Which Is Better Living on Post (schofield Barracks,HI) Or Off Post?

We were stationed there 1994-1998 and we first moved to Mililani. We had our house broken in only 20 minutes that my husband came to get me at work. This was at 5 PM. We were coming upon the time to renew our lease and decided to move on post at Wheeler's Army housing. This is between Mililani and Schofield. You have to leave your windows open because they do not put air conditioning in most home there. We lived in an almost new home in Mililani and it did not have air in it. The home intruders took 5 slats of glass out of the louver windows and came in and cleaned us out. They took all my valuable jewelry, VCRs, TV and our video camera. We must have come up on them still there because we found one of my diamond rings at the window where they escaped. If I were you all I would attempt to get post housing unless you find an up stairs apartment where it would be harder to get into your place. Even still they may have that figured out also. Also be careful if you go to the North Shore beach with a rental car. They will break into your car and clean you out. They watch for tourist to leave their car and know most people stay awhile at the beach. We had our own car broken into at a lookout. We just pulled off the side of the road and walked a short distant and the wind was blowing so cold that we headed back to the car and came up on two guys popping the lock out of our car door. They took off and we followed them but we lost them. Got their tag number and turned it into the police and never heard a thing from them. They look inside cars and see things like cell phones, cameras and purses. We were put on a waitng list for post housing when we got there. They did not have post housing when we got there but I have heard they have built a lot more. Good luck and if you any questions write me.

1. Why always one post missing

It might be status issue. Try with:

2. What is the difference between post and poste?

Post on its own is a preposition, not an adverb, meaning that it describes a relationship between two entities (usually nouns or phrases). Poste is an adverb that modifies a verb. Examples:

3. Medical school/ major/ post bacc?

Step One is to try to improve your science grades. Yes, you can major in anything, but you need to have a solid grip on general and organic chemistry, general biology, and general physics. When you feel well prepared in those areas, try the American Association of Medical Colleges' "self-assessment" tests that simulate the MCAT exam. It costs money to get the self-assessment, so do not think about it until you believe you've mastered the subjects named above. Your MCAT scores can compensate to some degree for poor grades in the actual courses, but in the end, you must learn the material. The better schools also require a year of calculus or statistics and some credits in biochemistry, even if the MCATs do not address this material directly. It might be worth switching back to political science if that will get you out of undergraduate school sooner, and with a better record; but your conquest of basic sciences is the top priority. In addition to DO schools, you can consider offshore medical schools, e.g., in the Caribbean. So long as you can pass the US Medical Licensing Examination after your return, the fact of having attended a foreign medical school will not keep you out.

4. Whats the best post to be stationed at?

Your BAH is based on the cost of living of your current station, not your home

5. Jimmy Johnson post race interview?

Does not matter if there teammates, JJ will still race him hard the way he race Dale JR and J Gordon

6. Query post with content only

If I understand your question fully, I believe this is what you are after.As far as I know... There is no WP_Query that you can use to accomplish this. However, you can use the $wpdb and make a custom query. Just replace the 'your_post_type' etc with your custom fields. Instead of p.post_content, you could also use pm.meta_value ' ' - this will retrieve only posts where the value of the meta field you've chosen is not empty.in which case, the Query would be:

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