Why Are My Heat Shields on My 04 Honda Accord Loose and Vibrating?

The bolts that hold the heat shield in place are subject to corrosion. In time and with age they tend to develop a bit of free play. This is actually a bit harder to fix due to the corrosion. You can not just turn the bolt a bit tighter, it will in all likely hood break off rather than tighten. Some times you can finesse the noise away with a bit of stainless steel safety wire wrapped around the bolt just below the bolt head and twisted tight. This has worked for several of my customers and is relatively cheap to accomplish. It may just be the answer that you are looking for. I have tried in the past to tighten the bolts and even with heat and liquid wrench only one in five would tighten. Good Luck

1. best liquid eyeliner?

Urban decay liquid liner (I love the color "oil spill") It goes on ultra smooth, and lasts all day and all night. And it's SUPER easy to apply!! It's sold at Sephora, and Urbandecay.com

2. Something great for a cold winter's evening; Can you recommend a hearty, vegetarian slow cooker stew?

VEGETARIAN CHILI 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 onion, peeled and chopped 1 red pepper, deseeded and chopped 1-2 garlic cloves, crushed 14 oz. can tomatoes 1 c. dried red kidney beans, soaked, cooked and drained or 2 (15 oz.) cans red kidney beans 1/2 c. dried whole green lentils, simmered in plenty of water for 40-45 minutes until tender 1 tsp. mild paprika 1-2 tbsp. chili powder Salt and freshly green pepper A little salt Heat oil in large saucepan and saute the onion and pepper for 10 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes, then add tomatoes. Drain the beans and lentils, reserving liquid. Add broth to the tomato mixture, along with the paprika and chili powder. Simmer for 15 minutes, adding the bean water for consistency. Season, add sugar, garnish and serve.

3. What is a good tasting healthy breakfast shake for teens?

I think if you take milk with any kind chocolate powder or liquid,its may give you some relief. specially milk is good for small age children's health.there are lots of different brands milk included chocolate in side. It is up to you ,what do you like. if you do not like milk ,its OK take start slowly

4. what should i cook for dinner tonight?

Here's a couple of my favorite recipes. They are both very easy, but taste great. Beef Stroganoff 1 boneless beef sirloin steak, 3/4 inch thick (1 lb.) 1 cup Sour Cream 2 Tbsp. flour 1/2 cup water 2 tsp. instant beef bouillon 1/4 tsp. pepper 2 Tbsp. butter or margarine 1-1/2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 clove garlic, minced 4 cups hot cooked noodles Place steak in freezer 30 minutes to firm. Cut across grain into 2x1/2-inch strips. Mix sour cream and flour in small bowl. Stir in water, bouillon and pepper; set aside. Melt butter in large skillet on medium-high heat. Add 1/2 of the steak; cook and stir until steak is cooked through. Remove steak from skillet. Add remaining steak and vegetables to skillet; cook and stir until steak is cooked through and onion is tender. Return all steak to skillet. Reduce heat to medium. Add sour cream mixture; cook until bubbly, stirring constantly. Cook an additional minute. Spoon over hot noodles. Linguine with White Wine & Clam Sauce 1 pound linguine pasta Olive Oil (for pasta) 4 cloves garlic, minced 3 Tbs. olive oil (for sauce) 2 (10 oz.) cans baby clams, (with liquid) 6 oz. clam juice (bottled) 1/4 cup dry white wine 2 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley Dash Cayenne Pepper OR 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper (to taste) 2 Tbs. grated Parmesan cheese Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook according to package directions, until al dente. Drain the pasta and toss with a bit of olive oil to keep it from sticking. Meanwhile, drain the clams, reserving the liquid. In a skillet over medium heat, warm the 3 Tbs. olive oil, lighly brown the garlic (do not burn), then add the reserved clam liquid, the clam juice and wine. Simmer, stirring frequently, for 5 minutes. Add the parsley and the clams and simmer another 2 minutes, until the clams are heated through. Stir in the cheese and grind on some black pepper. Pour over pasta and serve, adding more parmesan cheese on top, if desired. desired.

