Whether You Work in the Trade Or Are Simply Looking for a High Quality Bathroom Product, Built to La

Whether you work in the trade or are simply looking for a high quality bathroom product, built to last, our new Kirke brand allows you to fit, forget and move onto your next job quicker than ever before.

After almost a year of research, development, design and manufacturing, we are proud to reveal a new set of products that have been created specifically with Tradespeople in mind.

Introducing Kirke

One of the key challenges for anyone working in the Trade, whether you are a bathroom fitter, builder or plumber, is ensuring you use superior products that can be installed easily and wo not require an additional call out, should things go wrong. That's why our new Kirke range is a superb choice for savvy customers.

With a quality we like to refer to as "fit & forget", meaning that you should never have to return to deal with any issues or flaws, you only have to hold a Kirke product in your hand to realise it's manufactured to the highest of standards and built to stand the test of time.

Quality control

To ensure Kirke products pass the strictest of quality standards, we only use high grade, heavy duty materials in the manufacturing process, for supreme durability. It's not just the external surface that is designed to be longlasting; we use quality components to withstand the most rigorous everyday use, plus each item is supplied with secure fittings for a quick, easy and stable installation.

A cross-section, showing the high quality materials that go into each and every Kirke bath

With WRAS or TMV2 certification, you can be confident that Kirke products meet the very strictest of criteria. It's a bold claim, but each product is easily comparable in quality to the big brand names you know and trust.

Product range

The current product offering incorporates taps and baths (which we will look at in more depth below), but we will soon be expanding the Kirke brand into other bathroom categories, giving you the products you need to complete any bathroom professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

Introducing the new Kirke tap ranges

Designed specifically with Tradespeople in mind, the Kirke tap range comes with "fit & forget" quality, so you can move onto the next job quicker.

Kirke taps come in a selection of contemporary designs that look incredibly stylish. They are made from heavy duty solid brass for incredible durability, with a hand-polished chrome finish that both protects and adds a shine that will last for years to come. To keep the water flow straight and reduce side splash, each tap features a high quality Neoperl aerator.

The Kirke Curve basin mixer tap comes with a high quality "cold start" cartridge that helps reduce energy consumption by exclusively drawing from the cold supply when the handle is in a central position

Containing high calibre components, precisely engineered to stand the test of time, Kirke taps also come with back nuts that make fitting easy. Basin taps are even supplied complete with one of our popular pop up wastes, so you will make quick work of installation.

With full WRAS approval and a quality that is easily comparable to some of the big brand names you already use, you can have supreme confidence in Kirke taps.

Tap ranges

Kirke taps come in 3 different designs to match the bathroom you are working on. Choose from the following ranges:

Kirke Connect

The Kirke Connect range contains a selection of matching taps for basins and baths, featuring a square design and straight edges, perfectly suited to more angular, contemporary suites. All Kirke basin taps come complete with one of our popular pop up wastes, so there's no need to purchase separately.

Kirke Curve

Kirke Curve taps are great all-rounders, in more ways than one. The ideal choice for use with more rounded suites, each of the matching bath and basin taps come with curved edges and cylindrical bodies, providing an altogether softer appearance.

Kirke Combo

A stunning combination of straight edges and rounded shapes, the Kirke Combo range really is the best of both worlds when it comes to style. With a superb selection of coordinated taps for bath and basin, it's a highly versatile range that wo not fail to please.

Introducing Kirke baths

Completing our initial product launch, we are also proud to introduce Kirke straight baths. Made from high quality 5mm acrylic, that retains warmth better than many other comparable materials, whilst being incredibly resistant to stains and scratches, these baths undergo a substantial reinforcement process. With an intensive glass fibre polyester resin added, combined with a fully encapsulated baseboard, Kirke baths are incredibly tough, durable, and easy to install.

Fully designed and manufactured in the UK, Kirke baths come in single or double ended versions, in the standard bath size of 1700mm x 700mm.

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