Which Do You Prefer, Girls That Have Feet with Lighter Soles Than the Top Or Feet That Are the Same

Why would I judge based on FEET?

1. girls are your feet bigger than mine?

i am 13 female 177 cm tall shoe size 7uk or 41eu so i guess my feet are bigger but i am like 4cm taller than you! most guys in my year 9 (8th grade) class have size 6-8 feet and im taller than most of them! but i guess some of them havent had their growth spurt yet :D not many people notice if you have small feet and i know loads of people who have feet waaaayyy smaller than yours. if you asked my friends this question theyd say 165 size 5uk 38eu so you are taller than most girls i guess, im juust weirdly tall! :) hope this helpsxx

2. What is the difference between feet and very feet?

In 'Le Berbier de Seville' [Act 2 Scene the phrase 'growing before your very eyes' dates this type of expression at least back to 1772, and in that same scene the words piano and pianissimo are used in their literal latin root sense to mean quietly.Verum, veritas, and verily are all words closely related to very, and in the phrases 'he ate the very last cookie', and 'a place to call your very own', very means 'in truth' or are ally'. 'can I really keep it?' (the puppy) means 'confirm this is not a trick' or 'is it true i can keep it'.so, before your very eyes, and beneath your very feet, seem to apply the sentiment of 'can it be true' by imitating the structure of those two phrases (very last, very own).the proper way to phrase it would be 'very happening beneath your feet' (in truth, in reality)but either by mistake or aesthetics 'happening beneath your very feet' won out over time and usage.

3. Feet are peeling on the soles, what can do to help it stop?

ped egg !

4. How to get soft feet?

Go to the drugstore and pick up a pumice thing for feet...look in the footcare aisle. Use that on your rough spots (make sure your feet are dry), then wash your feet. After, use a cream (I like Gold Bond Medicated Cream for feet) , and wear white socks over your feet before going to bed. This should only take a week for pretty feet

5. Feet!!!! Rule!!!!!!!!!?


6. stinky feet?

did you know baking soda can kill bacteria causing body odor? try using it as your foot deo powder.

7. At what distances are most deer killed during hunting?

As accuracy is concerced, good selection of a mosin can result in unexpected levels of accuracy, and in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing -and is qualified- you could be holding a rifle fit for a five hundred yard iron sight competition. Having said this, keep it out of your head in the deer woods. The objective is not to harvest a deer whatever your fathers buddies may say. Harvesting a deer is the result of being prepared and doing things right. Your rifle and it's accuracy are small factors in the big picture. Depending on where you are hunting and how you are doing it, you may be able to expect deer within feet of you. Be prepared for your heart trying to hang family portraits on the inside of your sternum with heavy duty wood nails

8. Is there anyway to SWIM WITHOUT SHOWING FEET? Cuz i can never show my feet are so UGLY. Please help me. thanks?

*kisses your feet* they look beautiful! :p

9. My son tries to crawl with hands and feet? lol?

LOL too cute!! Caleb did the same exact thing at 6 months, now at 7 months he's pushing up and onto his knees and manages to crawl backwards and in circles but he can not go forward yet! It's so funny.... he looks like a little car stuck in reverse, ha! I am sure he will manage to do it very soon. I am still waiting for Caleb to full on crawl and I know it's gonna be any day now because he's almost able to go forward. As bad as it sounds I am kinda dreading it just a little bit, I know my life is fully over once he's fully mobile! LOL! JK! As proud as I am of him it's a little sad to see him grow so fast, it just reminds me of how fast it goes in general. I've gotta get on the hubby to start baby proofing! :)