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If Liquids Thrown Out at TSA Checkpoints Are Potentially Hazardous, Why Accumulate Them at a Choke P
If liquids thrown out at TSA checkpoints are potentially hazardous, why accumulate them at a choke point with a concentration of people? Shouldnu2019t they be u2018properlyu2019 disposed?Eric Shepard and interested readers, this is no Secret. For 99.99% of liquids abandoned at a Security Checkpoint, there is no difference between the disposed liquid and the liquid you can buy in the Concourse right after leaving the Checkpoint.The reason that liquids and gels are not allowed through the Security Checkpoint are that liquids have been used by terrorists to conceal explosives brought on-board aircraft to destroy the aircraft. To reduce the potential for liquids to be used as a vector by terrorists, they do not allow them into the Checkpoint.The passenger can buy liquids etc in the Concourse after passing through security. These retail liquids are not under control of non-airport cleared personnel. Therefore the possibility of a terrorist arranging to access an explosive-contaminated retail item within the Concourse after Security is minimal.Terrorists have used other items such as footwear and underwear to conceal explosives in order to get them past Security countermeasures and on-board the aircraft. Neither of these vectors have worked for terrorists. But rather than ban shoes and underwear, the TSA uses technologies to detect contaminated items.So, liquids collected at checkpoints are disposed of properly with little to no risk whatsoever to passengers and others in an airport. If liquids thrown out at TSA checkpoints are potentially hazardous why accumulate them at a choke point with a concentration of people? Shouldnu2019t they be u2018properlyu2019 disposed of?— — — — — —Question about what you can bring on airplane?Yes. You can put any quantity of liquids in your checked baggage. That's basically the idea - put your liquids in your checked bag - not in your carry on bag.— — — — — —Can You Take Shampoo to the Airport?I went to Las Vegas last year and we were allowed shampoos, liquids etc. At that time we had to be a small size...3 oz or 4 oz. All liquids had to fit in one quart sized zip lock back. That was last year and with Sun Country. Check the airline's website. All that information should be available on there. Research ahead. My friend went and did not know about the ounce sized limits on the liquids. Her bottles did not fit in the quart sized bag so she had to throw them out. She was out quite a bit of money as they were good/name brand hair products— — — — — —Can i put makeup in my bag while traveling?Just be careful with liquids, take small compact and things nothing that can be construed as weapon,other wise in your suitcase, it's so much easier— — — — — —anyone know what foods and liquids to drink for chi?Just healthy stuff. Trust me, there is no specific type or anything like that for rebuilding qi. Qi does not technically deplete, your body just gets worn and unable to access or use it. Water is the only thing you should be drinking. Sugar excites the body and alcohol damages liver, spleen, kidney, heart and brain cells. (Notice they are all yin organs) Food has a huge effect on qi flow, but nothing to what you were asking. However you can influence the movement of qi with spicy food to better help heal the body. When healing your body, only lean meats should be consumed (fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, flank steak... etc.), no heavy meats. Lots of vegetables and fruits; this provides the body with water that can not be taken in my by mere fluid, but better extracted from the solid foods. Note: "Qi" and "Chi" is the exact same thing, just different romanization of the same character. Both pronounced the same, too.— — — — — —what can i not take on flights?Security rules vary somewhat by location, but in the US, the prohibited items that I am aware of for carry-on bags are: -Weapons of any kind, or sharp items that could be used as weapons. This includes knives and point-end end metal scissors (blunt-tipped scissors under a certain length are allowed). Many items, such as mental knitting neeldes, are prohibited at the discression of the TSA agent, and there's no comprehensive list of what counts as a 'weapon.' -Explosives or compressed gasses -Anything flammable -Liquids or gels, except in containers less than 3 oz in a single clear quart-sized zipper-top bag. Diabetic passangers may carry more than 3 oz of necessary liquids including juices. Parents may carry more than 3 oz of breast milk, baby formula, juice, or baby food if an infant or small child is traveling. Liquids that are allowed in larger quantities do not need to be in a plastic bag, but all liquids need to be removed from your carry-on bag and declared to the TSA agent (although I forgot to do this yesterday and it was fine). Items not allowed in checked bags: -Explosives or compressed gasses -Flammable materials -Weapons are allowed in checked baggage, but guns must be unloaded, and I think declared to TSA, and I think there are some other restrictions on weapons as well. Those are all the restrictions I am aware of, but it's not necessarily a complete list. Most airlines will have information about prohibited items on their website, so check with your airline. If you are traveling within the US (or to or from it), you can also find information about prohibited items on the TSA website (www.tsa.gov).
Is a Liquid in a Container Always in Equilibrium with Its Vapour?
