent motor is more and more widely used in automotive electronic system, and its advantages are very obvious. At present, there are an average of 28 motors per vehicle, which is expected to rise to 30 in two years. The motor is inseparable from the drive and control device. Infineon intelligent vehicle motor driver chip has been developed to the third generation tle986x and tle987x, which can cover DC motor and DC brushless motor.Figure 1 - photo of Infineon tle987x drive and control solution development board represented by Dalian PinjiaThe series chips of Infineon launched by Dalian Pinjia this time are integrated with cortex â„¢- M3 core MCU, NMOS driver (with chargpump), PWM / Lin transceiver and 10bit ADC current sampling; Wide range of working voltage, vs = 5.4v to 28V, suitable for automotive 12V system.Figure 2 - system framework diagram of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions of Dalian Pinjia agencyThe main devices in the drive and control solution launched by Dalian Pinjia include tle9877qxa40, tle9867qxa40 and ipd25n06s4l-30. Its product applications are HVAC, waterpump, FUELPUMP, window lift, BLDC motor and DC motor. It can provide technical support such as specifications, development platforms, development tools, schematic diagrams, demo boards, software routines, etc.Figure 3 - photos of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions represented by Dalian PinjiaAbout general United Holdings:As the world's largest distributor of semiconductor components and parts with a leading market share in the Asia Pacific region, Dagu holdings is headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It has Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with nearly 6000 employees, more than 250 agent product suppliers, more than 120 distribution sites around the world (about 70 in the Asia Pacific region), with a turnover of US $14.9 billion (self settled) in 2014. (* market ranking based on Gartner data)Da Lianda holdings creates an industrial holding platform, continuously optimizes the front-end marketing and logistics support team, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provides value-added services such as demand creation, turnkey solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC e-commerce to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) , electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With international business scale and localized sales channels, it has been deeply rooted in the Asia Pacific market for a long time, and has been selected as the "best IC distributor in Asia" by professional media for many years.In order to improve the localization service quality of the general assembly and meet the differentiated needs of regional customers in Greater China, the six service areas of the general assembly (China) include China based manufacturers, Taiwan based manufacturers, electronic manufacturing service, Japanese based manufacturers and Korean based manufacturers And Hong Kong based manufacturers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solution, the general assembly has specially established a dedicated small batch service team (SQS) to meet customers' procurement needs of small batch devices. The general assembly has established the General Assembly commerce and trade, the General Assembly commerce and trade (Shenzhen) and the General Assembly Electronics (Hong Kong) in the mainland and Hong Kong respectively. Taking "industry first choice. Channel benchmark" as the corporate vision, the general assembly has fully implemented the core values of "team, integrity, professionalism and efficiency", and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.
How to Take a Dog on a Float Trip
Float trips can be fun for the entire family, including the dog. It's sure to be an experience nobody will forget. Preparation for the trip will require basic dog training skills and considering your furry friend's needs and safety. In no time, everyone--including the dog--will be floating down the river having the time of their lives.InstructionsDifficulty: Moderately Easy Find out what is required to bring your dog on the float trip, if renting from a local outfitter. The outfitter may have particular requirements you'll need to meet before it will allow the dog on the river.Train your dog basic commands such as heel, stay, sit and to come when you call it. It's imperative you be able to control your dog while journeying on the river for its safety. You don't want the dog jumping into the water and drowning, getting lost or being attacked by another animal.Bring any safety gear that may be necessary for the dog. If the dog isn't a good swimmer, you might want to invest in a safety jacket for it. You should be able to find one at your local outdoor, pet supply store or online. Canine float jackets are relatively inexpensive. Make sure the dog is wearing a collar with I.D. tags, and bring a leash.Prepare a pet first aid kit to bring along on the journey. You'll want to include basic items such as gauze, bandages, first aid tape, an antiseptic, benadryl, aspirin and a sock. A sock pulled over a bandage will work quite well in keeping it in place. As in any outdoor trip where the dog is joining you, you'll want to be prepared in the event an accident occurs. Place all your first aid items in a waterproof container or plastic bag. If you'll be stopping and hiking in the woods, make sure your dog is wearing a flea and tick repellent.Pack supplies your dog may need such as food and water. If the trip will be overnight, you'll want to bring a blanket for the dog to stay warm at night. It might be a good idea to throw in an extra towel for the dog, even if the trip is only a day trip. Most of all have a safe and fun trip.ResourcesArticle Written By Joyce StarrJoyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.