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Can Detox Foot Pad Patches Extremely Benefit to Improve ...
Can Detox Foot Pad Patches Extremely Benefit to Improve ...
With the fastly improvement of culture, people tend to be suffering various obligations as well as pressures. which can definitely affect how you are sensation. This can impact all aspects in your life. Therefore I'd say this is among the areas associated with health exactly where foot detox can certainly help. A great way to use foot detox is by using Detox Foot Pad Patches. The key reason why detox feet pads have grown to be so popular recently is since they're very easy to use. There will also be relatively inexpensive and therefore are very safe because of the natural elements.How the patch which fits onto the underside of your own foot can in fact relieve tension symptoms?The fundamental procedure is by using the Detox Foot Pad Patches prior to sleeping, or when you are sleeping. Therefore, you lay out in your own bed, with 1 patch mounted on your remaining foot as well as another for your right feet, close your own eyes and obtain a great night’s relaxation. During the night time, while a person sleep, the detoxification foot patches works away from extracting a few of the harmful toxins which are within your body. I guess imaginable that this won't work immediately. This is really a long-term process also it not just involves you while using patches for some nights consecutively, detoxification additionally requires used to eliminate as most of the harmful toxins which are entering the body. There many methods for doing this particular, but that’s with regard to another post. The upshot is actually, when a person wake each morning and a person peel back again the sticky patch in the sole of the foot, you will observe that it's changed colour, it offers turned really dark. The manufacturers declare that this is seen proof how the toxins have been extracted out of your body.If you think your is looking for serious inner cleansing you are going to need a lot more than foot patches because from best these types of pads are just removing trace levels of waste out of your body.I believe that many individuals believe that you could get a lift in your time levels due to removing the actual toxins out of your feet. It's reputed to alleviate fatigue, pain, headaches, skin rashes and several other health issues. I firmly think that the ft have a great deal to perform with rest and tension relief. Whenever you soak you in the bath associated with water a person always really feel refreshed as well as relaxed. I usually feel great following a foot therapeutic massage. Only for those who have a great mood, unwind well as well as care your self, then any kind of simple aliments won’t strike you. Which is the greatest function associated with detox foot pad patches I believe.
Girls, What Shoes Make Your Feet the Most Sweaty and Smelly, and Does It Bother You?
Girls, What Shoes Make Your Feet the Most Sweaty and Smelly, and Does It Bother You?
shoes that arent' made to breathe, i.e. plastic or any other man-made material that does not allow feet to breathe.. especially when worn without cotton socks! and yeah, stinky feet bother me, lol1. could a "flat" foot result in serious ankle pains?Vey much so!!! My sister had the flattest of feet and would be almost in tears by the end of the day because her ankles hurt so badly. She tried everything for them--- nothing worked, so she ended up having to get surgery on both feet and have titanium screws implanted to lift her arches. Now, no pain! I strongly urge you to see a doctor for the pain, it can be awful! Good luck, I hope they find an easier, cheaper way to ease your pain!.2. What do you do to help you go to sleep....................?try warm milk or coco and get jim jams on and sit feet in hot bucket of water(even while you yahoonin if you have to)then relax,and FORGET ABOUT US3. Terrible two's PLEASE Help me!!?Sounds like my son, cute and fun one moment, a complete melt down the next!! I have found a few things help! If he is tired, it is worse. If he is hungry, it is worse!! If you throw a toy, you lose it! I have a cabinet it goes on where he can see it, and he does not get it back until the next day. I have had 20 toys and blankets up there at the same time. Time out starts when you sit down and shut up. I will put you back as many times as I need to. At 22 months, as soon as he is still and not crying for 20 seconds I would let him up. It is about getting them to listen and obey at this stage! If you refuse to sit in time out, I will sit with you on my lap, holding your hands, feet and legs so you do not hit kick or bite me! You will learn to sit and be quite. It sounds mean, but trust me, after a couple of times they learn. You do not get toys or food until after yo udo your time out. If you try and play with toys when in time out, I put them up!! At dinner give him 1 piece of food at a time. If he throws it, he gets down and picks it up. When he stops throwing food, you can try a few peices at a time. When you break the throwing food habit, give him back plates. And last, try and help him learn what to do with his anger. Everyone gets angry. Just because they are still small and cute does not mean they can not get angry. My son is now almost 4 and has (mostly) learned when he is getting upset he needs to go and be alone. He will go sit in the the bathroom for 10 minutes until he is calm, and then he will come out and be fine. Yes he does still have melt downs. He had one last night when he was sent to time out for hitting his brother. The rest of us were sitting down to dinner, but he did not get to join us until he sat and did his time out. It took about 10 minutes for him to stop asking my questions from time out. I just kept telling him time out started when he was quite and then he could eat. He did it. It takes time and work, but you can bring him around. Usually spanking an angry child in the midst of a melt down will only make it worse!4. Does anyone else suffer from Dyshidrosis?Dyshidrosis, also known as dyshidrotic eczema or pompholyx, is a skin condition in which small, fluid-filled blisters (vesicles) occur on the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet, or both. The blisters that occur in dyshidrosis last up to three or four weeks, and cause intense itching. Once the blisters dry, cracks and grooves (fissures) form, which can be painful. The cause of dyshidrosis is not known. Treatment for dyshidrosis most often includes topical creams, wet compresses and ultraviolet light therapy. Even with treatment, recurrence of dyshidrosis is common. Signs and symptoms Dyshidrosis is marked by small, itchy bumps that gradually progress to a rash made up of fluid-filled blisters (vesicles). Other signs and symptoms may include: * Intense itching * Cracks or grooves (fissures) on your fingers or toes * Pain, especially with large blisters Causes The cause of dyshidrosis is unknown. However, it can be associated with a similar skin disorder called atopic dermatitis and other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Eruptions may be seasonal in people with allergies. In dyshidrosis, the affected skin becomes inflamed (dermatitis). As a result, the junctions between the skin cells open and allow fluid (serum) to fill the spaces. Doctors refer to this process as spongiosis because the skin becomes more sponge-like with these many fluid-filled spaces. The resulting small, fluid-filled blisters (vesicles) most commonly occur on the palms and fingers of your hands and on the soles and toes of your feet. The blisters usually last for three to four weeks. The blisters often cause intense itching. Scratching the blisters can damage the skin and, in some cases, lead to infection. Once the blisters dry, they often leave cracks and painful grooves (fissures) in your skin. Risk factors Dyshidrosis occurs twice as