I know this question is very old, but the answers here are unsatisfactory, and so for the benefit for people with same questions in the future, let me clarify important points. I have assumed ideal scenario neglecting inter molecular forces. Consider an open container with liquid phase of a substance with no molecule in gas phase above it, only air. At the top surface, there would be invariably some molecules with high energy due to their random motion. Therefore, they would begin to escape the liquid since nothing prevents them to do so. This is called evaporation. The liquid would continue to evaporate till any more evaporation would lead to partial pressure of its gas phase get in liquid region. This gas pressure is known as vapor pressure of the liquid, and is equal to maximum pressure in which the substance can remain in gas phase at that temperature. Note that liquid at this point has pressure equal to total gas pressure above it (atmospheric pressure). Take a control volume inside the liquid. Remember that due to thermal motion, the molecules inside the control volume try to expand into gas phase, but since the gas phase pressure at that temperature is lower than the pressure by liquid, it can't expand. But as soon as the pressure exerted by the liquid becomes equal to the gas pressure, the molecules inside can easily transform into gas phase. (Note that it is not that straightforward--some seeding is required for bubble to form due to surface tension forces while the surrounding liquid is superheated, but I digress.) And what is the pressure of the liquid equal to? Atmospheric pressure. But only when the container is open. So when container is open, and either atmospheric pressure or the temperature of the liquid is brought such that the pressure of the liquid becomes equal to its vapor pressure, then the thing boils.If the container is closed, and all the air is removed, the pressure inside the liquid is equal to vapor pressure, and there will always be vapor pressure present, even if in minuscule amount. (You can't have a container filled with only liquid. Think about that for a moment. Similarly you can't have a container filled with only ice. Some water, or water vapour, or even combination of the two will appear alongside.) And in that case, any change in conditions of pressure or temperature will be immediately reflected by boiling or condensation of the system. That is, a closed container with only water inside can boil at any temperature.So in summary, vapor pressure is the maximum gas pressure possible at that temperature. The liquid always tries to expand and attain vapor pressure, and in case the inside pressure is greater than the vapor pressure, the inside of the liquid can't do so, otherwise it would boil. However, the surface of the liquid, due to imbalanced forces, can do it at any point by evaporating, and thus forming gas above it till vapor pressure is attainedThis is essentially a question about the meaning and significance of the term vapour pressure (or vapor pressure if you're American). From what I understand a liquid in a container will have a certain amount of its vapour above it exerting a certain pressure: the vapour pressure - which is dependant on the identity of the substance and the temperature of the system only. The point at which the ambient pressure equals the vapour pressure the liquid boils - the liquid is in equilibrium with its vapour/gas phase (the line in the diagram separating liquid and gas).However, this had me slightly confused because in the situation initially described (at a point somewhere within the liquid region - NOT on the phase boundary) some vapour existed above the liquid in the container and thus there must be some kind of equilibrium already existing. So, when the ambient pressure equals the vapour pressure nothing has changed in the sense that equilibrium remains present it's just that the pressure is no longer significant enough to facilitate the liquid.Is what I've said above correct? Mainly in the definition of vapour pressure being the pressure of the vapour above the liquid AT ANY POINT in the liquid region on the phase diagram and also whether the vapour pressure is just a function of temperature.·OTHER ANSWER:This is essentially a question about the meaning and significance of the term vapour pressure (or vapor pressure if you're American). From what I understand a liquid in a container will have a certain amount of its vapour above it exerting a certain pressure: the vapour pressure - which is dependant on the identity of the substance and the temperature of the system only. The point at which the ambient pressure equals the vapour pressure the liquid boils - the liquid is in equilibrium with its vapour/gas phase (the line in the diagram separating liquid and gas).However, this had me slightly confused because in the situation initially described (at a point somewhere within the liquid region - NOT on the phase boundary) some vapour existed above the liquid in the container and thus there must be some kind of equilibrium already existing. So, when the ambient pressure equals the vapour pressure nothing has changed in the sense that equilibrium remains present it's just that the pressure is no longer significant enough to facilitate the liquid.Is what I've said above correct? Mainly in the definition of vapour pressure being the pressure of the vapour above the liquid AT ANY POINT in the liquid region on the phase diagram and also whether the vapour pressure is just a function of temperature.
Vw Car Over Heating ..and Liquid Was Coming at the Bottom..?
Hopefully you pulled over and turned off the car. It's ok to run a car without any coolant however you can only do it for short jumps and then wait for it to cool down again. It could be alot of things making it leak, something simple like a hose, could be a bad leak in your radiator, or it could be that your water pump went out. You can check by filling your car radiator up with water again (Coolant is just antifreeze mixed with water). Make SURE You do not have your Air Conditioner running - just have the temp set to OFF, very important because you would quickly freeze the water! Then just see what is leaking in the engine. Water pumps are fairly easy to replace usually, however if you have no experience at all in cars then you would be stuck with a mechanic (Good luck with those people, they like to screw people over alot). If you have any friends that are mechanically inclined you might want to ask them for help, like I said it's not a hard job. If it's a hose it's really easy, there's just a couple clamps holding them on which normally come off with a screw driver. Those only cost about 15 dollars, including the clamps, assuming you do it yourself. Most likely is not the radiator unless you smacked into a large bird or damaged it, they normally wear out slowly and over a long time, not quickly and unexpectedly like a water pump or hose. If it's a slow leak, just a drop here and there, and you can not really find where it's coming from, then you should be able to use some additive like stop-leak. If it's a steady water stream it's probably the water pump - those cost around 50 dollars or so, plus installing from a mechanic usually would be around 100 I would imagine.1. Shoundn't priority one (japan relief) be to power the nuke plants' water pumps so this business will end?the problem is that the tsunami pretty much devasted the entire region. aside from that, it's a swell idea.2. Do standard water pumps used to pump water to a home distancing of 35 