Will Iphone 5 Cover Case Be the Same As Iphone 4?
Who knows? There is even no announcement if the Iphone 5 will appear. If the dimensions of the Iphone 5 is exactly the same or is very close to the dimensions of the Iphone 4, only then will the case of the Iphone 5 fit the Iphone 41. Best iPhone to buy in 2021: Which top Apple phone should you buy?The Best iPhones to buy in 2021: Apple has a phone for every need! In the market for a new iPhone? The good news is Apple has a myriad of options, from the newest and most cutting-edge 5G, 5nm handsets to older devices that are still highly capable thanks to Apple's best-in-industry software updates. No matter your budget or need, there's bound to be an iPhone for you - after all, the iPhone is the most mainstream "default" phone. If you are looking for other options, we have recommendations on the best Android phones, and a combined recommendation list for the best phones. Best iPhone for most people: iPhone 12 Best iPhone for power users who do not like big screens: iPhone 12 Pro Best affordable iPhone for most people: iPhone 11 Best iPhone for most people: iPhone 12 The iPhone 12 is the iPhone to get for most people because it still offers the best Apple has to offer in crucial areas: that 5nm A14 Bionic SoC; the 6.1-inch OLED display; a very capable main and ultra-wide camera; and iOS 14. It lacks the telephoto zoom lens and stainless steel frame of Pro iPhones, but these are extra bells and whistles that the average joe would likely be glad to sacrifice to save $200. It's a great package overall, and many of us at XDA skipped over the Pro and Pro Max models to get the base iPhone 12 just because it did just about everything and was a better value for money phone in the 2020 lineup. There are plenty of large Android phones with a 6.7-inch screen, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max's 6.7-inches feels even bigger thanks to Apple's usage of a wider aspect ratio (19.5:9) and a completely flat display and body that does not taper off at the sides. The cameras here also gets several upgrades over other iPhone 12 models, including a larger image sensor for the main camera (47% larger than the iPhone 12 Pro's sensor), a longer telephoto zoom lens (65mm to the 52mm of the 12 Pro's); and a superior optical image stabilization system. Truth be told, these hardware upgrades bring only slightly superior performance over the standard iPhone 12 Pro, but it's still better if you need the absolute best camera Apple has to offer. Some of us here at XDA actually find this model a bit hard to use with one hand, but if you have large hands or do not mind using a second hand more often, because you want the largest most capable iPhone possible, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one to get. Best iPhone for power users who do not like big screens: iPhone 12 Pro As we said, the iPhone 12 Pro Max technically has a slightly more capable camera than the standard iPhone 12, but the differences in photo/video quality are negligible in most cases. So that makes the iPhone 12 Pro still very close to the best hardware Apple has to offer, but it comes in a more manageable package. The 6.1-inch screen here is in our opinion the goldilocks size - it should be an easy hold for just about any adult or teen. You still get a very capable triple camera system, stainless steel sides, and all the other bits enjoyed by "Pro" iPhone users like a telephoto zoom lens. Best affordable iPhone for most people: iPhone 11 If saving money is a priority, it's worth buying an older iPhone, and the iPhone 11 is one of the best value options around in the Apple ecosystem. It's only a generation old, so its 7nm A13 Bionic chip and dual camera system are still very capable in 2021, and you are still getting a modern iPhone design with minimal bezels and Face ID. The iPhone 11 also comes in livelier colors (like the yellow you see above) than the iPhone 12 series, so that's another bonus if you want your phone in bold colors. There are two good reasons to get the iPhone 12 Mini: you want a really small phone that you can use with one-hand with ease; or you want the newest iPhone 12 series at the lowest price possible. On both fronts, Apple delivers. The iPhone 12 Mini is not just small, but downright petite. Most people should be able to palm the entire device and reach all four corners of the screen with their thumb easily. At $699, it's also the cheapest new iPhone in years. Do not be fooled by its dainty build, however. The iPhone 12 Mini still packs the same punch as the iPhone 12, so you are still getting a 5nm best-in-class SoC, and very good main and ultra-wide cameras. If