What Is the Coldest Temperature That a Radiator Has Ever Gotten Water To?

What is the coldest temperature that a radiator has ever gotten water to?

You do not need a radiator. You need a serious home AC system that will freeze the room

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Electromagnetic radiations?

Much too complicated to answer in this space. Read the references. b) used for what? There are many different types, from VLF to RF to microwave to IR to light to UV to X-ray, and they all have many uses c) It comes from whatever is generating it. A light bulb emits IR and light. The sun emits the whole spectrum of energy, from RF to X-ray. A radio transmitter emits RF. A remote control emits either IR or RF, Try to be more specific. There are entire libraries devoted to this topic.

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Whats something that would keep liquids warm?

Do you have a radiator?

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Radiator (engine cooling) - Wikipedia

Consider two cooling systems that are otherwise similar, operating at an ambient air temperature of 20 °C. An all-liquid design might operate between 30 °C and 90 °C, offering 60 °C of temperature difference to carry away heat. An evaporative cooling system might operate between 80 °C and 110 °C, which at first glance appears to be much less temperature difference, but this analysis overlooks the enormous amount of heat energy soaked up during the generation of steam, equivalent to 500 °C. In effect, the evaporative version is operating between 80 °C and 560 °C, a 480 °C effective temperature difference. Such a system can be effective even with much smaller amounts of water.

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What is "Radiation Friction”?

Radiation friction is where a charged particle like an electron emits say synchrotron radiation when you accelerate it. Conservation of energy means the electron loses energy, so you lose some of the energy you put in. It's not quite the same as real friction, but they call it radiation friction anyway. You can see a reference to it in this physicsworld article covering the same paper: Radiation friction could make huge magnetic fields with lasers

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I have a leaking radiator?

Not really. Your 1995 radiator is like essentially all modern ones - plastic tanks on an aluminum core. Neither part repairs well, and after 16 years the plastic is either cracking (sounds like what you have) or getting ready to crack. Once the cracking begins it only gets worse. Aftermarket radiators are considerably less expensive than OEM and are a good choice. I am leery of aftermarket parts in general but radiators have not been a problem.

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What is the difference between thermal radiation and electromagnetic radiation?

Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can be produced in many ways. As things get warmer, the electromagnetic radiation they emit becomes more intense and the peak of the radiation shifts to higher energies (greater frequencies or lower wavelengths).There is a definite shape to the radiation from an ideal emitter and absorber, known as a "black body," Page on gsu.edu.Electromagnetic radiation can also be generated by accelerating electrons back and forth in wires. This is one way to generate radio waves. In fact electromagnetic radiation is produced anytime any electrically charged particle is accelerated. An apparent exception to this is electrons in atomic and molecular orbitals. This was a problem that led to the development of some of the ideas in quantum mechanics.Electrons in an orbital can not emit radiation if there is no lower energy state for the electron to get to. However, if an electron in an atom or molecule is given enough energy to go to a higher energy state, it will emit radiation at a definite energy in dropping to a particular lower energy state. This is how line spectra are produced: Image from: History of the Periodic Table

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Harrison Radiator Corporation

Harrison Radiator Corporation was an early manufacturer of automotive radiators and heat exchangers for manned spacecraft and guided missiles, as well as various cooling equipment for automotive, marine, industrial, nuclear, and aerospace applications, (particularly for space suits of the first two U.S. manned space flights) that became a division of General Motors in 1918. Today its business is a part of General Motors' Automotive Components Group, and is based in Lockport, Niagara County, New York.

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Can I still drive it or is it not safe?

You have a transmission code so you have to take it to a transmission technician to do a complete diagnosis. From experience these cost between $40-50 and you might want to bring a book because it takes a while. When I had mine done it took 2-3 hours. But you can take it to a garage that will change the transmission fluid and filters. And you say the engine light went off. Sometimes the problem when it is minor corrects itself. In my case-after the tech (and you have to be aware that there are some shady ones out there) told me I needed a complete rebuild the light went out. I had a radiator that was going bad and had it replaced in my vehicle the radiator was know for causing the transmission to overheat. Usually the transmission has nothing to do with starting. You can start with a bad transmission but wo not be able to move. Yes cold weather can cause it it little harder to start,.