ft...?There should be a pressure switch that will turn the pump on when the pressure drops and turn the pump off when the maximum pressure is reached. These work automatically and cut on/off pressures can be adjusted. There should also be a pressure tank and a pressure relief valve to insure the tank does not burst. Both can be purchased and installed or replaced.3. Pattern Problems: 6.7L Power Stroke vs. LML DuramaxPattern problems. Every engine ever assembled has them. Some experience fewer trivial failures than others, but in the end all internal combustion power plants have their quirks. When it comes to diesel pickups, down time often means lost income, so it definitely pays to know what you are getting into when you invest upward of $40,000 in a late-model (new or used) -ton or larger diesel truck. In the case of the 6.7L Power Stroke and the LML Duramax-both having been out since 2011-most of these engines' mild to moderate flaws have been exposed and well-documented by now. On a recent visit to Flynn's Shop in Alexander, Illinois, a shop that specializes in each of the Big Three, we were clued in as to which repeat issues occur most with each brand's highly-esteemed V8. Though Ford seems to have ironed out the majority of the issues associated with the Navistar-derived Power Strokes of yesteryear thanks to building its own Power Stroke in-house, many 6.7L-powered Super Dutys drive into Flynn's service bays with coolant and oil leaks. As for the LML Duramax, emissions system-related failures run rampant and the age-old clogged cooling stack scenario continues to play out regularly on trucks that work out in the field. For an in-depth look at the top four pattern problems for each engine, keep scrolling. Arguably the most common issue on the 6.7L Power Stroke is associated with the vacuum pump. Over time, the pump's mounting bolts loosen and can even back out completely. When they loosen their grip, oil is allowed to escape past the gasket sandwiched between the vacuum pump and the block, with an oil drip or small puddle inevitably developing under the oil pan. For best results, it's ideal to pull the vacuum pump completely, replace the gasket and hit the mounting bolts with Loctite before reinstalling them. However, in a pinch you can tighten three of the four bolts by removing the factory air intake (to gain access) and using an 8mm open-end wrench. A close second to the vacuum pump gasket issue is the tendency for the turbo coolant feed line to leak on '11-'14 engines. Due to vibration, the seal inside the quick-connect type fitting at the turbo fails, causing a small yet noticeable coolant leak. Replacing the coolant supply line is fairly straightforward, but you have to remove the upper intake plenum to gain proper access to it. Both the OEM hard line and fitting can be purchased for less than $40. Premature water pump failure is fairly common. Just to clarify, the 6.7L Power Stroke makes use of two separate cooling systems (a high-temp primary and a low-temp secondary system), so in this instance we are referring to the engine's primary water pump. For whatever reason (casting sand, supplemental coolant additives, etc.), a lot of water pumps do not make it 100,000 miles before failing-and a fair share of pumps even kick the bucket before hitting 40,000 miles. So far it seems to be the luck of the draw on getting an engine with a good primary water pump, as some die early while others last well beyond 150,000 miles. To keep your water pump, water neck, radiator hoses and even radiator in optimum health, a coolant filtration system (such as the one offered by DieselSite) is never a bad idea. This one has been a problem for Ford since the 6.4L Power Stroke debuted in '08 and it's still a semi-frequent failure today. Once again, we are referring to the 6.7L Power Stroke's primary cooling system when we talk about radiator failure. Similar to the problem found in the 6.4L application, the leaks originate where the plastic end tanks crimp onto the metal core. While leaking radiators were most common on early '11 model 6.7L Power Strokes, the folks at Flynn's still see plenty of '12-'16 Super Dutys experiencing this issue. The verdict is still out on the '17-'19 trucks, as they are still pretty new. As the 6.6L LML Duramax begins to age, more '11-'16 Chevy and GMC HD trucks are being diagnosed with cracked exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers. But this emissions-related, coolant-burning failure is not reserved solely for high-mileage candidates. Some EGR coolers rupture even before the 50,000-mile mark. Telltale signs of a cracked EGR cooler include disappearing coolant (that's not making it into the crankcase) and white smoke out the tailpipe. We will note that some shops misdiagnose failed EGR coolers for blown head gaskets-the difference between the labor and parts involved in both jobs being tremendously different. Always make sure the EGR cooler is pressure tested for leaks before committing to a head gasket job on your Duramax. Problems with the emissions control systems on modern diesel trucks are highly common. With so many new technologies and components being employed to curb NOx, particulate matter emissions and CO2 emissions, it's no wonder so many trucks barely make it out of warranty before experiencing a failure. Fortunately for LML owners, GM is well aware of its chronic diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) reservoir heater failures. If your truck's VIN falls into the covered range, a 10-year/120,000-mile warranty applies to your DEF heater. When this baby goes out it's usually associated with a CEL and a P20B9 code being stored, along with a "Service Exhaust Fluid System" message on the dash. But do not put off dealing with the problem. If you continue to drive with a bad DEF heater, eventually the ECM will place itself in power reduction mode or limit the truck's top speed until it's fixed. We will note that this failure is much more common in colder climates (i.e. the upper Midwest and Canada). If you start noticing higher coolant temperatures than you are used to seeing, a common problem among all Duramax-powered GM HDs may be at work: a plugged cooling stack (all the heat exchangers mounted in front of the engine). Especially on trucks that are worked hard and rarely cleaned, see frequent field use or are full-on service trucks, the cooling stack can become chock full of debris over time, which blocks airflow across the radiator. For optimum results, it's best to take the time to disassemble and remove the cooling stack, cleaning each heat exchanger individually. However, in a time crunch a power washer can work wonders for opening up airflow through the cooling stack. The broken crankshaft phenomenon extends across all model years of the 6.6L Duramax. The fact that it occurs just as much in bone-stock to moderately modified engines as it does in excessive rpm, high horsepower mills leaves a lot of enthusiasts scratching their heads. While a broken crankshaft is nowhere near as common as an EGR cooler or DEF heater failure, the folks at Flynn's still see them more often than they would like to. To date, poor external balancing from the factory, a lack of meat in key areas and the engine's firing order have all been blamed for the crankshaft's relatively high (as compared to Cummins and Power Stroke mills) failure rate, with no definite causes(s) yet known. Turbo failure is also a fairly common occurrence on the '11-'14 6.7L Power Stroke. You can read up on the problem (along with the long-term solution) here.