you want the absolute cheapest iPhone possible (that's not used or several years old), the 2020 edition of the iPhone SE is the only sub-$400 iPhone around. It may lack the flashier all-screen design of the other iPhones listed here, but it comes in a petite size, and in this age of constant mask-wearing, having Touch ID instead of Face ID may actually be appealing to consumers. With this model you are still getting the 7nm Apple A13 Bionic, IP67 water-and dust-resistance (rare for a sub-$500 phone), and a good single camera with OIS. Released in 2017, the iPhone 8 is the oldest iPhone we can still recommend in 2021. It's just old enough that it has a price firmly in the budget territory, but not so old that performance will be frustratingly slow (which would be the case for an iPhone 6 or 7 in 2021). The Apple A11 Bionic used here is still decently powerful in 2021, and Apple's software optimization helps keep the phone running zippily. The iPhone 8 is also the last mainline iPhone to use the iconic circular home button, so this has some nostalgic value for iPhone fans or collectors too. No matter which iPhone you choose, you will be well served Even though we here at XDA have a soft spot for Android and all the customization the platform brings, we can concede that when it comes to providing software updates in a timely and long-term manner, Apple does a much better job with the iPhone. With the exception of the iPhone 8, every iPhone we listed here will be guaranteed to get iOS updates for at least four to five years, if not more. And of course, we are only in the first half of 2021; more iPhones will come this year, including the iPhone 13, and we will update this list accordingly - so check back often for the most up-to-date advice on which iPhone to get.2. What is better the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5?iPhone 5 is better. Only reason is because it's faster, lighter, bigger screen, and a bit louder. There's not much difference though. I will stick with my 4S.3. Do Canadians prefer blackberry over iPhone and android devices because of being a Canadian brand and why?I think blackberry essentially worked for most because it had a keyboard. Going into an all touch system while android, and iphone are present is a bad idea. That's like the amazon fire OS, it's not going to work. They need to go back to the keyboard, and let those who want a keyboard use one. If RIM were going to die, they would be dead already. You can thank pakistan for that
Is My Proof Correct?(Proving Convergence of the $sum F'(n)$ )
You have to be careful because you cannot necessarily integrate $f'$.You had the right idea though. Here is how I would do to make it rigorous:Let $n geq 1$. $f$ is continuous on $n-1,n$ and differentiable on $n-1,n$ so by mean value theorem there exists $C_n in n-1,n$ such that $f(n) - f(n-1) f'(C_n)$. Therefore, since $f'$ is decreasing, we have$$f'(n) leq f'(C_n) f(n) - f(n-1).$$As a result, for all $N$,$$sum_n1^N f'(n) leq sum_n1^N f(n) - f(n-1) f(N) - f(0).$$Since $f$ is bounded, there exists $M$ such that $forall x in 0,infty,f(x) leq M$.Therefore$$sum_n1^N f'(n) leq M - f(0).$$Since all $f'(n)$ are positive and the partial sums of the series are bounded, the series $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ converges by monotone convergence.$Q)$ Let differentiable $f : [0,infty) to mathbbR $ satisfying the conditions.$(1)$ $f'$ is decreasing on $[0,infty)$ and $f'(x) >0$,$ forall x in [0,infty)$$(2)$ $f $ is a bounded on $[0,infty)$Show $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ is convergent. (Hint : $sum_n1^infty f(n1) - f(n)$)Though my book suggested the solution, But I tried different way. Here is the my trial.By Mean value thm, $exists C_n in (n,n1)$ $s.t.$ $f'(C_n) f(n1) - f(n)$Plus by the condition $(1)$, $f'(n)> f'(C_n) > f'(n1)$Then, $sum_n1^infty f'(n) f'(1)sum_n2^infty f'(n) 0)$ is decreasing to $0 $We can conclude $ sum_n1^infty f'(C_n) limlimits_n to infty int_2^n f'(x) dx limlimits_n to infty f(n)-f(2) 0$,$ forall x in [0,infty)$$(2)$ $f $ is a bounded on $[0,infty)$Show $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ is convergent. (Hint : $sum_n1^infty f(n1) - f(n)$)Though my book suggested the solution, But I tried different way. Here is the my trial.By Mean value thm, $exists C_n in (n,n1)$ $s.t.$ $f'(C_n) f(n1) - f(n)$Plus by the condition $(1)$, $f'(n)> f'(C_n) > f'(n1)$Then, $sum_n1^infty f'(n) f'(1)sum_n2^infty f'(n) 0)$ is decreasing to $0 $We can conclude $ sum_n1^infty f'(C_n) limlimits_n to infty int_2^n f'(x) dx limlimits_n to infty f(n)-f(2)
Which Is Better Living on Post (schofield Barracks,HI) Or Off Post?