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What Are Araya Rims Made of? Should I Replace Them?
What Are Araya Rims Made of? Should I Replace Them?
Um from experience new 700c wheels have curve in the rim wall so the tire bead stay even at high pressure .but that nice vintage aray rim wall has no curve in the rime because it was not designed for high pressure tires . Old rims mostly was disigned for low pressure gumwall tire for a comfortable ride . In the bicycle world the old bouncy steel smooth tire 10 speed was considered a Cadillac because of its smooth ride.^,^1. Have any experiments been performed on the magnetic properties of neodymium at high pressure and temperature?Do not think that pure Nd is ferromagnetic (maybe it's antiferromagnetic?), so your question about the Curie temperature really applies to just certain ferromagnetic alloys of Nd. Not aware of any high-P studies on those ferromagnetic alloys offhand. I was a co-author of a paper that looked at the magnetic properties of the heavy lanthanides (which are ferromagnetic) under pressure, and we found that their Curie temperatures dropped with pressure at a $dT_c/dP$ rate of around -10 to -20 K/GPa (See High-pressure magnetic susceptibility experiments on the heavy lanthanides Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm). If Nd alloys have $T_c's$ which drop at similar rates, then I would not expect any magnetism in them at the pressure and temperature of the core-mantle boundary (140 GPa and 5000 C)2. 3 ton tempstar heatpump with a 3.5 ton airhandler on a 45 deg, day what should the low and high pressure be?I very much doubt a setting done by a technician charging a system such as yours. First, you cannot do that with two gages. Its not even possible, and second there is NO exact pressure setting for a given system. It depends on air pressure, humidity and relative humidity to set the charge of gas correctly which would result in a "correct pressure " reading. The method most commonly used is a "super heat" method. Here a sling is swirled thru the air and the RH of the air is determined. Next, the exit air from the air blower inside the house is determined. Along with the outside and inside air temps. Then and only then, a chart inside the cabinet of the AC or heat pump is read to find the correct charge pressure. Without taking any of these needed measurements, no pressure reading can be determined. What is happening nation wide is the charging of these new high efficiency units is being done incorrectly, and given that the efficiency numbers that people paid so much for to get (the SEER) are no where near reached. Ive yet to see a service tech ever properly charge a system NEVER ever saw it done. If you want to find out exactly how to charge an AC and what pressures your system is required to have for a given temps and given RH. get a manual and read it as that is a very good way to learn about it so you would never be fooled. X Trane Engineer.3. Metal Halide vs High Pressure Sodium for plants?Be careful as these lamps generate a lot of heat. You will need some sort of ventilation to avoid overheating the plants. Keep in mind law enforcement agencies look for thermal signatures to find illegal pot production.4. Easy questions about weather?! Ten points!?Atmospheric pressure at the Earth's surface is one of the keys to weather, which is one reason weather maps feature H's and L's, representing areas of high and low air pressure. High and low pressure areas are important because they affect the weather. The weather maps, such as those on television, show what is happening at the Earth's surface, and that's what we are talking about here. As the name says, a "high" is an area where the air's pressure is higher than the pressure of the surrounding air. A "low' is where it's lower. Meteorologists do not have any particular number that divides high from low pressure; it's the relative differences that count. The pressure is high at the surface where air is slowly descending - much too slowly to feel. And, this is going on over a large area, maybe a few hundred square miles. As air descends, it warms, which inhibits the formation of clouds. This is why high pressure is generally - but not quite always - associated with good weather. The air that descends in high-pressure areas has to get to high altitudes in some way, and its done by rising in areas where the pressure at the surface is low. As air rises it cools. As the air cools, the humidity in it begins to condense into tiny drops of water, or if it's cold enough, into tiny ice crystals. If there's enough water or ice, rain or snow begin to fall. This is why low pressure is associated with bad weather. As shown in the graphic above, the air descending in high pressure flows out in a clockwise spiral in the Northern Hemisphere. Air flowing into an area of low pressure rises, making a counterclockwise spiral on the way in.
Toyota 1989 Corolla Radiator?
elementary. only open the hood and seem the two on the backside of the hood or alongside the best of the radiator conceal and you will locate the Emission sticky label. On that sticky label it allow you to already know which engine your Corolla is provided with. My wager is the two a a million.6 or a million.8 4 cylinder engine1. My crappy vw beetle?crappy? you are trying to fix a leaking waterpump with stop leak. Is it going to be the crappy cars fault when the stopleak plugs up the heater core and radiator. Take the car to a qualified repair shop or dealer and let them repair the car before you do more damage and blame it on the car. does it have air in the system ? its going to be hard to get the air out if the waterpump impeller is broken or the t-stat is stuck closed. back away from the car and tow it to someone who can fix it!2. radiator leaking on a 94 ford explorer.?If you are spilling coolant you have a leak. Driving with a leak the radiator fails to hold pressure therefore the water boils. When you are at normal pressure the boiling point of the coolant gets raised. When you have a leak, the pressure activated recovery system does not work properly so putting coolant in the reservoir is useless. Needs repairing.3. how to warm up my bedroom?The radiator is not providing sufficient warmth to compensate the warmth loss of the room. I certainly have the comparable problem in my homestead in each and every of the rooms. this is freezing. boost the boiler temperature thermostat will help and supply extra warmth out. Insulate the loft above the mattress room. 10 inches of insulation. Double glazing. Thick wool carpet. Thick curtains. There are calculators in the internet which will enable you to calculate the splendid length of radiator for the room and you will be able to study this with yours. If yours is a single panel radiator particularly previous change to double radiator with warmth sinks will produce much extra warmth. Personnally I certainly have a distinctive plan which includes going to stay someplace warmer. a pair of years and that i am out of this us of a it is going to the canines4. Do I need a radiator flush on a new radiator?steps to flush 1997 ford taurua cooling system before installing brand new radiator5. what is this oil fill heat radiator mean?it is an oil filled heate that is powered by electri. the oil heats up and you get radiant heat. you never have to add oil, it is a sealed unit. but i can tell you this for sure, they are hard on your light bill as are all electric heaters6. flush the radiator or replace it?Burb the cooling system. If there is an air pocket your car will try to overheat. Warm it up and slightly open the cap that says NOT to open. Sounds stupid, I know but this is how it is done. You are hearing the air stuck in your system. Let the air out and you will be fine. Easy, free fix7. How to flush a radiator?Drain and Fill it is. Some shops use a machine to suck the line till the last drop and is effective. recycle your fluid to the nearby place8. Can a radiator be "too clogged up to flush"?I wo not try to address all the problems you state here but the radiator can be too bad to fix. In some cases it's just cheaper to replace it with a new one. With today's composite radiators they are almost always reasonably priced. Good luck.9. how much does it take to hydrolock seize or kill a 1.9l with a rock?Let me get this right. You ran over road debris, damaged the radiator, ran it out of coolant and kept driving, now your wondering why your car wont run?? Your car overheated without the coolant, thus causing additional friction in the engine. At the point the friction burned the oil the connecting rods started to heat up and melt. EVentually a connecting rod broke and went through the side of the engine block, causing the oil sprayed over the back of the car. If your lucky the oil pan did not get a hole in it as well. Basically your radiator, cooling system, and Engine are toast. In the case of a 1991 Escort the car is totalled due to cost of repairs exceeding the cost of the car. Best case with used engine, used radiator, hoses , etc you are looking at $1500-2000. Will the parts fit from another car that is 4 years newer, that depends. Most likely not. Only someone looking at both cars can tell you that. Could you have died, not really Can you patch the hole in your radiator, yes, buy a new radiator. Did the Lucas help, no you ran it out of coolant, nothing is going to help. Will Obama buy you a new car, Nope. your own stupidity got you in this and is going to have to get you out. Did your timing belt melt, possibly after the connecting rods exited the back of the block. If you would have stopped and checked the front end after hitting the object and noticed the radiator leaking your repairs would have been $200-300 instead of the thousands it will now cost.