often in women as in men. Other risk factors include: * Stress, because dyshidrosis appears to be more common during times of stress * Exposure to metal salts, such as chromium, cobalt and nickel - usually through cement or mechanical work * Having seasonal allergies, such as hay fever * Frequently exposing your skin to water or other wet substances When to seek medical advice Call your doctor if you have a rash on your hands or feet that does not go away on its own after a few days. Screening and diagnosis In most cases, your doctor can diagnose dyshidrosis based on a physical exam. Occasionally, a skin biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis or to rule out another cause. In this test, your doctor removes a small sample of the affected skin. The skin sample is examined under a microscope to confirm a diagnosis of dyshidrosis. Your doctor may also recommend a procedure called a KOH test to rule out other causes, such as a fungal infection. To perform a KOH test, your doctor scrapes your skin with a glass slide to collect dead skin cells. The skin cells are mixed with potassium hydroxide (KOH) and viewed under a microscope to help single out a fungal infection. During a patch test, potential allergens are applied to a patch, which is then placed on your skin to check for a reaction. Complications For most people, dyshidrosis is just an itchy inconvenience. For some, however, the pain and itching may limit the use of their hands. Recurrence, which is common, can be frustrating. In some cases, skin damage (including thickening of your skin), or a bacterial infection may occur as a result of the open, sponge-like skin or due to intense scratching. This can make treatment lengthier and more difficult. Treatment A treatment plan for dyshidrosis may include: * Corticosteroid creams or ointments. Your doctor may prescribe high-potency corticosteroid topical creams, such as clobetasol propionate (Temovate, others), to help speed the disappearance and improve the appearance of the blisters, and to treat the cracks and fissures that occur after the blisters have dried. * Compresses. Wet or cold compresses can help alleviate itching, increase the effectiveness of the topical creams and minimize blisters. * Antihistamines. Your doctor may prescribe anti-itching medications called anti-pruritics or antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or loratadine (Claritin), to help alleviate itching. If these treatments are not effective, your doctor may recommend a special kind of ultraviolet light therapy called psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA). This treatment combines exposure to ultraviolet light (phototherapy) with drugs that help make your skin more receptive to the effects of ultraviolet light (psoralens). Some doctors may consider recommending botulinum toxin injections to treat severe cases of dyshidrosis. This is a relatively new treatment option that has not yet gained acceptance among all physicians. Recurrence of dyshidrosis is common even after treatment. Prevention Because the cause of dyshidrosis is generally unknown, there's no proven way to prevent this condition. However, managing stress and avoiding exposure to metal salts, such as chromium and nickel, may help prevent dyshidrosis. Self-care If you have dyshidrosis, the following self-care measures may help: * Avoid scratching the rash * Limit your skin exposure to water * Moisturize with a hand cream after washing your hands * Take measures to protect your hands from irritants, such as perfumed lotions or dishwashing soap
Why Do My Feet Create Olive Oil?
Olive oil is obtained from olives (the fruit of Olea europaea, family Oleaceae). I am not aware of any other source for olive oil.Sebaceous glands all over our body secrete the oily, waxy substance called sebum (Latin: fat, tallow) that is made of triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, and metabolites of fat-producing cells. Sebuim waterproofs and lubricates the skin and hair of mammals.1. Feet!!!! Rule!!!!!!!!!?I stopped wearing footwear eleven years ago and I've never regretted it. Going barefoot is comfortable, pleasant and contrary to what many people believe, it's very healthy. Every step is slightly different, even on smooth tile in a mall or store there can often be differences in temperature or texture. To me, walking around with even the thinnest sole underfoot would be like walking around at an art show wearing dark glasses, or visiting a concert with ear plugs. The only real possible problems are extreme weather and extreme places/jobs (construction sites, chemical labs, firemen of course need protection, etc), but there's really no reason to wear shoes all the time in everyday life. Here are some problems many people will name and the reason why they are not such great as risk after all: Injury is very unlikely; I've been barefoot for eleven years, I get a tiny splinter maybe once a year, and I've NEVER had a cut. In the unlikely case it will happen, tetanus has had a vaccination since the 1920's which really everyone who's even remotely active outdoors, gardening or around animals (including pets) should keep up to date; there are other ways of catching it apart from stepping on something barefoot, but there's never been a case of the disease in a vaccinated person in my country. More serious injuries can happen but are very rare and thus no real reason to avoid going barefoot. I've injured my hands pretty bad at times, yet no one suggests I wear gloves all the time. I've fallen from shoe laces when I still wore shoes, yet no one suggests never wearing laced shoes again. Sports injury? "When can you play again?" is the usual reaction. Also heard of places which require shoes for 'safety reasons' but are fine with (very) high heels... sure! Our skin is made to keep pathogens out, and unless you lick your toes or put your feet on the dinner table, we are at far greater risk of catching something through our hands than through our feet. The dirt on door knobs, shopping carts, railings etc may not be as visible, but there are just as many or more germs on them. And with our hands we are more likely to transfer germs to our food and face where the germs can enter our body. Parasites are not likely to be caught from going barefoot either; the hookworm can enter the skin. However it's been pretty much eradicated from the South since modern plumbing has replaced the outhouses and never was a serious threat in cooler climates. In tropical, third world countries parasites may be a greater risk but even then, the serious cases are those who have no access to medicine. The parasites and diseases carried by various bugs that are really serious even with access to modern medicine are generally mosquito or tick-borne, but those are not likely to bite you on the sole of the foot. Athlete's foot needs a shoe to grow; it's very rare among barefoot populations. Dog poo is gross to step in barefoot but it's nasty to step in wearing shoes too, with the added problem that you may not notice until you've walked in somewhere and tracked it all over the place. I've had both happen, and I tell you, while I much prefer to avoid it altogether, I would much rather wash it off my foot only than wash it off my shoe, the door mat, *and* the carpet... (or the pedals & floor mat of the car, that happened to a friend of mine who stepped in it wearing shoes & we discovered it halfway through the drive). Cold does get a problem when it's truly extreme but keeping the rest of your body warm it's possible to keep your feet warm at temperatures well below freezing. I do carry backup footwear when it's freezing but I have not needed to put it on for several winters, including one day I worked outdoors at around 15-20F. Nor will you catch a cold from going barefoot as long as you keep your core temperature (upper body & head) warm enough. I used to be sickly all winter long, coughing and