We were stationed there 1994-1998 and we first moved to Mililani. We had our house broken in only 20 minutes that my husband came to get me at work. This was at 5 PM. We were coming upon the time to renew our lease and decided to move on post at Wheeler's Army housing. This is between Mililani and Schofield. You have to leave your windows open because they do not put air conditioning in most home there. We lived in an almost new home in Mililani and it did not have air in it. The home intruders took 5 slats of glass out of the louver windows and came in and cleaned us out. They took all my valuable jewelry, VCRs, TV and our video camera. We must have come up on them still there because we found one of my diamond rings at the window where they escaped. If I were you all I would attempt to get post housing unless you find an up stairs apartment where it would be harder to get into your place. Even still they may have that figured out also. Also be careful if you go to the North Shore beach with a rental car. They will break into your car and clean you out. They watch for tourist to leave their car and know most people stay awhile at the beach. We had our own car broken into at a lookout. We just pulled off the side of the road and walked a short distant and the wind was blowing so cold that we headed back to the car and came up on two guys popping the lock out of our car door. They took off and we followed them but we lost them. Got their tag number and turned it into the police and never heard a thing from them. They look inside cars and see things like cell phones, cameras and purses. We were put on a waitng list for post housing when we got there. They did not have post housing when we got there but I have heard they have built a lot more. Good luck and if you any questions write me.1. Why always one post missingIt might be status issue. Try with:2. What is the difference between post and poste?Post on its own is a preposition, not an adverb, meaning that it describes a relationship between two entities (usually nouns or phrases). Poste is an adverb that modifies a verb. Examples:3. Medical school/ major/ post bacc?Step One is to try to improve your science grades. Yes, you can major in anything, but you need to have a solid grip on general and organic chemistry, general biology, and general physics. When you feel well prepared in those areas, try the American Association of Medical Colleges' "self-assessment" tests that simulate the MCAT exam. It costs money to get the self-assessment, so do not think about it until you believe you've mastered the subjects named above. Your MCAT scores can compensate to some degree for poor grades in the actual courses, but in the end, you must learn the material. The better schools also require a year of calculus or statistics and some credits in biochemistry, even if the MCATs do not address this material directly. It might be worth switching back to political science if that will get you out of undergraduate school sooner, and with a better record; but your conquest of basic sciences is the top priority. In addition to DO schools, you can consider offshore medical schools, e.g., in the Caribbean. So long as you can pass the US Medical Licensing Examination after your return, the fact of having attended a foreign medical school will not keep you out.4. Whats the best post to be stationed at?Your BAH is based on the cost of living of your current station, not your home5. Jimmy Johnson post race interview?Does not matter if there teammates, JJ will still race him hard the way he race Dale JR and J Gordon6. Query post with content onlyIf I understand your question fully, I believe this is what you are after.As far as I know... There is no WP_Query that you can use to accomplish this. However, you can use the $wpdb and make a custom query. Just replace the 'your_post_type' etc with your custom fields. Instead of p.post_content, you could also use pm.meta_value ' ' - this will retrieve only posts where the value of the meta field you've chosen is not empty.in which case, the Query would be:
Where Can You Buy Human Hair Tracks That Are Sewn in in an Extremely Bright Shade of Red?