What Is Better for CPU Water Cooling? a Radiator Or a Water Block?
You need both... the block picks up heat from the CPU and the radiator dumps the heat from the water. Get a sealed system type, they are zero hassle and extremely effective. I've used quite a few Corsair H80 & H100 units on both gaming & CAD systems without any problems.1. Question about having a water cooling system in your computer?Full system Water cooling is fun but can be a little intimidating for a novice, Plus it can work out expensive, and as you are aware if you get a leak you can kiss good by to your motherboard. Personally I would just go with a good air cooler like Arctic cooling freezer pro if you are over clocking etc. If you want a basic water cooler setup for just the cpu then have a look at the corsair Corsair Hydro H50 or Antec Khler H2O 620 CPU Watercooler.2. Best Custom Kit for PC water cooling?NewEgg.com Make it yourself. Get a case w/ water cooling and fill in the rest w/ motherboard, proc, video card, memory, hard drive, cd drive, and power supply.3. How good is water cooling?Think of it this way, cars could cool by air but they have radiator fluid :)4. Which Water Cooling CPU one is better going for..?H100 There's nothing worse, than going to the Length of Liquid Cooling, and getting a Sub-Par Water Block... I Personally have a Thermaltake Big Water 735 Myself! I also have an M4 HDD Water Block for a WD Raptor! ;^5. SIMPLE QUESTION ABOUT WATER COOLING (pc)(EASY POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?Hey Bam, I know you said in your post you really want water cooling, but since your budget is really tight why do not you consider a better air cooling solution that will only cost you $60.00? If your ultimate goal here is to bring down that 56C temp then the better air cooling solution makes a lot more sense if money is an issue. On my gaming rig I have a E7200 (2.53 GHz C2D) overclocked to 3.16 GHz and only reaches a max temp of 36C under full load (Prime 95 stress test anyone?). Plus my CPU fan has blue LED lighting on it and it looks really cool since I have a clear sided case. I wrote all this because I do not think your going to find a reliable liquid solution for under $100.00. Also, have you tried switching to a higher quality thermal paste? That would be the absolute cheapest to lower that CPU temp. The stock paste that comes with pre-assembled systems is not that great. I will provide a link for the fan I use plus the thermal paste. Good Luck.6. What Do You Think of My Idea for water cooling?Really really silly... A tiny little USB fridge wo not deliver anywhere near enough cooling for a liquid cooling system. (5W of power to offset up to 85W of thermal output?!) If you've not built a liquid cooling system before, *READ* and research what is needed, then start off with a pre-assembled kit before you start trying to rig up reservoirs and radiators yourself. Understanding the physics involved is also a must.7. How effective is water cooling compared to air cooling in this situation?i run an AMD bulldozer 8 core with liquid cooling installed inside the case ...all fans must direct the air flow so that they dont conflict wit each other and i now have an almost silent pc that never gets above 40c even when heavily loaded.... so go for it!8. What are the advantages for using a liquid cooling system?well i would suggest just getting regular fans, water cooling advantages are that its cooler, but the main purpose for use fo water cooling is for overclocking, if ur not ocing then its a waste. and plus i heard u have to change teh water out like after a certian period of time, i would suggest u getting fans, there cheaper and more effecient. if ur gona oc then get water cooling9. Need help with water cooling my new pc!!!?as the other person has said, youve just wasted your money, you really only need watercooling on processors which are designed for high def gaming at super high resolutions
Can You Make a Radiator Out of Wood?!?
lmfaooo um.. i guess if you coat the wood with something to prevent the burning it might work for like a few days1. Steam coming from radiator cap?Are you sure you got the proper cap for the rad? Whatever you do do NOT remove the cap when the engine is steaming it will blow coolant 15 ft in the air. It could be that the seal around the cap is wore out2. 2000 neon leaks antifreeze up front under radiator cant tell if its the hose or the radiator. ?still will go with the "Weakest Link" which is the hose. They do rot. on the inside3. i have a small crack on the radiator seal will rad seal work until i can afford a radiator?might but there a chance it might mess up more than fix radiator that the problem with the stuff call a parts store see how much a new one cost call a radiator shop see if it can be repaired call a auto salvage yard look for a used one all better choices that a quick fix some times the stuff plugs heatercores which cost more than a new radiator does and much harder to replace as well4. radiator repair , for 92 jeep cherokee?its best to have it replaced as repairs often fail causing you to get a new one anyway. save time and money get a new one5. can you put water in the car radiator?sure why not.. we did for the humvees in the military when we needed to and that's what they use for cars in demolition derbys.. but your car will probably over heat faster6. Missing oil pan and radiator ?I would not call it totaled yet but that's possible. You will have to get a garage, a friend, or yourself to total up all the parts that need replaced and compare against bluebook value. Let's add up numbers of parts you have listed already. Tires $100 mounted and balanced Oil Pan $30 (or less, at a junkyard) Radiator coolant $60 (junkyard auto parts store coolant) or up to $150 (new w/discount coupon codes at Advance Auto Parts etc) Assume some exhaust damage. Maybe "up to" $250 for aftermarket catalytic converter, muffler, and a pipe - probably not all of it was damaged unless it was ripped off the car instead of scraped. Can you do the work yourself? That cuts the costs about in half. Radiator and oil pan are usually easy to install but on a compact car it may take time moving other engine parts out of the way to get to it. Overall you should be able to pay someone under $1000 total to fix it or under $500 to DIY IF no other parts like the wheels or suspension are damaged. The fact that he was able to drive it another mile without the engine dying or wrecking is a good sign, that something really severe did not happen and fluids leaked out slow enough that the engine did not seize.7. I think I have a radiator leak?The leak could be any where the water flows, the radiator, water pump, heater hose, or could even be internal ending up blowing out the exhaust. the best advise i can give you is, if you do not see the leaking water under the car take it to a reasonable mechanic, they will give you a free estimate for repairs. good luck8. I have a leak in a hose that goes to the radiator?You should have replaced all the hoses when you put in the new radiator. Do yourself a favor and replace them all now so you wo not have an issue again in the rear future. Replacing belts and hoses is all part of routine suggested maintenance. The person who recommends using UV dye or powder obviously knows nothing about cars9. Black Pepper in leaky radiator?yes it does work...it takes quite a bit...one of those small cans all at once10. water directly into radiator ?you can put water directly into radiator but do not do it till engine is cool down.. is smoke brown / white? if so, engine oil is mixing with coolant which mean blow head gasket.
Can U Replace Just the Plastic Part on a Radiator?
