Which Brand of Bran Flakes (available in UK) Has No Added Salt Or Sugar Or Anything Else?

The other person is right, even Wheetabix has some, it is in the formulation, plus they need them to help preserve the cereal, there are more of those than sugar and salt, now pure wheat germ or wheat groats as it is known in the UK is pure, but not edible in is own state, it is used in cooking

1. I may have found a place for my horses...?

does he have pasture? if so, make sure he knows how to work it. theyre are SO many peoople who have pasture and let it go to waste in like amonth because they dont have a clue waht they are doing, or theyre just doing it wrong. and pasture is a huge nutriance supply. also check the out side paddocks. see if they drain well, cuz it sucks to have a mini river or lake in ur paddock. its horrible on there feet. also check to make sure he takes good care of his hay. are they in feeders? flakes? sheds? hay needs some water onthem for nutrinats so if its in a shed it will get no sun and no water and u will have rotty hay. MAKE SURE YOUR GUY KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. he is new to the place. he doesnt know all the ropes about it yet. so execpt alot of mistakes. so ya.

2. Poll......Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes?

Frosted Flakes, They are Grrrreat!

3. What is the best diet for losing weight? I eat corn flakes in breakfast, fruit salad in lunch, and then cornflakes in dinner.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone. The idea behind a low carb/low sugar diet is to minimize the insulin response. If you want the science and theory about why the lc/ls diet is not only safe, but healthy, I recommend Gary Taubes' books "Good Calorie, Bad Calories," or the shorter, more mainstream version of the same book named, "Why We Get Fat and What to do About It."

4. i need MAJOR help! fast!?

Well, first off, relax. You are not the only one. If you mean big girl as in a big boned person, then you will have to find clothes that play down the size. Stripes usually make people look more slender, do not wear stripes around, only up and down. And that in moderation, no one wants to look like a candycane. Wear long flowing skirts or sundresses and always a sandal with no heel. If you mean overweight, limit the portions you eat, drink water and exercise. Vasline Intensive Care or Palmer's Cocoa Butter with consistency, will fix the dry skin and flakes. Use it daily and especially in problem areas and be consistent with it. If your feet are very dry, saturate them with vasoline and wear socks to bed (feet models do this). Chapped lips can be a sign of dehydration, get on that water, and Vitamin D helps with your lips and then Nutrogena Lip Moisturizer, by the chapstick's. Same thing with the elbows, use those lotions and do it consistently, use a body butter of Cocoa Butter for the elbows and knees and your biggest problem areas. Discoloration, you can buy an OTC skin lightener or if you wear make up, you should go to a local cosmetics store and let them match you, tell them what your facial skin is like and they can help you. Most everyone's arms are darker than their legs. Even this up by tanning, in a bed or naturally. My knees get really dark so when I lay out, I put a towel over that part. If you have to, to even it up, lay out and cover your arms or put a strong spf on them and not on your legs. Just be consistent with everything. But none of this will work if your not serious and follow through with it

5. What are the side effects of eating too much corn flakes?

Over doing cornflakes can make you to miss out on other important nutrients present in the foods. Increased consumption of corn can lead to decreased absorption of zinc. Diabetic people should not over do corn flakes as it also contains a sugars. Corn also contain high amount of starch hence it may cause bloating and flatulence. Increased fiber consumption due to high intake of cornflakes can cause intestinal gas, abdominal pain, cramping.It also has lot of health benefits when had in moderation.

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