Why Designers Hate Most Medicine Cabinets ( Some Genius Alternative Bathroom Storage Solutions)

Well, I will be honest and say that we do not need the storage at the mountain house like we do in LA because we have so much less stuff, PLUS our vanities have GREAT storage. In the master, we wanted a huge mirror to reflect light and trees from the opposite windows. In the powder, we did not see the need for more storage since it's a powder room. And the guest bathrooms, well, they are just for temporary guests and they have tons of vanity storage so we opted out. If you do not need storage (ha, who are you?), then do not suffer through the pain of figuring out how to integrate it in a stylish way. Full stop.


Bathroom theme ideas for a 4 year old boys bathroom?

How about cars that's not to childish. Does he have a favorite cartoon character? You can try that

Bathroom stalls in Python 3 (Google Code Jam 2017)

This:has a few problems:Do one better by calling setdefault:Do even better by using a defaultdict:The last two options you might not be able to meaningfully use if you really need the if left stuff to execute only on the addition of a new key. So this might work:This:should probably drop the brackets, so that you return an implicit 2-tuple:Probably better off to have the user input two numbers on separate lines than one line with space separation; and avoid map in this case because it's a little clunky:can become

Bathroom fixture ... fan runs but light doesn't work! Any ideas?

Replace the ceiling fan, the wiring to one side is shot

Eco Friendly Bathroom & Shower Cleaner | Earth Choice

Formulated with naturally powerful plant based cleaning agents to combat grime and soap scum, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh. This brilliantly effective product is ideal for tiles, shower screens, shower curtains, baths, basins, spas, bench tops, stainless steel, chrome, taps and acrylic surfaces. DO NOT USE on stone, porous, cracked, unsealed and/or acid sensitive surfaces. Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach. Spot test all surfaces before use. The duration of a spot test should reflect the same amount of time the product is intended to be used in order to get an accurate result.

Bathroom Etiquette Question?

Good question! You flush a second time and with more tissue in hand, as the water is flushed out, quickly wipe the edge of the bowl. You only have seconds to do this before water flows into the bowl again. Another solution that works well. Before passing a stool, lay a long strip of toilet paper down the inside of the toilet bowl. The stool will drop on the toilet paper and be swished away with the first flush.

Bathroom stall writing?

I almost always read what is in the bathroom stall writing. I find it really funny

**Interior Decorators!!! Ideas for Decorating a Lavendar Bathroom**?

How about a selection of small or one large print of the plant lavender, silver coloured frame would look nice with lavender, you should find these online easy enough Perhaps add a large plant pot with real lavender if there is some light or fake if not And maybe add something of a shell theme either a bowl filled with pebbles or pebbles piled on the floor somewhere Buy lavender hand wash gel as a finishing little touch

Teenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom [closed]

This sounds like Charlie Bartlett.Let's look at the trailer... I do not what else it could be!

Bedroom/Bathroom Rewiring Design

With bathrooms, Code now gives you two forks in the road. Rewire time is a great time to address problems like, as Jim Stewart says, breakers tripping when Mom and daughter try to run hair dryers at once. Honestly, I would not even consider it excessive to supply two 20A receptacle circuits, so the occupant of that bathroom can run a curler and hair dryer at once. This could even be done with a single 12/3 cable using our old friend the MWBC. As far as extending the bedroom circuit outside, that is fine. However I learned not to leave expensive electronic things outdoors. That includes GFCIs. I would fit a cheaper indoor-rated GFCIreceptacle inside the bedroom at whichever location you tap for the outside extension. Hang the cable to the outdoor receptacle off the LOAD terminals of that GFCI. Then, fit a plain receptacle outdoors. It wo not deteriorate nearly as fast, and when it does, it's $2.

Bathroom Period Kit for guests?

You do not know what there flow is so you have to put a variety in this kit. I would recommend: -3 pads- 1 overnight- 1 regular- 1 heavy -10 tampons-2 lights-5 regular-3 heavy -15 liners 1 for each tampon then extras

Bathroom outlet wont work?

hey that plug in might be weak, it might need replaced. simple job. buy the plug at Menard's. it is cheap

Bathroom or Toilet? What's the "correct"?

Hi, I am in the UK and over here we say "Where are the toilets?" or "Can I go to the toilet please?". It is incredibly posh to say bathroom!

do you approve of this?Bathroom manners?

I would walk straight out of that bathroom if that is what I saw. I would not "Hover" nor would I even walk into the stall

No Bathroom Help?

LMAO why is not there a bathroom around where the hell are you? Sorry I know not funny.

What Colors and/or Theme is your BathroomHelp I need new Ideas?