TANKS go bad USUALLY from the use of the WRONG COOLANTS and TANKS are available for only CERTAIN RADIATORS OUT THERE! A good RADIATOR SHOP will know all about this! WRONG COOLANT will melt the plastic in the RAD TANKS1. 2006 Mustang GT 4.6L ticking noise from engine?Does the tick increase with RPM's? What is the mileage? Consistent oil changes? Does it burn oil? A tick can be lots of things and without hearing it or where it is coming from, it can be difficult to tell. Possible things to check: Water pumps can "tick" when they are going bad Loose spark plug (as mentioned) Exhaust leak Vacuum leak Lifters Pulley2. Shoundn't priority one (japan relief) be to power the nuke plants' water pumps so this business will end?The containments are not sealed adequately in some of them to contain enough water to cool the rods...some sh1t is hitting the fan3. My car keeps running hot help!?Water pumps do not go bad and then come back for two days. I would check the tensioner to be sure the belt is not slipping. If you say the fan is coming and turning in the right direction then make sure the fins in the radiator are clean and then the radiator would be my next suspect. Look inside to see if the tubes are clear4. Anus water Pumps ...Ok I really don't know how to ask this......But here goes....?I pour liquid soap up my rear and fart out bubbles5. How much would it cost to install plumbing and electricity at a site that wouldn't originally have these?Many, many dollars is what it will cost. The electricity is dependent on the length of the run from where the power is to where you need it. Figure that you can ask the power company for a reasonable estimate. For water pumps you need either a well or a surface water source. You need to get some books on basic home building and the local regulations regarding home building6. Question about head when talking about water pumps?40 ft of head would be a pressure delivered by the pump if I am reading this right...Head pressure of a tank is determined by the fluid level in the tank, so if you had 40 ft of liquid in the tank you would have 40 ft of head pressure. I will give you a Eng link to convert head to psi.7. My coolant froze up!!! please answer!!-----Asking all you mechanics!!?i could first verify the fundamental issues first till now you spent any money. make certain each and all of the hoses maximum proper to the radiator are tightly linked. If that doesnt fix it i could look for leaks interior the water pump gaskets, perhaps a head gasket, or a leaking radiator. If the motor vehicle blows white smoke out the exhaust that is in many situations a head gasket yet whilst its not blowing white smoke and overheating you should be very nicely. A radiator could be anywere from seventy 5 to a hundred and fifty$ at a junkyard in case you opt to replace it your self. Hoses could be around 10-20 $. Water pumps could be around a hundred. Leaking thermostates could be approximately 10. wish that facilitates.8. Car temperature keeps shooting up, car makes weird bubbling/grinding noise...what is wrong with it?Tanis, You mentioned a bubbling/grinding noise...I would first check if the thermostatically controlled fan (if it has one) is functioning correctly. The second option would be to drain, flush and back flush the radiator/cooling system being alert for any foreign materials (metal/sand/debris/etc) in the cooling fluid. My third suspect would be the water pump. You said you replaced the thermostat and that there is no loss of coolant...to me, that makes the water pump suspect. When you locate and correct your problem I would like to know what it was. An acquaintence of mine had a new car that kept over heating and destroying water pumps. The dealer solved the problem by discovering sand in a block casting void. Good Luck
Could Work Done to Lower a Radiator Have Caused a Loss of Water Pressure From a Combi Boiler?
Absolutely: You may have not bled the radiator system enough so you have air bubbles in the primary loop.To bleed a radiator:Repeat this for every radiator (air may have migrated)Our new house has a year-old combi boiler. We are doing a lot of work in the house and 2 days ago early evening a bedroom radiator was lowered (pipes were frozen to do this) and a hall radiator was put back on after being off for a week due to decorating--all by our very good plumber.Next morning I had a shower ok but when my wife got in no hot water!! Pressure gauge had dropped to zero so topped up and hot water again. Pressure dropped marginally by afternoon so topped up. All fine since. Can find no leaks in the system anywhere.Could the initial radiator work I mentioned at the start of this HELP question be the cause? Having never had a combi with wall thermostat any help would be appreciated.·OTHER ANSWER:Our new house has a year-old combi boiler. We are doing a lot of work in the house and 2 days ago early evening a bedroom radiator was lowered (pipes were frozen to do this) and a hall radiator was put back on after being off for a week due to decorating--all by our very good plumber.Next morning I had a shower ok but when my wife got in no hot water!! Pressure gauge had dropped to zero so topped up and hot water again. Pressure dropped marginally by afternoon so topped up. All fine since. Can find no leaks in the system anywhere.Could the initial radiator work I mentioned at the start of this HELP question be the cause? Having never had a combi with wall thermostat any help would be appreciated.
How Do You Remove a Radiator From a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am?
It is hard to be specific without the engine size, but essentially, you would remove the upper and lower hoses, two brackets on top, two engine torque struts if it is a V6, remove the cooling fan assembly, remove the transmission lines if it is automatic, and put it back in the same way you took it out. When it comes time to refill the cooling system, start the car before you add any antifreeze, or you will fill the cooling system with air. Run the car with the heat on high, until the temp guage starts to go up. At that point, have someone rev the engine to 2000 and hold it there while you fill the radiator. The heat will pull the coolant in and displace any air. When it is full, put the radiator cap on the reservoir tank. The low coolant light might stay on, but that is ok. Check it when the car is cold, and fill it to the cold fill line, and you should be ok • Suggested Reading I have a tan sludge in the coolant reservoir of my 2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7L. right that's an worry-free thank you to ascertain the thermostat. start up the engine and allow it warmth up. experience the precise radiator hose. whilst the thermostat opens the precise radiator hose will strengthen into warm. If it in no way gets warm the thermostat is caught and could might desire to get replaced. you are able to desire to verify in case you have a coolant leak that's inflicting the engine to run warm after it turns into low on coolant or if the engine working warm is inflicting the coolant to strengthen into low after it boils over. a foul water pump will exceedingly much continuously leak coolant from the weep hollow on the backside or around the pulley shaft. attempt to verify the place the coolant is leaking from. it would desire to be leaking from a hose, the waterpump, or the radiator. in case you establish there are no longer any leaks and the coolant is boiling over after the engine overheats the project may be a clogged radiator. ------ Green fluid in the reservior,red in the radiator,drove it till the rear of the engine smoked. Whats wrong? Hi over there. take out the dipstick of the engine and the one found in the tranny; compare the color of the oil you see in the grund to see where it comes from. The transmision (automatic) oil is red and the engine's oil can be brown, black, red, depending on the brand. Manual transmission fluid has higher viscosity that the others and most of the time is brown. Now, the engine's rear seal is used to prevent ENGINE OIL to go out of the engine from the back. The back of the engine is in touch with the transmission, doesnt matter if is manual or automatic. If it goes out it may touch the torque converter or the flywheel depending on the find of transmisison your car has. why don't you get a 2nd opinnion from a friend or maybe another shop? in my opinion the step one is to clear where the oil comes from. if it is engine's oil the it may be a good chance that the warranty will cover the repair; if it is engine from else where then i don't think so. Good luck ------ Is my water pump bad? The ten mile distance and the climb in temperature after that strongly suggest the radiator is bad. If the water pump were at fault (or almost anything else in the cooling system, for that matter) the symptoms would appear much sooner - a mile or two. The heat is building up in the coolant and the radiator is supposed to get rid of the excess heat. A flow test will tell the story. Drain the coolant from the radiator (it