sneezing from early fall until late spring, but these past eleven years I've called in sick once -for two days, and not even in winter. Our feet do not need support even on pavement; a survey among barefoot populations included many rikshaw coolies, who ran barefoot on pavement all day long, and who had very little foot trouble, far less than Western folks wearing shoes. There are NO laws against going barefoot in stores; unfortunately in the US many stores will set dress codes of their own, but those who claim their policy is based on Health Department laws are misinformed or plainly lying. Nor do insurance companies require or even recommend footwear for customers. In other countries -not just third world countries where health and safety rules are often ignored, but also Canada, Western Europe, Australia- signs and dress codes prohibiting bare feet are rare. I've never even seen a 'no shoes, no shirts, no service' sign here in the Netherlands, nor on my trips to Belgium and Scotland. The only other reason for not going barefoot in regular life is social; unfortunately many people equate an alternative habit or way of dress with lack of respect. I think our differences make life more interesting and colorful, and as far as bare feet in particular are concerned, I find the gentle, soft step a much *more* respectful way of walking than stomping around in a heavy shoe. It makes us aware of our surroundings and of Mother Earth, even on man-made surfaces. But as for what the world 'should' wear, I wo not tell anyone they must go barefoot however much I like it. I just want to tell them it's not as dangerous, unhealthy or gross as many people think, but beyond that the choice of clothing and footwear, beyond covering private parts, should be up to each individual. My only intend with these posts is to teach people enough so they leave us -and especially my US friends- alone when *we* go barefoot, I do not mind when people rather want to keep their own shoes on even on a nice day on a totally clean lawn. We should all be free to wear or not wear on our feet what we like!2. why do I throw like a girl? it's embarrassing! I'm 6 feet, and pretty fit, but I can't throw fast at all?Your name is James and you want to play softball .. what is wrong did you not get a "randy johnson" while looking at Jenny Finch or something .. dude ... ps. I know girls (who were born female) who can throw a baseball hard. Seems you throw like an "it"3. I am going to Disney World in August and need shoes...?just buy some walmart shoes then cut ur feet off and replace them with wood sticks and bualla :)
Is This Risky...walking 4 Mile in 3 Feet of Snow in -11c?
is this risky...walking 4 mile in 3 feet of snow in -11c?In Norway, we have a saying: "There is not such a thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Here, sport events and schools are open until -25 C and no one has ever been harmed by it. The only people who are really facing a danger are the homeless junkies in Oslo. Sleeping outside is a bad idea, right now. We have many shelters and even the Salvation Army has a bus driving around, picking them up and giving them a place to spend the night. But, I digress ... Good clothing means; wool near the skin, then isolation, then wind-proof outer clothes. The head looses a lot of heat, cover it. Cold weather means dry weather (not the relative humidity but the absolute one!) Put some moisture cream on your cheeks. Then, go and see your girlfriend, a nice walk in the cold weather is nothing to fear. I am 62 years old, I have a heart condition and I jog, every second day, about 40 minutes, down to -5 C. Last but not least; we are talking about a windless temperature. If there is some wind, check the chill factor; it can be much less than you think. My coldest experience was going to an outdoor loo, in a mountain cabin, at -20 C. My bottom did not like it! :-)— — — — — —I snaked a toilet (3 feet!) and it's STILL clogged. What could be the problem?Are you using a closet auger or a thin hand snake ( 1/4" or 1/2" diameter)? A closet auger is a snake within a protective tube (protects china from scratching) and has a spiral end to snag or push any obstruction through trap. Sound like your snake is simple to thin and coiling within the trap at the obstruction. Try a closet auger.If this fails remove toilet and snake with closet auger from discharge side of trap. A dental mirror is handy to see obstruction in trap. Best to do this outside in yard . You can dislodge object by snaking trap backward and see both ends of auger. Fill bowl and tank with garden hose to assure all obstruction is removed before resetting toilet in the house. Pour water down pipe to assure problem is in toilet and not main drain pipe— — — — — —how do you solve this word problem?4 inches is one third of a foot, so the volume is: 30 * 18 * (1/3) = 180 cubic feet A yard is 3 feet, so a cubic yard is 3^3 = 27 cubic feet So 180 cubic feet is 180/27 = 20/3 = 6.666666666... cubic yards Multiply that by $175 and you get the total cost: about $1,166.67— — — — — —my son will be three in 2 weeks!!?You could buy him a train that he could pedal in. You know those ones you go in and pedal from the inside about 4 feet long and 3 feet wide. He could play and stay healthy at the same time good luck.— — — — — —i,m 5'7 and my hubby is 6'2 am worried about my kids?my son is 2 yrs old he is 3 feet now.?Normally the advice is to take your child's height at 2 yrs and double it, so 6' for your son. I am 5 foot nothing, and my husband is 6 feet, four inches. Based on their 2 yr old height, my daughters will be 6'1" and 6'3". I still do not know how tall my son will be, but despite being premature, he now wears 1yr old pants at not quite 8 months. I will officially be the family midget— — — — — —Let's play the question game?1. Do you believe in luck? Or miracles? No. 2. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs. 3. Would you rather be 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall? 3 feet. 4. Favorite place you've been? I've lived in the same state my whole life, and have done very little traveling. Maybe Minneapolis? 5. Do you believe in karma? No. 6. Favorite animal? Pigs <3 7. Least favorite band/singer? I do not know that I have a least favorite. 8. Prefer curvy or skinny girls? Curvy. 9. Hollister or Hot Topic? Hot Topic. 10. Your talent? I do not think I have one. Maybe hoop dance? I do not really consider it a talent because I have not been doing it that long. 11. Confident or shy girls/guys? I do not like guys who are overly proud of themselves, but I do not like really shy guys either. 12. Typical Saturday night consists of? The same thing I do everyone other day of the week: Nothing. 13. Favorite movie? How to Train Your Dragon. 14. Favorite book(s)? The Book Thief, The Mortal Instruments series, A Modern Faerie Tale series. 15. What would you do if you found a million dollars? If I ever found anything even close to that much money, I would call the police.
Name All of the NBA Players Who Have Been Below 6' Feet in Height. I Can Start Off the List, Name Th