Looking for a Translucent Liquid That Can Be Pumped with a Water Pump?
If you do not mind a high transparency and only want to add color, I suggest just adding some food coloring to the water. This wo not effect the viscosity and can give you a wide variety of bright color choices1. why does my water pump turn on and off?On mine when it starts that I usually have a small leak somewhere..when it loses the necessary pressure from drainage..then it kicks back on to build the water back up.2. No Honda water-pump rebuild for 919 WHY...no seals available?Honda does not sell individual parts of the water pump for all of the CBR models, 6 cylinder Goldwings, V-4s and scooters. Why? Good question. You will have to ask Mr. Honda that one. They sell rebuild kits for the V-twins, dirt bikes & quads. Maybe there would be to much of an inventory for each part for every bike, when they could just sell the water pump as a complete unit. Maybe it's because of marketing - they can make more money by selling a complete unit, rather than rebuild parts.3. Which water pump do you recommend?If I were you, I would be consulting several local plumbers to see what they recommend. They can give you much better information than any of us can4. car makes grinding noise when braking?sounds like one of your linings has come free of the shoe in the rear, that would be my guess, especially if its happening after you lift your foot off the brake. Its a simple job to have a mechanic take off all the tires and inspect all of the brakes. A 2002? I would have him check out the entire car, especially if it has reached that magic number of 70,000 miles. Lots of things fail around that time, but it can remain reliable for a long time if you keep chasing after the potential problems. Front bearings, brakes, all water/radiator hoses, timing chain/belt, water pump, and other things are known for failure around that point. Another thing, check the cv joints as well, they can do some nasty things, too. any grease coming out of their boots can cause trouble like this with outside contamination. Lots of stuff, I know, but I do not have the car in front of me5. How do I know if the water pump is working?You can see the coolant circulate in the radiator at running temp6. I have a water pump question?What makes you think the water pump is bad? If it has a bad seal/bushing then it will be leaking coolant out of the bottom eyelet on the water pump itself and you would be losing coolant, if its overheating then that could be air trapped in the system and may just need to be flushed or ran for a little bit to circulate the system. I would check these options first but if you want to pressure test it just start the vehicle and squeeze the upper radiator hose to see if there is pressure on the hose. I hope this helps you my friend7. help 95 dodge neon sludge and water pump?the sludge stuff your talking about could also be stop leak that someone has put in that car a long time ago,so you need to take ever hose it has on it off,and start flushing the entire cooling system out on it,and you may still have to replace the radiator on it ,because those are real hard to get cleaned out,you need a good repair manual to use as guide on that car when you start working on it otherwise you may run in to more problems than we can answer on here,good luck8. Water pump will not turn on automatically! What could be wrong?it ought to be... a million. the element which programmes it on and rancid i.e. the place you will turn it on and rancid ought to be broken. Mine replaced into and we did no longer comprehend, we theory there replaced into something incorrect with the boiler. All that ought to ought to take place is that your employer or despite replace it with a sparkling one. 2. The boiler has broken and ought to install a sparkling one. 3. there's a considerable leak someplace and each and all the nice and cozy water is seeping out. i would say call your provider ASAP! they ought to form it out for you or supply you extra advice. Or once you are with a housing affiliation they ought to. i desire this facilitates
Why Does Ice Float in Liquid Water?