WOW!!! That sounds fab!! What would seem realy reliable is smokey eyes on you, colored lipsticks would desire to look too stunning and destract out of your cool hair. green is going to look astounding with that crimson, in close to sufficient any color yet pastel. clean gloss and something like this is going to look polished, and spotlight cheekbones and eyes. create what your splendidly burlesque sounding locks start up, exciting, loud, attractive, so start up with dark alongside the lash line and closest to the nostril and artwork out getting lighter as you bypass, ending with very almost a white close to the brow. you may desire to start brown black or gray and unfolded into vivid blue, green, gold, silver ect. Stear clean of cream or liquid eyeshadows, and continually mixture powders to look gentle and professional. shop on with shadow, in basic terms previous the top of your lashes to create drawn-out mattress room eyes, and convey a flick upwards to look tom cat. in basic terms test and have exciting with jewelery and make as much as detect what suits you, yet undergo in ideas the golden rule, lips or eyes, choose for one. (stunning lipstick would nonetheless seem great if eyes are left fairly organic, yet be somewhat formidable, stunning crimson, to examine your hair, black, gold, purple, realy bright!) reliable success. have exciting!.1. Everything Has a History Including Wigs | History News NetworkKurt Stennhas over 30 years of expertise studying hair. He had a distinguished twenty-year academic career as a Professor of Pathology and Dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine and was for ten years Director of Skin Biology at Johnson & Johnson. He is the author of Hair: A Human History, out now from Pegasus Books. The word "wig" is derived from the word "periwig," which is what the English thought they heard when the French introduced them to their word: "perruque." In the 17th and 18th centuries, "periwig" referred specifically to a wig worn by men, composed of white curled human or animal hair of variable length and style. Today, polite society most often softens references to wigs with such euphemisms as "hair covering" or "hairpiece," eschewing the historic terms "toupee" and "postiche." Since earliest times, humans have used hair-mimicking head covers for societal and political reasons. As recorded in ancient texts, sculptures and paintings, wig use was widespread in ancient Egypt, especially in the life of the royals and their court. It was common for both men and women of the higher classes to shave their heads and then wear full wigs made of human hair or date palm fibers. Not only did wigs decorate the top of the head, but they also embellished the pharaonic chin. Men, and occasionally women wore long, cylindrical chin wigs at court as a mark of authority; these chin-wigs varied in presentations from straight to elegantly-braided. Wig-wearing extended to the high societies of ancient Greece and Rome. So important were these wigs to social life that some noble Roman women kept blonde household slaves in order to assure an ample supply of flaxen hair for their own hairpieces. Wig use waned during the Middle Ages and did not return until 1624, when Louis XIII covered his prematurely balding scalp with a long, dark, wavy-locked hairpiece. Said to be the first wig in any royal court since ancient Egyptian times, the hairpiece kicked off a new fashion that persisted for almost 200 years, ending with the French Revolution when royal heads and wigs were separated from royal bodies. In that pre-revolutionary society, wigs broadcasted aristocracy and power. By the end of Louis XIII's reign in 1643, wigs were accepted as required dress for nobles all over Europe and, in order to supply those wigs, the first wig guild was founded in France in 1665. Wigs were popular in all social classes, though people at the top of the social scale wore the biggest. These massive wigs not only covered the head but also the back and shoulders. In the extreme, an attractive wig would have incorporated into it model ships, birdcages, and flags. These massive wigs were difficult to take care of, as their size prevented regular washing and the powder used to dust them-meant to add a pale patina and made of flour and starch-fed a whole host of bacteria residing on the sweaty scalp. The wig fashions of England in the 17th and 18th centuries paralleled those of the French court. One style, the macaroni, is particularly notable. In the 1760s, upper-class, young men who had taken the Grand Tour of Europe often returned home from Italy with a craving for macaroni pasta-a food new to the English of that time-and a novel hairstyle: a large white wig, very high in the front with a ribbon down the back. These dandies (essentially the predecessor to the metrosexual, with their fastidious eating, affected speech, and painstaking fashion choices) became known as "macaronis." Reference to this fashion appears in the "Yankee Doodle" song of American Revolutionary tradition where a fellow comes to town and all he need do is "put a feather in his cap" in order to become "macaroni." In modern times, wigs remain a booming business. The size of the industry is difficult to evaluate, since wig-making is a fragmented