Earl Boykins bobcats 5'5" Nate Robinson New York 5'9" Andre Barrett magic 5'10" Brevin Knight Charlotte 5'10" Damon Stoudamire spurs 5'10" Mike Wilks San Antonio 5'10" Chucky Atkins grizzlies 5'11" Travis Best New Jersey 5'11" Craig "Speedy" Claxton Golden State 5'11" T.J. Ford Milwaukee The shortest player ever to play in the NBA is Muggsy Bogues at 1.60 meters (5 ft 3 in). Other shorter players have also experienced success at the professional level. Anthony "Spud" Webb was just 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) tall, but had a 42-inch (1.07 m) vertical leap, giving him significant height when jumping1. whats your favorite movie off this list?Spiderman 2 , the scene with the train was great2. Does anyone know how to burn a playlist off of the list directly below the ipod?Itubes wo not let you burn music or transfer music off of your ipod. any playlist or music on your computer can be burned but playlists on you ipod cannot be. you need to find a program that lets you transfer music off of your ipod to your computer first.3. R&P Time for the September Douche Off...who's the biggest douche OFF of this list?Axl Rose & Fred Durst are tied for number two. The Top spot belongs to Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy on the strength of marrying Ashlee Simpson4. Which names do you prefer off of this list?i love Mila and Liam:) haha James Monroe was the 5th president of the us:p5. Pick one name off this list?Alexis Mairead Alexis Megan Alexis Rita Those are my favorite out of the list6. Who are your 5 favorites off of this list of amazing artists?Fleetwood Mac 1967 - now Led Zeppelin Meat Loaf Jimi Hendrix The Rolling Stones7. Pick your top 5 boy names off of this list?Dom, Andrew,Jack, Rob, and Sam8. Delete 5 boy names off this list?Brady Levi Ethan Benjamin Joseph9. What Girl Names Do You Like Best Off This List?Aubrey Joan Arabella Jane Blaire Rhiannon Destiny Ireland Faith Cheyenne Farrah Lily Hannah Faye Hope Jaycee Iris Jade Isabella Rae Jacqueline Rose Jadelyn Victoria Jazilyn Krista Kennedy Faith Kylie Jayne Lily Roselyn Lauryn Jessyca Lyndsie Annette Madeline Jane MaKenzie Elizabeth McKynlie Mary Meagan Krista Natalie Lynn Nikki Victoria Olivia Jane Ramona Lacey Reagan Marie Ria Susie :)10. Can we take droughts off the list as a sure sign of Climate Change?Droughts were never a "sure sign' of climate change, that was an erroneous conclusion of your "true scientists."11. eliminate one off the list?rozen maiden. I've never tried it, actually. but all the other ones i know. Actually i hated vampire knight so i would not get that. i would get fruits basket or ouran12. Telecheck? What is this? How can I get off this list? I tried to write a check and was declined?It means that you have a history of writing bad checks. If you have the money in your account, then use your debit card13. How do you feel about buying school supplies off a list from your child's teacher, knowing that what you buy will be shared with the whole class?School supplies cost a small fortune. We sacrifice every year to buy supplies for our kids. (At one time we had 4 kids in school.) My kids would go with me and we would buy the requested amount of supplies. My kids pick out the exact composition notebooks, and paper folder colors, etc that they want. I label everything with my kids' names. I had years where the teacher gave my child's chosen notebook to another classmate and they were given one another child had brought. My kids knew how hard it was to pay for the supplies, and how excited they had been about their choices. They were rightly upset. I spoke with the teacher and it did not happen again. I disagree with another writer's notion that we should be teaching our kids the idea of "ours" and not "mine". There's nothing wrong with "mine". I do not mind helping out by buying an extra box of crayons or an extra notebook to donate to a class supply for those who can not afford the whole list. But what I buy for my kids, I intend for them to use. I should also note that I am one of those parents who sent in extra paper towels or copypaper, etc throughout the year. Teachers should asked what they need, and be straightforward about supply allocation.As far as keeping up with what belongs to who, some teachers would keep things like extra notebooks in their rooms. But extra pencils and crayons we were told to keep at home and send in replacements as needed. There are many ways to handle the situation.Another solution for schools is to request a supply fee that the teacher uses throughout the year to buy all needed supplies. In schools that do this, the parents end up spending less money in the end
Is Darkening of Feet a Sign of Diabetes?
It could be or it could be a sign of peripheral vascular disease (PVD) where there is poor circulation to the feet. Only a doctor can make this determination1. Is this a sign of things to come in America?How could something come in America that is already here? Have not we had a socialist in the White House for seven years now? A socialist incidently, whose policies have been a disaster. Liberals have this bizarre idea that a new leftist President will cure our ills. Attention young first time voters: The reason you have no hope for the future is not the GOP. You have no hope for the future because we have a socialist in the White House who believes that government is the answer to every problem. Governmemt is expensive and it produces nothing of value to anyone. It's sad that so many Americans have fallen into a state of looking to the government for help. Real Americans can take care of themselves! Democrat candidates promise freebies to anyone who is stupid enough to believe them. Obama's presidency is living proof that the promises are lies. Wake up America!2. Is the PEACE sign a satanic symbol?I was reading a history of the peace sign, for some reason, so the story goes, used by Nero, inverted broken cross. But a symbol is just a symbol, a group adds the meaning, so symbols may also be timely3. Is this the sign of an alternator failing?yes it does. Another way to know for sure is have the vehicle on someway or another. While on, disconnect the battery from the vehicle. If it shuts off, definitely the alternator. My vehicle did the same thing when the alternator went out. It just shut down on me and the dash lights etc were going crazy4. What is a good definition for language?the language is a set of sign used by a community to connect , yes it is a systematic code since each thing (signified) has a code by wich is it represented (signifier) the language is arbitrary in its relationship between the signifier and the signified : when you say a tree there is no logical link between the image of the tree (signified) and the concept or the idea of the tree (signifier) the word that carries the concept of the tree has been chosen independently of the image of the object itself .5. What is the ruble sign?On market stalls its often written as "p". 100p etc6. What is a birth sign?Aries - Impatient i.E., we have been on the mall today and it was handiest 3 minutes once I yelled out "ARE YOU achieved yet?" Whereas my sister(Scorp) waited for hours and complained once or twice. -Aggressive - I hit folks certainly guys. I.E., my sister's friend (who's also an Aries) took this thing from her and she or he advised me to run after him with a stick lol and he used to be wayyy too quick(2 years older). Additionally the fellow who sits subsequent to me at category threw a section of paper at me and i hit back really difficult lol when I moved he used to be go like "good enough..Adequate.." whimpering. -Daredevil - i will do nearly something. Except they are life threatening then that you would be able to rely me out. I instructed my buddy to eat this thing from this weird tree and he or she was like "Nooo! YOU devour it!" and i did. Lol -Controlling, main - At one class we had to choose one chief. On the grounds that we could not make a decision, the instructor asked us to choose a quantity between 1 and 20. I picked 11, she selected 13. The number used to be 14. However i am no longer as frustrated for the reason that she's a fairly just right buddy. Plus she's an Aries! Nonetheless, she's think to manage the group. I could not help in any respect however inform others what to do, when to do it, learn how to do it. -egocentric - I normally do not share whatever except there is a seize.7. Negative sign of acceleration [closed]The only acceleration in the problem is the acceleration of gravity, correct?If you agree with that, then I think you will agree that the acceleration is always pointing downward towards the Earth and thus, the acceleration does not change sign for this problem.Now, from the problem statement:So, what is the sign of the acceleration?