can be re-used if it is good) and remove the upper and lower hoses. Stick a garden hose into the upper hose port and turn the water up all the way. The water should pour out the bottom as fast as you can put it in. If not, the radiator is plugged. The most common reason for plugged radiators is tap water, used either to replace lost coolant or to dilute anti-freeze to 50%. The hard water deposits block the tubes and cannot be removed with any flush, although God knows I've tried. ------ My radiator over flow container is dirty? The overflow system is one of the most abused/lack of service items on the average car, yet an important component of long term engine life. 1) Remove and drain bottle 2) Put sharp gravel in the bottle (I actually have a container full of this for this procedure) 3) Add "Super Clean" or TSP and water to the mix 4) Shake the bottle until all the deposits are removed 5) Install and add to cold fill line with coolant product that is used in the cooling system at a 50% dilution with distilled water 6) Remove and check the radiator cap. If the rubber is cracked or deformed replace it. If re-using, clean out the radiator caps return flow valve (like a little flapper valve at the center of most caps that uses a very light spring to hold it shut. 7) Verify that the hose from the radiator to the overflow bottle is tight and sealed. New hose or nylon ties can be installed to maintain a leak proof seal (the line must be vacuum proof when the coolant is sucked back into the engine as it cools off and cooling system pressure is relieved I have serviced cooling systems so abused, that have had the overflow bottle filled solid with engine rust sludge and debris! ------ Another Sunfire antifreeze question ? Look in the owners manual and find the capacity of your cooling system. It should tell you the full volume for a fill from bone dry. Subtract out what you were able to remove. Assuming your existing fill was 50/50, assume half of what was left is water. But we don't need to know all that. Peak's website says the 50/50 mix is good down to 34 below. Indy gets cold, but not that cold that often. If in doubt, when you add antifreeze dump in a full gallon and let the rest be water. That ought to do you. 34 below isn't unheard of in Indy but the full gallon water is more like a 65/35 mix, which would keep you in fine shape in, say, Anchorage. Are you in big trouble? No way. The engineers who design the cars know that antifreeze doesn't carry as much heat as water does. So they design the radiators considerably larger than they would if they were for plain water, then a little bigger still, just in case - and add a thermostat to provide the necessary control so you don't wind up chilling the engine with a gigantic radiator full of pure water. So you'll be fine, everything's already covered. Dump in some Peak, add some water, and drive on. ------ In a motor warrenty would the radiator be covered? I pathink I would get a radiator from a whole sale place and have it put in. I have no clue what or who you are even talking about, you really did not explan any of the details that could help us understand who you are enen talking about. If the motor had a 90 day warranty, and that is expired, it seems like any repair work on the radiator was the same. yes it is deceptive to patch a hole and call it good, right now thats not whats important. you do not want to be driving around watching the temp guage, because you can overheat and burn up the heads before the block even gets hot. The water leaks out of the heads first, this is a good way to ruin the motor. you can go buy an online radiator pretty chap, and then sue them and see what the judge has to say about thier deception. Or take this as a lesson learned, do not do business peope who lie, cheat and take your monry. ------ Why is my truck still overheating after the dealer replaced the thermostat? The auxillary transmission cooler is in the side tank of the radiator. If this tank leaks the coolant will mix with the transmission fluid and cause the transmission to rev up. The combination of the transmission slipping and the loss of coolant will cause an overheating. When the engine overheats it may blow coolant out past the rad cap as the pressure is too great to contain. My guess is the rad needs to be replaced(not a recore but an entire new rad including side tanks), and the transmission will need to be overhauled. If you just bought it 2 months ago make them repair both(take it to another shop for 2nd opinion) or call better business bureau. DO NOT let them snow you and say the transmission is ok. If it gets any coolant in it it is no good. It will fail shortly after your warranty runs out and you will be on the hook for $2-4 grand. Ask them why the thermostat was replaced if the rad was empty because a stuck thermostat will not cause coolant loss. If the PCM had been shutting down cylinders as they had said it would not rev up and feel like in neutral, the engine would not rev up at all ------ Parents, safety gadgets for your children? How Old Are Your Children? 0-6 months 7-12 months 13-24 months 25 months x Do You Feel It Is Important To Own Safety Gadgets? Yes x No Do You Look For Particular Brands When Shopping For Safety Gadgets? Yes No x Brand: Do You Buy Your Safety Gadgets From a Particular Shop? Yes No x Shop: (in the list of gadgets below can you please put an O next to the ones you own. a U next to the ones that are in use and a P next to the ones that have prevented an accident. xxx) car seat U (booster) monitor socket covers U P corner covers reins fire guard U radiator covers bed guards P locks ie for cupboards and fridges UP stair gate P glass film curly wires . (in the next list below could you write the maximum you would be willing to spend on each gadget * 0-10 10-50 50-100 100-150 150-250 250-400 400*) car seat 150 - 200 monitor 10 - 50 socket covers 0-10 corner covers 0-10 reins 0-10 fire guard 10-50 radiator covers 10-50 bed guards 50-100 locks ie for cupboards and fridges 10-50 stair gate 100- 150 glass film ? curly wires? ______________________________________. ------ Should I spray my radiator with the hose to rid it of salt and other varmits? You spray it with water right? lol Yes, you can spray it down, although i would avoid doing so after driving more than 15 or 30 minutes.(atleast give it a chance to cool first) You can actually spray down the entire engine and its perfectly safe. (although I WOULD take a piece of plastic and COVER the Distributor/Coil, since sometimes they can get moisture easily) Engines are VERY water proof now a days.even back then, they were too. If you have an older car, walk thru and inspect the entire engine by hand, looking for loose connections or electrical components exposed. (not all wiring or electrical components will be vulnerable to water, usually only electronics directly related to the distributor/coil.) We used to wash EVERY car engine down when i worked at a Chevy dealership.NEVER had problems. Its just some of the older cars you gotta watch, they arent so air-tight anymore(usually cars not trucks). I could wash the engine bay in my mustang, and half the time it would start up.and other half of the time it wouldnt start for 15 minutes! (if I ran it over with a rag, slammed the hood hard a few times, it would start right up.there was obviously an exposed wire related to the distributor or starter somewhere.never found it though)
How Do I Fix a Radiator Leak I Know Is in My Engine?
your head gasket is bad or you have warped heads. this is a major top engine job. you are also blowing white smoke from your exhaust. a rather expensive job. do NOT run the engine until you get it repaired or you will do even more damage to the internal engine components • Suggested Reading My engine splash guard is hanging. Just cutting it may be ok but on some cars the spalsh sheild is part of the air flow system for the radiator. Some of these systems can be effected if the guards are missing or hanging resulting in overheating issues, mostly when the vehicle is at trafic lights or moving slowly when the thermofans are making the air flow. I would suggest you see about getting it fixed. ------ Radiator water heating system ? I had this same problem last year all but one of my radiators work i bled it and it wouldn't work i turned up the pressure on the water pump and it still didn't work so eventually it came down to me taking a part my boiler and replacing all of the parts ------ Why are men so HOT temperature-wise when they sleep? You'd probably feel the temperature increase if you were cuddling a female too. Ever heard of people cuddling up close in the wilderness when in a survival situation to keep warm? It's just body heat. Or maybe it's because you make him feel hot, if ya know what I mean. ------ The radiator seems to be full of a