simple. ice float in liq water because its density is less than water so when density decreases its body rises on the surface of water and floats1. Is it Possible to Use Water To Trap laser Beam?Yes, if the laser light is absorbed by water (like if it is UV laser or its wavelength is longer than 1.5microns). Also the thickness of the water that the liaser beam goes through must be thick enough.If laser beam is in the visible, water does NOT trap (absorb) the light, as the water is transparent in the visible wavelengths. Is it Possible to Use Water To Trap laser Beam?2. can you heat water with electricity?Yes you can heat water to boiling electricity, you"ve probably see it done all the time. The electric coffee pot is one way, some homes have electric water heaters, electric stoves, they make small sealed electric heating elements that plug in and heat up a single cup of water or how about microwave ovens. Now lets say you had a live 5000 volt electric line to drop into a sink off water you would probably see alittle steam and a huge shower of sparks as the water instantly exploded out of the sink trying to escape the strong currant that a cable that size could pass, it might take a minute or so to trip a circuit down the road on a electrical pole for that one, I bet it would be cool to see3. What water will rust the fastest, cold or hot water?In that case, if the metal is submersed in the water, it will probably rust fastest in cool water because cool water can hold more oxygen than warm water. However, if the metal is lightly coated with water, then it will rust MUCH faster if the water is hot because the oxidation process is faster when the metal is hotter. In this case, the oxygen comes from the air, not the water.One could take another approach and say neither hot or cold water will rust. It is already "oxidized." Only metal can rust (also people that live in Seattle can rust).4. is it wetter under water if your there when it rains?Since when has water been wet??? j/k, and no its the same wetness. Or, its more wetter. OR its dryer. I do not know.5. Why do we pay a water bill?The main reason we pay the water bill is: They will turn off your water if you dont pay it. Water like electricity is charged by the use and if you are connected to a public sewage you will pay to get rid of your sewage too. Nothing is Free here in the Home of the Brave, land of the Free. That does not mean a free lunch or even a drink6. Why would water gush out by engine, when water is put in radiator? It is an Eagle Talon that overheated.?its not a blown head gasket more like your top radiator hose that runs to the thermostat or another hose is busted water will not run out of the car if your head gasket is blown or if the head is crack it will run insdie the motor but not out7. Pump starts, but no pressure or water?This Site Might Help You. RE: Pump starts, but no pressure or water? Hi, I am a new home owner and my husband has no clue on how to fix the problem. We bought a house and it had the sprinkler system installed. The pump was broken so we got a new one (WEG), but the problem now is that the Pump starts, but no pressure or water and it gets very very hot super quick....8. Toilet bowl water too high and water just spins around?the level in the toilet bowl has nothing to do with the settings in the tank. The level is set by the design of the drain tube in the toilet base. It should flush automatically when the water level in the bowl raises above the hump in the tube, that starts a siphoning action that pulls the water out of the bowl. Pour water into the bowl by hand until its a few inches from the rim. If it does not flush then there's a clog in the drain. If it flushes fine than everything is OK right?
Dalian Pinjia Group Promotes Infineon Intelligent Vehicle Motor Drive and Motor Control Solutions
On February 18, 2016, Dalian United holdings, a leading distributor of semiconductor components committed to the Asia Pacific market, announced that its Pinjia launched an on-board intelligent motor drive and control solution based on Infineon drive chips tle986x and tle987x.With the development of automotive electronics, intelligent motor is more and more widely used in automotive electronic system, and its advantages are very obvious. At present, there are an average of 28 motors per vehicle, which is expected to rise to 30 in two years. The motor is inseparable from the drive and control device. Infineon intelligent vehicle motor driver chip has been developed to the third generation tle986x and tle987x, which can cover DC motor and DC brushless motor.Figure 1 - photo of Infineon tle987x drive and control solution development board represented by Dalian PinjiaThe series chips of Infineon launched by Dalian Pinjia this time are integrated with cortex â„¢- M3 core MCU, NMOS driver (with chargpump), PWM / Lin transceiver and 10bit ADC current sampling; Wide range of working voltage, vs = 5.4v to 28V, suitable for automotive 12V system.Figure 2 - system framework diagram of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions of Dalian Pinjia agencyThe main devices in the drive and control solution launched by Dalian Pinjia include tle9877qxa40, tle9867qxa40 and ipd25n06s4l-30. Its product applications are HVAC, waterpump, FUELPUMP, window lift, BLDC motor and DC motor. It can provide technical support such as specifications, development platforms, development tools, schematic diagrams, demo boards, software routines, etc.Figure 3 - photos of Infineon tle986x and tle987x drive and control solutions represented by Dalian PinjiaAbout general United Holdings:As the world's largest distributor of semiconductor components and parts with a leading market share in the Asia Pacific region, Dagu holdings is headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It has Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with nearly 6000 employees, more than 250 agent product suppliers, more than 120 distribution sites around the world (about 70 in the Asia Pacific region), with a turnover of US $14.9 billion (self settled) in 2014. (* market ranking based on Gartner data)Da Lianda holdings creates an industrial holding platform, continuously optimizes the front-end marketing and logistics support team, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provides value-added services such as demand creation, turnkey solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC e-commerce to meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) , electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With international business scale and localized sales channels, it has been deeply rooted in the Asia Pacific market for a long time, and has been selected as the "best IC distributor in Asia" by professional media for many years.In order to improve the localization service quality of the general assembly and meet the differentiated needs of regional customers in Greater China, the six service areas of the general assembly (China) include China based manufacturers, Taiwan based manufacturers, electronic manufacturing service, Japanese based manufacturers and Korean based manufacturers And Hong Kong based manufacturers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solution, the general assembly has specially established a dedicated small batch service team (SQS) to meet customers' procurement needs of small batch devices. The general assembly has established the General Assembly commerce and trade, the General Assembly commerce and trade (Shenzhen) and the General Assembly Electronics (Hong Kong) in the mainland and Hong Kong respectively. Taking "industry first choice. Channel benchmark" as the corporate vision, the general assembly has fully implemented the core values of "team, integrity, professionalism and efficiency", and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.
