What Is the Point of Hiking Boots, Versus Any Comfortable Walking Shoes?

There are many who nowadays shun boots and prefer to have lightweight footwear in all terrains and most weather conditions.It's worth having a look at Chris Townsend's website.He has hiked many long distance trails, including some in the US and has put together an article on his blog about the topic of Lightweight Footwear. It would be worth reading this article for the argument against hiking boots in most cases

1. Where can I find some good hiking boots? (I may have some special/semi unusual requirements...)?

try L.L. Bean. call them, they are very helpful and totally back their products 100%

2. Morocco Packing List: What to Pack & Wear in Morocco

Even on a brief visit to Morocco, you could go from sweating through your t-shirt exploring Marrakech to shivering outside on a cold night in the Atlas mountains. For that reason, I would recommend having at least a rough idea of what you want to do and where you are going to get a better idea of how to pack. For me, I traveled to Morocco as a college student. I knew I would mostly stay in the south, around Marrakech, Essaouria, and eventually spend a night in the Sahara. I would be on a tight budget, and wanted to spend time both in cities and out hiking. In retrospect, I actually wish I had brought a tent (to take advantage of ultra-budget camping options) and a pair of climbing shoes (for climbing Toudra Gorge), but probably only spent an extra $20-30 as a result. This list is designed for travelers who want to do a variety of activities, and visit different places, during their trip to Morocco: The Outbreaker travel backpack is the perfect bag for packing for Morocco, especially as a woman. When you can wear your bag, you are hands free for ease of movement and you are not at the mercy of "helpful" touts. Being able to carry your own bag is the ultimate freedom as a woman traveler. And for travelers of all genders, the Outbreaker Backpack just can not be beat - with its waterproof sailcloth, spacious clothing compartment, and comfy height-adjustable suspension system, you will never go back to your roller bag. 1 pair of sneakers (for hikes and outdoor activities - seriously, you do not need hiking boots) 1 pair of flip-flops / sandals (especially if you plan on visiting a hammam or staying at hostels, those "shower flip flops" are essential) 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of loose, breathable pants 3 - 4 t-shirts (one of which should be good for outdoor wear) 1 jacket (it can get cold in certain places certain times of the year) A bathing suit (ladies: bikinis, actually, are better. You can wear the bottoms to a hammam instead of your regular undies) Hat (either wool cap or floppy top, depending on the season) Of course, you could always mix this up a little, and I am personally a fan of the leggings-and-tunic combo (since leggings work well for sleeping). However, this list should give you a good base for your Morocco packing list.

3. I'm a beginner at hiking, what are good brands for hiking boots?

If you are hiking now in trail runners, you wo not like hiking in boots. Wearing boots will feel like you have ankle weights on. Most of the distance hikers do not wear boots anymore, they use lightweight running or trail running shoes. When I am doing a 100 mile (plus/minus) trip I use two pairs of shoes. A pair of trail runners, weight 7.7 ounces, and a pair of minimalist running shoes that weigh 5.5 ounces. Both pair of shoes weigh less than one (1) traditional hiking boot. I've found that wearing the lightweight shoes I am less likely to injure myself than with a stiff boot. The idea that ankle support is a must is just a shoe sales mans way of selling some expensive boots.

4. I wear Mens New Balance size 8.5. What size of Mens Sebago hiking boots is equivalent?

no idea men

5. How do I get into horse back riding?

Where jeans no shorts, regular shoes are preferable over hiking boots due to comfortability. Bring water and jus incase you think you might fall which is rare bring a riders helmet

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