mixture of motor oil and radiator fluid. Should I ditch it after repairs? wow! That's serious. Most likely you have a cracked block. You need a new engine! Get a junk yard engine to save some money, then after replacing the engine, you will not have to sell it. Oh crud! I didn't see until now the rest of your post. If it is a 2012 under warranty, then get rid of it. You got a lemon! ------ Can leaving a radiator on with things covering it be a hazard? You are just a work colleague right? Not a boss or supervisor? The answer is quite simple- "who cares & not your problem". He may or may have not had an actual emergency if he did GREAT- he saved some of his stuff from getting ruined if not who cares. Focus on your own work & not the problems of others. ------ Can I modify my 1989 kx 125 to have two radiator shrouds, when it originally has only one? It depends on whether your KX frame was drilled on the right side to except another radiator, and therefore all the other corresponding parts that go with it, which I'm guessing it wasn't. You could put on another tank from IMS or Clarke and then try to mount a radiator shroud on that but would more than likely end up compromising the integrity of the tank drilling into it. Sorry, but I think you're stuck on this one. ------ 2002 Jeep grand Cherokee V8 radiator replacement. This Site Might Help You. RE: 2002 Jeep grand Cherokee V8 radiator replacement. GF's jeeps radiator blew out. Does anyone know how much stuff needs to come apart to replace it? I've heard the lights, grille, bumper cover, etc all need to be removed to get it out. Are there any forums that will give good info? Do I need any jeep specific tools to do. ------ What can happen to a car when the radiator cap pops off and coolant goes everywhere? Overheated to 300degrees!? Well the main reason for the coolant is to cool the engine.and if the engine is not cooled it will obviously overheat and damage some engine components.,.replacing engine parts can be costly.The insurance people are saying that they wont cover damages due to simple ignorance. .well that's what they think it is. ------ where can I get a good cat radiator bed? I now buy my cat's prescription food online at nutrecare.co.uk and they seem to stock a lot of stuff, just browse or use the search tool. If you type in MTPET09 at the checkout you get 10% off the first order (through my insurer) alternatively look on eBay and look up the reviews for the products. Good luck. ------ Does spray painted Styrofoam help heat a house? Normally the wall behind the radiator is cold & something to deflect the heat will help. If you have a radiator cover that also traps a lot of heat. Some covers have a hinged top that lifts up to allow more heat to the room, no point keeping the wall toasty lol. ------ how to remove headlamp holder on 1994 ford f-150? may need to pop the hood.may have a protective cover on top near the radiator.check around the cover of the grill.you should be able to see some kind of identifiable screws,etc.if all else fails,check the owners manual or call around to dealership or auto parts place. maybe they can help too. good luck!. ------ do you think my bird will learn not to sit on the radiator when its on and hot? There's no guarantee that he'll learn nor remember. If you let him out and can watch him while you're home, you will have a better idea. You could also cover the top of the radiator with something not flammable or get a radiator cover that goes all around and covers the whole thing. ------ What is this White Gunk in my Radiator? Sounds like you have coolant mixing with the oil. That is not good.at all. You could indeed have a blown head gasket (bad), a cracked head (worse), or a cracked block (worst). Get it down to a mechanic ASAP, because only the head gasket could be reasonably called a cheap and easy fix. Good luck. ------ how do i check for exhaust in my radiator? If you think that there is an air leak into the cooling system (a crack in a cooling passage) you can open the radiator cap and check for bubbles coming to the surface of the coolant while the engine is running. If your having a hard time seeing try using a LED flashlight ------ how do you fix a hairline crack on a radiator to a 2000 ford explore? You can try JB Weld but the odds aren't good. I gave it a go on my daughter's Accord radiator and the crack immediately migrated right through the epoxy. The plastic tanks on modern radiators flex when the cooling system pressurizes so a rigid adhesive like epoxy doesn't work well. I also tried epoxying a piece of brass plate over it but the crack came out around one side of the plate. A new radiator was the only solution ------ 1999 HONDA CR-V radiator change help? you can try eBay.com for new or use radiator and also for car manual but also you can go to your nearest Honda dealer or autozone.com. they have some car mechanical manual for every car including your car. so after you shop. try take it to your mechanic. it should cost under $250 or if you are familiar with fixing car than you can do it. yourself. good luck. ------ where is the radiator cap? That should be it haha but please please please remember not to mess with the radiator AT ALL until hours after it has cooled down (i.e. hasn't been running for a few hours). It can be very dangerous if you try to remove the cap when the radiator is still hot. ------ Is a 2003 Toyota Tacoma a/c covered under powertrain warranty, 49K. ? A/C is not covered under powertrain. Powertrain is engine, trans, rearend, transfercase. It may need recharged, or there may be another issue. The only way to really know is to hook up some gauges and check the system pressures. Anything else is risking personal injury or system damage, unless your an experienced a/c tech. Good luck! ------ how can i chrome out an original 79 El Camino 350 engine? Cant chrome an entire engine! Valve covers yes, intake yes, carb yes, headers yes,air cleaner yes, timing cover yes, brackets and pulleys yes, water pump yes. There are also hose covers that may be available in chrome too. I think i about covered what can be chromed for you. But too much chrome will. ------ So i have a over heating car need help? All that's left is to replace the water pump. I have had a car in the past where the impeller was just spinning loose on the shaft. .thereby not circulating the water. ps. I'm sure you know this, that, the water wont circulate if you've got a broken fan belt. (The fan belt drives the water pump.) ------ Anyone have any Ideas for making radiators (in home) unseen? I don't want my daughter to get burned. you can actually make a cover out of wood to place in front of it that you can attach to the wall,go to your home store, like home depot. you can measure it, buy the supplies yourself and it would be relatively easy to do yourself. i lived in a house with radiators and my 3 year old hit her head on it and had to get stitches. i understand your concern. ------ My radiator is making loud crackling noises. should I run for cover or isn't it going to explode? The radiator has a vapor lock. There is usually a valve that can be opened slowly to let the air out. Take care not to get burnt or have someone who know this kind of radiator do it. The old nursing home I worked at 40 years ago had this kind and we had to open them every once in a while. ------ will it get hotter if i take my clothes off? Why not put your clothes on a rack near the radiators instead of on them and then both you and the clothes can get warm. We're in the middle of a heat wave here and it is just too hot to try to sleep - a little bit of "freeze" would be so nice. :) ------ When accelerating My honda begins to make a bubbling noise from the right side of the vehicle? You have air trapped in your cooling system, and it might not provide all the heat that it should or cools off when the car idles for a period of time. Check the cooling reservoir or better yet since you just spent pretty good money for repairs have them fix it for you at their expense ------ how do i clear an air lock in mini cooper? The valve looks like a valve that is on your tire and it is metal and has a cap on it, trace the cooling lines and you should find it. Also you can start the car with it being cool and take off radiator cover, press the gas while another person fills it, hurry up and put it back on while someone is revving the engine, this forces air out and fluid in. Good luck ------ My steam heater in my apartment gets way too hot, can't control it, what can I do? If the radiator is over sized for the space, then you must insulate it so there is no heat emission for a portion of it. Fiberglass will be fine, and then the cover can go back on. Ask the landlord to reduce the venting action of the vent. Turning the steam valve can lead to noisy conditions, and ask the landlord if the valve