How to Take a Dog on a Float Trip
Float trips can be fun for the entire family, including the dog. It's sure to be an experience nobody will forget. Preparation for the trip will require basic dog training skills and considering your furry friend's needs and safety. In no time, everyone--including the dog--will be floating down the river having the time of their lives.InstructionsDifficulty: Moderately Easy Find out what is required to bring your dog on the float trip, if renting from a local outfitter. The outfitter may have particular requirements you'll need to meet before it will allow the dog on the river.Train your dog basic commands such as heel, stay, sit and to come when you call it. It's imperative you be able to control your dog while journeying on the river for its safety. You don't want the dog jumping into the water and drowning, getting lost or being attacked by another animal.Bring any safety gear that may be necessary for the dog. If the dog isn't a good swimmer, you might want to invest in a safety jacket for it. You should be able to find one at your local outdoor, pet supply store or online. Canine float jackets are relatively inexpensive. Make sure the dog is wearing a collar with I.D. tags, and bring a leash.Prepare a pet first aid kit to bring along on the journey. You'll want to include basic items such as gauze, bandages, first aid tape, an antiseptic, benadryl, aspirin and a sock. A sock pulled over a bandage will work quite well in keeping it in place. As in any outdoor trip where the dog is joining you, you'll want to be prepared in the event an accident occurs. Place all your first aid items in a waterproof container or plastic bag. If you'll be stopping and hiking in the woods, make sure your dog is wearing a flea and tick repellent.Pack supplies your dog may need such as food and water. If the trip will be overnight, you'll want to bring a blanket for the dog to stay warm at night. It might be a good idea to throw in an extra towel for the dog, even if the trip is only a day trip. Most of all have a safe and fun trip.ResourcesArticle Written By Joyce StarrJoyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.
Will Iphone 5 Cover Case Be the Same As Iphone 4?
Who knows? There is even no announcement if the Iphone 5 will appear. If the dimensions of the Iphone 5 is exactly the same or is very close to the dimensions of the Iphone 4, only then will the case of the Iphone 5 fit the Iphone 41. Best iPhone to buy in 2021: Which top Apple phone should you buy?The Best iPhones to buy in 2021: Apple has a phone for every need! In the market for a new iPhone? The good news is Apple has a myriad of options, from the newest and most cutting-edge 5G, 5nm handsets to older devices that are still highly capable thanks to Apple's best-in-industry software updates. No matter your budget or need, there's bound to be an iPhone for you - after all, the iPhone is the most mainstream "default" phone. If you are looking for other options, we have recommendations on the best Android phones, and a combined recommendation list for the best phones. Best iPhone for most people: iPhone 12 Best iPhone for power users who do not like big screens: iPhone 12 Pro Best affordable iPhone for most people: iPhone 11 Best iPhone for most people: iPhone 12 The iPhone 12 is the iPhone to get for most people because it still offers the best Apple has to offer in crucial areas: that 5nm A14 Bionic SoC; the 6.1-inch OLED display; a very capable main and ultra-wide camera; and iOS 14. It lacks the telephoto zoom lens and stainless steel frame of Pro iPhones, but these are extra bells and whistles that the average joe would likely be glad to sacrifice to save $200. It's a great package overall, and many of us at XDA skipped over the Pro and Pro Max models to get the base iPhone 12 just because it did just about everything and was a better value for money phone in the 2020 lineup. There are plenty of large Android phones with a 6.7-inch screen, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max's 6.7-inches feels even bigger thanks to Apple's usage of a wider aspect ratio (19.5:9) and a completely flat display and body that does not taper off at the sides. The cameras here also gets several upgrades over other iPhone 12 models, including a larger image sensor for the main camera (47% larger than the iPhone 12 Pro's sensor), a longer telephoto zoom lens (65mm to the 52mm of the 12 Pro's); and a superior optical image stabilization system. Truth be told, these hardware upgrades bring only slightly superior performance over the standard iPhone 12 Pro, but it's still better if you need the absolute best camera Apple has to offer. Some of us here at XDA actually find this model a bit hard to use with one hand, but if you have large hands or do not mind using a second hand more often, because you want the largest most capable iPhone possible, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the one to get. Best iPhone for power users who do not like big screens: iPhone 12 Pro As we said, the iPhone 12 Pro Max technically has a slightly more capable camera than the standard iPhone 12, but the differences in photo/video quality are negligible in most cases. So that makes the iPhone 12 Pro still very close to the best hardware Apple has to offer, but it comes in a more manageable package. The 6.1-inch screen here is in our opinion the goldilocks size - it should be an easy hold for just about any adult or teen. You still get a very capable triple camera system, stainless steel sides, and all the other bits enjoyed by "Pro" iPhone users like a telephoto zoom lens. Best affordable iPhone for most people: iPhone 11 If saving money is a priority, it's worth buying an