My son's bathroom is spongebob, patrick squidward, and sandy squirrel. Pretty cool. Even better than my bathroom. It is colorful and fun

Bathroom toilet has air bubbles when I shower

Sounds to me like a roof vent is plugged or restricted. Run water from a hose into each roof vent and see if you can clear them. Have someone inside while running water into the vents to insure that if this would cause a water leak inside that you stop before doing damage. Or run a snake down each roof vent. But do not drive the snake into the drain joint where the vent connects to the horizontal runs. You could damage the drain and turn a minor problem into a major one

This is about Painting my Bathroom and fixing the sheetrock that I ripped while I was taken some Tile off.?

Hmm..I bet you could fill it with sheet-rock mud (wall plaster)(spackle)..smooth it down and sand it ..paint it and you are good to go... You can buy those little tubs of it in about a pint size..just for patches

How To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom Cleaners

There are tons of "green" bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it's cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. If you've got a little extra time today, grab this shopping list, head to the store and make a few batches of healthy cleaners to keep your bathroom (or any room) healthy!

Famous People Who Died In The Bathroom?

i died in the bathroom. that's where Spike & Angel got me. oh and i am nearly famous.

Remodeling Bathroom...?

you ought to use a carbide hollow cutter in an electric drill. Carbide hollow cutters are like elementary hollow saws different than the rim is carbide grit incredibly of enamel. you may get those an countless diverse sizes so which you may desire to have the skill to locate one the the right option length on your purpose. to start the drill, take a nail and hammer a small chip out of the glaze the place you p.c. the middle of the hollow to be, a mild faucet might desire to do it, this might keep the bit from wandering over the exterior and initiate the hollow much less difficult. no remember if that's a wall tile that's in all probability particularly comfortable ceramic, not porcelain (this is many times used for floor tile), and it wo not be too difficult to drill the hollow as quickly as you get during the glaze.

Moving.. Need Bedroom/Bathroom ideas?!?

go to www.delias.com they have some great bedding choices!

Bathroom over sink lighting bar

This is a common problem with threaded socket bases. The retention rings and the bases are sometimes out of spec and will stay loose or even slip the threads when tightened. A trick I learned while apprenticing was to use a high temperature(some work up to 650 F) thread locker. You can get it from just about any auto parts store. Remove the light, disassemble the retaining ring and shade, apply the thread lock(follow the directions for install and cure times). Then reassemble and reinstall the light. This should solve the problem

Do you read Books in the Bathroom?

I do not read books in the bathroom. I think this is a silly thing. I do however leave magazines and books that may interest those using my bathroom in a magazine rack for them. Just because I do not do it, does not give me the right to judge others. There are a lot of idiots writing today, but you can stick to the best sellers list to be safe.

Red Fern Type Growth in Bathroom.?

sounds like prelude to invasion of the body snachers,check under bathroom for wet spot, if possible. you may need to lower humidity in house if its a type of mold growth. mold needs 70% humidity to grow and a bathroom has it, you may need to install an exhaust fan in there. as for killing growth, try brush-be -gone or round-up herbicide.mold is lethel if enough of it is around. if you have crawl space under house, go look and see.if not sure what to look for, call exterminater ( bug killer) or plumber.

Bathroom light/exhaust fan fixture wiring

There is a flapper (back draft damper) in the outlet of the exhaust fan. Make sure that it opens when the fan runs and is not stuck closed by anything including a mounting screw or discharge pipe item. Make sure that all the packing material has been removed from the fan housing. You can remove the fan and motor so you can inspect the vent damper. On the roof, make sure that the discharge damper assembly will open with any air movement. Hope this helps

Basement Bathroom Drywall Behind Toilet

You can slow down condensation on cold water pipes by insulating them. What? Insulate cold pipes???Sure, why not. The insulation does not care. The insulation will act as a vapor barrier to keep humid air away from the pipe, and will greatly slow the warm-up of the pipe. Remember, in condensing conditions, what is warming the pipe is the enthalpy of vaporization as water vapor condenses. The water vapor gives up 2257 joules/gram or 970 BTU/lb. when it transitions from vapor to liquid, and this is what warms the pipe until it equalizes to ambient. The insulation greatly slows this process, reducing condensation greatly

Girls Would You Hold Your Boyfriends... Man-bag While He Goes To The Bathroom:P?

he wears a man bag?! D: hell, if he wore a man bag i would be totally honest and tell him straight up if he looked stupid.

Bathtub Drain Completely Clogged, Water Will Not Drain Bathroom Sink Slow Draining?

I am going to kind of go against the flow and suggest you NOT use Drano or Liquid Plumber or any of those do it yourself chemicals. Plumbers HATE that stuff because it gels in the pipes and makes the plug worse. Also, your bathtub is not draining at all. You do not want a very caustic substance like that sitting in the water that may be trapped in your bathtub. I would suggest trying to clean out your main line in the basement like dragon suggested. If that does not work call a plumber.

Weed Smell in Bathroom?

Mummy will be pleased. The vent should go outside, however I am sure the bathroom will stink for quite a while after. I would suggest buying a cheap bottle of cider and having a few spliffs on the street, then you really can be one of the boys. Assuming of course that you are allowed out this time of night ;-)

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