If You Were the Current CEO of Jet Airways, What Would You Do to Bring the Airlines Back to Its Feet
If you were the current CEO of Jet Airways, what would you do to bring the airlines back to its feet?If I will be CEO of jet airways hahaha it's like day dreaming. Or one night character play as president.This is not one day crises. Why management keep all employees in chaos. Company management profile salary cut if someone have 1 lac pm salary cut 25k from salary once company start making profit those money repayment such employee twice profit. Profit sharing return plan make all current employee is stakeholders. Do not recruit new but do multiple task until debt turn into profit. Business not all time in loss management show more as loss.Minimise tickets price on pick season. I will start lot of tourism packages to gain customer and my company profit.I will promote Indian tourism packages at abroad countries to gain lot of business. Internationally jet airways do few tie up to increase number of customers.Below are few names of airways.Singapore AirlinesAir New ZealandQantasQatar AirwaysVirgin AustraliaEmiratesAll Nippon AirwaysEva airThai AirwaysLufthansaCathay Pacific AirwaysJapan airlinesAtleast do 20%-40% mergers for international level to save business and payout employee salaries and compensation.Launch new IPO after mergers.I can suggest that I saw every time advance booking. Jet airways must have onspot booking with few lesser bucks.Event booking campaign like for domestic and international booking.Believe in company strategy in place of begging government. Ask six months for good return. Onspot booking for many events including FIFA World Cup, cricket series, any big religious festivals.Why company will not turn into profit.I believe that international tie up only can save and boost future business here. Change in management on top which help to boost future of company. In place of domestic help taking loan is one kind of domestic help.In place of cancellation of tickets company should restructure leadership management and ensure audit terms.As CEO of company I must say convince to any bank and rebuild company. Their is no genius pass from so called tier top management school. Which not yet hired by jet airways lolz. Hence probably jet airways facing financial crises.People give motivation their is the way to save but why give up on such brand. Every business has down fall but it's not the way to cancel all. People will not believe you then. As CEO I must stop all adverse impact of business.Mergers and acquisitions one way to save business. Because building brand took more number of years in place of shut down the business.In place of give up on current situation or shut down they must do strategies marketing.Indian management people give big talk on how to do but why they lack in business can not getting. These years many brands screwed by bank but complete loan amount recovered by bank have not heard any news on this topic. Only few steps took in action day by day.Probably now bank work on bad loan strategy but why can not they sale or acquired business or do mergers to recover loan amount from this sort of business.— — — — — —Is there a treatment for constant ringing of the ears.?To evaluate for hearing loss, you would need audiometry to determine actual hearing loss and how much. Although tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, it does not cause hearing loss, however, some conditions can cause both. I used to work Head & Neck surgery and in my professional opinion, this is what the focus of your concern should be. Although most cases of tinnitus are idiopathic (no known cause), the rest are caused by an underlying condition and can sometimes be reversed when the underlying condition is treated. So my advice to you is to get a referral to an ENT to have the cause of your hearing loss evaluated because I think that lost hearing is far more important than any tinnitus. It may turn out that your PCP can quickly diagnose this as cerumen build up. Cerumen is ear wax and a build up or cerumen impaction can cause both temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. It's easily corrected when the cerumen is removed.— — — — — —What are the impacts of choosing different loss functions in classification to approximate 0-1 lossSome of my thoughts, may not be correct though.I understand the reason we have such design (for hinge and logistic loss) is we want the objective function to be convex.Convexity is surely a nice property, but I think the most important reason is we want the objective function to have non-zero derivatives, so that we can make use of the derivatives to solve it. The objective function can be non-convex, in which case we often just stop at some local optima or saddle points.and interestingly, it also penalize correctly classified instances if they are weakly classified. It is a really strange design.I think such design sort of advises the model to not only make the right predictions, but also be confident about the predictions. If we do not want correctly classified instances to get punished, we can for example, move the hinge loss (blue) to the left by 1, so that they no longer get any loss. But I believe this often leads to worse result in practice. For example, the logistic regression loss (red) assumes a Bernoulli distribution, the MSE loss (green) assumes a Gaussian noise.Following the least squares vs. logistic regression example in PRML, I added the hinge loss for comparison. As shown in the figure, hinge loss and logistic regression / cross entropy / log-likelihood / softplus have very close results, because their objective functions are close (figure below), while MSE is generally more sensitive to outliers. Hinge loss does not always have a unique solution because it's not strictly convex.However one important property of hinge loss is, data points far away from the decision boundary contribute nothing to the loss, the solution will be the same with those points removed. The remaining points are called support vectors in the context of SVM. Whereas SVM uses a regularizer term to ensure the maximum margin property and a unique solution.
How Do You Make a Tennis Shoes(meaning Playing Tennis) Fit Your Size. Well Making Your Feet Bigger?
The chore is to fill space all the way around your foot(feet). If you have other athletic shoes take the innersole out of them or buy some new ones and add an extra pair of Thor-Lo Socks or some equivalent to the socks you will wear over them. The socks will help keep you from sliding too much and the innersoles will raise your feet so you get a good lacing. Of course, that being said...There are not too many other things more important to a player than properly fitting shoes. I would strongly suggest you having a pair of shoes overnighted that are a proper fit if you have a tournament coming up. Good luck and hit an ace for me!