older iPhone, and the iPhone 11 is one of the best value options around in the Apple ecosystem. It's only a generation old, so its 7nm A13 Bionic chip and dual camera system are still very capable in 2021, and you are still getting a modern iPhone design with minimal bezels and Face ID. The iPhone 11 also comes in livelier colors (like the yellow you see above) than the iPhone 12 series, so that's another bonus if you want your phone in bold colors. There are two good reasons to get the iPhone 12 Mini: you want a really small phone that you can use with one-hand with ease; or you want the newest iPhone 12 series at the lowest price possible. On both fronts, Apple delivers. The iPhone 12 Mini is not just small, but downright petite. Most people should be able to palm the entire device and reach all four corners of the screen with their thumb easily. At $699, it's also the cheapest new iPhone in years. Do not be fooled by its dainty build, however. The iPhone 12 Mini still packs the same punch as the iPhone 12, so you are still getting a 5nm best-in-class SoC, and very good main and ultra-wide cameras. If you want the absolute cheapest iPhone possible (that's not used or several years old), the 2020 edition of the iPhone SE is the only sub-$400 iPhone around. It may lack the flashier all-screen design of the other iPhones listed here, but it comes in a petite size, and in this age of constant mask-wearing, having Touch ID instead of Face ID may actually be appealing to consumers. With this model you are still getting the 7nm Apple A13 Bionic, IP67 water-and dust-resistance (rare for a sub-$500 phone), and a good single camera with OIS. Released in 2017, the iPhone 8 is the oldest iPhone we can still recommend in 2021. It's just old enough that it has a price firmly in the budget territory, but not so old that performance will be frustratingly slow (which would be the case for an iPhone 6 or 7 in 2021). The Apple A11 Bionic used here is still decently powerful in 2021, and Apple's software optimization helps keep the phone running zippily. The iPhone 8 is also the last mainline iPhone to use the iconic circular home button, so this has some nostalgic value for iPhone fans or collectors too. No matter which iPhone you choose, you will be well served Even though we here at XDA have a soft spot for Android and all the customization the platform brings, we can concede that when it comes to providing software updates in a timely and long-term manner, Apple does a much better job with the iPhone. With the exception of the iPhone 8, every iPhone we listed here will be guaranteed to get iOS updates for at least four to five years, if not more. And of course, we are only in the first half of 2021; more iPhones will come this year, including the iPhone 13, and we will update this list accordingly - so check back often for the most up-to-date advice on which iPhone to get.2. What is better the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5?iPhone 5 is better. Only reason is because it's faster, lighter, bigger screen, and a bit louder. There's not much difference though. I will stick with my 4S.3. Do Canadians prefer blackberry over iPhone and android devices because of being a Canadian brand and why?I think blackberry essentially worked for most because it had a keyboard. Going into an all touch system while android, and iphone are present is a bad idea. That's like the amazon fire OS, it's not going to work. They need to go back to the keyboard, and let those who want a keyboard use one. If RIM were going to die, they would be dead already. You can thank pakistan for that
Is My Proof Correct?(Proving Convergence of the $sum F'(n)$ )
You have to be careful because you cannot necessarily integrate $f'$.You had the right idea though. Here is how I would do to make it rigorous:Let $n geq 1$. $f$ is continuous on $n-1,n$ and differentiable on $n-1,n$ so by mean value theorem there exists $C_n in n-1,n$ such that $f(n) - f(n-1) f'(C_n)$. Therefore, since $f'$ is decreasing, we have$$f'(n) leq f'(C_n) f(n) - f(n-1).$$As a result, for all $N$,$$sum_n1^N f'(n) leq sum_n1^N f(n) - f(n-1) f(N) - f(0).$$Since $f$ is bounded, there exists $M$ such that $forall x in 0,infty,f(x) leq M$.Therefore$$sum_n1^N f'(n) leq M - f(0).$$Since all $f'(n)$ are positive and the partial sums of the series are bounded, the series $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ converges by monotone convergence.$Q)$ Let differentiable $f : [0,infty) to mathbbR $ satisfying the conditions.$(1)$ $f'$ is decreasing on $[0,infty)$ and $f'(x) >0$,$ forall x in [0,infty)$$(2)$ $f $ is a bounded on $[0,infty)$Show $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ is convergent. (Hint : $sum_n1^infty f(n1) - f(n)$)Though my book suggested the solution, But I tried different way. Here is the my trial.By Mean value thm, $exists C_n in (n,n1)$ $s.t.$ $f'(C_n) f(n1) - f(n)$Plus by the condition $(1)$, $f'(n)> f'(C_n) > f'(n1)$Then, $sum_n1^infty f'(n) f'(1)sum_n2^infty f'(n) 0)$ is decreasing to $0 $We can conclude $ sum_n1^infty f'(C_n) limlimits_n to infty int_2^n f'(x) dx limlimits_n to infty f(n)-f(2) 0$,$ forall x in [0,infty)$$(2)$ $f $ is a bounded on $[0,infty)$Show $sum_n1^infty f'(n)$ is convergent. (Hint : $sum_n1^infty f(n1) - f(n)$)Though my book suggested the solution, But I tried different way. Here is the my trial.By Mean value thm, $exists C_n in (n,n1)$ $s.t.$ $f'(C_n) f(n1) - f(n)$Plus by the condition $(1)$, $f'(n)> f'(C_n) > f'(n1)$Then, $sum_n1^infty f'(n) f'(1)sum_n2^infty f'(n) 0)$ is decreasing to $0 $We can conclude $ sum_n1^infty f'(C_n) limlimits_n to infty int_2^n f'(x) dx limlimits_n to infty f(n)-f(2)
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