process and there are many participants-hair merchants, wholesalers, fiber manufacturers, wig designers, wig-knotters, and wig beauticians-but workers in the field estimate that the total world market approaches five billion dollars. And modern wigs are as varied as their costumers-whether created because of illness (to give the appearance of good health or to hide a hair disorder); religion (to cover hairstyles or baldness as obligated by tradition); social pressure (to comply with a style or convention); or theater (to look the part of a particular character). Most natural hair in the current market comes from South American and Asia. In Peru, hair merchants drive to villages, set up a tables in the central plaza, and buy hair from the women who line up-the vast majority of whom are very poor and reply upon these visits as a source of income. In India, women donate their hair as a votive offering to Venkateswara, an incarnation of Vishnu who has the power to absolve sins. It is estimated that a quarter of the 50,000 pilgrims who visit temples daily in the Andhra Pradesh region of India donate their hair. The temples then sell the hair-more than one ton per day- to merchants. This hair is the least expensive of the high-quality wig hair on the market today. Though many contemporary wigmakers tend to be uneasy about using synthetic hair in their wigs, there are some incredible advancements being developed for wig use. At Aderans Ltd., a billion-dollar Tokyo-based company that makes and sells wigs serving about 40 percent of the Japanese wig market, engineers are currently developing more realistic synthetic fibers. One new fiber is actually a fiber within a fiber; the internal layering imparts to it greater tensile strength. Another fiber has a roughened surface that acts like a cuticle, in that reflected light gives a more natural reflection. Still another fiber is able to intake water giving it some of the curling properties of natural hair. Such engineering advances suggest that synthetic fibers will increasingly become part of the future cosmetic wig. Futurists envision a new barbershop that will offer much more than our traditional barbering or salon experience; it will embrace the facilities of an all-round Cosmetic Center. It will be a one-stop, "holistic" beauty care community for men and women of all hair types, reminiscent of a food court with multiple stations in a large, easily-accessible area. There will be exercise and nutrition coaches alongside tattoo services, eye- and nail-care stations, hair removal stations (with support for both permanent and transient hair growth cessation), hair transplant stations with robot assistance-and, of course, computer-assisted wig weaving, fitting and repair. Wig production has evolved far beyond its ancient origins, but modern wig-wearers have much more in common with their counterparts from antiquity than meets the eye. The desire to achieve a particular cosmetic look binds Lady Gaga to the Egyptian pharaohs, even though they seem worlds apart. The wig manufacturing industry may be on the verge of even more radical changes, but their clientele wants the same thing from the product.2. Lifelike buy wigs wholesale in Varied Length and Styles - Alibaba.comBe it to experiment with a new style, cover up imperfections, or as part of costumes, find the perfect buy wigs wholesale only on Alibaba.com. buy wigs wholesale may be made from human hair or synthetic fibers with each offering unique advantages. While human hair is more delicate, it requires more care as well. buy wigs wholesale are available in different lengths, for both men and women, such as waist-length, shoulder-length and close bobs. buy wigs wholesale offered on Alibaba.com are made from carefully selected human hair or the highest quality synthetics. These come in different colors as well as styles such as curly, wavy or straight ones. buy wigs wholesale can help try out new styles without damaging one's natural hair quality and allow for frequent experimentation. They can also be used to cover up bald spots and elevate confidence. buy wigs wholesale offer the same look and feel as real hair to help wearers look their stylish best. They have high-quality adhesion so as to ensure a seamless experience. buy wigs wholesale are available for all head-sizes so as to provide the most customized fit for users. buy wigs wholesale are offered in all main types such as polyurethane, mesh, open weft, and combinations of all these. All buy wigs wholesale are designed to provide a comfortable and natural experience and result in a voluminous look. Shop from within the mind-boggling variety of attractive buy wigs wholesale on Alibaba.com. Whether as an individual consumer or a buy wigs wholesale supplier, a satisfying experience is guaranteed. Grab as many items as you can at these highly discounted prices!3. How would i dye my extensions Platinum blonde? (my extensions are dark brown & human hair)?you need bleach. ive done it before and leave the bleach on for up to an hour depending on how blonde you want it. they might turn out kind of orangey though so i would recommend getting platinum blonde extensions and use black hair dye to make the coon tails.
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