works. ------ Is my water pump bad? If the pump isn't leaking water, it is probably OK. I had a similar problem with an old Toyota Camry. It turned out to be a plugged radiator. I just bought a new one, but maybe you could get one from a junkyard. Some yards will guarantee the used radiator to be in good working condition ------ how to remove 2012 mustang upper grille? You'll need to take off the plastic cover over the top that also covers the radiator. That is held in mostly by reuseable brads. You should be able to pull them up from the center to make them fit back through the opening. Once you have the cover off, you should be able to see the fasteners on the back side of the grille and remove them ------ PT Cruiser 2001 Chirping/Whistling sounds @ 40 mph? I was because I had a turbo that it was a sign that it was working properly. It whistle when I'm in gear and not in neutral, if it's natural hen I have to get used to it but it's a pain because the faster I go the louder it is. I feel more comforted because other people are having the same situation. I was under the impression this guy was lying to me ------ the radiator fan does not come on on my van. Why is this? it can be one of three things on it ,either bad sensor or a relay or the power supply to the relay ,all this has to be checked,it might be a good idea to let a mechanic check this out,electrical work can be pretty tricky sometimes,and sometimes its better off being done by a mechanic,good luck
How Do You Replace a Radiator Fan Male/female Plug?
so there are little I mean little pieces of metal in the fan pig tail they call it and they are hard to get out without knowing what to do so the easiest fastes way is to cut the pig tail or connector off of the old fan and splice it onto the new wiring you can buy butt connectors as well to cover where you spliced the wires together make sure you put them on the right wire or the fan will run backwards or not at all good luck • Related Questions What's the difference between 'radiator flush liquid' and 'oil degreaser'? Oil degreasers are designed to use on the 'outside' of anything that is covered in oil. Radiator Flush is designed to be added to the coolant system, and is the chemical of choice for flushing you coolant system. Typically, for a DIY'er, these type flush additives are added to the coolant system, and the car driven or ran for 20-30 minutes to allow the chemical time to remove rust scale, lime deposits, and sludge. Then the system drained, and refilled with coolant (Dex-Cool for your car). Don't use a degreaser inside the radiator! Good luck! ------ how do i bleed cooling system? Lift and use jack stand safely or use ramps. Many cars have covers under them now so you may have to remove some covers and look for the radiator to the bottom side, check both, facing toward the back of the car you should find a screw, butterfly screw. Open the cap and get something to drain into, two or more containers as it usually runs down the frame or covers and drips in many places. opps did not read the question, if you see a bleeder screw then you can undo that and fill until it come out that bleeder hole and that is it. easy. Good Luck. ------ the radiator fan does not come on on my van. Why is this? there is no switch or sensor that controls the cooling fan. the engine controller runs the pulse width modulated cooling fan relay depending on ambient temp, coolant temp, trans temp, a/c request, a/c pressure, and whether it is raining. (yes it knows when it is raining. it does this so the water on the radiator doesn't steam at a stop) almost 100% of the time the relay is bad. depending on what year your van is it is either mounted by the airbox (96-00) or newer vans it is around the headlamp area under the bumper cover ------ I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne, while driving with AC on, a message come out that says turn AC off, car is overhe? I certainly understand your concern regarding your Lucerne. Per page 3-33 of the owner's manual, it states if a warning light stays consistently on, it is best to have the vehicle check out. If you're unable to find a resolution to these issues, a Buick Certified Tech should be well equipped to do so. I can assist in arranging a consultation if you would like. Please get in touch with us via the e-mail account and provide the VIN#, your name, and concerns. I hope this is resolved quickly for you. Matt of GM Customer Service ------ Does radiation affect your food in a microwave whether you cover it or not? This is coming from somebody afraid of the word "radiation". It doesn't actually have a scientific basis. It's electromagnetic radiation, in the form of radio waves. Radio waves aren't radioactive. It's the same word, but not actually "radiation" in the nuclear sense and nothing that's going to cause cancer. I wonder if your friend is also afraid of radiators which, you know, emit heat RADIATION. You want your food exposed to the radio waves (microwaves) because that's what cooks it. However, it will be exposed to them whether it is covered or not. ------ Right Radiator for my truck. if ya aint worried about pretty any ol radiator will do as long as the hoses will hook up without kinking. ya didn't say if its auto or standard, plug the tranny holes if manuel or check tranny hookup when ya check for the hoses hooking up. a 4 core is best. if ya find a used one that was for a bigger engine than the 302 ya know your covered. just take it to a shop for a pressure test and should be good to go. might have to do some fabricating to hook it up but itll work. ive used rads for 350,s for 6 and 4 cyl. good luck ------ 2004 Jeep Cherokee, I have radiator fluid dripping off a bolt at bottom of flywheel cover. At back of the engine are several places you could have a cooland leak. You have heater hose. And you have the heater core. Which has a drain hole. If it come from there. You need to change the heater core. The leak could a hose any where on the top of the engine. It could be a frezze plug. Some engine have two on the back. Other's do not. Happy hunting. A short cut. Get engine how. See if you see steam coming up. The leak will be close by ------ what would happen if the cold air return to a furnance was half covered? Blower motors depend on airflow for cooling. Restricting this airflow would raise the temperature of your blower motor, potentially shortening its life. While the air coming from the vents would be warmer, your furnace would run longer because of the lower convection currents in each room, especially in the thermostat area. The end result is that you would spend more for heating. If your furnace has a restricted flow cutout, your furnace might stop working, thinking you had a dirty air return filter. In short, it's really not a good idea. ------ How much would it cost (labor) to replace a radiator in a 68' Pontiac Catalina? I can replace the radiator in my car in about 1 hr. That time includes draining the coolant, removing and installing the radiator and refilling the coolant. The actual time to remove the radiator itself is about 20 minutes. Like anything, it's easy if you know how, very difficult if you don't. But mechanic will charge about 2-3 hrs extra labor to cover any worse case scenarios that may occur on any job. Seriously consider replacing the radiator hoses at the same time. You don't want to lose the new coolant due to a bad radiator hose in 4 months. Labor @ $80/hr may cost you $160-$240. ------ What is the best cleaner to clean bugs off a radiator? no longer a physically powerful theory. merely use a water hose with a sprig on it & spray it out from the contained in the engine compartment. suitable topic, somewhat it truly is unnecessary to bathe an engine on any motor vehicle. If it truly is were given minute oil leaks that enhance over years making a mess, it truly is merely going to get greasy & charm to dirt back so what's the point. it truly isn't any longer properly well worth the prospect of electric powered harm both ------ What can happen to a car when the radiator cap pops off and coolant goes everywhere? Overheated to 300degrees!? Potential damage: seized motor, warped cylinder head(s), crack in either engine block or head. How you lost the rad cap is a mystery but it happened recently. The rad cap allows the cooling system to build pressure ( which raises the boiling point of the antifreeze/water mix ). If the rad cap was not on, the fluid was spill out as it became heated ( and expanded ) and your temperature gauge would rise rather quickly as the cooling system could effectively no longer remove the heat from the engine. If someone had removed the cap 2500 miles ago, you would not have made it this far before the engine overheated. ------ How do I install a front H emblem on my 2002 civic? SEE IF THERE IS NOT A PLASTIC TOP COVER ATTACHED