Why Is the New York Times Allowed to Stay in Business After Publishing Classified Documents?

The documents had already been leaked. This is big news and the information is already available. I get the impression that most people who are upset about this would think it was righteous and justified if the classified info in question made Obama look bad.

1. which is the best classified ad posting site in the world?

High-Traffic-Classifieds.blogspot.com has a good list of best, popular and high traffic free community classifieds or free classifieds directory. All of them have been highly rated (high PR) and ranked among the cream of the crop by professional webmasters

2. If Christine O'Donnell has "classified information" regarding a Chinese takeover of the US, is that legal?

The woman is a compulsive lair. O'Donnell claimed she went bankrupt because she was defending somebody in a legal case but he does not have a law degree and she never practice law. 2006 she said he was privy to classified information because she worked with a nonprofit groups but she does not have a security clearance. 2008 She said her opponents broke into her home/campaign office but she never called the police.

3. If a GAO audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper and?

Where are the prosecutions ? Get rid of the credit cards or put a $50.00 limit on them

4. Is this classified as a date?

Yes but not a planned one. Tell him how you feel he sounds really into you.

5. When were the Vedas classified into four?

We find a clear reference in Srimad Bhagavatam 1.4.19 that Bhagavan Veda Vyasa divided the Vedas from one into four.Regarding when this was done Srimad Bhagavatam 1. 4. 25 has the answer again. It was done prior to compiling the Mahabharata, which means in the Dwapara Yuga before Kali Yuga since the sequence is mentioned in the verses.We also find in Srimad Bhagavatam 12.6.50,

6. Why doesn't McNabb ever get classified as one of the NFL's biggest playoff chokers?

cuz hes a great Qb when u need him

7. Should Spaniards be classified as Middle Eastern/North African, White (European) or Latino/Hispanic?

latino / hispanic ...that is what they are ;-)

8. Looking for a web designer to design and build a classified listing service website in PHP using MSQL database?

That's a classifieds website you are trying to build. You should google "classified scripts" to buy, there are different ones, and you can choose the one you like then follow the steps to install it through your site admin. I've done that before. No need for a web designer to pay $$$. Buy your script and do it yourself. Good luck!

9. Will Eminem and Jay Z ever be classified in the same league as 2pac and Biggie?

I would say yes. Biggie was known for taking the street life of Brooklyn and making unbelievable stories. Jay Z the same deal and it's to there credit cause these guys really lived a dangerous life. There previous life was one thing but these guys have talent. biggie was a beast in the studio naturally and Jay is too infact in one of the latest Biggie interviews he warns the world of the "Jigga ". Jigga is a hip hop hall of famer do to the fact that he has been relevant for this long.

10. What is classified as a "High Level Design Decision”? [closed]

High level decision could mean anything that is not too specific, but is clear enough to understand what is the idea of the game. This is to avoid your team making the wrong idea of what you have in mind for the game, since "Stealth game" is a too broad term.For example in your case of a Stealth game, these are some questions that would lead to High Level Design Decisions:-Will the game end once the character is discovered? If not, can you fight those who discover you? Or do you have to hide again having no combat at all?-Is the game divided in levels, or there is one big map with different points of interes?-Can the player disable/incapacitate those who are looking for them? Has he no power over his enemies?You can go on and on. But the idea is that you should focus on the most important aspects of your game, so it's clear to your team what the game is about and how does it feel

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