• Other Related Knowledge ofyour feet— — — — — —Since, like in 2010, the elections this week were another boot in the butt at the ballot box for?Better check your feet, your side did not have shoo in— — — — — —What causes eczema to form on your feet?Dyshidrotic EczemaThis basic type of dermatitis causes small, intensely bothersome blisters on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms, and soles of the feet. It is twice as basic in ladies as it is in men, say the Best Podiatrists in New York City for Foot and Ankle.Because of the association with seasonal allergies, the dyshidrotic skin inflammation blisters are known to erupt all the more frequently during the spring hypersensitivity season. The blisters may last up to three weeks before they start to dry and can sometimes be extensive and painful. As the blisters dry, they may turn into skin cracks or cause the skin to feel thick and spongy, especially on the off chance that you've been scratching the zone.There is no cure for dyshidrotic skin inflammation, but the uplifting news is, by and large it's sensible. Also, similar to a wide range of the condition, it is not contagious. You can not "get" dyshidrotic dermatitis from someone else, or offer it to someone else.What does dyshidrotic skin inflammation resemble?A wide range of skin inflammation cause tingling and redness. But some, as dyshidrotic skin inflammation, look and act slightly not the same as others.Symptoms of dyshidrotic skin inflammation include:Profound set blisters on the edges of the fingers, toes, palms and soles of the feetTinglingRednessChippingScaly, broke skinPainDyshidrotic dermatitis blisters can be difficult to see on the palms and fingers because the skin is thicker hereIt's essential to understand which kind of dermatitis you may have and furthermore your symptoms and triggers, so that you can all the more likely treat and oversee it. The best way to make certain that you have dyshidrotic skin inflammation, is to make a meeting with your doctor.What causes dyshidrotic skin inflammation?Dyshidrotic skin inflammation usually appears in adults ages 20 through 40 but it can also influence youngsters. Dyshidrotic dermatitis seems to run in families, so on the off chance that you have a close relative with this type of skin inflammation, your shot of also creating it is increased.Skin inflammation Causes and TriggersWhat causes skin inflammation?We do not have the foggiest idea what precisely causes dermatitis. Anyway for most types of dermatitis, researchers trust a blend of genes and a trigger are included. Individuals with skin inflammation will in general have an over-receptive immune system that when activated by a substance outside or inside the body, responds by producing irritation. It is this irritation that causes the red, bothersome and painful skin symptoms normal to most types of dermatitis.Research also shows that some individuals with skin inflammation have a mutation of the quality responsible for making filaggrin. Filaggrin is a protein that helps our bodies keep up a solid defensive obstruction on the top layer of the skin. Without enough filaggrin to build a strong skin obstruction, moisture can escape and microorganisms, viruses and more can enter. This is the reason numerous individuals with dermatitis have exceptionally dry and contamination inclined skin. Dermatitis triggersAttempting to monitor your symptoms is critical to staying solid and agreeable while living with skin inflammation. When attempting to recognize potential triggers, remember that a skin inflammation flare can seem some time after exposure. This slack time can make some triggers testing to recognize. Remember that skin inflammation affects everybody in an unexpected way, and that one person's triggers may not be the same as another's. You may encounter skin inflammation symptoms at specific times of the year or on various areas of your body.Here are some ordinary things that can trigger a skin inflammation flare or exacerbate it:DRY SKINAt the point when your skin gets excessively dry, it can easily wind up weak, scaly, rough, or tight, which can prompt a dermatitis erupt. IRRITANTSThere are ordinary products and even natural substances that can cause your skin to burn and tingle, or become dry and red.Chemicals and skin inflammationThese could be products that you use on your body or in your home - hand and dish soap, laundry cleanser, shampoo, bubble shower and body wash, or surface cleaners and disinfectants. Indeed, even some natural liquids, similar to the juice from fresh fruit, vegetables, or meats, can aggravate your skin when you touch them. Some regular skin inflammation irritants include:Metals, in particular, nickelTobacco smokeSoaps and household cleanersFragrancesCertain fabrics such as fleece and polyesterAntibacterial balm like neomycin and bacitracinFormaldehyde, which is found in household disinfectants, some vaccines, glues and adhesivesIsothiazolinones an antibacterial that is found in personal consideration products like infant wipesCocamidopropyl betaine used to thicken shampoos and lotionsParaphenylene-diamine, which is used in cowhide dyes and impermanent tattoos, among othersSTRESSEnthusiastic stress considered a dermatitis trigger, but we are not actually sure why. Some individuals' dermatitis symptoms deteriorate when they are feeling "stressed." Others may end up stressed, just realizing they have skin inflammation, and this can make their skin erupt. CLIMATE AND SWEATINGNumerous individuals with dermatitis become irritated, or experience a "thorny warmth" sensation when they sweat, or get excessively hot. During the virus winter months, your skin may also get excessively dry - prompting disturbance and a dermatitis erupt.Your skin inflammation also may flare when the air is excessively dry or excessively humid. Or then again in the event that you take long, hot showers or baths.DISEASEYour skin inflammation can end up tainted with microorganisms or viruses that live in the earth. Staphylococcus aureus ("staph") is a standout amongst the most well-known types. It's essential to know the symptoms of these distinctive infections and what causes them, so that your skin inflammation does not deteriorate.ALLERGENSDust can trigger skin inflammation or exacerbate itThere are regular materials in the condition that can cause you to have an unfavorably susceptible response and trigger a skin inflammation erupt. Some of the most widely recognized are: seasonal dust, dust mites, pet dander from cats and dogs, shape and dandruff.Allergens that cause symptoms to stick around significantly more, or to return, are much harder to pinpoint. It's critical to know the allergens that could cause an erupt, so that you can help monitor your symptoms. HORMONESHormones are substances produced by the body that can cause a wide assortment of symptoms. At the point when the levels of specific hormones in your body increase or decrease, some individuals with dermatitis (especially ladies) may encounter flare ups.Treatment for dyshidrotic skin inflammationAt-home treatment for dyshidrotic dermatitis includes soaking hands and feet in cool water or applying compresses for 15 minutes to the influenced region two to four times multi day pursued by a rich moisturizer or a skin obstruction fix cream. For progressively severe cases of dyshidrotic skin inflammation, a supplier may prescribe topical steroids, TCIs or phototherapy. Moreover, the supplier may deplete the blisters in-office, or potentially give a dose of Botox in the hands and feet to reduce sweating and wetness, which are known triggers for this type of skin inflammation.Dyshidrotic skin inflammation has the inclination to get contaminated, which can postpone clearing of symptoms. On the off chance that you suspect you have a contamination in the zone where the dermatitis appears, make a meeting with your supplier.Tips for overseeing dyshidrotic skin inflammationThere is no surefire approach to forestall dyshidrotic skin inflammation. Notwithstanding, great skin care and moisturizing can help strengthen your skin against aggravation, so that it does not erupt, or deteriorate. The most critical thing to recollect is to be consistent. What causes eczema to form on your feet?.
Hives of Unknown Origin on Bottoms of Feet and Palms of Hands?