TO THE TOP OF THE GRILLE AND THE TOP OF THE RADIATOR SUPPORT WITH PLASTIC PUSH FASTENERS. IF THERE IS REMOVE THE COVER AND THAT SHOULD GIVE YOU ENOUGH ROOM TO ATTACH THE NUTS TO THE EMBLEM .IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT TO REMOVE TO ALLOW YOURSELF MORE ROOM. YOU CAN GET A TUBE OF EMBLEM ADHESIVE PUT IT ON THE GRILLE SIDE OF THE EMBLEM AND NOT EVEN USE THE NUTS. I DO IT ALL THE TIME AND NEVER HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT COMING LOOSE ------ What can cause smoke to come from the engine of a 2003 ford taurus? A water leak would make white smoke if it hit a hot engine (perhaps from the thermostat housing or from the radiator hose, or from the radiator (if you put too much stress on the radiator when you were working on it)). An oil leak (from low pressure oil splattering from the timing chain through a leak in the timing chain cover, and hitting a hot surface, such as the engine or the catalytic converter). You have to look at the engine carefully as it smokes and determine where the smoke is coming from. ------ Why does our 95 jeep grand cherokee engine temp cool down while driving? It is very important that the correct type of engine coolant is used. Please see your owners manual for the correct type. There is red, green and yellow and they have different operating temps. Green will run and cool down the quickest. At 30 degrees all heaters loose efficiency. I lived in AK for 10 years and everyone had to fit cardboard in front of their radiator in order to get the heater to work right. Put the fan back in (in case of overheating and use NEW cardboard to cover up to 80% of the radiator. Good luck ------ Will it be ok to drive a car WITHOUT the cap for the coolant reservoir? (Not radiator)? There is no pressure inside the coolant recovery tank if the radiator has a radiator cap. All the standard vented cover does is keep the dirt out. Order another one from the dealer of the car. In the mean time rob a cover off a jelly jar, stick a nail or drilled 1/8 hole in the center and tape it on the plastic reservoir fill hole. The object of the hole in the cover is to allow the bottle to push air out when the cooling system gets warm and the hole lets air in then the motor cools down. ------ Can I turn my radiator sideways? It would not be a good idea to turn this type of heater in any other direction besides up. Besides internal problems like the oil not covering the element, you could have air circulation problems. I would guess the device also incorporates a "tip switch" that cuts off power in case it get sideways. You may consider a heating foot pad designed for on the floor and under desks etc. They come in various sizes. See link for more info. Good luck. http://www.amazon.com/Cozy-FootWarmer-Heating-Foot-Warmer/dp/B0006H7I6Q ------ What all does an extended warranty cover? Your better extended warranty company's have different levels (things that are covered) depending on how much you're willing to fork over. They may also have deductibles on large ticket items. Read the policy carefully and make sure *all electrical devices are covered. You may elect to have a certain level of deductible up-front cash on certain parts to lower the cost of the warranty. It's a crap-shoot! Newer cars are plastered with electrical switches, power window regulators, motors, fuel pumps, starters, alternators and ignition solid state electrical components. They're all expensive as heck! ------ What would cause a foul odor and fog-like smoke to emit from a/c vents? yes it is the heater core i have been there done that with the heater core , when i lived in a colder climate. you have a pin hole in the core. when you turn on the defogger for your windshield it gets worse. the only way to fix the problem is to remove the core and have it repaired. do not try a stop leak like barques leak it just stops up your radiator and coolant system.does your over flow for the radiator have clear water or antifreeze in it?or is there a brown foam inside? ------ Does spray painted Styrofoam help heat a house? He is correct that the radiant wave of the heat spectrum will be reflected back into the room, providing more heat to the room. The styrofoam should also help insulate the wall from absorbing some of the heat too. Another typical application of this principle is to use a radiant barrier on roof panels of new home construction (or if you have to replace your roof deck on an existing home. The foil coating reflects radiant energy from the sun, keeping your attic space cooler and therefore saving cooling energy on the house.
Droid Vs Blackberry Vs Iphone? HELP!?
Droid Vs Blackberry Vs Iphone? HELP!?
There's no way you should be paying $135 for that, unless you have insurance, etc. on both lines. The lowest minute tier is 700, so 700 minutes plus unlimited texting is $100. So you should be at $110-$115 every month, including taxes. Smartphones would add $30 apiece to your bill. ATT would be exactly the same amount every month, and withtheir horrible service as well as a useless device like the iDont, probably isn't worth it. I would choose the the newest Droid (the Incredible) because on the iPhone: -cant take out the battery -no removable memory -no multitasking -only Apple-approved apps -cant customize your phone AT ALL -doesnt work with Windows -Incredible has a MUCH better camera -Incredible has a MUCH faster processor -instant Android OTA software updates -cant get service in an ATT store- have to find an Apple store -works on ATTs horrible network The Incredible is amazing- everything is so smooth and fast due to that processor. I've had one for a few weeks now, and absolutely LOVE it!! Definitely worth every penny :) PS. Ask Verizon if either of you would get a monthly discount based on where you work- would save you anywhere between 10% and 25% a month1. Carrier furnace blower stops during AC cycle?It sounds like your motor may be cutting out on thermal overload. This means that your motor may be getting too hot. Some causes could be; clogged vent holes in the motor, worn brushes in the motor, failing bearings in the motor, your windings may be failing, or it could be a bad capacitor. The only way to know for sure if it is one of these, or something else, is to have someone test the motor.2. What is WRONG with CARRYING a SMALL dog?Proper times a dog should be in any form of carrier: -Going into a vet office -Going into an airport -On an airplane or in a car Times a dog should be on it's own 4 legs: -Inside any pet-friendly store (should not even BE in no-pet stores, the sign says no pets not purse-pets only!!!!) -On any type of walking excursion -Outside Bottom line, any form of carrier is meant only contain and restrain a dog for TRAVEL purposes- carrying a dog through a shopping mall or pet store is and always will be both damaging to the dog's mental state, and just plain stupid. Dogs are not meant to be carried, they are meant to walk. Does it sound normal to you for a mother to carry around a 10 year old child 24/7 that is perfectly capable of walking on it's own? Of course not! If it CAN walk, it SHOULD walk.3. What is the best baby carrier/car-seat/stroller combo?I did all the research possible before I had my baby. Originally, I wanted to purchase a pink Graco one from Babies'R'Us...but heard that their systems are just too bulky! Anyway, I have two answers for you. The best one I found was called The Orbit Baby. You can check it out at OrbitBaby.com. It's fairly expensive, I had to save up for it...but it is VERY useful! Check out their videos and features. :) I never have to unbuckle my little girl back and forth out of the car. I just click the carseat out and click it right into the stroller. It's fabulous. (And believe me, when you are dealing with a sleeping newborn or infant, it matters!) Another way to research is to check the reviews on Babies'R'Us. Also, check the reviews from Buzzillions.com. When you type in what you are looking for, make sure you type in "Travel System". That's the only way to do it. Best of luck to you!4. Is this baby carrier safe for a newborn?It's generally recommended to avoid carriers that put the baby an upright position until they are able to support themselves in that posture comfortably. Small babies tend to feel more secure in the "cradle hold", and it is not natural for them to be placed in a position that forces upright posture. I carried my son in a maya wrap sling for as long as he was comfortable in it. Slings allow a variety of positions for the baby, it can adapt to your needs much more than this style carrier. I even nursed him in the sling using the "tail" as a blanket. Slings can be a bit more tricky to learn to use, but there are many pictures and instructional videos online. I think its a worthy investment.
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