What Kind of Outfit Could I Wear with These Boots?

i think that you should where no boots if its SUMMER but if its not then where sockings crossed or not its ur decision with a skirt or where a manteau on top

1. How annoyed do you get when you have to hear a lawn mower in the morning in summer when you are working from home due to Covid19?

It definitely depends upon the time but I usually don't mind the mower too much. I have noticed n maybe it's a gettin older type thing but i can't stand any of the two stroke motors- weed eaters , leaf blowers , chainsaws- I even cant stand the sound of dirt bikes anymore. I don't even know when that happened. This must be what my grandpa felt like when he heard my music through my door.My gig has been shutdown since March 12 n latest rumor is we go back in July. I hope so. I'm not built for no work n not much to do life. How annoyed do you get when you have to hear a lawn mower in the morning in summer when you are working from home due to Covid19?

2. On a ceiling fan, which way does it go in the summer, and which way should it go in the winter?

Fans I've seen blow downwards. In summer to blow on your body to make it feel cooler by evaporating sweat or by convection cooling. In winter it can still blow downwards, taking the hot air at the top of the room and forcing it downwards. However, air does not really stratify with hot at top and cool at bottom as molecular brownian motion will mix the air. (A single hot point like a lightbulb in still air can create a plume to the ceiling, but the house heater tends to have a fan and generates air at only a few degrees hotter than nominal so mixing is the rule and stratification is weak.)So basically you don't need the fan during winter unless you have stratification, typical of a room heater on the floor without a fan. Even hot air blowing downwards will feel cooler than it should due to evaporation of sweat so basically keep the fan off. On a ceiling fan, which way does it go in the summer, and which way should it go in the winter?

3. SOUTH vs. NORTH...?

NORTH Oatmeal Splenda sweetened tea very friendly very small town (country girl) talkative fast and/or slow summer hot nights/winter hot nights by the fireplace Christian in PA

4. what are some wadrobe basics that you need for winter and summer ?

uhhh winter has not come yet but i would have a nice warm pair of uggs, those like abercrombie fuzzy jackets, cute scarfs, and like comfy hoodies. but for SUMMER!! i would have sandles, gladiator sandles, rainbow flipflops [rainbow is the brand name], plaid shorts, and light hoodies if it ever gets cold. just a lot of bright colors and pastels too.

5. What does it mean when they say..??

No wearing white after labor day no longer applies. Any stylist will tell you that, it was something people used to say but no longer works.. theres nothing wrong with wearing white regardless of what people say rules are made to be broken. . this one needs to be. . white is a color of winter. . it goes well with ANY other color. . anything. . its more of a cliche than anything. . it started as "dont wear white summer dresses after labor day" or thin linens stuff like that.. and became "no white" white is permitted

6. Best way to get organized...?

donate, store, and throw out as much as you can - art, books, clothes, etc. BE RUTHLESS! get some clear underbed storage bins for clothes, shoes, etc. put shelf dividers on closet shelf - put winter hats, scarves, gloves; then folded sweaters and long sleeved Ts; then purses in a row; then visors, summer hats, any beach tote etc. put shoe racks on bottom of closet - boots, warm shoes [ hiking etc. ], dress shoes; then school or casual shoes; then summer and last 'cruddy' shoes to paint or clean garage with. Put a clear storage tub between shoe racks or at one end for all the flip flops - throw away ancient or single ones. look for a second hand file cabinet you can paint to match your room; and a large book case. a] put current texts on top shelf, and current art on other end or second shelf. b] keep all school supplies in desk, art stuff in cabinet consider a second or taller cabinet for art get a cheap portfolio [ plastic ] to store finished work, and store behind desk or dresser, whichever is easier to reach c] keep a folder of notebook paper, graph paper if needed, pen and pencils, in desk, and in locker d] put all assignments in appropriate folder as soon as finished buy a second hand trunk for storage and table space - you can decorate it if necessary.

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