What Is the Spark Plug Wire Order for a 1997 Chevy Malibu V6?

you will have to trace each wire from each cylinder to the coil's, If u are looking at the ignition module (what the coils sit on) there is 2 plugs that plug in on 1 side. The first wire is the number 1 cylinder and then in order from that is 4,6,3,2,5. good luck

1. putting spark plug seals in on my 01 eclipse 3.0L V6?

I would check and make sure they gave you the right part for the right engine and year

2. Spark plug wires arcing. Or are they?

Make sure you got the correct parts for your year and type of car. Do not buy the cheapest parts. Did you also change the distributor cap rotor? The codes are probably just false reading being caused by the short. I would not rely on them to much but you can use them to lead you to the possible problem by seeing what could cause a problem in all those areas. I very likely that it's something very simple. Take voltage readings around your spark plug wires area and see if anything is wrong there.

3. Broken spark plug and broken extraction tool?

problematic subject. research using search engines like google. that can assist!

4. Ford F-250 spark plug broke in head?

Did it break at the ceramic ? Did it move out at all? You may have to drill a small hole thru the center and use an (easy out) bit. You may want to have a garage do this! You could cause damage to your engine if not properly done. no offence but it is an 2006 with alot of life left in it !! good luck!!!.

5. what do i do when a piece of spark plug went into my cylinder?

I would say take the top of the engine off, or if the thing was light and would float, you could flood that cylinder with water and have it float out, but that would screw other stuff up

6. How do I take a Spark Plug off of my Lawnmower?

You use a special tool, a spark plug spanner only costs a cuppla bucks,you will find that the spark often need a clean!

7. Pop out spark plug: Can drive to the garage?

If you have to drive it be sure to disconnect the fuel injector wiring harness for that cylinder (if equipped).This will prevent fuel from venting into the immediate vicinity of the hot engine

8. how do you fix a stripped spark plug thread?

helicoil thread repair kit. pretty cheap and easy, EXCEPT doing it makes metal shavings, so you need to remove the cylinder head and do it off the engine. thats the time consuming part, and the gaskets cost more then the helicoil does

9. Do i need a new spark plug, voltage regulator, or something else?

you do not need a new spark plug. You can remover it dry it off. The choke need to be set to on to start. The means to get fuel to th the motor. It needs to stay on till the motor weams up. Then the choke can be slowly be pushed in. Only a little at a time. Your starter will not turn over the motor. It sound like you have a very low battery. You can get it recharged. Or you can kick start the motor and let run for 30 min;. The starter is the means for charrging the battary up. And as far as the gages lighting up or staying on. That the way it post to be. If the battery was up. They would stay on when the key is turn on

10. Why won't my 95 Acura Integra Start After Disconnecting a Spark Plug Wire?

Integra Spark Plug Wires

11. spark plug wire cut- replace?

Yes u should replace it and every 3000 mile or 6 mounts u should replace them

12. Is bad to replace just one spark plug wire? ?

No problem at all. If one tire got a nail in it, would you buy 4 new ones???

13. how do you change your spark plug the rear on a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager 3.8?

There is no easy way to get them, especially if you are doing this at home. I usually put the van on a lift, and get them from underneath. Even then, it's a tight fit, and you have to shove your whole arm up in there to reach them.

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