Hives of unknown origin on bottoms of feet and palms of hands?3.Dyshidrosis. Google images and dermnet.nz . does it look like this? It is allergy to a dermatophyte, which is any kind of skin loving bug. mold, yeast, bacteria, virus, parasite, pollen. It could be anywhere on your body. The rash on the hands(or feet) is just a red flag. Take anti-histamines for immediate relief. Fexofenadine 180mg, and 12 hours later 60mg, then every 12 hours 60mg. This is not the cure. But it will stop the itching. I hate doctors who say it is stress. Stress has nothing to do with it. (I think this is what doctors say when they do not know the answer.) Podiatrists see more of this. As an allergy to Athlete's foot fungus called tinea. As you are allergic to Penicillin, you are allergic to mold. Molds and yeast can live on your skin and you could just be breathing it in everyday. The mold is NOT on your hands or feet. There is an expensive prescription drug called Toctino which is effective, and a naturopathic treatment equally effective and cheaper. Do not use steriod cream, it seems to cause it to spread. Take Fexo, it's the best for skin rashes, as you have found out, Benadryl is minimally effective.— — — — — —In what ways does Hive lag MPP databases?I think it's the things you would expect to see:- Joins are not optimized near the degree the MPP guys do (aligned partitions, for instance). The lack of statistics currently precludes a lot of this kind of stuff.n- Lack of full SQL compliance is a huge one. n- Lack of fancy analytical functions. n- Latency of access. A large number of the MPP DBs I run into are powering standard BI packages that want low latency turn around on multiple queries. One could probably generalize this as tool integration.n- Advanced partioning schemes (asymmetric partitioning, etc. ). n- Management tools for consistent backups and piecemeal replication.n- Advanced privilege management at the column level and so forth.Some of these features do not exist because of HDFS semantics, many because of time, but most I think because of prioritization. The primary user base has been focused elsewhere and is working to satisfy those use cases (e.g. Integration with commercial tools has not been a huge priority for the community).What I think is important is the question of will it be harder for the Hadoop / Hive community to close the feature gap and grow into these features or the commercial closed source vendors to close the gap toward Hive? It largely depends on what we want out of the toolset and out ability to work together to get there. As things like Hadoop and Hive push more into the mainstream I think motivation for many people and companies in the OSS world to fill in these gaps will drastically increase, my bias notwithstanding.In what ways does Hive lag MPP databases?— — — — — —What do you do for hives?you need to really go to the doc and get a shot of benadryl in the ***, and that would clear it up . im not sure what the cost would be to do that w/o insurance. in the mean time you can put calamine lotion on it and take benadryl orally.— — — — — —Have you ever transported honey bee hives?well it was really weird. this one time me and my friend when we were like 8 tried to get a net and move one, but a small bee got out and stung her. (thank god it was not me that it stung)— — — — — —Is there a web front end available for Hive & Pig?Choosing Pig Hadoop or Hive Hadoop totally depends on your purpose to use them and the type of data you are handling. Based on the above-mentioned differences, you can very well understand how you can use either of them effectively. After understanding the basic differences between Pig as well as Hive, you can use both of the components based on what you are trying to achieve. For Pig and Hive - Airline Data Analysis projects, I recommend SkillPractical DIY projects. SkillPractical website designs the learning paths for trending software and hardware technologies which helps the beginners to quickly get started and learn the concepts in an orderly manner
My Parakeet Has Pale Feet and Beak. Is He Sick?
My Parakeet has pale feet and beak. is he sick?yea, its sick. your mom is responsible for the pet. take it in a carrier, and sneak it to the humane society and tell them your mom wont take care of it for you— — — — — —Pet tradeLarge specimens of these genus can command high prices upwards of $700 USD due to the lustrous metallic bodies that the beetles possess. Collectors buy both live and dried specimens, with many of the live specimens being exported to countries such as Japan and Taiwan, which has a large market for keeping beetles as exotic pets. Popular beetle species from this genus include: Cyclommatus elaphus, Cyclommatus metallifer, Cyclommatus monguilloni and Cyclommatus imperator. When kept in captivity, beetles of this genus can consume mangos, bananas and a variety of fruits in addition to purpose beetle jellies as adults, whilst beetle breeders in Japan have experimented with many foods for the larva, such as fermented wood, decaying logs and sawdust inoculated with mycelium. This is done in order to maximise the growth during the larval period, as all growth occurs during the larval period and thus the adult size is dependent on the availability of nutrients to the larva. The most suitable type of food for beetle larva of this genus differs between species, but beetle larva of this genus generally subsist on white rotten wood from different species of tree or flake soil, much like other beetle larva of family Lucanidae.— — — — — —Petőfi CsarnokPetfi Csarnok ("Petfi Hall"), often called PeCsa, was a leisure center and concert hall in Budapest, Hungary. Placed in the Vrosliget, it is a famous concert spot for pop/rock music, serving as home for cultural programs, exhibitions and fan clubs. The building consisted of a 1020 square metre hall, and an open stage with a guest capacity of 4500 people. After a number of delays the building was finally demolished in early 2017 as part of the reconstruction of the surrounding park.— — — — — —As a petIt is kept as a pet; but in Australia, it may be kept in captivity only with an appropriate permit— — — — — —What is the best fabric for a sofa if I have pets?Leather if the pet has a urinary problem Furniture made from plastic laminates is highly pet resistant.— — — — — —the arrival of a new pet narrative writing?Why did you get the pet? Was it because a friend was moving and he needed a home. or had you been asking for a dog or kitten for many years? Did it come from a pet store , shelter or someone's home? what did you name it and why? What was your first meeting like?— — — — — —Am looking for a pet??a hamster but if you dont want a hamster that then i dont know what else to tell you— — — — — —is laser declaw better than traditional declaw?An indoor cat can still get outside, or get lost. With no claws, they cannot defend themselves. I do not believe in declawing. There are a number of things to try to keep the cat from clawing the furniture. One of them should work. When you get a pet, you need be aware of the disadvantages, and problems that will come with the pet. To take out a cat's claws is mutilation. Cats will claw on the material that they like. see if you can cover the furniture with something else, within clawing distance— — — — — —neopets petpets?Talk to it. It likes to be cussed at. Click on the pet— — — — — —ladies what do you think of a guy naming his pet after you?Depends on whether the pet was harmless and lovable, or creepy and deadly— — — — — —Do cats think humans are the most affectionate, most caring creatures on earth?this is when its time to think: who really is the pet here? they think of us as their servants, or butlers— — — — — —Re-use of PET bottlesPET bottles are also recycled as-is (re-used) for various purposes, including for use in school projects, and for use in solar water disinfection in developing nations, in which empty PET bottles are filled with water and left in the sun to allow disinfection by ultraviolet radiation. PET is useful for this purpose because many other materials (including window glass) that are transparent to visible light are opaque to ultraviolet radiation. A novel use is as a building material in third-world countries. According to online sources, the bottles, in a labor-intensive process, are filled with sand, then stacked and either mudded or cemented together to form a wall. Some of the bottles can be filled instead with air or water, to admit light into the structure.
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