Why Did the US Imperialists Sink All of Japan's Merchant Shipping, Devastating the Economy?

Why did the US Imperialists sink all of Japan's merchant shipping, devastating the economy?

The Germans did the same thing with U-boats in the Atlantic. It is a very effective tactic that both sides used.

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Any good places to go for the 4th of july in houston,tx?

Drive down to Kemah and go see the boardwalk. You will still be able to see the fireworks from two different places. There are several great restaurants. Joe Lee's is one of my favorites. You can watch the yachts and boats go in and out of the bay as well. Have a happy 4th . Tex

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BOAT ProGear B20

boAt ProGear B20 is your partner for fitness tracking and living a healthy lifestyle. The smart band is there to provide you company while you sweat out in different domains of a world that demands a fit mind, body and soul. It's there to accompany you while you BLITZ Through the barriers on an everyday basis and rise to the occasion. ProGear B20 offers tracking for various fitness related activities and sports modes. Equipped with a real-time heart rate monitor, it is here to keep you healthy and sound. ProGear B20 also possesses vibration and smart notifications on a full touch colour display. It is an IP68 rated smart band that lets you workout and sweat without any limits! With a USB Direct Charge, there's no hassle that comes along with wires. You can access numerous features such as Call Alert, Music Control, Remote Camera Control, Alarm Function, Sedentary Time Alert, Wrist Wake Gesture, Guided Meditative Breathing, etc. on your boAt ProGear B20. It's time to Blitz Through!

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Vadyar Boats

Vadyar Boats Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai based boat manufacturer and marine service provider.

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Meaning of colored flags on fishing boats?

Red colored flag means catch and release of fish over 20 lbs. White Flag with blue colored marlin in the center is Blue Marlin catch and release. White Flag with blue sailfish is the same thing. Green Flag with white tuna is catch and release of skipjack tuna. White Flag with blue tuna means catch and release of tuna. Red flag with white shark means catch and release of shark. The flags vary a little from place to place. Orange with white wahoo is catch and release of wahoo. There are a bunch more, but you get the idea. Red Flag with a hook means you hooked up on a fish. (Also means you lost it, not sure why you would want to boast about that. That more or less means you caught a sailfish. On a good day you will have multiple flags flying. I have seen up to 12 of those little suckers on one sport fishing boat. Hope this answers your question.

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Anyone know anything about boats?

Nobody can give you much a diagnosis without some hands on work. But, it sounds like maybe a head gasket is leaking water into the oil. That may or may not have anything to do with the winterizing. You need a different mechanic to check it over and give you an estimate for repair. Absolutely you should drain the cooling water before winter or you will have an even bigger problem. You can skip trying to put anti-freeze in it. Just open all the drains, and turn over the engine a few revolutions with the starter to make sure all of the water drains out. You can fog it by removing the spark plugs, and squirting about a tablespoon of oil into each cylinder. Then remove the coil wire, and turn over the engine with the starter to spread the oil around. Good luck.

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Bristol Boats

Bristol Boats is an Indian fiberglass boat manufacturer and marine engineering service provider. It is located in the backwaters of Cochin at Aroor Industrial Development Area, Allappuzha District, Kerala. It is a division of M/s Chika Private Limited headquartered at Mumbai.

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Noah tell others to build boats but what if they already have boats? What happens?

The bible : not a history book

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what are the best dog breeds to live on boats?

You know that their are all different sizes that the dogs you mentioned come in. Not all Lab are hugh and not all Goldens are big. Some of my female Goldens are just 65 pounds. You need to look at thses dogs again and go out and look for the right type of either Golden or Lab that will fit into your life and boat.

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